ADM :: Volume #24

#2383: The mountain of imprisonment

... To night time, Mo Fan goes to the mountain of imprisonment. 到了夜里的时候,莫凡才前往监禁之山。 Those who make Mo Fan very accidental is, the position that the mountain of this imprisonment is at leaves itself unexpectedly near in the Shanghai first house very! 莫凡非常意外的是,这个监禁之山所在的位置竟然离自己在上海第一套房子非常的近! Happy live small town placement room! 乐活小镇的安置房! !! 马麦皮的!! This placement room has multi- bullshit, the next door is place of large-scale imprisonment, specifically is used to detain, service those to violate Mage of crime, subordinates in Oriental Pearl Magic Association. 这个安置房到底是有多坑爹啊,隔壁就是一个大型监禁之地,专门用来关押、劳役那些犯下罪过的魔法师,隶属于东方明珠魔法协会 Before then, Mo Fan has not heard existence of this place. 在此之前,莫凡是从来没有听说过这个地方的存在。 Possibly what copes will be the Black Church reason, Tribunal never will also detain Black Church this type of thing in the prison. 可能对付的是黑教廷的缘故,审判会也从来不会将黑教廷这种东西关押在监狱里。 Way happy live small town, Mo Fan also while convenient went to a placement room that. 途径乐活小镇,莫凡还顺便去了一趟安置房那。 The placement room is the government, if you do not live, definitely will immediately arrange other people to live. 安置房是属于政府的,你如果不住了的话,肯定马上就会安排其他人住进去。 Mo Fan also needs to wait for that the Lingling that side news, idles the safe to transfer. 莫凡还需要等待一下灵灵那边的消息,闲来无事就去转一圈。 The