ADM :: Volume #24

#2381: Makes 0.6 elder brothers' blood

No matter what, Lu Kun became the Mo Fan key suspicion object. 不管怎么样,陆昆都成为了莫凡重点怀疑对象。 Discussed this matter and Lingling that Lingling also wrinkles the small eyebrow, any medicine that in some unclear this Lu Kun bottle gourd bought repeatedly. 将这件事与灵灵商量,灵灵也是皱起了小眉毛,有些屡不清这陆昆葫芦里买的什么药。 If Lu Kun is Red Devil. 假如陆昆红魔 Why he must hand over the hand of Mo Fan and in Lingling the warrant. 那他为什么要将委托书交到莫凡灵灵的手上。 Said that Lu Kun do not know actually entrusted inside content, he was defers to the meaning of that employer in the office. 还是说,陆昆自己其实也不知道委托里面的内容,他不过是按照那位雇主的意思在办。 Actually then the employer is who?? 那么雇主究竟是谁?? He entrusted Mo Fan and Lingling through Lu Kun, was entrusts them removing Lu Kun?? 他通过陆昆来委托莫凡灵灵,却是委托他们将陆昆给除掉?? Matter compared with imagination in also wants complex strange. 事情比想象中的还要复杂诡异。 Depending on six fingers, cannot completely affirm that the domestic food safety has the issue, could not reach an agreement eats any thing to occur strangely changes.” Lingling said. “光凭六指,还是不能完全肯定,国内食品安全那么有问题,说不好就是吃了什么东西发生怪变。”灵灵说道。 Em, therefore looked the bloodstain of you analyzing.” “恩,所以就看你这边分析的血迹了。” Me the bloodstain has withdrawn, did not have the accident was the blood of Red Devil at that time. Now if attains the blood of Lu Kun, carries on a comparison to analyze, can obtain the result.” Lingling said. “我这边血迹已经提取出来了,不出意外就是当时红魔的血液。现在若是拿到陆昆的血液,进行一番比对分析,就可以得出结果。”灵灵说道。 Can take the blood of Lu Kun??” “要拿陆昆的血??” Mo Fan feels the chin. 莫凡摸着下巴。 Must attains the blood of Lu Kun? 要怎么神不知鬼不觉的拿到陆昆的血呢? Lu Kun should not know that this matter, he does not know the request the content, in the situation or beginning to have suspicions gets so far as his drop of blood, said that simple also simple, said difficultly seemingly also difficult. 陆昆应该是不知道这件事,他也不知道委托的内容,要不起疑的情况下弄到他一滴血,说简单也简单,说困难貌似也困难。 Was inferior that making me go, draws blood, do I excel very much?” Liu Ru has smiled. “不如,让我去吧,抽血,我是很擅长的?”柳茹笑了起来。 Blood Clan, can always suction the person blood, either when you sleep soundly at midnight, either in the sentiment fan immerses... 血族,总是可以神不知鬼不觉的将人鲜血吸走,要么在你午夜熟睡时,要么在情迷沉醉时… „It is not good, Lu Kun is really the Red Devil words, you go to him definitely to realize that Red Devil to is the resentment reads extremely heavy creature, referred to being uncertain you to be given the suck dry by her the soul.” Mo Fan shakes the head hurriedly. “不行不行,陆昆真是红魔的话,你去他肯定可以察觉,红魔对是怨念极重的生物,指不定你被她给吸干了灵魂。”莫凡急忙摇头。 Copes with other Mage, Liu Ru with a midnight dreamland, person who to can very winning blood easily, Lu Kun have the magical skill obviously. 对付其他魔法师,柳茹用一点午夜梦境,到是可以很轻易的夺走血液,陆昆明显也是有道行的人。 That begins from land new or Lu Qingyao, they and Lu Kun are so intimate.” Liu Ru said. “那就从陆正新或者陆轻摇这边着手,他们两个人和陆昆那么亲近。”柳茹说道。 We give Lu Qingyao and Lu Zhengxin do the ideological work.” “我们去给陆轻摇和陆正新做思想工作。” ... Lu Zhengxin is willing to coordinate very much, he knows existence of dark different clan. 陆正新很愿意配合,他知道暗异一族的存在。 Also knows that in this world definitely has some special population to be able the incarnation manner, at that time he and Mo Fan saw together six foot fingernails that Red Devil leaves behind... 也知道这个世界上肯定有一些特殊的种群可以化身为人,当时他和莫凡一起去看到了红魔留下的六趾爪… Elder sister, let me tell you, this matter also really must confirm. If not, that explained that we have made a mistake, we are also more relieved, if... You imagine, does not know where from runs the devil, has wrested away our uncle's bodies and souls, god knows which day will he tear up the leather bag to make what to us?” Start that Lu Zhengxin knows the limitation persuaded Lu Qingyao. “姐,我跟你说,这件事还真要验证验证一下。如果不是,那说明我们搞错了,我们大家也安心一些,如果是…你想象一下,一个不知道从什么地方跑出来的魔鬼,霸占了我们叔叔的躯壳和灵魂,天知道哪天他撕掉皮囊会对我们做什么?”陆正新非常识相的开始劝说陆轻摇 In fact Lu Qingyao and Lu Kun will be more intimate. 事实上陆轻摇陆昆会更亲近一点。 Lu Kun does not have the male offspring, he is grasping in the clan very big authority, generally will choose several seedlings to be good, he quite pleasing person brings to raise. 陆昆是没有子嗣的,他掌握着族里很大的权力,一般会选几个苗子不错,他比较中意的人来带养。 And Lu Zhantian is a nephew who he compares to be partial, next is Lu Qingyao. 其中陆斩天就是他比较偏爱的一个侄儿,其次是陆轻摇 Is just new as for the land, which Lu Kun is seeing him, pure, when defeats the small family nephew, do not add to the chaos to oneself on the line. 至于陆正新,陆昆哪得正眼看他,纯当一个败家小侄儿,别给自己添乱就行。 Therefore this motion, needs Lu Qingyao make a move, only then he was not possibly attained the blood of Lu Kun by the situation of Lu Kun detection. 所以这次行动,必须要陆轻摇出手,只有他可能在不被陆昆察觉的情况下拿到陆昆的血。 But, how I must do, cannot walk to take a syringe, on toward uncle arm!” Lu Qingyao incomparably is. “可是,我要怎么做嘛,总不能走上去拿一个针筒,往叔叔胳膊上一扎!”陆轻摇无比为难道。 Lu Kun has one share to let the dignity that Lu Qingyao awes and fears, ordinary Lu Qingyao can in the prostitute the prostitute air/Qi, but in front of Lu Kun probably outside clever Wen Shu. 陆昆自有一股子让陆轻摇敬畏和惧怕的威严在,平常陆轻摇在外可以婊里婊气的,但在陆昆面前必须乖巧温淑。 Regardless of that person, had been taken possession by some devil, she is afraid very much. 无论那个人,是不是被某个魔鬼附身了,她都很害怕。 You act like a spoiled brat with Uncle Lu Kun, said that in which overseas famous doctor friend meets has come home is a guest, when the time comes performs a small physical examination to him, was worried that he will have any health problem anything.” Lu Zhengxin the idea are actually many. “你跟陆昆叔叔撒个娇,说哪个国外的名医朋友会过来家里做客,到时候给他进行一个小体检,担心他会有什么健康问题什么的。”陆正新主意倒是蛮多的。 Good, I try.” “好吧,我试一试。” ... Lu Family other guests as if started their request mission, did not see the person's shadow, did not know the trace. 陆家的其他客人似乎都已经开始了他们的委托任务,一个个不见人影了,也不知所踪。 Lu Kun takes the proxy trustee, has to send powerhouses in several clan to stare at each employment team, preventing among them to have the exchange. 陆昆作为代理委托人,有派遣几个族里的强者去盯着各个雇佣队伍,防止他们之间有交流。 In this aspect, Lu Kun does very discretely, if did not find six fingers of clues, Mo Fan thought that he is really one employment who wants to obtain the Galaxy Cluster day lineage/vein, does not want to cause trouble, that is all. 在这方面上,陆昆做得很谨慎,假如不是找到六指的线索,莫凡觉得他真的就是一个想要获得星海天脉的雇佣者,不想生事,仅此而已。 Uncle.” Lu Qingyao ordinary is clearer than in the clothing of home. “叔叔。”陆轻摇在家的着装就比平常清纯很多。 Doesn't let you and Lu Zhengxin that boy with Mo Fan?” Lu Kun in pavilion of quadrangle, is drinking one cup of red-orange tea. “不是让你和陆正新那小子跟着莫凡吗?”陆昆在中庭的亭子里,喝着一杯橘红色的茶。 The people of several wear western-style clothing sit in side, in the hand are taking the document, should just be told the matter, saluted to leave. 几个穿着西装的人坐在旁边,手中拿着文件,应该是刚被吩咐完事情,已经行礼离开了。 Land newly, moreover they also rest in their room, meaning that anything has not gone out.” Lu Qingyao feeble voice song replied. “陆正新在跟着呢,而且他们也在自己的房间里休息,没什么出门的意思。”陆轻摇细声细语的回答道。 oh, you come.” Lu Kun calmly [say / way]. ,你过来。”陆昆语气平静道。 Lu Qingyao has gawked. 陆轻摇愣了一下。 Makes you come.” The Lu Kun expression is having the order. “让你过来。”陆昆语气带着命令。 Before Lu Qingyao does not dare, has arrived at the Lu Kun front. 陆轻摇不敢不前,走到了陆昆的面前。 Lu Kun extends make a move, sweeps toward another side the chin of Lu Qingyao, stares at her profile saying: „Has not hit to love you?” 陆昆出手,将陆轻摇的下巴往另一侧扫,盯着她的侧脸道:“有没打疼你?” oh, oh, is not sore, is not sore, is the jogging is truly innocent.” Lu Qingyao flustered replied. ,,不疼,不疼,确实是轻摇不懂事。”陆轻摇慌慌张张的回答道。 You were too thin, is family's chefs not with your appetite, turned head I to trade.” Lu Kun loosened Lu Qingyao, spoke thoughtlessly to say. “你太瘦了,是不是家里的厨子不和你胃口,回头我让人换了吧。”陆昆松开了陆轻摇,随口说道。 Can't, on Uncle Pan, support very well.” Lu Qingyao replied hurriedly. “不会不会,就潘大叔,挺得挺好的。”陆轻摇急忙回答道。 Em, that is good, what matter do you have?” Lu Kun is taking the document, is catching black frame eyeglasses, in the profound pupil little will have the bright gloss, always makes the person unable to see clearly him to think anything. “恩,那就好,你还有什么事吗?”陆昆一手拿着文件,逮着一个黑框眼镜,深邃的眸子里也很少会有明亮的光泽,总让人看不清他在想些什么。 Uncle, is this, I have an overseas friend, is the cauldron cauldron famous physical examination doctor. This time period you always work hard, the jogging was worried that therefore is thinking happen to makes small physical examination anything to you.” Lu Qingyao said hurriedly. “叔叔,是这样的,我有一个国外的朋友,是鼎鼎有名的体检医生。这阵子您总是那么操劳,轻摇蛮担心的,所以想着正好给您做个小体检什么的。”陆轻摇急忙说道。 The Lu Kun hear, has put down the white contract in hand, has picked the black frame eyeglasses, that blue black eye is staring at Lu Qingyao. 陆昆听罢,放下了手中的白色合同,也将黑框眼镜摘了下来,那双深黑色的眼睛盯着陆轻摇 Lu Qingyao by such a gaze, was frightened almost runs away. 陆轻摇被这么一注视,吓得差点逃走。 Your what meaning?” The Lu Kun expression is low and deep, cannot distinguish clearly happy anger. “你什么意思?”陆昆语气低沉,分不清喜怒。 Lu Qingyao actually flustered. 陆轻摇自己却慌了。 Does not have, does not have any meaning...” “没,没什么意思…” Is the day, you told me those words, said that our these juniors are very good-for-nothing.” “就是那天,您跟我说了那些话,说我们这些小辈很不成器。” Jogging thinks at the same night, you said is very right, these years you always pave the way for us, we well have not actually treasured, you are so laborious, in the clan the matter outside clan wants you to manage, feared you tired not more careful some unmentionable diseaseas, happen to the friend was this expert in aspect...” “轻摇连夜想了想,您说的很对,这些年您总是为我们铺路,我们却没有好好珍惜,您这么辛苦,族内族外的事情都要您来管,怕您劳累中不小心多了一些暗疾,正好朋友是这方面的专家…” I... I want completely to select the filial piety, the uncle health, I will be also more relieved.” “我…我只是想尽点孝心,叔叔健康,我也会安心许多。” Lu Qingyao spoke these words that sweat already wet back. 陆轻摇把这些话说完,汗水已经湿了背。 She had not realized that the Lu Kun look, questioned when is swift and fierce can so have the deterrent effect! 她从来没有意识到,陆昆的眼神,质疑凌厉时可以如此具有震慑力!
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