ADM :: Volume #22

#2157: Auxiliary officer Dick

You slander, how I can collude with the Evil Court guild person, your serviceman to my this duty begins, is attempts to harm our military academy, is the capital crime!” Guards the bloodstain that the military officer wiped the face to say. “你污蔑,我怎么会与歹郎公会的人勾结,你对我这个执勤的军人动手,就是企图危害我们军校,就是死罪!”守卫军官擦了擦脸上的血迹道。 Mo Fan your excellency, please do not use Magic again, here eventually is the military academy, regardless of you do hold true by please do not use Magic again, otherwise under the law of our country, you truly will be executed, the dignity of army is inviolable.” Jesse card unusual worry said. 莫凡阁下,请不要再使用魔法了,这里终究是军校,无论您有什么理由都请不要再使用魔法,否则按照我们国家的法律,您确实会被处决的,军队的威严不容侵犯啊。”杰西卡非常的着急道。 So long as Mo Fan no longer uses Magic, that can be with the guarding a gate military officer personal gratitude and grudges processes, this type of matter Jesse card can press. 只要莫凡不再使用魔法,那就可以作为与守门军官私人恩怨来处理,这种事情杰西卡都能够压下来。 But Mo Fan, if causes the destruction in the military academy, even threatens a life on -duty military officer, that this matter holds long eyebrow general there, is very inappeasable, after all this military academy was Dick auxiliary officer says calculates. 莫凡如果在军校内造成破坏,甚至威胁到一名执勤军官的生命,那这件事捅到长眉将军那里,恐怕都很难平息下来,毕竟这个军校是狄克军佐说得算的。 Trades to do ordinarily, I will truly not affront your servicemen, but today this reason, being worth me affronting.” Mo Fan said to Jesse. “换做平常,我确实不会去冒犯你们军人,但今天这个理由,值得我去冒犯。”莫凡杰西卡说道。 Your this by oneself at a hopeless situation!” Jesse said. “您这会让自己处在一个绝境的!”杰西卡说道。 Has not related, this time I to represent justly.” Mo Fan said. “没关系,这次我为正义代言。”莫凡说道。 Did the justice represent? 正义代言? In the Jesse card eye, Mo Fan instead is more like a devil incarnate of fearless, where has excels at fat the just spokesman who rushes to the military academy to punch the guarding a gate military officer like this, although that guarding a gate military officer truly owes to punch! 杰西卡眼里,莫凡反而更像是一个天不怕地不怕的混世魔王,哪有这样擅闯军校胖揍守门军官的正义代言人,尽管那个守门军官确实欠揍! Ha Ha Ha, the justice represented...... Will actually hear a scoundrel to say such words to come in my military academy, was really too interesting.” A clear and bright laughter transmits from the military university building, wore the male stride of blue navy coat to walk. 哈哈哈,正义代言……在我的军校里竟然会听到一个歹徒说出这样的话来,真是太有趣了。”一个清朗的笑声从军事大学楼中传来,一名身穿着蓝色海军大衣的男子大步走了出来。 Beard of face, felt that eye must by the hair occupying, Mo Fan does not understand really why some people do like such modeling? 一脸的胡须,感觉眼睛都要被毛发给占据了,莫凡真的不明白为什么有人喜欢这样的造型? Auxiliary officer!” “军佐!” Auxiliary officer!” “军佐!” Auxiliary officer!” “军佐!” Was hit black and blue guarding a gate military officer lamely to run up to the auxiliary officer Dick's front. 被打得鼻青脸肿的守门军官一瘸一拐的跑到军佐狄克的面前。 But Dick's side, is standing person precisely Babbitt. 而狄克的旁边,站着的人正是巴比特。 Babbitt male same was absentminded with the black face mark before, may stand after auxiliary officer Dick side, the Babbitt whole person state of mind is different, with resurrecting, is passing honored and pride of one share top dog from top to bottom. 巴比特之前和黑脸纹男一样失魂落魄,可站在了军佐狄克旁边之后,巴比特整个人精神状态就不一样了,跟复活了一样,浑身上下透着一股子人上人的尊贵与自傲。 Babbitt, is this backer who you look for? Your Evil Court guild service is very broad, became your haven including the military academy?” Mo Fan looks at Babbitt, with a smile asked. “巴比特,这就是你找的靠山吗?你们歹郎公会业务很广啊,连军校都成为了你的避风港?”莫凡看着巴比特,不禁笑着问道。 Your this lunatic, devil and bandit, killed my many chamber of commerce members not saying that also rushed to the military academy unexpectedly, Dick auxiliary officer will certainly uphold justice for me!” Babbitt said one set of polite speech. “你这个疯子、恶魔、土匪,杀了我那么多商会成员不说,竟然还闯到军校来,狄克军佐一定会替我伸张正义的!”巴比特说出了一套场面话来。 I have the sound recording, let alone you that words. The Jesse card, puts my sound recording troublesome, what your this has to broadcast?” Mo Fan asked that Jesse said. “我这有录音呢,你就别说那种话了。杰西卡,麻烦把我的录音放一下,你们这有广播什么的吗?”莫凡杰西卡道。 Has, has.” The Jesse freeze point the nod, received the evidence in Mo Fan hand. “有,有。”杰西卡点了点头,接过了莫凡手中的证据。 Dick auxiliary officer had actually opened the mouth at this time, said to Jesse: „The Jesse card, do you know him?” 狄克军佐这个时候却开口了,对杰西卡道:“杰西卡,你认识他?” Returns to the auxiliary officer, this is general Sir the special invited master, Mo Fan your excellency. He and his friend has killed the steel mountain giant and Jie crocodile for our front, is the active person.” The Jesse card replies immediately. “回军佐,这位是将军大人特聘高手,莫凡阁下。他和他的朋友为我们前线杀死了钢山巨人和桀海蛇龙,是有功的人。”杰西卡立刻回答道。 Originally is the young hero, that seems like a misunderstanding. Hiter military officer, you are your excellency are comparing notes Magic with Mo Fan, was not injured carefully, other people on duty were mistaken that has the enemy to invade, this made this situation the matter, right?” Dick auxiliary officer smiles Pan to ask. “原来是小英雄啊,那看来是一场误会。海特军官,你是在和莫凡阁下切磋魔法,不小心受了伤,其他执勤人员误以为有敌人入侵,这才把事情闹到了这个地步,对吧?”狄克军佐笑着盘问道。 Hiter military officer was shocked, turned head to look at aggressive Mo Fan specially. 海特军官愣住了,特意回头看了一眼咄咄逼人的莫凡 This fellow has killed the steel mountain Titan's person unexpectedly, the strength so is no wonder terrorist! 这家伙竟然是杀了钢山泰坦的人,难怪实力这么恐怖! Yes, yes, we are comparing notes.” Hiter military officer is covering the destroyed front tooth, the face was saying painstakingly. “是,是,我们在切磋。”海特军官捂着自己被打碎的门牙,苦着脸说道。 Really misunderstands, how some people will rush to our Corlett Military academy, Black Church is not having courage...... Everybody goes back to rest, Mo Fan your excellency also please earlier goes back, the matter of chamber of commerce, I will also transfer to you.” Dick auxiliary officer said. “果然是误会,怎么会有人会闯我们克里特军校呢,黑教廷都没有这个胆子……大家都回去休息吧,莫凡阁下也请早点回去,商会的事情,我也会给你一个交待。”狄克军佐说道。 I come to here, needs one to transfer...... oh, is not right, I do not come to transfer, I am want the result. Dick auxiliary officer, I asked you, were you Evil Court guild member?” Mo Fan opens the mouth to ask. “我来这里,就是需要一个交待的……,不对,我不是来要交待的,我是来要结果的。狄克军佐,我问你,你是歹郎公会的成员吗?”莫凡开口问道。 Bold, you are slandering our country military officer!” Hiter military officer angry [say / way]. “大胆,你这是在污蔑我们国家军官!”海特军官愤怒道。 I am not, I do not have the multiple status, I am only the principal of Corlett Military academy, the auxiliary officer in Corlett war zone.” Dick auxiliary officer very sincere replied. “我不是,我没有多重身份,我只是克里特军校的校长,克里特战区的军佐。”狄克军佐很诚恳的回答道。 Babbitt, you found fault person probably, Dick auxiliary officer was not your higher authority. Dick auxiliary officer, I have the solid evidence to indicate that Babbitt is the Evil Court guild black decoration meeting member, the rank is quite high, I must take his dog's life now, don't you have the opinion?” Mo Fan asked. “巴比特,你好像找错人了啊,狄克军佐不是你的上级。狄克军佐,我有确凿的证据表明巴比特是歹郎公会黑饰会成员,级别颇高,我现在要取他狗命,你没有意见吧?”莫凡问道。 Dick auxiliary officer frowned. 狄克军佐皱起了眉头来。 This youngster how matter, oneself give him under the stair, lets get lost of his come out unscathed, he was not tactful, actually also asked such retarded question. 这个年轻人怎么个回事,自己给他台阶下,让他安然无恙的滚,他不识趣就算了,竟然还问这么弱智的问题。 I am not a court, is unable to determine Babbitt whether is the Evil Court guild member, before he has not determined guilt, his from beginning to end is our cooperation business, deals with for the Great Titan corpse that we will kill, and provides excellent defense magical equipment for our front serviceman.” Dick auxiliary officer said. “我不是法庭,无法判定巴比特是否是歹郎公会成员,所以在他没有定罪之前,他始终是我们的合作商,为我们将杀死的泰坦巨人尸体进行处理,并为我们前线军人提供精良的防御魔具。”狄克军佐说道。 You have listened to a story of war, auxiliary officer?” Mo Fan asked. “你听过一个战争的故事吗,军佐?”莫凡问道。 Please say.” The auxiliary officers appear have the patience very much. “请说。”军佐显得很有耐心。 „A soldier, was appointed to perform duties on the together wall by higher authority, as long as there is a person who runs into to cross the wall, must open fire, regardless of he is the common people or the enemies. In fact they are the invaders, what wall prevents is the person of originally this land, now they must defeat immediately, this land must return to here resident. He was guarding this wall, clear(ly) is knowing that did not have enemy view, actually kills the common people who those must cross the wall. Post-war, he was accused slaughter common people, in the court martial, his reply is: I obey higher authority's order, obeys the responsibility of serviceman.” Mo Fan asked. “一个士兵,被上级指派在一道墙上执勤,但凡有遇到越过墙的人,就必须开枪,无论他是平民还是敌人。事实上他们才是侵略者,墙阻挡的是原本这块土地的人,如今他们马上就要战败了,这块土地也要归还给这里的居民。他在守卫着这堵墙,明知道没有敌人这一说法了,却还是将那些要翻过墙的平民击毙了。战后,他被指控屠杀平民,在军事法庭上,他的回答是:我不过是服从上级的命令,服从军人的职责。”莫凡问道。 Military academy all people were listening to Mo Fan saying that this story, guarded the military officer including the Jesse card and that. 军校所有人都在听莫凡说这个故事,包括杰西卡和那名守卫军官。 This story has very strong representation, the order kills the common people, but the non- command prompt, that this serviceman will also be sentenced the capital crime, actually should that sentence guilty innocent? 这个故事拥有很强的代表性,命令是杀死平民,而不服从命令,那该军人也会被判死罪,那究竟该判有罪还是无罪? I have not listened to this story, but I want to know that what respected opinion you do have?” Dick auxiliary officer said. “我没有听过这个故事,但我想知道你有什么高见?”狄克军佐说道。 Court sentences him to be guilty. Because he is unable to choose does not open fire, but he can choose the muzzle raises ten centimeters.” Mo Fan said. “法庭判他有罪。因为他无法选择不开枪,但他可以选择将枪口抬高十公分。”莫凡说道。 The people of military academy listened to these words to be shocked. 军校的人听完这句话都愣住了。 Including the Jesse card, she fell into the issue that is actually to open fire or not open fire a moment ago. 包括杰西卡在内,她刚才都陷入到了究竟是开枪还是不开枪的问题上。 Yes, the responsibility is to need him opens fire, may whether hits the target, that is that soldier own choice of! 是啊,职责是需要他开枪,可是否击中目标,那是那名士兵自己的选择! Story is very splendid, but is not all people have you such intelligent procedure at that time.” Dick auxiliary officer said. “故事很精彩,但不是所有人在那个时候都有你这么聪明的做法。”狄克军佐说道。 Therefore I told you, you can do this, are you willing to raise the muzzle of your auxiliary officer now. You clearly know that who he is.” Mo Fan said to auxiliary officer Dick. “所以我已经告诉你了,你可以这样做,请问你现在愿不愿意抬高你军佐的枪口。你明知道他是什么人。”莫凡对军佐狄克说道。
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