ADM :: Volume #22

#2110: Let a blood stream meeting

The Zu Xiangtian anger tiger roared, after his Kunlun Mountains thousand shade tiger fingernails completed, saw that had the tiger claw hurricane of 100 meters diameter to be all of a sudden fiercer. 祖向天怒虎咆哮,他的昆仑千影虎爪完成之后,就看到那原本只有100米直径的虎爪飓风一下子更剧烈了起来。 Does not need Zu Xiangtian to continue to launch the attack, those has formed the strength automatic performance of claw wind, even must give to tear into shreds the floating reef hunting ground! 不需要祖向天继续发动攻击,那些已经形成爪风的力量自动运转,甚至要将浮礁猎场都给撕碎了! Mo Fan also in the center of claw hurricane, before silver radiance already not, was so dazzling. 莫凡还在爪飓风的中央,银色的光辉已经没有之前那么耀眼了。 The Zu Xiangtian back to the yellow color claw wind that is dancing recklessly, has twisted the mouth sidewise a cruel happy expression. 祖向天背对着肆意起舞的黄色爪风,咧开了一个残忍的笑意。 Resists own attack with Mind Power?? 意念来抵挡自己的攻击?? This Mo Fan feared that was the brain entered one ton sea water, the place of Kunlun Mountains ancestor tiger powerful was the overbearing swift and fierce attack, once make a move surely ripped complete bone not remaining the enemy! 这个莫凡怕是脑子进了一吨海水,昆仑祖虎强势的地方就是霸道凌厉的攻击,一旦出手就必定将敌人撕得连一块完整的骨头都不剩下! hū hū hū hū shouted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 呼呼呼呼呼~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~” The claw wind really starts the terror to spread, knot of surrounding is unable to withstand these strengths completely, presented very serious seepage. 爪风果然开始恐怖蔓延,外围的结界无法全部承受这些力量了,出现了非常严重的渗透。 Also maintained the order those Mage to have foreknowledge luckily, making the crowd collective remove in the future, otherwise the accidental injury was unavoidable. 也幸好维持次序的那些法师们有先见之明,让人群集体往后撤了,不然误伤在所难免。 This is Magic Association did not advocate that High-Order and High-Order above Mage carries on the Magic showdown, the scene is very often difficult to control, moreover every so often injures accidentally is not those does not understand the Magic person, instead is those thinks a little strength! 这就是魔法协会不主张高阶高阶以上的法师进行魔法对决,场面往往很难控制,而且很多时候误伤的都不是那些不懂魔法的人,反而是那些自以为有点实力的! The tiger claw wind starts to disperse time, this old war city with experiencing fearful storm was ordinary. 虎爪风开始散开的时候,这座旧战城已经跟经历了一场可怕的风暴一般。 The old war city also divides ten blocks, regarding floating reef hunting ground separately is the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth block, these four block more than 100 buildings have encountered dispersing the baptism of tiger claw wind probably, the those wall surface, the those floor, on over -bridge that those connects, has proliferated claw marks, deeply has the less than half rice, the length five meters to 30 meters! 旧战城也分十个街区,围绕着浮礁猎场的分别是第五、第六、第七、第八街区,这四个街区大概有100多栋建筑遭到了散开的虎爪风的洗礼,那些墙面,那些楼层,那些相连接的天桥上,遍布了一条条爪痕,深有小半米,长度五米到30米不等! Let alone that is the might that attacks to proliferate together, just came here person to think this is by the demon tiger group looting city, ragged! 别说那是一道攻击扩散开的威力,刚来这里的人都会认为这是被魔虎群给洗劫过的城市,一片褴褛! ...... …… Fights now, the sea water presented the ebb tide. 战斗到现在,海水出现了退潮。 The floating reef hunting ground special place lies, once the sea water ebbs, this such as a sea reef of giant square completely will reveal in the air, sways after the 1-2 hours of sea breeze, will appear dry incomparable. 浮礁猎场特殊的地方就在于,海水一旦退潮,这块如一个巨大广场的海礁石就会完全露在空气中,经过海风的一两个小时吹拂,甚至会显得干燥无比。 The sea water draws back quickly, some have not known the small fish son who has not followed the large unit with enough time, is bouncing in the moist floating reef hunting ground, naturally most small schools of fish stirring to have broken to pieces by the Zu Xiangtian strength, the wreckage and blood returned to the sea along with the ebb tide together. 海水退得很快,还有一些不知死的小鱼崽没有来得及跟上大部队,在潮湿的浮礁猎场中弹跳着,当然绝大多数小鱼群还是被祖向天的力量给搅碎了,残骸和血液随着退潮一起回归了大海。 „!” “啪嗒啪嗒啪嗒!” „!” “啪嗒啪嗒啪嗒!” In the under foot of Mo Fan, a clown fish in keeping is whipping the body, presumptuously thinks the rebound to the sea water. 就在莫凡的脚下,一条小丑鱼在不停的拍打着身体,妄想跳回到海水之中。 Mo Fan lowered the head, the clown fish that looks at this survival, has smiled. 莫凡低下头,看着这头幸存的小丑鱼,不禁笑了起来。 In fact, when Zu Xiangtian launches the attack, Mo Fan under foot truly one crowd by the clown fish school of fish that the sea water clashes, more than 100 appearances. 事实上,在祖向天发动攻击的时候,莫凡的脚下确实有一群被海水冲过来的小丑鱼鱼群,100多只的样子。 The sea water is rapid, their body small strength are thin, which racket basically is the ocean waves toward, where they will be delivered, Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian fight here, the majority of schools of fish ran away, these clown fish cannot swim. 海水湍急,它们身小力薄,基本上是海浪往哪拍,它们就会被送到哪里,莫凡祖向天在这里战斗,大部分鱼群已经逃走了,这些小丑鱼游不走。 When Zu Xiangtian launches tiger claw hurricane attack, these kids sensations to the danger, have been able choose the exact way because of flurry, some tours to the hole of reef, some rush to the sea, only has this kid to choose to believe Mo Fan, believes the Mind Power steel armor that Mo Fan forms is the safest region...... 祖向天发动虎爪飓风攻击的时候,这些小家伙们感知到了危险,慌不择路,有的游向礁石的窟窿,有的奔向大海,唯有这个小家伙选择相信莫凡,相信莫凡所形成的这个意念钢甲是最安全的地带…… It in the under foot of Mo Fan, has been rubbing the protection of Mo Fan. 它一直就在莫凡的脚下,蹭着莫凡的保护。 You is more intelligent than your companions, died of thirst is really is a pity in the ebb tide.” Mo Fan holds on the clown fish own palm. “你比你的同伴们聪明多了,渴死在退潮上真是太可惜了。”莫凡小丑鱼捧到自己的手掌上。 Walks toward the floating reef hunting ground edge, Mo Fan has put gradually in this clown fish the tide of return. 朝着浮礁猎场边缘走去,莫凡将这条小丑鱼放到了渐渐回归的潮水上。 Moved the sea water, the clown fish was peaceful immediately, pasted the smooth reef to swim specially several, then immediately drilled into the great sea. 一触碰到了海水,小丑鱼马上安静了下来,特意贴着光滑的礁石游了几圈,便马上钻入到了广阔无垠的海洋之中。 Mo Fan this action makes the old battlefield noise stop suddenly, the people visit him at a loss puzzled...... One is the wound! 莫凡这个举动让旧战场的嘈杂声忽然间停止,人们茫然不解的看着他……一身是伤! The Fuck fish is all right, he is actually scarred! 尼玛鱼是没事,他自己却伤痕累累啊! Zu Xiangtian attacks the far ultra estimate, Mo Fan Mind Power steel armor was firmer than in the past the several fold, but should be injured or be injured! 祖向天攻击远超预计,莫凡意念钢甲已经比往常坚固了数倍了,但该受伤还是受伤! „, The big devil has the compassion!!!” “哇,大魔头好有爱心啊!!!” Suddenly in the crowd spread a girl's voice, listens to have point image Ai Tutu that. 忽然人群中传出了一个女孩子的声音,听上去有那么点像艾图图 The person who crowd screamed also was really Ai Tutu, in fact Mù Nujiao by her, their two same was also worried time that Mo Fan this duel, catches up with temporarily did not have the VIP seat, can only mingle among the crowd. 人群里叫出声来的人还真是艾图图,事实上牧奴娇也就在她旁边,她们两个一样很担心莫凡这场决斗,临时赶过来的时候已经没有VIP席位了,只能够混迹人群。 Has the compassion to have the fart to use, his many wounds, do not have one not in the wind blood, he lost!” Some person of discontented [say / way]. “有爱心有屁用,他身上那么多伤,没有一道不在飙血的,他输了!”有人不满的道。 He can hide far, hardly shoulders to install the big tail wolf, now was good, must work as the meat on block! Your female students really bored, pays attention to this type of thing!” “他可以躲远的,偏偏硬扛装大尾巴狼,现在好了,要被当砧板上的肉了!你们女生是真的无聊,关注这种东西!” Ai Tutu is indignant, points at that person to scold: You understand anything, dying male cancer, big devil this protects the fish to set free a captured animal is leads to explode, starting today I am also every powder!” 艾图图非常气愤,指着那个人骂道:“你懂什么,死男癌,大魔头这护鱼放生就是帅到炸,从今天开始我也是凡粉!” „, You just came time, did not say Zu Xiangtian is your tall, rich and handsome?” Mù Nujiao small sound track. “图图,你刚来的时候,不是说祖向天是你男神的吗?”牧奴娇小声道。 Oh, his Curse System offered a sacrifice to the body to be ugly, where had the big devil to squat a moment ago the appearance handsome who the small fish fish held, oh, I must such gentle was holding, I must be protected like this, make the joyful clown fish!” Ai Tutu starry eyed said like. “哎呀,他那个诅咒系祭体丑死了,哪有大魔头刚才蹲下去把小鱼鱼捧起来的样子帅,哎呀,我也要被这样温柔的捧着,我也要这样被保护,做个快乐的小丑鱼!”艾图图像个花痴一样道。 Mù Nujiao pursed the lips, thought that Ai Tutu is quite weak...... 牧奴娇撅起了嘴,觉得艾图图好幼稚…… But on the other hand, the Mo Fan action really had flash that, let the person...... Um, the impression is profound. 但话说回来,莫凡刚才的举动确实有那么一瞬间实在让人,让人……嗯,印象深刻。 The female student is really one crowd of marvelous creature, a short time ago everybody in seeing the Zu Xiangtian face value, Mo Fan after simple is arrogant, basically turns toward Zu Xiangtian. 女生真是一群奇妙的生物,前不久大家在看到祖向天的颜值,还有莫凡的简朴却自大后,基本上都是向着祖向天的。 But such a small action, Mo Fan instantaneously encircled many female Mage and girls' heart. 可就这么一个小举动,莫凡瞬间圈住了许多女法师和女孩子们的心。 Protects a small fish fish? 保护一条小鱼鱼? Ate to the full has been supporting, Mo Fan nothing but thought that the kid had one pair not compared with often the mental perception of fish, regarding this insightful life, Mo Fan was very always friendly. 吃饱了撑着,莫凡无非是觉得小家伙有一双非比常鱼的慧眼,对于这种有眼光的生灵,莫凡一向很友好。 Body burning hurting, the attack of Zu Xiangtian is unable to resist by Mind Power eventually purely, the consequence is the whole body claw wound, although is not fatal, actually also affects the fight. 身上火辣辣的疼,祖向天的攻击终究无法单纯靠意念来抵挡,后果就是满身爪伤,虽然不致命,却也非常影响战斗。 Fortunately, is injured is not any misdemeanor! 还好,受伤不算什么坏事! Hurries to stop bleeding, Mo Fan, your wound are many!” Zhu Meng cannot bear make noise the reminder to say. “赶紧止血,莫凡,你身上伤口很多!”祝蒙忍不住出声提醒道。 Admits defeat, hurries to treat, the tiger claw wound has not thought that simply, the blood cannot stop by the Ignite wound.” Ancestor abundant saying with a laugh. “还是认输,赶紧去治疗吧,虎爪伤可没有想得那么简单,血可不能靠灼烧伤口就止住。”祖博笑呵呵的说道。 Zu Xiangtian is also smiling at this time. 祖向天此时也在笑。 The Mo Fan present wound, truly cannot stop. 莫凡现在的伤,确实是止不住的。 Now he either admits defeat, immediately accepts the high-level cure, either continues to fight, bleeds lethal! 现在他要么认输,马上接受高级治愈,要么继续战斗,流血致死! His Zu Xiangtian has won, although there are selects difficultly, the result is good! 祖向天还是赢了,尽管有那么点艰难,结果还是好的! All right, lets a blood stream meeting.” Mo Fan stands there, the blood overflows from the those striking wound position, then big drop big drop knock down on reef. “没事,就让血流一会。”莫凡站在那里,血液从那些醒目的伤口位置溢出,然后大滴大滴的打落在礁石上。 The sea water drew back. 海水退了。 The blood no longer dissolves in water dispersing, but drops on the reef, seepage floats in the reef slowly to this entire giant sea. 血不再是溶于水散开,而是滴在礁石上,慢慢的渗透到这整块巨大的海浮礁石中。 Everybody is paying attention to high-spirited Zu Xiangtian with being covered with cuts and bruises Mo Fan, had not actually discovered that the reef is blushing gradually, such as the fritted rocks same start the burning hot! 大家都在注意意气风发的祖向天和满身是伤的莫凡,却不曾发现礁石正在逐渐发红,如烧岩一样开始炙热!
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