ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#753: Reincarnation bans the technique

„...” Jasmine with looking at the vision of idiot has swept Yun Che one maliciously: Naturally is not! But is... Fen Juechen is the same with you, has the second life!” “…”茉莉用看白痴的目光狠狠扫了云澈一眼:“当然不是!而是…焚绝尘和你一样,有着两世人生!” What...!?” In the Yun Che heart is startled unexpectedly. “什…么!?”云澈心中蓦地一惊。 But, he and you are different.” Jasmine also said that you have Profound Sky Continent and Azure Cloud Continent two lives...” Jasmine, the correction said slightly: Should say that is three lives , because triggers. Mirror of Samsara the strength of crossing over Reincarnation, and is two. When Mirror of Samsara in starting passes through the strength of Reincarnation, will also revise simultaneously... In some sense revises karma, this ability disobeys heaven defying saying that actually does not harass the karma law, and as a result of the great strength of Mirror of Samsara plane/level, even if heaven's way is unable to lower the scourge.” “不过,他和你不同。”茉莉又紧接着说道,“你拥有天玄大陆沧云大陆两段人生…”茉莉稍稍一顿,更正道:“应该说是三段人生,是因为触发.轮回镜的穿越轮回之力,而且是两次。轮回镜在发动穿越轮回之力时,还会同时修改…从某种意义上来说是修正因果,这种能力违逆天道,却又不扰乱因果律,而且由于轮回镜层面的强大,纵然是天道都无法降下天谴。” However when Fen Juechen... I am feeling the unusual form of his strength and soul at first, once some suspicion, but also is only the suspicion, moreover this suspicion was cancelled by me quickly. Because I think at that time his strength is demon that under the extreme negative mood influence grows, is ordinary demon profound strength. Just now has read his memory, I discovered that initially guess of that flashing past unexpectedly real... His body, was exerted Reincarnation Forbidden Technique!” “而焚绝尘…我在最初感觉到他力量和灵魂的异状时,就曾有过怀疑,但也只是怀疑而已,而且这种怀疑很快就被我自己打消。因为那时我以为他的力量是极端负面情绪影响下所衍生的魔化,是普通的魔玄力。方才读取了他的记忆,我才发现,当初那个一闪而过的猜测居然是真的…他的身上,被施加了一种轮回禁术!” Reincarnation Forbidden Technique? What is that?” Yun Che doubts to ask. These four characters, he similarly is first hearing. 轮回禁术?那是什么?”云澈疑问道。这四个字,他同样是第一次听到。 Since is forbidden technique, naturally for the world does not allow, to be doomed by the scourge thing... Let alone also interfered Reincarnation.” Jasmine sneers, the ice-cold happy expression of instant flashing through is bringing pitying to Fen Juechen: Fen Juechen Reincarnation Forbidden Technique compared with these high-level many that I know, although surmounted the millenniums, but soul complete over 70%. Because it came from ancient times Devil Race the technique of taboo... Said accurate that came from Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law!” “既然是禁术,当然是为天地所不容,注定要遭天谴的东西…何况还干涉到了轮回。”茉莉冷笑一声,刹那闪过的冰冷笑意带着一丝对焚绝尘的怜悯:“不过焚绝尘身上的轮回禁术要比我所知道的那些高级的多,虽然跨越了千年,但灵魂完整度在七成以上。因为它可是来自远古魔族的禁忌之术…更精准的说,是来自永夜幻魔典!” Yun Che more listens ignorant... If said directly Fen Juechen accepted the inheritance of demon of some antiquity, he instead is better many of understanding. 云澈越听越懵…如果直接说焚绝尘是接受了某个上古之魔的传承,他反而要好理解的多。 Although has over 70% complete, but after is not the complete soul, therefore the Fen Juechen personality is at variance with the average man, especially eccentric, sensitive and extreme, extreme, easier anger and out-of-control.” Looked at a Yun Che that whole face puzzled expression, Jasmine has curled upwards the outstanding eyebrow corner/horn, knows the plane/level thing that one narrated has far exceeded Yun Che's cognition plane/level, as far as possible has to say simply was more transparent: Ok, I directly told you, the Fen Juechen previous name, was called Ye Huang, but his first father, named Ye Mufeng, the first birth mother, named Ye Jianxi!” “虽然有着七成以上的完整度,但毕竟不是完整的灵魂,所以焚绝尘的性情远异于常人,会格外的孤僻、敏感、偏激、极端,也更容易愤怒和失控。”看了一眼云澈那满脸纠结的表情,茉莉翘了翘眉角,知道自己所讲述的这个层面的东西已经远远超出了云澈的认知层面,只好尽可能说的更为简单明了一些:“算了,我还是直接告诉你吧,焚绝尘的上一个名字,叫做夜荒,而他的第一个生父,名为夜沐风,第一个生母,名为夜剑夕!” Ye Huang... night? This is not Sun Moon Divine Hall is in sole possession of surname,...” 夜荒…夜?这不是日月神宫的独有姓氏么,难道说…” No!” Jasmine Yun Che's voice interruption, light [say / way]: That is the present, millenniums ago, but has another to take the night as the influence of surname... Moreover, is Sun Moon Divine Hall has the essential different family influences!” “不!”茉莉云澈的话音打断,淡淡的道:“那是现在而已,在千年之前,可是有着另外一个以夜为姓氏的势力…而且,是和日月神宫有着本质不同的家族势力!” Wait / Etc.!” Yun Che has thought of anything in this moment suddenly, because of his innermost soul, unexpectedly and Ye Jianxi has the inexplicable familiar feeling to Ye Mufeng. He sinks rapidly the heart, following position that the soul palpitates, searches along with the Frozen Cloud (Bingyun) ancestor who Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul inherits remembers... “等等!”云澈在这一刻忽然想到了什么,因为他的灵魂深处,竟对“夜沐风”和“夜剑夕”有着莫名的熟悉感。他迅速沉下心来,循着灵魂悸动的方位,去搜索随着“冰云仙魄”传承过来的冰云先祖记忆… Moment, Ye Mufeng and Ye Jianxi these two names, clear appearing in his mind, chanting in a low voice that he does not control self: Eternal Night... royal family!?” 须臾,“夜沐风”和“夜剑夕”这两个名字,清晰的映现在他的脑海之中,他不自禁的低吟而出:“永夜…王族!?” Millenniums ago Eternal Night Royal Family that falls from the sky, to its record, perhaps except for Four Great Sacred Grounds, is Frozen Cloud Asgard most detailed and profound. But contains ancestor to remember in Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul, before Eternal Night Royal Family falls from the sky last Eternal Night King, then named Ye Mufeng! 千年前陨灭的永夜王族,对它的记载,或许除了四大圣地,便要数冰云仙宫的最为详细和深刻。而在冰云仙魄中所包含先祖记忆中,永夜王族陨灭前的最后一个永夜之王,便名为夜沐风 But last Eternal Night Queen... is also has the life-saving benevolence person to Frozen Cloud Asgard Mu Bingyun, the name calls Ye Jianxi! 而最后一个永夜之后…也是对冰云仙宫沐冰云有着救命恩情的人,名字就叫夜剑夕 Right!” Jasmine said in a low voice: Ye Mufeng, is millenniums ago was collaborated a extinguished Eternal Night Royal Family final king by Four Great Sacred Grounds, Ye Jianxi, was that time Eternal Night Queen. But Ye Huang, is Ye Mufeng and Ye Jianxi only son, is Eternal Night Royal Family final Eternal Night Prince... but Eternal Night Royal Family core Profound Arts «Eternal Night Illusory God Record», was actually antiquity Eternal Night Devil Race «Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law»! Eternal Night Royal Family this name, is from Eternal Night Devil Race obviously!” “没错!”茉莉低声道:“夜沐风,就是千年前被四大圣地联手所灭的永夜王族最后的一个王,夜剑夕,是那时的永夜之后。而夜荒,便是夜沐风夜剑夕唯一的儿子,也是永夜王族最后的永夜王子…而永夜王族的核心玄功永夜幻神录》,其实就是上古永夜魔族的《永夜幻魔典》!就连永夜王族这个名字,也显然是取自永夜魔族!” Unexpectedly... Will have... Such matter?” The Yun Che's brain presented long-time delay. If not this is Jasmine narrated personally that by the cognition of his second life, forever impossible obviously is Fen Juechen of child of Burning Heaven Clan sect master, millenniums ago exterminated the clan Eternal Night Royal Family relates, is more impossible to think that this year is only twenty -year-old he, unexpectedly is millennium ago Eternal Night Prince! “竟然…会有…这样的事?”云澈的大脑出现了长久的呆滞。若非这是茉莉的亲口讲述,以他两世人生的认知,永远也不可能把明明是焚天门门主之子的焚绝尘,和千年前被灭族的永夜王族联系起来,更是绝不可能想到今年才二十几岁的他,竟是千年前的永夜王子 Actually that is Reincarnation Forbidden Technique what? The Fen Juechen present soul, is the millenniums ago Ye Huang soul? Since you knew these from the Fen Juechen memory, in other words Fen Juechen did restore that time memory? Eternal Night Royal Family family Profound Arts, what's the matter?” The Yun Che's heart is occupying innumerable questions, each issue, is he wants to break the huge riddle that the head impossible to understand. “那个轮回禁术究竟是什么?难道焚绝尘现在的灵魂,就是千年前夜荒的灵魂?你既然是从焚绝尘的记忆里知道了这些,也就是说焚绝尘恢复了那时候的记忆?永夜王族的家族玄功,又是怎么回事?”云澈的心头盘踞着无数的疑问,每一个问题,都是他想破脑袋都不可能想明白的天大谜团。 Jasmine does not have any question that the direct reaction he asked that but was selfish saying: Millenniums ago, Eternal Night Royal Family encounters Four Great Sacred Grounds jointly to suppress kills, Eternal Night Prince Ye Huang was killed cruelly. Son who Eternal Night Queen Ye Jianxi to save from impending death, does not hesitate to violate the ancestor stern instructions, has used Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law the technique of taboo, imprisons the souls as well as all blood essence that Ye Huang must immediately dissipate forcefully, and takes the Ye Mufeng 20% souls as to direct, started has disobeyed heaven defying Reincarnation Forbidden Technique, let the Ye Huang soul and blood essence can long-time not be loose, and can borrow the body Reincarnation rebirth under the special opportunity.” 茉莉却没有直接回答他问出的任何问题,而是自顾自的说道:“千年前,永夜王族遭遇四大圣地联合剿杀,永夜王子夜荒被残忍杀害。永夜之后夜剑夕为了救死去的儿子,不惜违背先祖严训,动用了永夜幻魔典的禁忌之术,强行禁锢了夜荒马上就要消散的灵魂以及所有的精血,并以夜沐风两成的灵魂为引,发动了违逆天道的轮回禁术,让夜荒的灵魂与精血可以长久不散,并在特殊的时机之下可以借体轮回重生。” Is very obvious, at that time Eternal Night King and Eternal Night Queen foresaw Eternal Night Royal Family by the destruction result, therefore leaves behind bloodlines with this means... Otherwise, they are insufficient to violate the ancestor to teach, use this type to suffer the scourge forbidden technique.” “很显然,那时候永夜之王永夜之后已经预见到了永夜王族会被覆灭的结局,所以用这种办法来留下一丝血脉…否则,他们不至于违背祖训,动用这种会遭受天谴的禁术。” Yun Che: „...” 云澈:“…” Jasmine knows that soul plane/level thing, is present Yun Che is unable really to understand decidedly. She straightforwarder [say / way]: Said simply that is millennium ago Ye Huang died, is precisely the body soul all dies, latter is dispersed own two points of soul by Ye Mufeng, is displayed Devil Race forbidden technique by Ye Jianxi, makes the soul that Ye Huang died come back to life with the aid of a Ye Mufeng two points of soul forcefully, then exerts Reincarnation Forbidden Technique that I said. Under Reincarnation Forbidden Technique, the soul and blood essence that Ye Huang recovers will not dissipate in a short time, if can run into the baby who in the newborn three double-hour then died, can retain some souls and bloodlines borrows the body rebirth.” 茉莉知道灵魂层面的东西,是如今的云澈断然无法真正理解的。她更直白的道:“简单的说,是千年前的夜荒已死,且是身魂皆死,后由夜沐风分散出自己的两分灵魂,由夜剑夕施展魔族禁术,借助夜沐风的两分灵魂强行让夜荒死去的灵魂复生,然后再施加我所说的轮回禁术。在轮回禁术之下,夜荒复苏的灵魂和精血将不会在短时间内消散,并且若是能够遇到初生三个时辰内便死去的婴儿,便可保留部分灵魂与血脉借体重生。” In other words, true Fen Juechen, died in the birth actually, present Fen Juechen, the human body is Fen Duanhun third, the bloodlines, are the mix of Burning Heaven Clan and Eternal Night Royal Family, the soul, has actually loafed millenniums the soul of Ye Huang?” Yun Che saying. “也就是说,真正的焚绝尘,其实在出生的时候就死了,现在的焚绝尘,肉体是焚断魂的第三子,血脉,是焚天门永夜王族的混合,灵魂,却是游荡了千年的夜荒之魂?”云澈怔怔的说道。 This, compared with my passes through Reincarnation also to want complex many especially simply twice! 这特么的,简直比我的两次穿越轮回还要复杂的多! The infinite universe, is really any demons and monsters has! 大千世界,真是什么妖魔鬼怪都有! Right. However the soul solely is not the Ye Huang soul, but is Ye Huang and marriage of Ye Mufeng soul, but is primarily Ye Huang. Moreover under the protection of Reincarnation Forbidden Technique, millenniums loafing, only made this soul dissipate was less than 30%.” Jasmine answered. “没错。不过灵魂不单单是夜荒的灵魂,而是夜荒夜沐风灵魂的结合体,但以夜荒的为主。而且在轮回禁术的保护下,千年的游荡,也只让这个灵魂消散了不到三成而已。”茉莉解释道。 Although the process and forbidden technique, Yun Che knows nothing, is unable to understand, but the result, he has understood finally, hesitates, [say / way] slowly: That, Fen Juechen change of suddenly, is he after the body rebirth, the deep sleep more than 20 years of bloodlines and did the souls regain consciousness?” 虽然过程、禁术,云澈一无所知,也无法理解,但结果,他总算是听懂了,沉吟一番,缓缓的道:“那么,焚绝尘的忽然变化,是他借体重生后,沉睡了20多年的血脉和灵魂苏醒了?” Bloodlines have existed, not consciousness said that Eternal Night Devil Race Reincarnation Forbidden Technique, is impossible to let taking advantage of the bloodlines of body rebirth retain the beforehand strength. As for soul, by Ye Huang soul incomplete, if no other accidents, the memory must regain consciousness after 30 years old. But, a more interesting matter happened.” The eye of Jasmine has narrowed narrowing the eyes slightly: Four years ago, after you leave the Burning Heaven Clan extermination, but also under remained one breath Fen Yijue to give you not to have Fen Juechen of killer a paint black key.” “血脉一直存在,并无苏醒之说,就算永夜魔族轮回禁术,也不可能让借体重生的血脉保留以前的力量。至于灵魂,以夜荒的灵魂残缺度,若无其他意外,记忆要在30岁之后才会苏醒。但,一件更有意思的事发生了。”茉莉的眼睛稍稍的眯了眯:“四年前,在你将焚天门灭门离开后,还残留了一口气的焚义绝将一枚漆黑色的钥匙交给了你没有下杀手的焚绝尘。” Paints the black key? What is that?” Yun Che extremely has doubts. “漆黑色的钥匙?那是什么?”云澈万分疑惑。 „When Fen Yijue gives the Fen Juechen key, told it this is the thing of taboo the ancestor left behind, inside was hiding a taboo fearful secret, when had Burning Heaven Clan bitter experience being drowned to be difficult can use. However evidently, should he not know that actually that secret is anything. Fen Juechen according to the direction of profound strength mark on the key carves, did not see the Sun Moon side wicked place to Black Fiend Nation one ten thousand years, with that the key, turned on... Seal Soul Sealing Coffin of millennium soul!” 焚义绝交给焚绝尘钥匙时,告诉它这是先祖留下的禁忌之物,里面隐藏着一个禁忌可怕的秘密,只有焚天门遭遇灭顶之难时才能动用。不过看样子,应该连他自己也不知道那个秘密究竟是什么。焚绝尘按照钥匙上所刻的玄力印记的指引,到了黑煞国一处万年不见日月的极恶之地,用那把钥匙,打开了一个…封印着千年灵魂的封魂棺!” However in that Soul Sealing Coffin, blockade... Ye Mufeng remnant soul!” Ha?” Yun Che is shocked once more... This Nyima! This whole life has listened to the most incredible joke such has not talked nonsense! “而那个封魂棺内,封锁的…正是夜沐风的残魂!”“哈?”云澈再次惊呆…这尼玛!这辈子听过的最荒诞的笑话都没这么扯淡! Yun Che's remembers that returning to him officially to become the Frozen Cloud Asgard disciple first day, he recalled, while slow saying: „When initially, Grand Mistress Feng Qianhui and I mentioned millennium ago Eternal Night Royal Family, once had mentioned the Eternal Night King final fate. She said that Eternal Night King was killed, the entire clan completely to extinguish because of the bitter experience wife and children, extreme hate and sad, suddenly demon, and becomes in the Sky Profound historical record the first true demon person. The Eternal Night King difference after demon is formidable, but is impossible to resist the encirclement of Four Great Sacred Grounds, finally he was collaborated to kill by the hosts of four sacred ground. But even if the body were destroyed completely, soul also for a very long time not loose... As if because of the soul qualitative change that profound strength demon has.” 云澈的记忆,回到了他正式成为冰云仙宫弟子的第一天,他一边回忆,一边缓慢的说道:“当初,太上宫主封千悔和我说起千年前的永夜王族时,曾提及过永夜之王的最终下场。她说永夜之王因遭遇妻儿被杀、全族尽灭,极度的怨恨和悲伤之下,忽然魔化,并且成为天玄历史记载中第一个真正魔化的人。魔化后的永夜之王异样强大,但也不可能对抗四大圣地的合围,最终他被四圣地之主联手所杀。而身体纵然被完全毁去,灵魂也久久不散…似乎是因玄力魔化而产生的灵魂质变。” Therefore, four sacred ground can only by Soul Sealing Coffin the soul blockade of Eternal Night King... Feng Qianhui has added that millenniums, the Eternal Night King soul should already dissipate.” “于是,四圣地只能以封魂棺永夜之王的灵魂封锁…封千悔还说过,千年的时间,永夜之王的灵魂应该早就消散了。” Fen Juechen found, is that Feng Shenguan!?” 焚绝尘所找到的,就是那个封神棺!?” Forgets please return to turn Chapter 381 忘记的请回翻第381章 „If no Soul Sealing Coffin, the Eternal Night King Ye Mufeng soul indeed already completely dissipated. What is laughable, this Soul Sealing Coffin while blocking Ye Mufeng devil soul, actually also protection! What is more laughable, conceal sets at the Soul Sealing Coffin place is actually in Profound Sky Continent Yin energy heaviest state --- Black Fiend Nation the cloudiest offense place, there aura not only will not speed up Ye Mufeng devil soul to dissipate, instead will contain its dissipation to a certain extent. Also therefore, Ye Mufeng remnant soul unexpectedly entire even thousands years later, but also preserved about 40%.” “若无封魂棺,永夜之王夜沐风的灵魂的确早已完全消散。可笑的是,这封魂棺在封锁夜沐风魔魂的同时,却也将之保护!更可笑的是,藏置封魂棺的地方却是天玄大陆阴气最重的国度——黑煞国中最为阴戾的地方,那里的气息非但不会加快夜沐风魔魂消散,反而会在相当程度上遏制其消散。也因而,夜沐风的残魂竟是在整整千年之后,还留存了近四成之多。” „...” Yun Che moves the brow, looking pensive. “…”云澈动了动眉头,若有所思。 Fen Juechen borrows the body rebirth in Burning Heaven Clan... Soul Sealing Coffin key not in the hand of any sacred ground, actually in the Burning Heaven Clan hand... If only the coincidence, coincidence was too stranger... 焚绝尘焚天门借体重生…封魂棺的钥匙不在任何一个圣地的手中,却偏偏在焚天门手中…如果只是巧合,也巧合的太离奇了些… Soul Sealing Coffin blockade also in protection... The cloudiest place of cloudiest country's... Causes Eternal Night King should the devil soul millenniums of divergence not certainly... 封魂棺封锁的同时也在“保护”…最阴之国的最阴之地…导致永夜之王本该散去的魔魂千年未绝… Finally, was Fen Juechen takes the Soul Sealing Coffin key to open Soul Sealing Coffin... 最终,却又是焚绝尘拿着封魂棺的钥匙开启了封魂棺 All these all, unexpectedly harmony like is that arranges! 这一切的一切,竟“和谐”的像是安排好的一样! But, what making Burning Heaven Clan exterminate an entire family is one, and was only kept a Fen Juechen person of life because of Little Aunt, was this reason causes the Soul Sealing Coffin key to the hand of Fen Juechen in... So, should not by arrangement good. 但,让焚天门灭门的是自己,并且也是自己因小姑妈而只留了焚绝尘一人的命,也是这个原因导致封魂棺的钥匙到了焚绝尘的手中…如此,又不应该是被“安排”好的。 In this world has the coincidence to so the matter of degree unexpectedly really... 难道,这世上竟真的存在巧合到如此程度的事… Is it possible that is the heaven is also pitying the tragedy of Eternal Night Royal Family bitter experience? 莫非是上天也怜悯着永夜王族遭遇的悲剧? Hesitates, he has thought another matter, knits the brows to ask: Eternal Night Illusory God Record is Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law, was one type already should not exist in antiquity devil art of world... such being the case, in other words, millenniums ago, Eternal Night King Ye Mufeng demon, was not that demon that the common people thought that but was...” 沉吟间,他又想到了另外一件事,皱眉问道:“永夜幻神录便是永夜幻魔典,是一种早就不该存在于世的上古魔功…既然如此,也就是说,千年前,永夜之王夜沐风的魔化,并不是世人所以为的那种魔化,而是…” Right!” Jasmine nods, with definite tone: Was he has released in the body, was at devil blood in imprisonment!” “没错!”茉莉点头,用确定的口吻道:“是他释放了身体中,一直都处在禁锢中的魔血!” Yun Che: „...” 云澈:“…” Demon bloodlines, once unties shackles, Ye Mufeng own profound strength and Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law might suddenly to increase, exceeded the lord of then any sacred ground completely. However, this solution prints devil blood, should, only then of [lineage/vein] Eternal Night Royal Family kings can achieve, otherwise, how Eternal Night Royal Family so will be also easy to exterminate the clan. Moreover, looks like from the Ye Mufeng soul condition, once the imprisonment of devil blood unties, will have the permanent enormous influence to the personality and will, moreover is unable to block devil blood again... However, is only the guess. About part of memories, is just incomplete.” “魔的血脉一旦解开枷锁,夜沐风自身的玄力永夜幻魔典的威力全部暴增,胜过当时的任何一个圣地之主。不过,这种解印魔血,应该只有永夜王族的王之一脉才能做到,否则,永夜王族又岂会那么容易灭族。另外,从夜沐风的灵魂状态看来,魔血的禁锢一旦解开,将会对性情和意志造成永久的巨大影响,而且无法再将魔血重新封锁…不过,也只是猜测。关于这一部分的记忆,刚好是残缺的。” The Fen Juechen soul fused Ye Mufeng devil soul, naturally fused his memory, thus, Jasmine has read the Fen Juechen memory, quite in simultaneously has read Fen Juechen and Ye Mufeng two memories of people. Just, Ye Mufeng devil soul was already destitute during the millenniums, the memory of therefore leaving is also scattered, is extremely incomplete. 焚绝尘的灵魂融合了夜沐风魔魂,也自然融合了他的记忆,因而,茉莉读取了焚绝尘的记忆,也就相当于同时读取了焚绝尘夜沐风两个人的记忆。只不过,夜沐风魔魂在千年之中早已凋残,所以留下的记忆也是零零散散,极不完整。 Is the Fen Juechen matter a little complex? Especially the audiences translate young men of group, tests your times to Ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha Ha... 焚绝尘的事是不是有点复杂?尤其是众翻译组的少年们,考验你们的时候到了哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈…
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