ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#752: Ancient times demon merit

That afterward? Where Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword and did Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations go to?” Yun Che asked. “那后来呢?诛天始祖剑邪婴万劫轮去哪里了?”云澈问道。 Jasmine shakes the head slowly: Does not know. Evil God is the last to die god, he may know Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword and Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations final whereabouts. In the memory fragment that but he leaves behind has not mentioned completely. Perhaps, is he in the life finally has hidden them... After hiding one, place that common people will never find, in order to avoid these two root that made all Gods exterminate brings the calamity and entire Chaos Dimension disaster once again.” 茉莉缓缓摇头:“不知道。邪神是最后一个陨落的神,他或许会知道诛天始祖剑邪婴万劫轮的最终下落。但他留下的记忆碎片中完全没有提及。或许,是他在生命的最后将它们藏匿了起来…藏匿到了一个后世人永远不可能找到的地方,以免这两个让诸神灭绝的根源再度带来祸及整个混沌空间的灾难。” But, Primordial Azure Dragon said its daughter by the seal to Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, also what's the matter? Moreover makes my as far as possible seeks for Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword.” Yun Che knits the brows to think initially in Wasteland of Death, Dragon God to he has spoken the words... Even can be said as the request. “可是,太古苍龙说它的女儿被封印到了诛天始祖剑中,又是怎么回事?而且还让我尽可能的去寻找诛天始祖剑。”云澈皱眉想着当初在死亡荒原,龙神向他说过的话…甚至可以说是请求。 How this I know.” Jasmine casts aside the lip slightly: Some memories that I inherit, was the record about antiquity God Race, extremely little mentioned the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword matter. As for letting you found it... In my opinion, radically is nonsensical talk.” “这我怎么知道。”茉莉微微撇唇:“无论是我继承的一些记忆,还是关于上古神族的记载,都极少提到诛天始祖剑的事。至于让你找到它…呵,在我看来,根本就是无稽之谈。” Exterminates from all Gods now, the time passes by is not quite long, only then trivial 1 million years. During these 1 million years, the innumerable lives and races, have not given up to seeking of Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword. Even if because all Gods falls from the sky, Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword is impossible to vanish... This in society also at all impossible existence to let the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword destruction thing. But, the entire 1 million years, never some people seek to have been to the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword trail, does not have tiny bit.” “从诸神灭绝到现在,时间过去的并不太久,只有区区1000000年而已。这1000000年间,无数的生灵、种族,从来没放弃过对诛天始祖剑的找寻。因为纵然诸神陨灭,诛天始祖剑也不可能消失…这世间也根本不可能存在让诛天始祖剑毁灭的东西。但,整整1000000年,从未有人寻到过诛天始祖剑的踪迹,一丝一毫都没有。” Until today, still has countless people to try to seek for Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword. So long as is knows Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword the person of this name, does not have one not to obtain it. As for by the seal women's of matter Dragon God, I had never listened to any similar hearsay before. Perhaps, you and I, are this in society only two know the person of this matter... Although meaningless.” “直到今天,依然有无数的人在试图找寻诛天始祖剑。而只要是知道‘诛天始祖剑’这个名字的人,也没有一个不想得到它。至于其中被封印了龙神之女这件事,我之前从未听过任何相似的传闻。说不定,你与我,是这世间唯二知道这件事的人…虽然毫无意义。” That... Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations?” Yun Che asked. “那…邪婴万劫轮呢?”云澈问道。 That to wicked to evil, although has the Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth strength, with Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword same impossible by destruction or disappearance, but some people will not try to seek for it. Snort, let alone the consumption mental effort seeks, only feared that it emerges out of thin air before whom, will can't run away quick enough. Because uses its strength, first will send in itself beyond redemption hell!” “那件至恶至邪之器,虽然有着毁天灭地的力量,也和诛天始祖剑一样不可能被毁灭或消失,但不会有人去试图寻找它的。哼,别说耗费心力去找寻,只怕就算它凭空出现在谁面前,都会避之唯恐不及。因为动用它的力量,会首先把自己送入万劫不复的地狱!” Jasmine sound somewhat ice-cold dense, as if because of the influences of certain memories inherits, making her have the intense repel and fear to Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations: However in the 1 million years after God Race destruction, Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations also completely goes into seclusion, has never appeared. But it hides certainly in primordial chaos some corner. Moreover 1 million years... After its past destruction all Gods , the strength of deep sleep also decided however regained consciousness.” 茉莉的声音有些冰冷森然,似乎是因所继承的某些记忆的影响,让她对邪婴万劫轮有着强烈的排斥和恐惧:“而神族覆灭后的1000000年中,邪婴万劫轮也完全匿迹,从未出现过。但它一定就隐藏在混沌的某个角落。而且1000000年的时间…它当年覆灭诸神后沉睡的力量也定然已经重新苏醒了。” „Is that situated third Primordial Seal of Life and Death? Also was the entire 1 million years is found?” Yun Che somewhat anxious asking. Primordial Seal of Life and Death... at present, but he knows can rescue the Little Demon Empress only method. “那排行第三的鸿蒙生死印呢?也是整整1000000年都没有被找到过?”云澈有些急切的问道。鸿蒙生死印…可是他目前所知道的可以救小妖后的唯一方法。 Naturally!” Jasmine does not have the least bit scruple reply: About the Primordial Seal of Life and Death only fragmentary record, raises it has been belonged to Three Great Creation Gods only feminine Creation God Li Suo, she has Primordial Seal of Life and Death in the body, if no accident, will have the eternal life, even if not fall from the sky to today or senile, but, in the god demon fierce battle, she is actually buried under the encirclements of several demon Monarch, Primordial Seal of Life and Death also therefore falls in the Devil Race hand, God Race until finally, offers a sacrifice to Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations until Devil Race, cannot recapture Primordial Seal of Life and Death.” “当然!”茉莉没有半点迟疑的回答:“关于鸿蒙生死印仅有的零星记载中,提过它本是属于三大创世神中唯一的女性创世神黎娑’,她有着鸿蒙生死印在身,若无意外,将拥有永恒的寿元,纵然到今天都不会陨灭或衰老,但,在神魔恶战之中,她却葬身在数个魔君的合围之下,鸿蒙生死印也因此落在魔族手中,神族直到最终,直到魔族祭出邪婴万劫轮,都没有能将鸿蒙生死印夺回。” Therefore, Primordial Seal of Life and Death should wander about destitute along with the Devil Race destruction the unknown primordial chaos corner. During these 1 million years, attempt person who obtain Primordial Seal of Life and Death, do not compare to obtain few of Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword. Because obtains Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword has the incomparable strength, but obtains Primordial Seal of Life and Death, so long as were not killed, will have the eternal life.” “所以,鸿蒙生死印应该是随着魔族的覆灭而流落到了未知的混沌角落。这1000000年间,妄图得到鸿蒙生死印的人,绝不比想要得到诛天始祖剑的少。因为得到诛天始祖剑是拥有无匹的力量,但得到鸿蒙生死印,只要不被人杀死,就将拥有永恒的生命。” If however simultaneously obtains them...” The Jasmine eye seam narrows the eyes slightly: That may really probably become advocation of eternal primordial chaos.” “而若同时得到它们…”茉莉的眼缝微微眯起:“那可就真的要成为永恒的混沌之主了。” But, I have also said that Primordial Seal of Life and Death also had already the found possibility. After all, must obtain the strength of its eternal, only need wear it in the body then. Must hide it too to be really easy, but obtains its person, to the utmost full going will hide it, is impossible to make anybody know that its exists... Even if the person of close relative.” “不过,我也说过,鸿蒙生死印也有已经被找到的可能。毕竟,要得到它的永恒之力,只需将它佩戴在身即可。要隐藏它实在太容易,而得到它的人,也会极尽全力的去将它隐藏,绝不可能让任何人知道它的存在…哪怕是至亲之人。” Yun Che is silent for a long time, then inspires fiercely, is almost asking of clenching jaws: These that but you said that what relations and Fen Juechen matter has!?” 云澈长时间沉默,然后猛吸一口气,几乎是咬牙切齿的问道:“但你说的这些,到底和焚绝尘的事有什么关系!?” Naturally has the relations!” Jasmine is slanting his eyes, look becomes with deep veneration dignified: Profound Arts that he uses, named Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law, that clearly is... Antiquity Devil Race one devil art!” “当然有关系!”茉莉斜他一眼,神色变得肃然凝重:“他所使用的玄功,名为‘永夜幻魔典’,那分明是…上古魔族的一种魔功!” Antiquity... Devil Race?” In Yun Che heart one suddenly: Antiquity wasn't Devil Race exterminated?” “上古…魔族?”云澈心中一突:“上古魔族不是已经灭绝了吗?” „After this is Fen Juechen by you enrage , the leakage source strength, I shocking reason.” The Jasmine sinking eyebrow said. “这正是焚绝尘被你激怒后释放源力时,我所震惊的原因。”茉莉沉眉道。 Yun Che moves the brow, is probing [say / way]: „Can that be... Did he obtain some inheritance from antiquity Devil Race? In the past, since the god can leave behind the inheritance of soul and blood, then the demon and god are existences of same plane/level, should also be able to leave behind the inheritance?” 云澈动了动眉头,试探着道:“那会不会是…他得到了来自上古魔族的某个传承?当年,神既然能留下灵魂与血液的传承,那么魔和神是同一个层面的存在,应该也可以留下传承的吧?” No!” Jasmine shakes the head: Demon and god, although has the plane/level of god strength, but both's soul and source strength attribute are not same, even contradicts! The gods before withering away, disappear because of unwilling in light of this, but the final strength and soul will change to the spirit, and by spirit protection final Divine Blood and will, will thus inherit own bloodlines and strength , to continue oneself existence in primordial chaos world reluctantly. But spirit and Divine Blood that these leave behind, because extremely high strength plane/level, but was disappeared by the nature extremely difficultly, even receives compatible and protection of air/Qi of world to a certain extent.” “不!”茉莉摇头:“魔与神虽然都有着神之层面的力量,但两者的灵魂、源力属性并不相同,甚至是相悖!神在消亡之前,因不甘自己就此消失,而将最后的力量和灵魂化作魂灵,并由魂灵守护最后的神血和意志,从而传承自己的血脉和力量,算是勉强延续自己在混沌世界的存在。而这些遗留下来的魂灵和神血,因为极高的力量层面而极难被自然泯灭,甚至在一定程度上受天地之气的亲和和保护。” But the demon is entirely different! The air/Qi of strength attribute and pure world of demon contradicts, even the majority of demons fear the light. Even if the demon is leaves behind the inheritance of spirit or devil blood, air/Qi because of world the repel of but dissipates to vanish quickly, let alone 1 million years, feared that are preserve for several thousand years quite extremely to be difficult. After various Divine Era end, the massive gods inherited are found, and has expedited childbirth newly Realm of Gods, but the inheritance of demon, after god demon destruction initial that time, indeed had appeared, but each inheritance dozens generations, strength purification by world completely, short 30,000 years later, the inheritance of demon then completely went into hiding, since later nearly 1 million years, has not appeared again.” “但魔截然不同!魔的力量属性与纯正的天地之气相悖,甚至大部分的魔都惧怕光明。魔纵然是留下魂灵或魔血的传承,也会因天地之气的排斥而很快消散消失,别说1000000年,怕是存留几千年都极为极难。诸神时代终结之后,大量的神之传承被找到,并催生了新的‘众神之界’,而魔之传承,在神魔覆灭后最初的那段时间,也的确曾经出现过,但每种传承不出几十代,就会被天地之力净化殆尽,短短30000年之后,魔之传承便完全销声匿迹,之后的近1000000年至今,再也未曾出现过。” Yun Che: „...” 云澈:“…” Now, vanished for 1 million years, including the antiquity Devil Race strength that Realm of Gods quickly forgets, appeared on this low grade plane humanity, was not simply normal.” The brow of Jasmine more receives is tighter. She regarding the god and demon concept, to ancient times the understanding and understanding of race and strength, wanted distant exceeding Yun Che. Jasmine of Fen Juechen dark profound strength to shock that creates, is Yun Che is unable to understand. “如今,消失了1000000年,连众神之界都快遗忘的上古魔族的力量,却出现在了这低等位面的一个人类身上,简直太不正常。”茉莉的眉头越收越紧。她对于神、魔的概念,对远古种族、力量的了解与理解,要远远的胜过云澈焚绝尘身上的黑暗玄力茉莉造成的震撼,是云澈根本无法理解的。 Since the antiquity Devil Race strength vanished were so long, why you can recognize?” Yun Che thinks to ask. “既然上古魔族的力量已经消失了那么久,为什么你能够认出来?”云澈想了想问道。 [Say / Way] that Jasmine is without turning a hair: I when inheritance strength, inherited the part of some antiquity Divine Spirit memory fragment. But in these memories, just has that dark profound strength that Fen Juechen uses... or calls Darkness Devil Cultivation, therefore he when the revolution, I have recognized all of a sudden then. This devil art named Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law, was higher Devil Race in ancient times all devils Eternal Night Devil Race devil art. But must use this devil art, must have corresponding devil blood or devil soul... World Ode of the Phoenix must take the Phoenix blood as to direct to be able on such as you to start is the same.” 茉莉面不改色的道:“我在继承身上的力量时,也继承了一部分某个上古神灵的记忆碎片。而这些记忆中,刚好有着焚绝尘所使用的那种黑暗玄力…或者叫黑暗魔功,所以他在运转之时,我一下子便认了出来。这种魔功名为‘永夜幻魔典’,是远古诸魔中的一个高等魔族永夜魔族’的魔功。而要使用这种魔功,就必须要有相应的魔血魔魂…就如你的‘凤凰颂世典’必须以凤凰血为引才能发动一样。” Also means that has Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law Fen Juechen, the body is also inheriting Eternal Night Devil Race devil blood or devil soul!” “也就意味着,拥有‘永夜幻魔典’的焚绝尘,身上还继承着‘永夜魔族’的魔血魔魂!” devil blood or devil soul that the entire 1 million years have not dissipated!” “整整1000000年都没有消逝的魔血魔魂!” This...” Yun Che more listens more to think strange, even somewhat felt that the thing that this even is are not at the plane/level that can understand. The Fen Juechen several years overturning the heavens change, back must have the extremely unusual reason... Has not thought to this degree unexpectedly unusual. “这…”云澈越听越觉得离奇,甚至有些感觉到这甚至不是自己所在的这个层面所能理解的东西。焚绝尘短短几年的翻天变化,背后必有着极为不同寻常的原因…没想到竟然不同寻常到这种程度。 Listens to the description of Jasmine only, some of his even muddleheadedly rise. 单听茉莉的描述,他甚至都有些头昏脑涨。 Yun Che thinks that Jasmine beforehand response, thinking while asked: You since a moment ago has read the Fen Juechen memory, how then his strength comes, should understand approximately?” 云澈想了想茉莉之前的反应,一边思索一边问道:“你刚才既然已经去读取了焚绝尘的记忆,那么他的力量是怎么来的,应该大致已经明白了吧?” I indeed knew, moreover any way interesting many that be able to think of compared with me.” A small face indifference of Jasmine: His devil art also has strength, came from... His father.” “我的确已经知道了,而且要比我所能想到的任何方式都有意思的多。”茉莉的小脸一片冷漠:“他的魔功还有力量,都是来自于…他的父亲。” Father?” Yun Che stared in a big way the eye, whole face cannot believe: Is impossible! His father Fen Duanhun is I kills personally, is impossible also to live. Even if has not died, Fen Duanhun profound strength also has Sky Profound Realm, again impossible...” “父亲?”云澈瞪大了眼睛,满脸的不可置信:“不可能!他的父亲焚断魂是我亲手杀的,不可能还活着。就算真的没死,焚断魂玄力也只有天玄境,再怎么也不可能…” I had not said I refer to his father is Fen Duanhun!” The Jasmine facial expression quite ponders. “我可没说我所指的‘他的父亲’是焚断魂!”茉莉的神情颇为玩味。 „...” The Yun Che's expression is strange immediately, whispered: „, Isn't Fen Juechen the Fen Duanhun son? Had Fen Duanhun been worn the green hat?” “…”云澈的表情顿时怪异起来,低语道:“难道,焚绝尘不是焚断魂的儿子?焚断魂是被人戴了绿帽子?” Fen Duanhun indeed is the Fen Juechen father. But Fen Juechen also has other father... Also similarly is his father.” 焚断魂的确是焚绝尘的生父。但焚绝尘还有另外的一个父亲…也同样是他的生父。” Yun Che: ~! @#¥%... *( a face compels ignorant) 云澈:“~!@#¥%…*”(一脸懵逼) Two men... Also energy... Has the descendant?” The Yun Che's sound somewhat trembled, the throat is maliciously gurgle. “两个男人…也能…有后代?”云澈的声音有些哆嗦了起来,喉管更是狠狠的“咕嘟”了一下。 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ——————————————
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