KOMI :: Volume #3

#273: Deep level pollution

After No. 13 foothold enters the alert posture third day, about most likely (80%) teams hurry back, suddenly in the foothold is hustle and bustle, the imposing manner appears quite the foot actually. 当十三号据点进入战备状态后的第三天,将近八成的队伍都是赶了回来,一时间据点内人潮汹涌,气势倒是显得颇足。 But this person many imposing manners of cannot cover startled of people, face last all days of many people have the color of anxiety, after all this is also the first time that they met so-called day disaster rank alien. 只不过这种人多的气势并不能掩盖众人的惊慌,许多人的面庞上整日都带着忧虑之色,毕竟这也是他们第一次遇见所谓的天灾级异类 Moreover as these days many team returns one after another, these were planted the student of evil thought seed are also unceasing was investigated, each discovery, will initiate some unrests and panic-stricken atmosphere. 而且在这段时间随着更多的队伍陆陆续续的归来,那些被种下恶念种子的学员也是不断的被探查出来,每一次的发现,都会引发一些骚乱与惊恐的气氛。 On after all one second you also with companion joke, result next second, the smile of that companion corners of the mouth on tearing gradually, and launches the crazy attack to you, that frightened really extremely had the impulse. 毕竟上一秒你还在和同伴笑谈,结果下一秒,那个同伴嘴角的笑容就渐渐的撕裂开来并且对你发动疯狂的攻击,那惊悚的一幕真的是太过的具备冲击力了。 On this day the disaster rank alien strange degree, is far from these so-called eclipse rank alien that they previously eliminated may compare. 这天灾级异类的诡异程度,远非他们此前所清除的那些所谓蚀级异类可比。 But these, Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e are also paying attention to some purification tower of foothold surrounding in the time on , but finally also as they expected, purification tower of direction, one after another is becoming dim. 而这几日,李洛姜青娥也在时刻关注着据点外围的一些净化塔,而结果也不出他们的意料,有一个方向的净化塔,正在一座接一座的变得黯淡下来。 Moreover in unceasing is approaching to the foothold. 而且在不断的对着据点所靠近。 Obviously, that day before disaster rank alien, the final goal indeed was the foothold that they were. 显然,那头天灾级异类,最终的目标的确就是他们所在的据点。 This made people feel the constriction without doubt. 这无疑更让人感到了压迫感。 But the means that they have does not have any, can only defend stubbornly the foothold, the waiting reinforcements. 但他们对此也没有任何的办法,只能固守据点,等待援军。 But also on this day, Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e received the message, the Duze Honglian squad appears outside the foothold. 而也就是在这一天,李洛,姜青娥收到消息,都泽红莲的小队出现在了据点之外。 Two people receive the message, first rushed to the foothold front door place, because they have been paying attention to Duze Honglian their whereabouts, after all in this No. 13 foothold, the Duze Honglian team strength is next to the black swan, if they can also in the foothold, that greatly strengthen here without doubt the defensive strength. 两人收到消息,第一时间就赶往了据点大门处,因为他们一直都在关注都泽红莲他们的行迹,毕竟在这座十三号据点中,都泽红莲的队伍实力仅次于黑天鹅,如果他们也能够在据点内,那无疑会大大增强此处的防守力量。 Another reason 还有另外一个原因 That is Duze Honglian their previous advancement directions, pollutes the purification tower direction to be just opposite with present that big disaster alien, pushes out, walks toward. 那就是都泽红莲他们此前的推进方向,与眼下那大天灾异类污染净化塔的方向刚好相反,一个往外推,一个往内走。 In other words, if Duze Honglian they are braver, perhaps has had meeting with that big disaster alien, but this, is not considered as absolutely a good news. 也就是说,如果都泽红莲他们胆子大一些的话,说不定与那大天灾异类有过碰面,而这,绝对不算是一个好消息。 That big disaster alien is only some evil thought illusion that leaves behind, can have the drastic effect, if Duze Honglian they with its front impact, then they regarding Duze Honglian one group, must complete the full protection. 那大天灾异类光是留下的一些恶念幻境,就能够造成巨大的影响,而如果都泽红莲他们与其正面碰撞过,那么他们对于都泽红莲一行人,就得做好十足的防备。 When two people rush to the foothold front door place, here is having the quarrel, that is some student guardian and team member of Duze Honglian Squad is erupting some conflicts, drinks to scold unceasingly. 当两人赶到据点大门处时,这里正在发生一些争吵,那是一些学员守卫者与都泽红莲小队的一名队员在爆发一些冲突,彼此间喝骂不断。 However with the appearance of Jiang Qing'e, drinking of both sides scolded to stop. 不过随着姜青娥的出现,双方的喝骂都是停止了下来。 What's the matter?” The Jiang Qing'e willow eyebrows slightly pressed, desolate sound is sending out some oppression strength. “怎么回事?”姜青娥柳眉微蹙,冷淡的声音散发着一些压迫力。 Sister Jiang, they come to stronger to rush to the checkpoint, does not want throughto smile magic mirror! ” A student protector said hastily. “姜姐,他们一来就想要强闯关卡,不想通过“笑魔镜”!”一名学员守护者连忙说道。 Right, that was stood in the mirror of foothold front door place, was jokingly called by many students for smiles magic mirror, because many students in front of that mirror, have smiled the demon 没错,那面被立在据点大门处的镜子,被很多学员戏称为“笑魔镜”,因为已经有不少学员在那镜子面前,一笑成魔了 Other students also denounced, after all at present this aspect, in the foothold the itself/Ben is flustered, this Duze Honglian one group of haven't wanted according to the custom, this to regard everyone's life such as the child's play? 其他的学员也是纷纷声讨,毕竟眼下这种局面,据点内本就是人心惶惶,这都泽红莲一行人还不想按照规矩来,这岂不是视所有人的生命如儿戏吗? The Jiang Qing'e swift and fierce pupil light looks to the team member of that Duze Honglian squad, but the latter was locked by her pupil light, the look also somewhat feels weak, argued: These people want us to smile for quite a while bewilderedly here, this does not toss about the person.” 姜青娥凌厉的眸光看向那名都泽红莲小队的队员,而后者被她眸光锁定住,神色也是有些发虚,辩解道:“这些人莫名其妙要我们在这里笑半天,这不是折腾人嘛。” The Jiang Qing'e vision has swept from one group on, discovered that their all human eye bottoms are somewhat panic-stricken, the whole body is sending out the distressed meaning. 姜青娥目光自一行人身上扫过,发现他们所有人眼底都是有些惊恐,浑身都是散发着狼狈之意。 That Ye Qiuding is also one of them, faces the Jiang Qing'e vision to size up, some of his complexion gloomy and uncertain. 叶秋鼎也是在其中,面对着姜青娥的目光打量,他面色有些阴晴不定 Jiang Qing'e looked, finally discovered that Duze Honglian was being carried by a team member at this time after behind, the long hair hangs loose, the complexion appears especially pale. 姜青娥看了一圈,最后发现都泽红莲此时正被一名队员背在身后,长发披散,面色显得格外的苍白。 Duze Honglian does not think obviously, when this most distressed and Jiang Qing'e puts in an appearance, therefore had not previously spoken. 都泽红莲显然并不想在她这个最为狼狈的时候与姜青娥照面,所以先前一直未曾说话。 But she feels the Jiang Qing'e vision now, immediately can only somewhat angry and weak looks angrily. 可如今她感受到了姜青娥的目光,当即只能有些恼怒而虚弱的怒视回去。 Injures this?” “伤成这样?” Jiang Qing'e went forward gradually, arrived in front of Duze Honglian, the golden pupil is sending out a sharpness: „Did you bump into with that big disaster alien?” 姜青娥缓步上前,来到了都泽红莲面前,金色眸子散发着一丝锐利:“你们与那头大天灾异类碰上了?” Such remarks, all around student calls out in alarm immediately makes noise, the footsteps are not able to bear withdraws two steps. 此言一出,四周的学员顿时惊呼出声,脚步都是忍不住的退后两步。 Duze Honglian clenches teeth, said: Has not related with you!” 都泽红莲咬了咬牙,道:“跟你没关系!” Originally you encounter anyone, indeed are not related with me, but that big disaster alien will soon raid, any by the person of its pollution, we must wait prudently.” “本来你们遭遇谁,的确和我没关系,但那头大天灾异类即将袭来,任何被其污染的人,我们都必须慎重以待。” Jiang Qing'e say/way slowly: Duze Honglian, told me, did you have are polluted?” 姜青娥缓缓的道:“都泽红莲,告诉我,你有被污染吗?” Duze Honglian casts aside excessively, without reply. 都泽红莲撇过头,没有回答。 Jiang Qing'e looked at one at the back of the Duze Honglian student, that is in Ye Qiuding team one, at this time his body trembling a little slightly, in the eye has an inexplicable fear. 姜青娥看了一眼背着都泽红莲的学员,那是叶秋鼎队伍里面的一员,此时他的身体微微的有点发抖,眼中带着一丝莫名的恐惧。 Puts her.” Jiang Qing'e said suddenly. “把她放下来。”姜青娥突然说道。 That student hears word, hesitated, then weak Duze Honglian putting, immediately the latter the both feet becomes tender must fall to the ground, was actually extended the arm to block by Jiang Qing'e. 那名学员闻言,迟疑了一下,然后就将虚弱的都泽红莲给放了下来,后者顿时双脚发软的要倒地,却是被姜青娥伸出手臂挡住了。 Duze Honglian almost lies to bend down on the body of Jiang Qing'e, her some say/way of becoming angry out of shame: Jiang Qing'e, what do you want to make?!” 都泽红莲几乎趴伏在姜青娥的身上,她有些恼羞成怒的道:“姜青娥,你想要做什么?!” Jiang Qing'e has not paid attention to her, but stretches out the slender fingertip, has delimited from the Duze Honglian back, then she felt slight stabbing pain that the fingertip transmitted. 姜青娥没有理会她,只是伸出纤细指尖,自都泽红莲后背划过,然后她就感觉到了指尖传来的细微刺痛。 This makes the Jiang Qing'e look concentrate, at once she tells, drew on some female students, these female students compose the person to encircle, encircled her and Duze Honglian, tunnelled outside some vision. 这让得姜青娥眼神微凝,旋即她吩咐了一声,招来了一些女学员,这些女学员组成人圈,将她与都泽红莲围在了其中,挡住了外面的一些视线。 Then Jiang Qing'e does not attend to struggling of Duze Honglian, raised the clothing of her back, next one flickers, her golden color pupil shrinks suddenly. 而后姜青娥不顾都泽红莲的挣扎,将她后背的衣衫掀了起来,下一瞬,她金色眸子陡然一缩。 The female student who these composition people encircle was frightens to scream, nearly frightened to run away directly. 那些组成人圈的女学员更是吓得尖叫了起来,险些直接吓跑掉。 Because they see clearly, conducts the back after Duze Honglian that bright and clean, is actually has a strange smile to wriggle slowly. 因为她们看得清楚,在都泽红莲那光洁的后背上,竟然是有着一张诡异的笑脸正在缓缓的蠕动。 Jiang Qing'e rapid covered the clothing after Duze Honglian conducted the back, complexion some were not quite attractive, this strange smile seemed the brand mark conducts the back after Duze Honglian, this obviously must come heavily compared with the ordinary evil thought seed pollution. 姜青娥迅速的将衣衫盖在了都泽红莲后背上,脸色有些不太好看,这诡异笑脸仿佛是烙印在都泽红莲后背上,这显然是比普通的恶念种子污染还要来得更重。 Seeks after the school overall, then wants to follow to pick purification tower behind that big day disaster rank alien white/in vain, finally was actually bumped into by it?” Jiang Qing'e indifferently said. “是贪图学府积分,然后想跟在那大天灾级异类后面白捡净化塔,最后却被它撞见了吧?”姜青娥淡淡的道 Duze Honglian has not spoken as before. 都泽红莲依旧没有说话。 This is the strength of evil thought corrodes the performance of flesh, looks at this stance, how long could not want, the strength of this evil thought will eat spatially your body, when the time comes you will also become by the flesh puppet who that big disaster alien controlled.” “这是恶念之力侵蚀血肉的表现,看这架势,要不了多久,这恶念之力就会将你的身子吃空,到时候你也会成为被那大天灾异类所操控的血肉傀儡。” The Jiang Qing'e palm clapped the Duze Honglian slender pliable but hard to break waist gently, said: Pitifully this good leather bag, quick to become covered with blood.” 姜青娥手掌轻轻拍了拍都泽红莲纤细柔韧的腰肢,道:“可惜了这副好皮囊,很快就要变得血肉模糊了。” The Duze Honglian body trembles slightly, on the tender and beautiful cheek, has to wipe the color of fear to reappear finally. 都泽红莲身子微微一颤,娇艳的脸蛋上,终于是有着一抹恐惧之色浮现出来。 Finally, she exhausts the surplus strengths to hold the white arms of Jiang Qing'e, depresses the humiliation in heart, to the latter low that proud unusual head. 最终,她用尽剩余的力气抓住姜青娥的皓腕,压下心中的屈辱感,对着后者低下那骄傲异常的头颅。 Ginger, Jiang Qing'e “姜,姜青娥 Helps me!” “帮帮我!”
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