AC :: Volume #7

#642: Suppressing Prison disastrous defeat!

Chapter 642 Suppressing Prison disastrous defeat! 第642章镇狱惨败! Six wing four road Spain and France wield the wing, strength of the death descended, marine facies connection with below turbulent mental power. 六翼四首的路西法挥动翅膀,一道道死亡之力降落,与下方汹涌的精神力之海相连接。 Endless mental power winds upwardly along the screw that the strength of that death forms, the blooming brilliance above the vault, outlined a giant structure comprised of a layer upon layer blood-color space. 无尽的精神力沿着那死亡之力形成的螺旋蜿蜒向上,在穹顶之上绽放光辉,勾勒出一个由一层层血色空间组成的巨型构造体。 That is a dark no foundation pit, is divided into nine, fire burning down that has does not die the insect that and does not extinguish, making one receive the pain day and night forever. 那是个黑暗的无底坑,共分为九层,有不死的虫和不灭的火焚烧,使人昼夜永远受痛苦。 Each of this giant structure, taking a broad view to look seems a mainland general length and breadth, has extremely the sense of space of distortion! 这巨型构造体的每一层,放眼望去都仿佛是一片大陆一般广袤,存在极为扭曲的空间感! The innumerable fuzzy forms, are suffering all sorts of misery in this structure layer upon layer. 无数模糊的身影,正在这一层层构造体之中遭受种种苦难。 The Clean Association people above ground all felt that the innermost feelings ice is cold, as if oneself had died general. 地面之上的清洁协会众人全都感觉到内心冰寒,仿佛自己已经死去一般。 In the sky appears, impressively is the hell that hangs upside down! 天空中出现的,赫然是倒悬的地狱! The instance when this hell presents in the midair, strength of the greatest principle, has covered this region, is flooding this space! 当这地狱在半空中出现的瞬间,一股莫大的法则之力,就已经笼罩了这片区域,充斥着这片空间! A fighting numerous Suppressing Prison convict feels one to stagnate immediately, as if surrounding all are doing right with them, fell into the asphalt like a person. 原本正在战斗的一众镇狱囚徒立刻感受到一阵凝滞,仿佛周围的一切都在和他们做对,如同一个人陷入了沥青之中。 In the abyss, the Suppressing Prison convicts can abyss strength in addition hold, like a fish in water. 在深渊之中,镇狱囚徒们能够得到深渊的力量加持,如鱼得水。 In the reality, must receive the suppression of certain extent. 在现实之中,就已经要受到一定程度的压制。 But hell of hanging upside down this was summoned, is completely the field territory of old god, immediately makes them come under the influence. 而这被召唤出来的倒悬的地狱,完全是旧神的场域,立刻让他们受到了影响。 Sad and shrill and sorrowful singing, resound in the hell that hangs upside down. 一声声凄厉而又哀婉的咏叹,在那倒悬的地狱之中响起。 This huge hell also crashes rapidly, the above first hell like withstanding great pressure falls generally. 这巨大的地狱也急速坠落,上方的第一层地狱如同泰山压顶一般落下。 In the shock of gods and people, the surrounding scene changes suddenly, the hell that hangs upside down has fallen thoroughly, fuses with the surrounding environment together, but they also appeared in the hell! 在众神和众人的震惊中,周围的场景猛然变化,那倒悬的地狱已经彻底落下,和周围的环境融合到一起,而他们也出现在了地狱之中! Dream demon and other numerous Suppressing Prison convict was serious, all feels weakening of oneself strength. 梦魔等一众镇狱囚徒的面色凝重,全都感受到了自身力量的削弱。 But Athena and Arnanz and other old gods are the morale inspire greatly, have road Spain and France of morning star this and other strong help emergence, their victories are inevitable! 而雅典娜和阿南斯等旧神则是士气大振,有晨星的路西法这等强援出现,他们的胜利是必然的! Above the mental power altar, Li Fan also sees the hell landing that hangs upside down at this time, felt the road Spain and France powerful strength of morning star. 精神力祭坛之上,李凡此时同样看到那倒悬的地狱降落,感受到了晨星的路西法强大的力量。 In he has run into old god, this is strongest one! 在他所遇到过的旧神之中,这是最强的一个! Far exceeds beforehand Susanoo and other gods! 远超之前的须佐等神明! He understands, the trap and plot that this obviously is the Trinity directs the old god who sets up, the goal is to extinguish his Lord of Suppressing Prison kills! 他明白,这显然是三位一体所指挥的旧神设下的陷阱和阴谋,目的就是为了将他这个镇狱之主灭杀! Facing so the powerful enemy, in the Li Fan heart also enforces. 面对如此强敌,李凡心中同样也严肃起来。 What camouflages the failure and so on, now is unimportant, he must capture alive road Spain and France of that what morning star, has a look at the so-called Trinity is anything, the old god wants to make anything. 什么伪装失败之类的,现在都不重要了,他要活捉那个什么晨星的路西法,看看所谓的三位一体到底是什么东西,旧神又想要做什么。 Otherwise, catches a fish by hand is hard to feel at ease...... 否则的话,摸鱼都难以心安…… Meanwhile, the appearances of road Spain and France and other old gods, before instead help he verified, deceive the abyss lifeform the words, then tied up this road Spain and France, goes to the abyss to propagandize one wave, can calm and steady some time. 同时,路西法和其他旧神的出现,反而帮他印证了之前糊弄深渊生物的话,回头把这个路西法绑了,去深渊之中宣传一波,又能安稳一段时间。 Is good because of this time under the disturbance of this sudden hell, sea the turbulent flow of mental power had been weakened, Li Fan has restored the automatic control strength of certain extent, quick could be separated thoroughly, uses the Suppressing Prison strength. 好在此时在这突然出现的地狱的干扰之下,来自精神力之海的乱流已经被削弱许多,李凡已经恢复了一定程度的自控力,很快就能彻底脱离,使用镇狱的力量。 These old gods, will become his captive! 这些旧神,都将成为他的俘虏! Road Spain and France! During Lord of Suppressing Prison has fallen into is weak, infiltrates dead out him quickly!” “路西法!镇狱之主已经陷入虚弱之中,快将他打入寂灭!” Is looking in the upper air the float Chenxing Road Spain and France, Athena said loudly. 望着高空之中悬浮的晨星路西法,雅典娜高声说道。 The Suppressing Prison convicts this time look is imposing, receives the laughter, the release own dark strength, attacks toward that six wing four monsters. 镇狱囚徒们此时神色凛然,纷纷收起嬉笑,释放出自己的黑暗力量,朝那六翼四首的怪物攻去。 At this moment, in that dark hanging upside down hell, the dark form that has the powerful divine nature aura, appears in void. 就在这时,那黑暗的倒悬地狱之中,一个个带着强大神性气息的黑暗身影,在虚空之中浮现。 The strange lifeform that lives seven snake heads, 14 faces and 12 wings, named flatter scatters. 一个生有七个蛇头、十四张脸和十二翼的怪异生物,名为阿撒兹勒。 With the road Spain and France similar six wing snake-shaped fallen angels, grasps spreads with the long spear/gun of toxic bile state-of-art, the side is standing a black hell dog, named Sarmell. 与路西法相似的六翼蛇形堕落天使,手持尖端涂以有毒的胆汁的长枪,身旁站立着一头黑色的地狱犬,名为萨麦尔。 One flock of iron black locusts, the appearances of these locusts seem the warhorse that the preparation goes to battle with, has the face of man, the long hair of woman, the tooth of lion, their chest front has the iron armor, thundering that the wing sends out, like the sound of mighty force Mercedes-Benz, named Abaddon. 一群铁黑色的蝗虫,这些蝗虫的样子好似准备出征的战马,有男人的面孔,女人的长发,狮子的牙齿,它们胸前有铁甲,翅膀发出的轰鸣,就像千军万马奔驰之声,名为亚巴顿。 A build giant fly, sends out the endless evil intention, the mouth apparatus is keeping chewing, named Beelzebub. 一头体型巨大的苍蝇,散发着无尽的恶意,口器不停嘴嚼,名为别西卜。 In addition, in that nine hanging upside down hells, void still some black hell lifeform woke up unceasingly, or crawls from the dirty soil, from the scarlet magma, hundreds and thousands, follow in that four powerful lifeform behind wells up! 除此之外,那九层的倒悬地狱之中,虚空中仍然不断有一个个黑色的地狱生物醒来,又或者从肮脏的泥土之中、从赤红的岩浆之中爬出来,成百上千,跟在那四名强大生物的身后涌来! Saw these just appeared has the lifeform of dark divine nature strength, an numerous Suppressing Prison convict figure stops, all appears the dignified color. 看到这些刚刚出现的拥有黑暗神性力量的生物,一众镇狱囚徒不由身形一停,全都现出凝重之色。 Above the ground, the patriarch complexion is anxious, flutters saying: 地面之上,大牧首吉德面色焦急,颤声说道: This is...... is the seven kings of hell! These heresy evil gods, actually really exist!” “这是……是地狱的七君王!这些异端邪神,竟然真的存在!” Many Clean Association member on the scene at this time is also in an uproar, looks the shock and anxiety color. 在场的很多清洁协会成员此时也是一片哗然,面露震惊和忧虑之色。 Has not thought that the legend lord of Chenxing Road Spain and France in hell, as well as other hell seven monarchies, some day will really appear in their front unexpectedly! 万万没想到传说中的地狱之主晨星路西法,以及其他的地狱七君主,有朝一日竟然真的会出现在他们的面前! Although does not know why hell seven monarchy remaining several of went to where, actually can also feel their great strength. 虽然不知道为什么地狱七君主剩下的几个去了哪里,却也能够感受到他们的强大。 That is the superman kind, no, even is the strength of ultra ordinary gods! 那是远超人类,不,甚至是远超普通神明的力量! Without looking at the Lord of Abyss subordinate abyss demon army, at this time appeared the dignified color! 没看就连深渊之主麾下的深渊魔军,此时都现出了凝重之色! Feels evil gloomy aura that these hell monarchy body are lending, Athena instead mind calm, understands that this should be the Trinity final scheme. 感受着这些地狱君主身上散发出的邪恶阴暗的气息,雅典娜反而心神大定,明白这应该才是三位一体最终的计谋。 Their five, were regarded the bait. 他们五个,被当成了诱饵。 However this also value, so long as during can infiltrate dead out Lord of Suppressing Prison, is great merit one, the opposite party has fallen into during let alone now was weak. 不过这也值了,只要能够将镇狱之主打入寂灭之中,就是大功一件,更何况现在对方已经陷入了虚弱之中。 At that moment looks to the dream demon and other Suppressing Prison convicts, dense say/way: 当下看向梦魔等镇狱囚徒,森然道: Your these abyss contamination, kneel begs for mercy, only has this, can obtain the redemption of True God!” “你们这些深渊污秽,跪地求饶吧,唯有这样,才能获得真神的救赎!” Sees dream demon and other abyss to exist to look at each other one, shot a look at prison Lord incarnation above a mental power altar with the split vision of corner of the eye quietly, simultaneously laughs loudly, and taunted loudly: 就见梦魔等深渊存在对视一眼,又悄悄用眼角的余光瞥了一下精神力祭坛之上的狱主化身,同时放声大笑,并大声嘲讽道: What hell, can compared with Suppressing Prison? The Suppressing Prison purgatory was more ruthless than your!” “什么地狱,能够和镇狱相比吗?镇狱的炼狱比你这狠多了!” Old god is also mediocre, but also thinks that appears to high Lord God, but is road Spain and France and his fly mosquito, courts death.” “旧神也不过如此,还以为是至高主神出现,不过是一个路西法和他手下的苍蝇蚊子,找死罢了。” Under prison Lord crown will watch you to cause the bare-handed destruction at Suppressing Prison!” “狱主冕下将观赏你们在镇狱使徒手中的覆灭!” True God? False god.” “真神?伪神罢了。” Above the mental power altar, feels these sudden powerful old gods, in the Li Fan heart the thought revolve like lightning, starts to ponder the countermeasure, in the heart raises anxiously. 精神力祭坛之上,感受到这些突然出现的强大旧神,李凡心中念头电转,开始思考对策,心中升起焦虑。 Has not thought, the Trinity really traps in view of him unexpectedly, moreover is planning in secret such for a long time, obviously the opposite party this time exerted its utmost. 万万没想到,三位一体竟然真的针对他设下了陷阱,而且在暗中筹谋这么久,显然对方这次是势在必得了。 Even if in the abyss faces the dream demon, he also independent combat, deceives into the opposite party Suppressing Prison, then suppresses using the Suppressing Prison strength. 哪怕是在深渊之中面对梦魔的时候,他也只是单打独斗,将对方骗入镇狱之中,然后才利用镇狱的力量压制。 Before the Suppressing Prison strength has reached the limit, does not know that can also be popular facing so many old gods? 之前镇狱的力量已经达到极限,也不知道面对这么多的旧神还能不能吃得开? If did not handle badly...... 要是搞不定就糟了…… So long as reveals the weak trend slightly, did not say these so-called old gods, the convict in Suppressing Prison, these wild control in abyss, can his Lord of Suppressing Prison ripping! 只要稍显弱势,不说这些所谓的旧神,就连镇狱之中的囚徒,深渊之中的那些野生主宰,也能把他这个镇狱之主给撕了! In the pack of wolves, a wolf must keep own position, is savage enough tyrannically is good, therefore cannot reveal the tiny bit weakness! 狼群之中,头狼要维持自己的地位,只有足够凶残暴虐才行,因此不能露出一丝一毫的软弱! It can be said that now his situation, is the unprecedented dangerous situation! 可以说,现在他所处的情况,是前所未有的危险境地! Only hopes that dream demon their point of contention air/Qi, is the supreme control and abyss feudal lord, could all fall face down the opposite party dry/does. 只希望梦魔他们争点气,怎么也是至尊主宰和深渊领主,说不定能把对方全干趴下呢。 If, this gave him in that case on the contrary a very good opportunity, that in these old god directly drag-in abyss altogether, making these in abyss wild control, sees clearly the schemes and tricks of old gods, do not act rashly. 要是那样的话,这反倒给了他一个很好的机会,那就是将这些旧神直接一股脑的带入深渊之中,让深渊之中的那些野生主宰们,看清旧神们的阴谋诡计,不要轻举妄动。 Oneself can also take this opportunity, the strength of conformity abyss, had better be able let between the abyss and old gods dog-eat-dog, to space that human to pant for breath...... 自己也可以借这个机会,整合深渊的力量,最好能让深渊和旧神之间狗咬狗,给人类以喘息的空间…… The Li Fan wishful thinking hits the sound, sees one group of Suppressing Prison convicts at this time already not fancy moving forward to meet somebody of! 李凡的如意算盘打得啪啪响,就见一群镇狱囚徒此时已经毫无花俏的迎了上去! Burns the goal sacred and evil brilliance, blooms in the hell of hanging upside down, the terrifying invincible might drops from the clouds, making people classes in ground dreamlike, the mind trembles. 灼目的神圣与邪恶光辉,在倒悬的地狱之中绽放,恐怖的神威从天而降,让地面上的一众人类如梦似幻,心神震颤。 both sides have started to fight! 双方已经开始交手! Strange light shadow that these are hard to speak indescribably, the terrifying power of implication, lets all Clean Association members on the scene, felt that own energetic body seemed torn general. 那些不可名状难以言说的怪异光影,还有其中蕴含的恐怖力量,让在场的所有清洁协会成员,都感觉自己的精神体仿佛被撕裂一般。 If not sea of accumulated that mental power is raising them, they explode the body to perish inevitably at the scene! 如果不是那精神力之海正蕴养着他们,他们必然当场爆体而亡! This battle is great and frigid, not slightly fancy, is the wild mental power collision. 这交战宏大而惨烈,没有丝毫花俏,都是狂暴的精神力碰撞。 After is several breath, above the vault of heaven, that figure giant Suppressing Prison convict has been similar to the meteor to drop, the injury is frigid, defeats completely! 仅仅是几个呼吸之后,天穹之上,那一个个身形巨大的镇狱囚徒已经如同陨星般跌落,伤势惨烈,全部战败! Top hung upside down hell, grasps the silver to fight road Spain and France of spear/gun to stand gorgeously, above four heads, appears the strange smile! 倒悬的地狱顶部,手持银色战枪的路西法巍然而立,四颗头颅之上,现出诡异的笑容! Li Fan above altar stared in a big way the eye, the mouth shouted including the mental power turbulent flow: 祭坛之上的李凡瞪大了眼睛,口含精神力乱流喊道: Wū wū!?” “呜呜呜!?” fuck, entire defeat!? 卧槽,全败了!? ~ ~ ( Everyone good night ~ ~ ~ asked monthly ticket ~ ~ ~) (大家晚安~~~求月票~~~)
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