Transcendental Mechanic 超神机械师

Han Xiao, one of 《Star Sea》's hardcore players, is suddenly thrown by some mysterious force into a transmigration plotline set a year before Star Sea's public beta. Not only does he have his player screen, however, but he also carries with him the cheat-like NPC status. Even so, he resolutely chooses the toughest Machinery System profession.

Battleships line up in formation as they move unhindered through Star Sea. Starry mecha twist about like dragons while Nether Energy Artillery extinguish the very heavens. This limitless mechanical army can be calmly carried about in a portable warehouse.

One person as a legion!

Heck, if players don't appear then this novel would probably be a serious transmigration with a different theme...

As an NPC, can he possibly be a normal NPC if he has player functions? Can he now issue quests? Adjust favorability? Teach skills?

Ya wait wait... How do I know this crowd of players?

It seems the real world has also returned ten years into the past.

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