They Opened With Stealing My Account, I Countered by Topping Up 1 Million 开局账号被盗,反手充值一百万

I suddenly recieved a message on my phone. The Genshin account I bought a year ago for 500 bucks would be retrieved and transferred to the original seller after an hour-long safety period. At my predicament, three choices flashed before my eyes...

  1. I didn’t spend a lot of money in the first place. I admit that I am unlucky. Anyway, it is a waste of time and effort to defend my rights.
  2. Delete all characters! Sell off weapons & sacred relics! What I can't get, others can't get either! 3.Top up 1 million! I just want to watch the bastard account stealer cry!

"I choose option 3!"

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