The Villain Of The Ninth Generation, The Heroine Is Collectively Blackened! 九世反派,女主集体黑化了!

Jiang Chen transmigrated to the world of a cultivation novel as the villainous senior brother.

Without a golden finger and knowing that villains can only be cannon fodder he decided to to be an upright senior brother.

But heaven is unfair, because he had a villain halo he would always suffer from misunderstandings and would be a villain in the eyes of others no matter what he did.

After failing nine lives he gave up and finally decided to live as a villain. In his tenth life he got a villainous system and as long as he committed villainous action he would be able to finally leave the world.

With this in mind Jiang Chen was determined to be a complete villain.

Unexpectedly the plot collapsed! His Master, junior sisters, junior brothers, even supporting characters all wanted to kill the protagonist.

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