The Final Boss of the Heavenly Court 天庭最后一个大佬

My name is Zhou Zheng and I am Heaven-Restoring Union's contracted worker. I am a reincarnation of a certain Heavenly Deity, the Myriad World's True Sun (currently), a well-known virtuous person, and has just obtained the honorary title of 'Lord of the Great Calamity'. I have gathered various rare achievements such as【Childhood Sweethearts Appearing Out Of The Blue】,【The Scene of Longnü Paying Back Kindess Is Too Cute】,【Flawless Love Affinity In Previous Lives】,【Unannounced Leading Actor For The Sequel Of The Journey To The West】.

Now as for why my appearance has changed to that of a Demon King's, why I've become a brilliant youngster of the Tengu clan, and why I'm currently sitting in the detention room of the police station, well, it's complicated.

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