Strongest Possessor of One Piece 海贼之最强附身

Crossing into the world of One Piece, he became Roger's younger brother.

Unexpectedly, Roger, who was in his fifties, actually had a teenage younger brother.

But while the elder brother became the Pirate King, the younger brother was shown to be talentless.

At the age of 16, however, he unexpectedly discovered the Possession System.

Possess Ye Wen, obtain a guru's state of mind. Possess Ge Nie, obtain Hundred Steps Flying Sword. Possess Li Xiaoyao, obtain Mount Shu's Swordsmanship.

Could he possess only these things? Wrong!

Pain, Itachi, Kurosaki Ichigo. So long as he had wealth, any ghost can be possessed.

This is a world where wealth can summon any ghost!

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