Starting By Pulling Out the Sword in the Stone 从拔出石中剑开始

Aili is reincarnated in a parallel world, where the bloodline is sacred and the strong is respected. The Tang Empire stands in the east, and the West is under the rule of the empire that never sets. When he traveled abroad, he accidentally summoned the sword in the stone, an artifact that never sets in the sun. Half an hour later, the eldest princess of the royal family descended from the sky, holding a sword and pointed at Ai Li: Orientals, either marry me as his wife, or declare war on Datang if the sun never sets! Two hours later, four charming and charming succubus maids bowed down to him: May you be the Lord and never betray. Ali was stunned. Basically, MC with system cheat got OP sword and become smooth-sailing all the way.

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Drinking Horse and Flowing Spring
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