Miss, Something's Wrong With You 姑娘你不对劲啊

【Light Summary】

His financial situation is one of a poor bloke's, he's lost both his parents, and his beautiful fiancée broke their engagement.

This is the standard lead template of those idiotic novels, so my cheat will be coming soon, right!

What he didn't expect was that on the night of that exact day, his fiancée suddenly went back on her words:

This engagement, I won't be breaking!

Furthermore, she wanted to live together and sleep together with her bearing all the living expenses!

Fine, it's just living together, I won't be losing out in any case.

~The night passes~

Huh, there's something wrong with this fiancée?


【Serious Summary】

Demons have long since ravaged God State Continent and humanity has retreated into their enormous technological cities to struggle for survival. A crisis is approaching the entire realm.

Northerners have come south and differing opinions layer on top of each other, one by one; aristocratic families and royal families war endlessly; the humble plebians are unable to withstand the beatings; a young and handsome commoner eyes the situation covetously, waiting for an opportunity to approach and rise up to tear this hard-won social order into pieces.

To use two phrases to describe it, then it would be 'this is a world of humans' and 'the fella can't bear it, pills'.

Transmigrating into the sickly youngster Cheng Jinyang, the transmigrator set two small goals for himself:

  1. Temper this body, recover ASAP
  2. Need to become stronger!
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