Matters Needing Attention For an Evil Organisation 邪恶组织注意事项

"Youngster, I heard that you feel that your life is boring, you feel like you're about to rot away, and you don't know what the meaning in life is? It just so happens that I have an electronic agreement here that will help you understand the true meaning of life. Just tick that box next to the 'YES' and you'll immediately be able to transform into a human-shaped tentacle monster able to fly at Mach 10 speeds, become an Advanced Lv6 Ninja, and go on a journey to Western Hell's Seireitei to seek for grand treasures! If you sign the contract now, I'll even add a magical girl-like transformation into a Bronze Saint and an Ultraman transformation device personally signed by Athena!" Bai Qige had many alternative identities, whether they be a mysterious monk or great master specialized in making fortuitous encounters to young heroes in their most dire times, a Blue Leopard Cat Monster Emperor specialized in giving stupid youngsters mystical magic weapons, or an Eight-Headed Hydra specialized in acting as some protagonist's storyline's final BOSS. In your time alive, you might not necessarily want to be the protagonist and may instead want to be the great-grandfather who creates these protagonists in batches!

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