Ideal Little Husband 如意小郎君

Double master's degree in the 21st century, one's soul travels to ancient times.

No ring, no system, no old grandfather with a white beard, not even memories about this world ......

This scoundrel God, does not provide an introduction of my life, do not even provide information of my identity, how can I play?

Hungry in the stomach, depressed in the heart, Tang Ning could not help but raise his head and put up his middle finger: "Thief ......"

Suddenly, an object flew from the sky, hitting right in the forehead.

Holding the big red embroidery ball, he just wanted to ask before he fainted: "Which killer stuffed the embroidery ball with rocks!"

When he opened his eyes again ......

A maid smiled like a flower: "Young Master, the Young Lady requests for a meeting"

A woman with picturesque eyebrows appears: "My husband, this lady greets you!"

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