I will finally embark on the road of no return called hero 我终将踏上名为英雄的不归路

This is a time when gods did exist, yes this is ...... Greece!

God wilfully squandered his rights, as long as good-looking men and women regardless.

This is Greece!

In short ...... must live!

Greece survival code

One remember, who is the big brother here, is God

Secondly, remember, do not say bad things about God, they can hear

Third, remember the last article, God is super careful, is really will retaliate against you

Fourth, remember to praise others do not bring God (the lower limit)

Fifth, do not get involved with a good-looking woman

Sixth, do not get involved with the goddess

Seven do not get involved with good-looking things

Its eight stay away from heroes, especially demigods!

Its nine to keep promises

Ten, respect the children, old people and young people who talk to you on the roadside because they may be some gods

Eleven to borrow something and return it

Twelve do not be greedy

Thirteen, don't be a hero

Pure white hope will eventually be released in Pandora's box

The Holy Grail War

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