I Truly Don't Want to Load the Save 我真不想读档

【Ding! Completed a school assignment, Physical Strength +1】

【Ding! Helped deskmate get a pentakill, Charm +2】

【Ding! Guided Language Teacher, comprehended skill: Writing】

With the System in hand, all the small pleasures in life have become like this.

【Ding! Finished reading one chapter of an Internet novel, Intelligence -1】

Lin Xiaoxian: ???

Apparently life still isn't so easy, but this is nothing.

【Ding! Scored 149.5 on this exam, mission fail, reloading save file for the 9th time......】

Lin Xiaoxian stared at the paper in front of him in desperation with an appearance of having nothing left to live for.

"Who can tell me how to get full marks on a language exam!"


1.【This game provides the maximum degrees of freedom to the player. We invite the players to explore the content and unlock more ways to play and achievements.】 2.【Story line missions can only be voluntarily triggered. There are no penalties for mission failure and saves are automatically reloaded.】

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