God of the All Heaven Reincarnation Cycle 我在诸天轮回封神

In the Dragon City Tournament, he is the gold medal fighter of Hongsheng Alliance, the "brave dragon" Yang Sheng, who has fought all over Hong Kong. In Hong Kong Ghosts and Shadows, he is the last generation disciple of the Heavenly Master, who is surrounded by the ghosts and demons of the Golden Tower. In the Imperial Court Jianghu, he is the Governor of the Zhenwu Hall, a powerful and ruthless man who has caused a bloodbath in the rivers and lakes. High martial arts rivers and lakes, post-apocalyptic wastelands, monsters and immortals, Journey to the West, Investiture of the Gods, Cthulhu whispering...... Heavenly Palace, Divine Court. The Earth Palace, the Spirit Mountain. The reincarnation of the heavens and the vicarious exercise of divine office. The myths of the ancient dead are slowly descending. It was only when Yang Sheng truly stood at the end of his reincarnation that he discovered that he, himself, had already been sealed as a god.

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