Eldest Senior Brother is Ordinary 平平无奇大师兄

Lu Changsheng felt quite unwell.

After transmigrating into a XianXia world, he came to possess a protagonist's face.

His temperament was extraordinary, creating many fanatics in all forms of life.

Whenever he broke through to the next realm, it would create a "Heaven-Earth Phenomenon".

Whenever he read aloud a poem, it would alarm all scholars under the heavens.

Whenever he spoke a few random words from the Tao Te Jing, Zhuangzi, or Huangting Jing, even more phenomenons would appear: a deluge of heavenly flowers, innumerable rays of multicolored sunlight, and mythical beasts offering auspicious omens.

Whenever he casually went out to gain some experience and learn, mounts would turn up without being invited and buddhist monks appeared every 10 steps he took.

However, it was exactly under this kind of setting.

Lu Changsheng refused to believe by all possible means, that his cultivation was ordinary.

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