Creation Notebook 造化图

Shen Zhe, a low-achieving student with intermittent obsessive-compulsive disorder, traverses into a world of high achievers.

A writing notebook, which can change the Rules and formulate the Truth, appears in his mind.

Emperor: Where is my sword?

Shen Zhe: I have eliminated items of the same kind and ours are gone too.

Army Chief : Where is my army's war sabre?

Shen Zhe: The army's war sabre is a standard weapon. After extracting from all, there is only one left in my hands.

Expert: I have a secret art that can increase twice its power instantaneously.

Shen Zhe mulls over it and changes the "2" on his own forehead to "3".

Big boss of an alien world: As long as our lineage is not extinguished, we will kill the entire human race sooner or later.

Shen Zhe hesitates a little and writes three characters "404". Hundreds of millions of books disappeared in a flash, and the alien civilization was destroyed.

Your soul leaves the body. I have a separation wall.

You can hide. I can open up the place.

You need to ride a flying divine beast for travel. Sorry to say, I can easily travel by changing the coordinates.

What? You think I'm ugly? I dare not add the perfect score. After adding it, I'm afraid you will find me irresistible and cannot control yourself…….

This is a story about how a low achiever changes an existing world and creates a new world.

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