Civilization: Transcending Two Worlds 文明:超越两界

"The commoners here aren't simpletons; they're cunning, avaricious, and brutal."

"The nobility here aren't noble at all either; they're selfish, arrogant, and treacherous."

"I once felt angry for these reasons, but all I feel now is pity for them. This world is one enshrouded in darkness; they had no chance to even choose another type of life the moment they were born into this world. Now, it is up to me to show them."

"I will provide sufficient food and shelter to them and they will know morality. I will provide peace and happiness to them and they will know faith. I am a transmigrator from a distant other-world. I will bring the fire of civilization to this dark, savage world. I know I am doing the correct thing, putting an end to famine, driving out plagues, suppressing evil, ending wars. I will give those who wish to change another opportunity."

"Then, I will kill those shameless morons, to the very last of them."”

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