Ancient First Immortal 太古第一仙

After Yun Xiao's death, his soul flew into the sky, and he was shocked to find that the vast world he had lived in for sixteen years was shaped like a tomb! Under the tomb is an ancient copper coffin, as big as the sea, with a demonic aura, all the land is a piece of loess on the coffin, and trillions of living people are actually multiplying in the tomb soil! Inside the huge coffin is a fairy corpse with eyes like hell, mouth like hell, hair like a dragon, and body like a million mountains. I don't know where the immortal gods have been sleeping here forever! The youth's wronged soul is immortal, escaped into the immortal corpse and was reborn. Using the Tianzhu of the world as the sword, and the floating continent as the talisman, one person and one coffin will kill through the immortal road and pass through the heavens to prove the truth!

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