After Transmigrating to a Novel, I Picked Up the Villain System 穿书后我捡到了反派

Jiang Lian traveled to a novel about cultivating immortals. Through being a villain conscientiously and following the plot, he thought that after the protagonist changed the map and left, he would be able to return to the original world. Thirty years later, Jiang Lian, who has become the leader of Xianmen, fell into deep thought while holding the sequel of the novel. What followed was a group of future villains who were still teenagers. Jiang Lian: "No, get out!" "The villains are misplaced protagonists, and they all have a miserable past, which makes them go further and further down the road of blackening." Said the villain cultivation system . "Also, when the villains destroy the world, you may die..." Jiang Lian: "..." Several years later, after Jiang Lian watched the villains who had grown into emperors suppress the protagonist group . "This style is wrong!"

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