2Ds are really entertaining 你们二次元真会玩

"Friend, have you heard of the two-dimensional chat room?" "roll!"

Tang Hao: "@All members, today began to call the new group members, but was beaten, and came to help.

Homura Akemi: "I'm here."

Misaka Mikoto: "I'll go."

Sakata Gintoki: "I'll come too."

Scáthach: "+1"

Yakumo Yukari: "+2"

Kirito: "+3"

Kira Yamato: "+4"

Shana: "+5"

Eva: "+6"


Flash screen 99

Count Edmund: "Dare to bully our pets, fuck him!"

Accelerator: "Here is Accelerator!"

Zoro: "Wait! Are you all here? I seem to be lost ..."

Erza: "Lost again? Who's going to pick up Santoryu?"

All Might: "No need to ask why, because I'm here!"

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