Wake me up when september ends


Xev (2016-09-28 19:58:26)

First of all, sorry.

I've been sick, and only briefly mentioned it on chat. That is reason behind lack of fixes and addition of novels during last few days.

Let's start with why there were constant weird updates of MP, ED and RtW - it was because of raw source issues (on their side), and they have dealt with them by themselves, so today I merely deleted those weird chapters on our side.

Second, the donations bar crossed over 100%, so I'm really a superstar (IRaS or IARS) has been added, and since there has been delay then Perless Demonic Lord also will be added. I will try to add it tomorrow, I will also reset the counter after adding.

Third, survey is coming towards the end so with two top positions being taken down, the winner will be The Portal Of Wonderland, but don't expect me to add it earlier than Saturday (Sunday is the most probable option).

Last news, is about propositions for new survey - I will be no longer asking for them under the news.

I will write new page for proposing novels, where users with over xx (let's say for now that it will be 300 points, but it can still change), will be able to propose limited amount of novels by themselves. Let's hope that it will help make surveys that will be based on those propositions more interesting.

I would have forgotten - I will most likely try to add bonus novel(-s, if I have more time than I think I do) somewhere near 9th of October.



Xev (2016-09-29 11:39:51)

@messithiago in most of the sentences - yes, even current systran (not the new one) crushes google translate. But, I have to admit that yesterday @Bossun0910 has found where google translate truly shines.

It shines when it is supposed to translate very popular work - like very known poems/songs. So if anyone want to read translation of poems in IRAS - just paste them to google translate and it will be good.

It's related to the fact that google will first learn very popular works that have tons of translations.


Chosen (2016-09-29 13:00:47)

Can you please add History’s Number 1 Founder, Level up is getting me Undefeatable and Invincible Leveling King please?! i noticed that there's no Xianxia game system novel at all here


Chosen (2016-09-29 13:05:14)

And can you please say how can i get points?! It would be better if you can make new page for it with explanations for the new things you put on the site etc...


Bossun0910 (2016-09-29 13:10:13)


StaticHD (2016-09-29 14:48:18)

Unlike Systran, Google has an open source translation api of their neural machine translator. Systran's neural machine translator is dependant on the manual compository system.


Mempathie (2016-09-29 16:04:42)

@Xev is it possible to have some links with comparisons/explanations between systran and google ?

I didn't find anything yet, but I compared translations from bing/google/lnmtl with the ones from real translators (IRAS for exemple). I felt that google is now much better than the 2 other ones when it comes to the flow of the sentences.


yoloswagcop (2016-09-30 03:38:06)

Can you please add womanizing mage and mad god. Thanks!


gretna989 (2016-09-30 18:27:03)

Novels for October 30.09.2016 actual survey 25I'm Really a Superstar 1 24Peerless Demonic Lord 2 21The Alchemist God 3 19The Portal Of Wonderland


staples (2016-09-30 19:17:13)

Quick question because I can't seem to message you using chatango. If someone donates a large amount can they pick a novel to be translated? I'm looking for Spirit Realm and it isn't even on the survey; so it doesn't seem like it has a chance for getting done any time soon.


AnddyiRaynor (2016-09-30 20:05:15)

If they donate $100 they can have their novel added but spirit realm will probably win the next survey so either wait a month or donate.


koisetsus (2016-10-03 05:07:22)

Beast Piercing the heavens


klotox (2016-10-03 13:19:54)

Get well soon :) Path of heaven.it has been hibernating for about 3 weeks now


OverlordMarkus (2016-10-05 05:14:46)

Would love it if you could add Dungeon Hunter :D


Zing (2016-10-05 19:59:02)

World of Cultivation... when will it be added T-T

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