New Survey and christmas amount of winners


Xev (2015-12-11 12:34:00)

Everybody does have a calendar, and nobody needs me to point it out that christmas break is incoming. As everybody, I also would like to spend this time by dilly-dallying and reading novel from time-to-time.

That's exactly why I have thought that this time, prior to this break, survey will have 2 or 3 winners instead of only 1. Upper limit of sum of chapters to translate will be 2000 chapters. If it will be used up by two top positions of survey then there will be 2 winners, otherwise there will be 3 winners.

And additionally I would like to propose for now, one-time offer. If someone will be bored prior to the end of current year, and will want to read any of novel which is listed in survey, then he can force me by incentive through donations to do it in 2 days time tops. Rule will be simple - if someone donates 100$ he chooses himself what to translate, if the 100$ will be reached by multiple donators - then current top position of survey will be translated.

I am slightly worried that server won't survive higher traffic during christmas, so as counter-measure I am trying to accumulate funds to be able to change server if it were needed.

Ah~ I would forget. The part "has glossary" in survey mean, that someone (I don't remember who and hope that he will show up himself and claim his due credit) posted on chat 3 glossaries, which he said were created while reading whole novels (meaning they are complete). So I guess it would make sense to choose them, but I won't force anyone.