Merry Christmas 2021


Xev (2021-12-24 10:25:47)

We wish you Merry Christmas, we wish you Merry Christmas, we wish you less Hectic Christmas than mine.

Survey novels are being currently added together with bonuses, and after that... it is time for christmas bonuses, and since they will be added over next few days, I will at least post list of novels that were chosen among mods and from users propositions on discord.

  • Diary of Raising a Loli Hero (yogesh)
  • My Demon King Can't be This Cute (yogesh)
  • My Wife is the Final Boss (Epsilon)
  • Stay-at-home-Dad Academy (yogesh)
  • I Obviously Just Want to be a Minor Character (Ophis)
  • Steadily Live and Leave Unrestrained (patcan)
  • The Original Vampire (Hegao)
  • First Evolution (Venerable Lonely Peak)
  • The Empress’ Livestream (Yami)
  • Female Boss’ Immortal Path of Digging Holes (Yami)
  • Supreme Soaring Immortal (Yami)
  • Eternal Life (Sparteh)
  • It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute (yogesh)
  • Ideal Little Husband (patcan)
  • Astral Pet Store (yogesh)
  • See You in the Human World (Henry Jeckyl)
  • I will Finally Embark on a Road of No return Called Hero (Rakazzt)
  • A Witcher's Journey of Another World (yogesh)
  • The Entire Nation Developing Another World (Wolfick)

Once again, merry christmas, and please forgive me for laziness in adding them on time.