YXCHD :: Volume #8

#732: Plays the little girl of scooter ( 2 / 2 )

Yang Yan thinks own unmarried girl is so intelligent, should to be deceived, but looks, he could not bear put out a hand to hold down the Luoluo small hand, making Wang Zihao that only small the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator to come up empty-handed! 杨言本来以为自家闺女那么聪明,应该不会上当受骗的,但看着看着,他还是忍不住伸手按住了落落的小手,让王子浩那只小黑手扑了个空! „Did you become the air the uncle are?” Yang Yan first did not explain to Luoluo, but the holding down little nephew's head one rubs funnily randomly, with touched that vigor of bare hair dull, said that „before , you deceive younger sister's red package, but also frames by planting stolen goods on to Hanhan, now can play the same old trick again?” “你把舅舅当空气了是不是?”杨言先不跟落落解释,而是好笑地按住小外甥的脑袋一顿乱揉,用上了呆呆摸秃马努头发的那个劲儿,说道,“以前你骗妹妹的红包,还栽赃给瀚瀚,现在又要故技重施吗?” What Wang Zihao does not understand is playing the same old trick again, he did not remember the two years ago matters, but is grasped present by the uncle now, he has to be afraid begs for mercy: Uncle, I do not dare,...... me does not dare......” 王子浩不懂什么叫“故技重施”,他也不记得两年前的事了,但现在被舅舅抓了个现行,他只好害怕地求饶:“舅舅,我不敢了,啊,啊……我不敢了……” Yang Yan then loosened the hand, let loose this mischievous fellow. 杨言这才松开了手,放开了这个调皮捣蛋的家伙。 Luoluo, the father told you, we cannot be so silly, cheated out of money in vain!” Yang Yan the ignorant daughter will hug in the bosom, points at the red package in her hand, the gentle voice was saying, you do know? These attractive car(riage) car(riage)s, the father also buys with these money, your so much money, can buy several this type of car(riage)s!” 落落,爸爸跟你说,咱们不能这么傻,白白地被人骗了钱!”杨言将懵懵懂懂的女儿搂在怀里,指着她手里的红包,柔声说道,“你知道吗?这些好看的车车,爸爸也是拿这些钱买的,你这么多钱,都可以买好几辆这种车了!” Changing vehicle car(riage)? 换车车? Luoluo winked the big eye, as if understood what is heard. 落落眨了眨大眼睛,似乎听明白了一些。 Elder Brother trades one with you, moreover does not give you car(riage), but plays a while taking advantage of you, wants your so much money! This not in pit you and pit Luoluo? We cannot to be deceived, knows?” Yang Yan spoke with a smile the remaining words. “哥哥跟你就换一辆,而且还不是把车送给你,只是借你玩一会儿,就想要走你这么多钱!这不是在坑你、坑落落吗?咱们可不能上当受骗,知道吗?”杨言笑着把剩下的话说完。 Luoluo was probably clear, she is opening the big eye, is somewhat imitating father's words surprisedly, said: Kang, Kang Luoluo?” 落落好像明白了一些,她睁着大大的眼睛,有些惊讶地模仿着爸爸的话,说道:“康,康落落呀?” Right, pit, pit Luoluo, the meaning of swindling and abducting!” Yang Yan corrected a pronunciation of little girl. “对,坑,坑落落,坑蒙拐骗的意思!”杨言纠正了一下小姑娘的发音。 Younger sister, Younger sister, I lend you to play, I do not want your money!” Wang Zihao in the shouting, had stepped on Wang Zihan that the scooter is slipping out to hear to have the liveliness a moment ago, ran, his little while, is supporting the chest, said warmly. “妹妹,妹妹,我借给你玩,我不要你的钱!”刚才王子浩在叫嚷的时候,已经踩着滑板车溜出去的王子瀚听到有热闹,又跑了回来,他这会儿,挺着胸膛,热情地说道。 Even the twin brothers, the character development is still very easy in the completely different directions! 即便是孪生兄弟,性格发展也很容易朝着完全不同的方向! Wang Zihao is very mischievous, the head is flexible, likes thinking that some bad ideas, but Wang Zihan compares with him, was cleverer! Wang Zihan as if cares about the Sir to own view, likes doing obediently some, but can win adults the matter of praise. 王子浩就很调皮,脑袋灵活,喜欢想一些坏主意,而王子瀚跟他比起来,就乖巧了许多!王子瀚似乎更加在意大人对自己的看法,喜欢做一些循规蹈矩、但又能够博得大人们的夸奖的事情。 Whose development trend is better, this is actually very difficulty to give an appropriate judgment! Wang Zihao truly is not quite sometimes likable, but his intelligence quotient is very high, is also pretty good in the result of school! Wang Zihan is very good in the appraisal of teacher and family member, but he was too clever, this not necessarily is a good deed...... 谁的未来发展更好,这其实是很难给出一个合适的判断的!有时候王子浩确实是不太讨人喜欢,但他的智商很高,在学校的成绩也不赖!王子瀚在老师、家人的评价中都很不错,但他太乖了,这不见得是一件好事…… A little pulled far! 扯得有点远了! Suddenly hears Brother Hanhan to be willing the car(riage) car(riage) to lend itself to play, Luoluo all of a sudden happy, she is struggling coming out from father's arms, is not willing to continue to listen to the father to talk about the major principle. 忽然听到瀚瀚哥哥愿意把车车借给自己玩,落落一下子就高兴了起来,她从爸爸的怀里挣扎着出来,不愿意继续听爸爸讲大道理了。 The red package and money anything, to we two -and-a-half-year-old little girl, is unimportant! 红包、钱什么的,对咱一个两岁半的小女孩来说,都不重要呀! Younger sister, gives you!” Wang Zihan let the arm rest of his scooter naturally. “妹妹,给你!”王子瀚大大方方地将他的滑板车的扶手让了出来。 But, Luoluo compared is too short with Brother Hanhan, she could not reach the arm rest, can only grab the black strut. 可是,落落瀚瀚哥哥比起来太矮了,她够不着扶手,只能抓着黑色的支杆。 „, Luoluo, Luoluo...... will not play......” not to step on, little girl as if detected that the difficulty, she somewhat then looked anxiously to the father, worried to call, her big eye started to exude the tears probably. “唔,落落,落落不会……玩儿……”还没踩上去,小姑娘似乎察觉到了困难,她有些紧张地回头看向爸爸,着急地叫了起来,她那双大眼睛好像又开始泛起了泪花。 Luoluo was not because of being afraid to flinch, she wanted the father to help...... 落落并不是因为害怕而退缩了,她只是想要爸爸帮忙…… What to do Wang Zihan does not know, he also helps press the arm rest, seeks help looks to Yang Yan: Uncle, the younger sister will not play, that what to do can that?” 王子瀚也不知道怎么办,他还帮忙按着扶手,求助地望向杨言:“舅舅,妹妹不会玩,那,那可怎么办啊?” The Yang Yan station, stretches oneself, then a hand according to the middle of arm rest, hints Wang Zihan to let loose the hand, smiles was saying with Luoluo: Good, Luoluo, the father helps you hold, you step on are playing!” 杨言站了起来,伸了伸懒腰,然后一只手按在扶手的中间,示意王子瀚放开手,微笑着跟落落说道:“好啦,落落,爸爸帮你扶着,你来踩着玩吧!” This scooter can actually adjust the arm rest altitude, but lowered words, Yang Yan not easy to hold the arm rest to bend the waist to Luoluo is very laborious. Luoluo was too small, Yang Yan was worried that she controlled the balance of not good this scooter. 这个滑板车其实是可以调节扶手高度的,但太低了的话,杨言也不容易给落落扶着扶手一直弯腰可是很辛苦的。落落还是太小了,杨言担心她控制不好这个滑板车的平衡。 Finally, Luoluo is stepping on the scooter started! 终于,落落踩着的这个滑板车开动了起来! Sees only the little girl two small hands to grab the strut, the small head lowers is looking at own under foot, she pours is also quite intelligent, follows the example with two elder brothers goes to the tread place with a foot, a foot places on the board of scooter. 只见小姑娘两只小手抓着支杆,小脑袋低着看自己的脚下,她倒也比较聪明,跟两位哥哥有样学样地用一只脚去蹬地,一只脚放在滑板车的板子上。 Naturally, in fact drives this scooter vanguard, actually Yang Yan grasps in arm rests among that only big hand. 当然,实际上带动这个滑板车前行的,其实还是杨言抓在扶手中间的那只大手。 Do not look at Luoluo to step on decent, in fact, she has not brought any power to the slippery animal-drawn cart...... 别看落落踩得像模像样的,实际上,她并没有给滑板车带来什么动力…… little girl is high and low steps on the tread, here uses tread this word more appropriate! 小姑娘是“上下”地踩着地面,或者,这里用“蹬地”这个词更加合适! Carefully looked, Luoluo is shrinking is arching her small buttocks, right leg that then supports, the left leg tread on the ground, probably in jumping to be the same, she jumps specially vigorously on the scooter! 仔细一看,落落正一缩一拱着她的小屁股,然后支撑的右腿一曲一挺,左腿蹬在地上,好像在蹦跳一样,她在滑板车上蹦得特别起劲呢! Hee hee, hee hee!” Slid a while, little girl seemed to be tired, her both tootsies stepped on simply on the slide, only grabbed the strut to stand firm the body by the small hand, made the father drag completely to the forward slip, she very happily is supine the small head, curved kept laughing with the father eyes. “嘻嘻,嘻嘻!”滑了一会儿,小姑娘似乎累了,她索性两只小脚都踩在了滑板上,只靠小手抓着支杆稳住身子,完全让爸爸拖着自己向前滑,她还很开心地仰着小脑袋,跟爸爸眼睛弯弯地笑个不停。 Good, you happily good...... 好吧,你开心就好…… Yang Yan shakes the head with a smile , to continue to tow Luoluo. 杨言笑着摇了摇头,继续拖着落落 Played a while, Luoluo had not played to satisfy a craving, Wang Zihan is looking to worry at the same time. 玩了一会儿,落落还没玩过瘾呢,王子瀚就在一边看得着急了起来。 , younger sister good? I, I also want to play......” look the young boy who covets could not bear collect, followed to ask side the uncle. “唔,妹妹好了没有啊?我,我也想玩了……”看着眼热的小男孩忍不住凑了上去,跟在舅舅身边问道。 Extremely natural, actually also sacrificed! 太过大方,其实也是牺牲了自我啊! ...... …… Two young boys as if very have the movement talent, after they attained the scooter, quick began, then played a while, this shop the bricks and stones, are not a little smooth, moreover after stopping uncle's compact car, appears is not very big courtyard makes them feel that somewhat could not display! 两个小男孩似乎挺有运动天赋的,他们拿到了滑板车后,很快就上手了,然后玩了一会儿,这铺着砖石、有点不平坦,而且停了舅舅的小汽车后显得不是很大的院子就让他们感觉到有些施展不开了! Uncle, we, we go to the square to play, is good?” Wang Zihao is stepping on the scooter, arrives at the Yang Yan side, hopes that the inquiry said. “舅舅,我们,我们去广场玩,好不好?”王子浩踩着滑板车,来到杨言的身边,期盼地询问道。 Kamgar Maidan leaves their families/home is not far, Wang Zihao and Wang Zihan after the dinner, go to the square to take a walk to play with the grandmother frequently, therefore Wang Zihao is very familiar with there. 工人广场离他们的家并不远,王子浩王子瀚经常在晚饭之后,跟着外婆去广场上散步玩耍,所以王子浩对那里很熟悉。 „Do you want to go to the square to play?” Yang Yan asked with a smile, can with the scooter?” “你想去广场玩?”杨言笑着问道,“要带滑板车去吗?” Wants, to want! Naturally wants!” Wang Zihao is jumping excitedly, Wang Zihan was also very happy, he also rushes to echo. “要,要!当然要!”王子浩兴奋地蹦着,王子瀚也很高兴,他也抢着附和起来。 Luoluo follows on the heels, little girl has not known where must go to play, but listens to elder brothers' words to find it very interesting, she is also lifting the small hand, followed to jump excitedly jumping. 落落跟在后面,小姑娘还不知道要去哪里玩,但听着哥哥们的话就觉得很有意思,她也举着小手,兴奋地跟着蹦了蹦。 „The uncle leads you to go to the square to play a while.” Yang Yan looked at the time, nine o'clock, prepare the lunch not to need to worry, he then complied, „, but the uncle gives forewarning, plays to 11 points, 11 points must come back! You cannot say that plays a while again, if acts shamelessly, the uncle will go out to play without you next time!” “那舅舅带你们去广场玩一会儿。”杨言看了看时间,才九点钟,准备午饭也不用那么着急,他便答应了下来,“但舅舅有言在先,就玩到十一点,十一点一定要回来哦!你们可不能说再玩一会儿,如果耍赖的话,舅舅下回就不带你们出去玩了!” 11 points come back!” Wang Zihao hurries to nod, a clever appearance. “十一点回来!”王子浩赶紧点了点头,一副乖巧的样子。
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