WWOG :: Volume #8

#728: Heavenly Dao catastrophe!

The Azure Wood time passage, long herd it, its meaning is cheerful, is just like the youngster! 青木年华,悠悠牧之,其意欢快,恰似少年! These words saying that is in Misty Dao Academy the origin of Azure Wood Lake name, this lake, witnessed Misty Dao Academy in the rise of this Spirit Origin Era, witnessed Wang Baole from the initial youngster, arrives at today's growth. 这句话说的,就是缥缈道院青木湖名字的由来,这片湖泊,见证了缥缈道院在这灵元纪的崛起,也见证了王宝乐从当初的少年,一路走到今天的成长。 One such as at this moment, the four seasons change, the autumn chill gets up gradually, arrives at the youth from the youngster he, is turning away from Azure Wood Lake, stares at Senior Brother Chen Qing the form. 一如此刻,四季变迁,秋意渐起,从少年走到青年的他,背对着青木湖,凝望师兄尘青子的身影。 As if the naivete with sending the silk, was blown off by the autumn wind, what stays behind is the trace of years, what carries off is young worry-free. 似乎稚气早已随着发丝,被秋风吹散,留下的是岁月的痕迹,带走的是年少的无忧无虑。 Maps the inverted image in lake water, as if also was only left over profoundly, but quick had been delimited by lake surface Qiuhe the ripples disrupted, resemble to represent Wang Baole innermost feelings at this moment, did not seem like the surface seems like such tranquil. 就连映入湖水内的倒影,仿佛也只剩下了深邃,但很快又被湖面秋荷划过的涟漪打乱,似代表了王宝乐此刻的内心,不像是表面看起来这么的平静。 Therefore, he caught the wine pot, looked that does not look at one, raises head to drink a next big mouth directly. 所以,他接住了酒壶,看都不看一眼,直接仰头喝下一大口。 The liquor is very fierce, is only one, may to smoke, but Wang Baole drank half pot, dispatched the wine pot finally, stares at front Senior Brother, opened the mouth in a soft voice. 酒很烈,只是一口,就可让人微熏,而王宝乐喝了半壶之多,最后将酒壶递出,凝望面前的师兄,轻声开口。 senior brother, I have wanted to ask, in Underworld Dream your matter, has happened really?” “师兄,我一直想问,冥梦内你身上的事情,是真实发生过的么?” The moonlight is cold, all around is peaceful, only has the autumn wind to blow as before, with cold slightly, makes the tipsy feeling that Wang Baole starts thicker, these words that asked that also there is a bystander the hidden meaning that was hard to understand. 月光冷冽,四周安静,唯有秋风依旧吹来,带着微微的寒,也让王宝乐乍起的酒意更浓,问出的这句话,也有外人很难理解的隐藏含义。 Midnight the becoming sober person unconsciously, the full pond lotus leaf moves the autumn wind, the Wang Baole's innermost feelings, indeed has a mind to tie! 夜半酒醒人不觉,满池荷叶动秋风,王宝乐的内心,的确有心结! This heart knot, dates from ease Daoist that war, until Wang Baole returns to Misty City, returned to side the parents, enjoys the tranquil life, is hard to get over an emotion throughout, he can do, only then buries this knot in the heart, does not touch, does not want to think, perhaps if not even the Chen Qing driving opens the mouth, Wang Baole this life...... will not mention. 这个心结,起始于悠然道人的那一战,直至王宝乐回归缥缈城,回到了父母身边,享受安宁生活,也始终难以释怀,他能做的,只有将这个结埋在心底,不去碰触,也不想去思索,甚至若非尘青子主动开口,王宝乐或许这一生……都不会提起。 With ease Daoist that war, finally choice of Zi Yue (purple moon), extremely suddenly, formed stimulates to Wang Baole's, thus causes the Wang Baole potential overdraws the eruption, had the complete relation with coffin of Pluto finally, this matter...... also extremely coincidence! 与悠然道人的那一战,最终紫月的选择,太过突然,形成的对王宝乐的刺激,从而使得王宝乐潜力透支般的爆发,终与冥王星的棺椁产生了完全的联系,此事……也太过巧合! But as long as in this has an accident/surprise, finally will be disappearance of federal civilization, the demise of family member and friend, this matter perhaps was the real coincidence, perhaps also...... some people promoted to be the result in the back! 而这里面但凡出现一个意外,结果将是联邦文明的消失,亲人与朋友的灭亡,这件事或许是真的巧合了,也或许……是有人在背后推动所致! Concrete how, Wang Baole does not have the answer, his not accidental/surprised Senior Brother Chen Qing driving opens the mouth, will therefore not take the evidence, recognized that the back promoter is Chen Qing. 具体如何,王宝乐没有答案,他也不意外师兄尘青子主动开口,更不会因此就去作为证据,认定背后的推动者是尘青子。 He asked these words, he believes, Chen Qing understands. 他只是问出了这一句话,他相信,尘青子是懂的。 Chen Qing indeed understands, was doomed to become his dao companion that female, under the disturbance of others promotes, was changed the path of destiny, thus body and soul entirely exterminated, but he, is so, even until the present, is seemingly free and easy, but is also struggling eventually. 尘青子的确懂,原本注定要成为他道侣的那个女子,正是在旁人的干扰推动下,被改变了命运的轨迹,从而形神俱灭,而他自身,又何尝不是如此,甚至直至如今,看似洒脱,但终究也是在挣扎罢了。 Not does unto other not to do to others. 己所不欲勿施于人。 Chen Qing he received the wine pot silently, the inside remaining many liquor water, drank completely, closed the eye finally, after long time , when opened again, he is looking at Wang Baole, opened the mouth in a soft voice. 尘青子他默默接过酒壶,将里面剩下不少的酒水,一口喝尽,最终闭上了眼,半晌后再次睁开时,他望着王宝乐,轻声开口。 Young Junior Brother, is not I, but this matter...... makes that Zi Yue (purple moon) your nutrient to cause because of my wish eventually, gives me some time, I will investigate thoroughly, is who...... is instigating the friendship of your my same side in secret!!” “小师弟,不是我,但这件事……终究是因我想要让那紫月成为你的养分所导致,给我一些时间,我会查清楚,是谁……在暗中挑拨你我同门之谊!!” Stared at Chen Qing, Wang Baole smiled, the heart tied, although also, but he believes that this matter, either was really the coincidence, either...... was another strength, inexplicable promoted this matter's occurrence. 凝望尘青子,王宝乐笑了,心结虽还在,可他相信这件事,要么真的是巧合,要么……就是另有一股力量,莫名的推动了此事的发生。 senior brother, liquor.” The Wang Baole heart relax relaxed, opens the mouth with a smile. “师兄,还有酒么。”王宝乐心底松缓,笑着开口。 Chen Qing saw that the Wang Baole mood restores, smiled, puts out two pots simply, sits with Wang Baole by the lake, fall scenery moonlit night lake light, gradually your, my drank. 尘青子眼看王宝乐情绪恢复,也笑了起来,索性拿出两壶,与王宝乐一起坐在湖泊旁,就着秋色月夜湖光,渐渐你一口,我一口的喝了起来。 ...... This picture was very beautiful, after all under the moonlight, the lake wave ripples, wears two people of ancient costume, under that handsome semblance, is ordinary like the immortal, unusual refined. 原本……这画面很美,毕竟月色下,湖水波漾,身穿古装的二人,在那俊朗的外表下,如同仙人一般,超凡脱俗。 Although the autumn wind is cold, but also arrives at warm of tipsy feeling, but is quick, when Chen Qing said this time arrives, after must Wang Baole carried off, Wang Baole blinks, hurries ba the mouth, took out several packages of between-meal snack rapidly, ate, under Chen Qing god, Wang Baole not only handed over several packages of pasts, put out one barrel of spiced eggs from storage pouch. 秋风虽寒,但也抵不过酒意的暖,可很快,当尘青子说出此番到来,要将王宝乐带走后,王宝乐眨了眨眼,赶紧吧唧吧唧嘴,飞速取出了几包零食,咔嚓咔嚓的吃了起来,在尘青子的愣神下,王宝乐不但递了几包过去,又从储物袋里拿出了一桶卤蛋。 Subconscious receiving mounted the flour gruel the spiced eggs, the Chen Qing child instinct ate one, later will continue to open the mouth, but next flickered, Wang Baole lifted up high the wine pot, warm clinked glasses with him. 下意识的接过黏糊糊的卤蛋,尘青子本能的吃了一口,随后正要继续开口,但下一瞬,王宝乐就高举酒壶,热情的与他碰杯。 Come, senior brother, we walk one!” “来,师兄,咱们走一个!” Had not finished, after the spiced eggs, Wang Baole took out more than ten strings of fresh chicken legs that smudged the hot pepper, is drinking, while casting magic disperses the flame roasting, later under the delay of Chen Qing, the Wang Baole that side seems with is the same , took out massive meat strings and all kinds of barbecued foods, until Wang Baole took out a pot unexpectedly, cooked a big goose in inside, but also after sprinkling half azure Chinese prickly ash, the entire style changes suddenly, just like changed to this world from immortal intent. 没有结束,卤蛋之后,王宝乐又取出了十几串涂抹了辣椒的生鸡腿,一边喝着酒,一边施法散出火焰烘烤,随后在尘青子的呆滞下,王宝乐那边好似拿不完一样,又取出了大量的肉串以及各种烧烤食品,直至王宝乐居然取出了一口锅,在里面炖了一只大鹅,还洒了半盘青花椒后,整个画风骤变,俨然从仙意化作了凡尘。 Eats, the Senior Brother should not be impolite with me.” “吃啊,师兄你别和我客气。” Some Chen Qing big looks Wang Baole that eat and drinks, rubbed the forehead , to continue to open the mouth. 尘青子有些头大的看着正连吃带喝的王宝乐,揉了揉眉心,继续开口。 Baole, I must lead you to go to one......” 宝乐,我要带你去一个……” Did not wait for Chen Qing saying that Wang Baole drank up liquor water one in wine pot, eye dim side laughed foolishly to the Senior Brother, later head one crooked, directly but actually, lethargic sleep in the past. 不等尘青子说完,王宝乐将酒壶里的酒水一口喝完,眼睛朦胧中侧头冲着师兄傻笑,随后脑袋一歪,直接倒了下来,昏睡过去。 Shortly so, how could Chen Qing does not understand Wang Baole this does not want to walk, intentionally so, therefore laughing and crying can not his right hand lift wields, immediately an invisible strength disperses, falls into Wang Baole within the body, after its liquor air/Qi dissipates instantaneously, Wang Baole helpless to open eyes, does not wait for the Chen Qing child opens the mouth, he pats the forehead suddenly. 眼看如此,尘青子岂能不明白王宝乐这是不想走,故意如此,于是哭笑不得中他右手抬起一挥,顿时一股无形之力散出,落入王宝乐体内,将其酒气瞬间消散后,王宝乐无奈的睁开眼,不等尘青子开口,他忽然一拍额头。 „It is not good, the Senior Brother I must walk, my mother stipulated to me, every day before the 1 : 00 am, must be proficient, we will say tomorrow.” Saying, Wang Baole hurries to stand up, must depart, but next flickers, with Chen Qing child right hand one finger/refers, Wang Baole's both legs directly by freeze in same place, how whatever he struggles, is only the upper part can move, but the both legs seem with the land long in together, did not move. “不好,师兄我要走了,我妈给我规定,每天凌晨 1 点前必须到家,我们明天说啊。”说着,王宝乐赶紧站起,就要离去,但下一瞬,随着尘青子右手一指,王宝乐的双腿就直接被凝固在了原地,任凭他如何挣扎,也只是上半身可以动,但双腿就好似与大地长在一起般,怎么也挪动不了。 senior brother I do not want to walk......” Wang Baole to put on a long face, then looks to Chen Qing. “师兄我不想走啊……”王宝乐哭丧着脸,回头望向尘青子。 Staring of Chen Qing child headache. 尘青子头痛的一瞪眼。 Baole, Underworld Sect, although die, but these annual some concealing identity continue, formed recessive Sect, you as Underworld Child, I are your Senior Brother, must send you to there to return to the birth family cultivating for the teacher!” 宝乐,冥宗陨落,可这些年还是有一些隐姓埋名者延续下来,形成了一个隐性的宗门,你身为冥子,我是你师兄,要代师尊送你去那里归宗修行!” senior brother, my parents were old, I do not give up them, I worried that this walks, when return the life have disappeared, I......” “师兄,我爸妈年纪大了,我舍不得他们,我担心这一走,归来时他们已寿元消失,我……” This matter Senior Brother will share for you, your parents, is my elder, I will deliver them to prolong life pill, increases 200 years of life, is not a problem, but 200 years later, you came back, at the appointed time I will also help you search to prolong life pill!” “此事师兄会为你分担,你的父母,也是我的长辈,我会送他们延寿丹,增添二百年寿元,不成问题,而两百年后,你怎么也都回来了,届时我还会帮你搜寻延寿丹!” Ah? many thanks Senior Brother, but the Senior Brother...... my girlfriends when the federation, what to do I walked them, I feared I came back, they were others' wife......” Wang Baole hurried to open the mouth, try to cancel fellow apprentice's thought. 啊?多谢师兄,不过师兄……我女朋友都在联邦,我走了她们怎么办啊,我怕等我回来时,她们都是别人的老婆了……”王宝乐赶紧开口,试图打消师兄的念头。 All right, by you in the federal status, your woman, who dares to snatch now?” The Chen Qing light opens the mouth, the right hand lifts wields, curls up Wang Baole directly, the lift-off takeoffs, resembling to leave Earth. “没事,以你现在于联邦的身份,你的女人,谁敢抢?”尘青子淡淡开口,右手抬起一挥,直接就卷起王宝乐,升空离地,似要离开地球。 Shortly so, Wang Baole is anxious immediately. 眼看如此,王宝乐顿时焦急。 I do not want to go, I did not have, when Federation President, the Senior Brother we discussed that after I resigned, I follow to be good you immediately.” “我不想去啊,我还没当联邦总统,师兄我们商量一下,等我卸任后,我立刻就跟你走行不行。” Baole!” In the midair, Chen Qing child footsteps, looks down to by Wang Baole that oneself curl up, look grim. 宝乐!”半空中,尘青子脚步一顿,低头看向被自己卷起的王宝乐,神色凝重 „It is not Senior Brother here is ridiculous, will soon arrive because of Heavenly Dao of Weiyang Clan, each appearance, will sweep away the entire starry sky, once detects the Underworld Sect aura, will suppress directly, but your cultivation base is too weak, the does not have any strength of resistance, once were observed, can instantaneous body dies and Dao disappears!” “不是师兄这里不近情理,是因未央族的天道即将到来,它每一次出现,都会横扫整个星空,一旦察觉冥宗气息,就会直接镇压,而你修为太弱,没有任何抵抗之力,一旦被察,将会瞬间身死道消!” Therefore I said with you before several times, wants you to be ready, I will lead you to walk, only then takes away the hidden sect who under you my Underworld Sect continues, obtains my Underworld Sect to survive the blessing of Heavenly Dao there, may make you have to avoid the strength of Weiyang Clan Heavenly Dao!” “所以我之前数次和你说,要你做好准备,我将带你走,只有将你带去我冥宗延续下的隐宗,在那里获得我冥宗残存天道的祝福,才可让你具备避开未央族天道之力!” Perhaps you had detected, so-called Heavenly Dao, in fact can regard as is super Supreme Treasure, can resist Heavenly Dao, only has Heavenly Dao, but my Underworld Sect Heavenly Dao collapse most, but has not actually perished thoroughly, has a breath, may give you to shelter!!” “或许你自己已有所察觉,所谓天道,实际上可以看成是一种超级至宝,能对抗天道的,唯有天道,而我冥宗天道虽崩溃大半,但却没有彻底灭亡,尚存一息,可给你庇护!!” However in your Solar System alliance's domestic Pluto, existed coffin, was the teacher sent by big magic force initially, to avoid Weiyang Clan Heavenly Dao detected, can only send in the space and time, reversed in this law, enabling it to lead the way in the years, can achieve this place, the teacher sends this coffin goal, was lets your deep sleep, thus avoided the catastrophe!” “而你太阳系联盟境内的冥王星中,存在的棺椁,就是师尊当初以大法力送来,为避开未央族天道察觉,只能送入时空中,以此法逆转,使它能在岁月里前行,方能达到此地,师尊送来这棺椁的目的,就是让你沉睡在内,从而避开浩劫!” You or the deep sleep hundred years in coffin, either follow me every ten years, get it over and done, completely solves the hidden danger!” “你要么在棺椁内每十年沉睡百年,要么就是跟我走,一劳永逸,彻底解决隐患!” „Do you, how choose?!” “你,如何选择?!”
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