WDDG :: Volume #43

#4206: Divine Weapon changes

Although Shen Xiang now has not known that under the dark blue billows sea has anything, but his present layout, to prevent various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, does not help them obtain under the dark blue billows sea the important thing. 沈翔现在虽然还不知道沧澜海之下有什么,不过他现在的布局,就是为了阻止诸天殿和无天神宫,不让他们获得沧澜海之下重要的东西。 various Tiandian and no Heavenly God palace, they want to compete for the Saint profound star, so long as controls the Saint profound star, controls the big women, then their strengths a level higher, can press the opposite party to plan. 诸天殿和无天神宫,他们都想争夺圣玄星,只要掌控圣玄星,控制大坤门,那么他们的实力就会更上一层楼,就能压对方一筹。 Therefore Shen Xiang must operate in secret, cannot make the big women fall into various Tiandian or no Heavenly God palace. 所以沈翔也要暗中运筹,绝不能让大坤门落入诸天殿或是无天神宫手里。 Specters Divine Soul has successfully won the trust of god corner/horn beast clan now, he can completely grasp the whereabouts of god corner/horn beast army. 魔影神魂现在已经成功获得神角兽族的信任,他能完全掌握神角兽大军的去向。 In the god corner/horn beast clan, few several high levels, know that has White Tiger to appear and disappear in the Saint profound star. 神角兽族之中,只有极少数的几个高层,才知道有白虎出没在圣玄星。 Regarding such important matter, they will not tell various Tiandian! 对于如此重要的事情,他们是不会告诉诸天殿的! Then, Shen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen, so long as and other 1 million god corner/horn beast armies pitch camp, then can start to take action. 接下来,沈翔白珍珍只要等那百万神角兽大军扎营,然后就可以开始行动了。 Shen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen, after leaving the indulging in dissipation mountain village, has not returned to dark blue billows Sea City, but goes to the big desert of dark blue billows state. 沈翔白珍珍,离开花天酒地山庄之后,也没有返回沧澜海城,而是前往沧澜州的大沙漠。 That place is bleak, sparsely inhabited, best the place that conducts to offer sacrifices. 那个地方非常荒凉,人烟稀少,是最好进行献祭的场所。 Shen Xiang had a lot of day beads, can therefore not care about the consumption of day of bead, use Divine Mirror of Six Paths heartily. 沈翔有了大量的天珠,所以可以不在乎天珠的消耗,尽情的使用六道神镜 The Divine Mirror of Six Paths flight, needs to consume a lot of day of beads, because can gain very quick speed. 六道神镜飞行,是需要消耗大量天珠的,因为能获取非常快的速度。 Two double-hour, Shen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen arrive in the dark blue billows desert! At this moment is dusk! 只是两个时辰,沈翔白珍珍就抵达沧澜大漠!此刻已经是黄昏! Zhenzhen, summoned White Tiger Divine Weapon time, can trigger very big sound?” Shen Xiang asked. 珍珍,召唤白虎神兵的时候,会不会引发很大的动静?”沈翔问道。 He had had the worry in this aspect before, therefore chooses this place, even if triggers very big sound, wants to arrive in this place still to need a period of time. 他之前就有过这方面的顾虑,所以才选择这种地方,就算引发很大的动静,想要抵达此地也需要一段时间 I do not know!” Bai Zhenzhen shakes the head: But, we must be ready! If the sound is too big, we have the means of dealing well.” “我不知道!”白珍珍摇了摇头:“不过,我们要做好准备!若是动静太大,我们也好有应对的办法。” I choose in this place conduct, has the consideration in this aspect.” Shen Xiang nods saying: Now on and other 1 million armies!” “我选择在此地进行,就是有这方面的考虑。”沈翔点了点头道:“现在就等那百万大军了!” Elder Brother, what White Tiger Divine Weapon turns into now, I do not know that...... I listened to the elders in clan saying that after White Tiger Divine Weapon they have transformed, oneself had the ability of evolution, the spirit can portray itself.” Bai Zhenzhen said. “哥哥,白虎神兵现在变成什么样,我也不知道……我听族内的老辈说过,白虎神兵被他们改造过之后,自己拥有了进化的能力,器灵能自己塑造自己。”白珍珍说道。 That is true! Present Four Beast's Divine Weapons, was more fearful than powerful the past years!” Shen Xiang sighed: I also think clearly, why Four Beast's Divine Weapons will not have such change!” “的确如此!现在的四象神兵,比当年更加可怕更加强大!”沈翔叹道:“我也想不明白,为什么四象神兵会有这样的变化!” In his hand only has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but that does not calculate that is complete! Because in the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Dragon Spirit blade mortal form, Dragon Spirit is incomplete! 他手里只有青龙屠魔刀,但那并不算是完整的!因为青龙屠魔刀龙魂刀魄之中,龙魂是残缺的! In Dragon Spirit has some small incomplete murdering Scarlet Dragon, complete murders scarlet Dragon Spirit, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can be complete! 龙魂之中有小部分残缺的杀伐赤龙,只有完整的杀伐赤龙魂,青龙屠魔刀才能完整! But when the time comes will be powerful, Shen Xiang cannot imagine. 而到时候将会有多么强大,沈翔自己也想象不到。 Azure Dragon Divine Weapon, is still Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk. What White Tiger and Black Tortoise are, I do not know.” Shen Xiang said. 青龙神兵,依然是青龙屠魔刀朱雀神兵,也还是朱雀柔情丝白虎玄武是什么样的,我就不知道了。”沈翔说道。 Elder Brother, in your hand only has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? How do you know the Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon supple emotions?” Bai Zhenzhen curious asking. “哥哥,你手里只有青龙屠魔刀吧?那你怎么知道朱雀神兵还是柔情丝?”白珍珍好奇的问。 Because Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk gave birth to an egg, moreover hatches small Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk!” Shen Xiang saw that a Bai Zhenzhen face is unbelievable, then shakes the head to say with a smile: This is real! I was also startled at that time!” “因为朱雀柔情丝自己生下了一个蛋,而且还孵化出小的朱雀柔情丝!”沈翔见到白珍珍一脸难以置信,便摇头笑道:“这是真的!我当时也被惊到了!” Four Beast's Divine Weapons really has very big change!” After Bai Zhenzhen shock, exclaims: No wonder that crowd of clans old, said that Four Beast's Divine Weapons in the World Defying universe, can evolve the strongest shape.” 四象神兵果然都有很大的变化!”白珍珍震惊之后,惊叹道:“难怪那群族老们,都说四象神兵傲世宇宙,能进化出最强的形态。” Right? Why did they say?” Shen Xiang pursues asks. “是吗?他们为什么这么说?”沈翔追问道。 White Tiger Fighting Clan definitely knows that anything, they will not be seized in the god territory otherwise. 白虎战族肯定知道一些什么的,要不然他们在神域也不会被抓走。 I not am quite clear, but said, Four Beast's Divine Weapons will become the World Defying universe Protector God soldier! Possibly...... possible and Elder Brother you have big relationship.” Bai Zhenzhen said. “我也不太清楚,只是说,四象神兵将会成为傲世宇宙守护神兵!可能……可能和哥哥你有很大的关系吧。”白珍珍说道。 Shen Xiang felt suddenly, Four Beast's Divine Weapons comes under his influence, therefore already and entire World Defying universe had the connection. 沈翔猛然间觉得,四象神兵受到他的影响,所以已经和整个傲世宇宙有了关联。 Perhaps, is the World Defying universe principle, is always tempering Four Beast's Divine Weapons in secret. 说不定,就是傲世宇宙的法则,一直以来都在暗中锤炼四象神兵 Was summoned on and other White Tiger Divine Weapon, does not know how can be!” Shen Xiang anticipated at this moment. “就等白虎神兵被召唤出来了,不知会是怎么样的!”沈翔此刻非常期待。 Elder Brother, I can certainly summon White Tiger Divine Weapon! Perhaps, I have been looking for you, to shoulder this mission!” Bai Zhenzhen looks at the sky saying: Dark has the fate!” “哥哥,我一定能召唤出白虎神兵的!也许,我一直在寻找你,就是为了肩负这个使命!”白珍珍看着天空说道:“冥冥中自有定数吧!” Zhenzhen, no mission non- mission, fate non- fate! You and I can have a reunion, this is the reason!” Shen Xiang grasped the Bai Zhenzhen small hand, said with a smile: Can see you, I am happy, even cannot summon White Tiger Divine Weapon still to have nothing!” 珍珍,没什么使命不使命,定数不定数的!你和我能重逢,这就是缘!”沈翔握了握白珍珍的小手,笑道:“能见到你,我已经非常高兴了,就算召唤不出白虎神兵也没什么的!” Afterward, Shen Xiang relation specters Divine Soul, told him, must the 1 million armies of god corner/horn beast clan, introduce in this dark blue billows desert. 随后,沈翔联系魔影神魂,告诉他,要将神角兽族的百万大军,引入这片沧澜大漠之中。 This to specters Divine Soul is very easy matter, because that several elders in clan trust him now! 这对魔影神魂来说是很容易的事情,因为现在族内的那几个老辈都非常信任他! Specters, what person did the god corner/horn beast clan come?” Shen Xiang asked: They , if there is too strong fellow, that was difficult to deal with!” “魔影,神角兽族都来了什么人?”沈翔问道:“他们若是有太强的家伙,那就难对付了!” Has three Saint King boundaries!” Specters Divine Soul said: They are the clan of god corner/horn beast clan are old, the strength is very powerful!” “有三个圣王境的!”魔影神魂说道:“他们都是神角兽族的族老,实力很强大!” Three Saint King boundaries? This truly a little difficult office , hoping that my poison has affected!” Shen Xiang feels suddenly somewhat thornily. “三个圣王境的?这确实有点难办,希望我的毒有所作用吧!”沈翔忽然觉得有些棘手。 Young Master Shen, you do not need to worry, I in! I can divert that three old fellow!” Specters Divine Soul is confident. 沈公子,你不用担心,还有我在!我可以牵制住那三个老家伙的!”魔影神魂非常有信心。 When the time comes looked your!” Shen Xiang said. “到时候就看你的了!”沈翔说道。 Shen Xiang main purpose, to offer sacrifices, needs a lot of blood and souls. 沈翔主要目的,还是为了进行献祭,需要大量的血液和魂魄。 So long as specters Divine Soul can constrain that three old Saint King boundaries, Shen Xiang can conduct the offering sacrifices ceremony. 只要魔影神魂能拖住那三个老圣王境的,沈翔就能进行献祭仪式。 Two days passed by, the Saint profound star still for the matter of indulging in dissipation mountain village, makes noisily. 两天过去了,圣玄星依然为了花天酒地山庄的事情,闹得沸沸扬扬。 The 1 million armies of god corner/horn beast clan arrive in the Saint profound star, although this matter is also worth paying attention very much, but actually matter cover passed/lived by indulging in dissipation mountain village. 神角兽族的百万大军抵达圣玄星,这件事虽然也很值得关注,但却被花天酒地山庄的事情盖过。 The whereabouts of 1 million armies are hard to hide very much, therefore they go to the dark blue billows desert also to be known by many influences. 百万大军的行踪很难以隐藏,所以他们前往沧澜大漠也被许多势力知道。 Because the dark blue billows desert is very spacious, no one, is very bleak, therefore the other influences of Saint profound star, think that the 1 million armies of god corner/horn beast clan pitch camp in the desert. 因为沧澜大漠很空旷,没什么人,又很荒凉,所以圣玄星的其他势力,都认为神角兽族的百万大军在大漠扎营。 The three old Saint King boundaries of god corner/horn beast clan, first arrive in the dark blue billows desert! 神角兽族的三个老圣王境,最先抵达沧澜大漠的! Specters Divine Soul has not come, because he now is god corner/horn Holy Son, moreover makes the great merit, in the clan does not allow them to participate in the action of this danger(ous). 魔影神魂并没有来,因为他现在是神角圣子,而且还立下大功,族内不让他们参与这种危险的行动。 However, he must help Shen Xiang cope with three old Saint King boundaries, therefore he in dark blue billows Sea City, is good after the god corner/horn Holy Son body conceals, flies to come the desert and Shen Xiang convergence directly. 但是,他要帮助沈翔对付三个老圣王境,所以他在沧澜海城里,把神角圣子的躯体藏好之后,就直接飞来大漠和沈翔汇合。 Bai Zhenzhen turns into the White Tiger divine beast main body, rushes in the desert is being good, left the obvious divine beast appearing and disappearing trace, this made god corner/horn beast clan that side clan old believe in firmly, was more excited and excited. 白珍珍变成白虎神兽本体,在大漠奔行着,留下了明显的神兽出没痕迹,这令神角兽族那边的族老更是深信不疑,更加的激动和兴奋。 The clan of god corner/horn beast clan old, how does not want to obtain, Shen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen must ambush their 1 million armies unexpectedly! 神角兽族的族老们,怎么都不会想得到,沈翔白珍珍居然要伏击他们百万大军!
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