VPAATS :: Volume #10

#967: Tracks the arsonist

Chapter 967 tracks the arsonist 第967章跟踪纵火犯 Zhiyun!” Yang Ming loud was calling the Lin Zhiyun name: You where?” 芷韵!”杨明大声的叫着林芷韵的名字:“你在哪里?” Lin Zhiyun just soaked one bowl of instant noodles to treat as the supper, today she has downloaded the case that manages about the company, preparation study well, if study was too late, lived in the company. 林芷韵刚刚泡好一碗方便面当做晚餐,今天她下载了很多关于公司经营的案例,准备好好的学习一下,如果学的太晚了,就住在公司里面了。 Is preparing to eat the noddles, actually heard the Yang Ming's sound. At first, Lin Zhiyun also thinks one misunderstood. After all this time, Yang Ming comes the possibility of company not to be big . Moreover, Yang Ming has not shouted such and wrangled. 正准备吃面,却听到了杨明的声音。起初,林芷韵还以为自己听错了。毕竟这个时间,杨明来公司的可能性不大,况且,杨明从来也没有这么大呼小叫的时候。 However, when Yang Ming shoves open glass door flushed, Lin Zhiyun stunned gaining ground of: Yang Ming? How did you come?” 不过,当杨明推开玻璃门冲了进来的时候,林芷韵才错愕的抬起头来:“杨明?你怎么来了?” Zhiyun! Walks with me quickly!” Yang Ming goes forward, grabbed the hand of Lin Zhiyun, draws her to run to outside. 芷韵!快和我走!”杨明上前,一把抓住了林芷韵的手,拉着她向外面跑去。 Yang Ming, what's the matter, I had just soaked „, a while is not delicious.” Lin Zhiyun was drawn bewilderedly by Yang Ming. 杨明,到底怎么回事儿呀,我刚泡了面呢,一会儿就不好吃了。”林芷韵杨明拉得莫名其妙。 How today Yang Ming was, before on inexplicable has made a phone call, now one entrains to run outward. 今天杨明到底是怎么了呢,之前就莫名的打了一个电话,现在一来就拽着自己往外跑。 Caught fire! The company caught fire!” Yang Ming is drawing the Lin Zhiyun half step runs to downstairs, runs then said. “着火了!公司着火了!”杨明拉着林芷韵快步的向楼下跑去,边跑便说道。 Ah! Lin Zhiyun one startled: What, did the company catch fire?” 啊!林芷韵一惊:“什么,公司着火了?” Right, otherwise I can such worry!” Yang Ming said: Fortunately, you do not have matter!” “没错,不然我能这么着急么!”杨明道:“不过还好,你没有事儿!” Lin Zhiyun, they were running together the company front door, Yang Ming had relaxed. 拉着林芷韵,两人一起跑出了公司大门,杨明才松了一口气。 The right of company, already flood intermittent flame, several securities fire-fighting furiously, but the obvious effect is not big. In this fire has sprinkled gasoline, merely depends on two fire extinguishers and several swabs does not help matters. 公司的右边,已经泛起了阵阵火光,几个保安正在奋力的扑火,不过显然效果不大。这火上已经洒了汽油了,仅仅靠两个灭火器和几个拖把根本就无济于事。 Strike a box?” Yang Ming shouts to that several securities. “报火警了么?”杨明对那几个保安喊道。 Elder Brother Yang, reported that the fire brigade said that quick rushes.” Before the security of that duty replied hastily. 杨哥,已经报了,消防队说很快就赶到。”之前那个值班的保安连忙答道。 Yang Ming nodded, relaxed, the morning of obviously, fortunately discovering, strike a box report the losses that also early, this time causes should not be big. 杨明点了点头,松了口气,显然,还好自己发现的早,报火警报的也早,这次造成的损失应该不大。 Lin Zhiyun looks flame that whistling on flees, in the heart was afraid, has tightened the Yang Ming's arm: Yang Ming, what to do, how will catch fire......” 林芷韵看着呼呼上窜的火苗,心中害怕,拉紧了杨明的手臂:“杨明,怎么办呀,怎么会着火……” All right, a while fire brigade will feel that the Yang Ming comfort said: We were not ran!” “没事儿的,一会儿消防队就会感到,”杨明安慰道:“咱们不是已经跑出来了么!” Oh!” Lin Zhiyun calls out in alarm suddenly said: Yang Ming, is not good!” “哎呀!”林芷韵忽然惊呼道:“杨明,不好了!” How? What isn't good?” Asking of Yang Ming surprise. “怎么了?什么不好了?”杨明诧异的问道。 Sees only Lin Zhiyun anxious gaining ground, looks at two buildings to company, said: „Some accounts and cashes of company also in building, what to do! I come up to take now, but also with enough time?” 只见林芷韵焦急的抬起头来,看向公司的二楼,道:“公司的账目和一些现金还在楼上呢,怎么办呀!我现在上去拿,还来得及么?” What account, the cash, after” Yang Ming listened to the Lin Zhiyun words, somewhat did not know whether to laugh or cry person to be all right is well with everything, was worried that what these things did make? Has burnt down, indifferent.” “什么账目啊,现金啊,”杨明听了林芷韵的话后有些哭笑不得“人没事儿就是万事大吉了,担心那些个东西做什么?烧掉了就算了,无所谓的。” But......” Lin Zhiyun some do not abandon, if after all the account of company did not have, will have very tremendous influence to the operation of company. “可是……”林芷韵还是有些不舍,毕竟公司的账目如果没了,会对公司的运作造成很大的影响。 Not anything, but.” Yang Ming handful of the small face of Lin Zhiyun, said: „The Little Yun little darling, is obedient, husband is very rich, reburns ten eight times, to your husband me is also a drop in the bucket! You do not have the matter, is best.” “没有什么可是的。”杨明捧起了林芷韵的小脸来,道:“小韵乖乖,听话,老公有的是钱,就是再烧个十次八次的,对你老公我来说也是九牛一毛!你没有事儿,才是最好的。” Nod of Lin Zhiyun is obedient, in the heart has filled happily, gave up going upstairs with the thought of account book. 林芷韵听话的点了点头,心中充满了甜蜜,也就放弃了上楼拿账本的念头。 The Yang Ming's split vision swept the company not far that alley, suddenly saw a familiar form, unexpectedly was that bald of setting on fire! Saw only looks here baldly, on face has been revealing a ruthless color, but, he such quickly discovered to catch fire to inside person obviously, but somewhat was not feeling well, after the mouth scolded a mother, departure of turning around half step. 杨明的余光扫到了公司不远的那条小巷,忽然看到了一个熟悉的身影,居然就是放火的那个光头!只见光头望着这边,脸上露出了一丝狠色,不过,他显然对里面的人这么快就发现着火了,而有些不爽,嘴中骂了一句娘之后,转身快步的离去了。 Zhiyun, you stay in company here, is responsible for some matters concerned of scene with the securities, I have the matter to manage! You must protect your security surely!” Yang Ming told. 芷韵,你留在公司这里,和保安们负责现场的一些事宜,我有事情要办!你千万要保护好自己的安全!”杨明吩咐道。 Em, good, you go, I have not related.” Lin Zhiyun nodded to say. “恩,好的,你去吧,我自己没有关系的。”林芷韵点了点头说道。 Although Yang Ming also has some not to feel relieved that Lin Zhiyun stay here, but Yang Ming currently has a more important matter to do, who is makes clear that baldly is, why must burn own company! 杨明虽然也有有些不放心林芷韵自己留在这里,但是杨明现在有更重要的事情要做,就是搞清楚那个光头到底是什么人,为什么要来烧自己的公司! However, Yang Ming when pursues, gives Bao Sanli to telephone, making him immediately rush to the jewellery company, protects Lin Zhiyun, simultaneously assists to process the scene. 不过,杨明在追过去的时候,还是给暴三立打了个电话,让他立刻赶到珠宝公司,保护林芷韵,同时协助处理一下现场。 Bao Sanli heard that jewellery company has caught fire, the food eats half not to attend, rapid catches up to here, simultaneously catches up also has Hou Zhenhan. Although Hou Zhenhan before and Lin Zhiyun somewhat was awkward, but now already in wholeheartedly has served for Yang Ming, Lin Zhiyun will not say anything. 暴三立听说珠宝公司失火了,连饭吃到一半都不顾了,飞速的向这边赶来,同时赶来的还有侯震撼。虽然侯震撼之前和林芷韵还有些尴尬,不过现在已经在全心全意的为杨明服务了,林芷韵自是不会说什么的。 Yang Ming careful track in bald. Although, he can baldly give to take directly, but actually Yang Ming wants to have a look at this fellow toward where to walk, must make anything. 杨明小心的跟踪在光头的身后。虽然,他可以直接就把光头给拿下,但是杨明还是想看看这家伙究竟往什么地方走,要去做什么。 Has not thought that before like the thing that the movie has seen, unexpectedly became the reality! Including purity that the firers look at! Is this really own new special ability? 没想到,之前自己像过电影一样看到的东西,居然变成了现实!连放火者都看的一清二楚!难道,这真的是自己的新异能么? Yang Ming cannot affirm regarding this. Before discovered after one can unexpectedly changing appearance, Yang Ming has been unalarmed by strange sights. The ability of own this eyeglasses not only limits to farsighted, X-ray / perspective and observing the situation obviously. 杨明对此也不敢肯定。之前发现自己居然能易容之后,杨明就已经见怪不怪了。自己这副眼镜的能力显然不仅仅局限于远视透视和环视。 More mysterious abilities wait for themselves detecting. For example changing appearance, with seeing through other people's idea these abilities, after is, slowly tried to find out discovers. 还有更多的神奇的能力有待自己发觉。比如易容,和看穿他人的想法这些能力,就是之后慢慢摸索发现出来的。 But was this time, special ability had had an effect, Yang Ming did not affirm very much, but regarding oneself this mysterious eyeglasses, all had the possibility! 而这一次,是不是异能又起了作用了,杨明也不是很肯定,不过对于自己这副神奇的眼镜来说,一切皆有可能! Suddenly, Yang Ming has remembered a matter fiercely! A very important matter, that is, in the Nightless Sky entrance, Bao Sanli is attacked that time, oneself have similar experience! 忽然,杨明猛地想起了一件事情来!一件很重要的事情,那就是,在不夜天的门口,暴三立遇袭那一次,自己也有过类似的经历! That time, oneself saw the pitiful condition after BMW brake fail similarly! If were not saw anything ahead of time, oneself definitely will sit boards the vehicle, the later consequence was simply dreadful. 那一次,自己同样看到了宝马车刹车失灵后的惨状!如果不是自己提前的看到了些什么,自己肯定会坐上车子,之后的后果简直不堪设想了。 So looks like, today's matter is by no means coincidental, but has the precedent. Then, is this special ability? Sixth sense? Or knew in advance? 如此看来,今天的事情绝非偶然,而是有先例的。那么,这算不算是一种异能呢?第六感?或者说是预知? Thinks of here, Yang Ming was excited immediately! If have the ability of this foreknowledge, that crisply was askew? Knew in advance that the stock the trend, enters NASDAQ directly, gloom that has not gained? 想到这里,杨明顿时兴奋了起来!如果自己真有这种预知的能力,那岂不是爽歪歪了?预知一下股票的走向,直接杀入纳斯达克,那还不赚的天昏地暗? However, wants to turn over to think that Yang Ming does not know this special ability triggering condition now. In what situation, can trigger the ability of this foreknowledge? 不过,想归想,杨明现在并不知道这个异能的触发条件。到底是何种情况下,才能触发这个预知的能力呢? Remembers before the situation that one this time present the foreknowledge, does not have any special place. Especially today, Yang Ming just and Chen Mengyan and Zhou Jiajia said that this saying, suddenly compulsory watched one to enter the movie that quickly. 记得自己这次出现预知的情况之前,都没有什么特别的地方。尤其是今天,杨明正和陈梦妍周佳佳说这话呢,忽然的就被强制性的观看了一场快进的电影。 As if, oneself have not handled other any matters. Actually does that this ability come out? 似乎,自己并没有做什么其他的事情。那这个能力究竟是怎么出来的? If there is an instruction booklet this well, Yang Ming somewhat regrettable shaking the head, Old man the old man, you give me this contact lenses time, how to give me to supplement an instruction booklet? 如果有个说明书该多好,杨明有些遗憾的摇了摇头,老头呀老头,你给我这隐形眼镜的时候,怎么就不给我附带一份说明书呢? Although this idea is quite shameless, but regarding Yang Ming this insensitive person, what shameless is not, is not shameless, picks up the little girl? It is not shameless, these many wives who which comes? 虽然这个想法比较无耻,不过对于杨明这种厚脸皮的人来说,无耻不算什么,不无耻,怎么泡妞?不无耻,哪儿来的这么多老婆? Although Yang Ming the train of thought fluttered to be very far, but to present tracking object actually slight not any lax, tight following in his not far away. 杨明这边虽然思绪已经飘到了很远,但是对眼前的跟踪目标却丝毫的没有任何松懈,紧紧的跟在他的身后不远处。 But the Yang Ming's track capacity the occupation, the bald man absolutely does not have a detection, but, his vigilance is very high, the midway went to several convenience stores, after going, stayed came out for a long time. 杨明的跟踪能力可是职业的,光头男子根本就没有一丝的察觉,不过,他的警惕性还是很高的,中途去了好几个便利店,进去之后,都是呆了好久才出来。 But comes out, clothes and clothing will also change, but, can these things hide the truth from the Yang Ming's X-ray / perspective eye? The Yang Ming's vision has locked on his body. 而出来的时候,身上的衣服和穿戴也会有所变化,不过,这些身外之物怎么能瞒得过杨明的透视眼呢?杨明的目光一直锁定在他的身上。 A comparison certainly, this fellow unexpectedly has gone after a main entrance of retail shop, from the back door walked. This regarding Yang Ming, radically is the procedure of making a futile effort. 还有一次比较绝,这家伙居然从一间小卖店的正门进去了之后,又从后门走了出去。只是,这对于杨明来说,根本是徒劳无功的做法。 Yang Ming follows in the bald man, had arrived around the Songjiang south industrial district! 杨明跟在光头男子的身后,一直来到了松江城南的工业区附近! Here was some factory warehouses and workshops, the meaning of uncle Yang Dashan was also, the preparation constructed a large-scale modernized workshop here! Yang Ming is not clear, this bald man comes to this place to make anything! 这里都是一些工厂的仓库和厂房了,大伯杨大山的意思也是,准备在这里建设一座大型的现代化厂房!杨明不明白,这光头男子来这种地方做什么! However, turns over to strangely strangely, Yang Ming has not relaxed vigilantly, the bald man has arrived around a trashcan shortly, then from trashcan side the paper case box of big pile of abandoning, had found a tattered denim book bag, was stepping slantingly the back on the shoulder! 不过,奇怪归奇怪,杨明也没有丝毫放松警惕,眼看着光头男子走到了一个垃圾箱附近,然后从垃圾箱的旁边的一大堆废弃的纸壳箱子里,找到了一个破烂的牛仔布书包,斜跨着背在了肩膀上! What thing in the book bag is? Yang Ming subconscious with special ability across the denim of book bag outer layer, looks to inside. This does not look importantly, in Yang Ming's heart immediately one startled! 书包里面是什么东西?杨明下意识的用异能穿过书包外层的牛仔布,向里面望去。这一望不要紧,杨明的心中登时一惊! Blasting cap! In the entire book bag, has packed the blasting cap! This is the high-risk dangerous exploder, do this bald lane these things do? In Yang Ming heart panic-stricken at the same time, looked to tighten the movement of bald man! 雷管!整个一书包里,装满了雷管!这可是高危险性的爆炸品,这光头弄这些东西干什么?杨明心中惊骇的同时,更加的看紧了光头男子的动作! After the bald man has carried on the back the book bag , to continue walks toward the right front alley, Yang Ming also at a moderate pace following in his surface. 光头男子背上了书包之后,继续向右前方的小路走去,杨明也不紧不慢的跟在他的身后面。 However, after the bald man transferred small curved, Yang Ming finally also guessed correctly the intention of this fellow! If guess good, this fellow wants to explode own warehouse! 不过,当光头男子转了一个小弯儿之后,杨明终于也猜出了这家伙的意图了!如果自己猜的不错的话,这个家伙想要炸自己的仓库! Yang Ming knit the brows, actually this fellow is who sends? How everywhere to aim at itself? Now, the behavior of this bald man was very obvious, first has burnt own company, then explodes own warehouse! Does this fellow and have a grudge? 杨明皱了皱眉,这家伙究竟是谁派来的呢?怎么处处都针对自己?现在,这个光头男子的行为已经很明显了,先是烧了自己的公司,然后又来炸自己的仓库!这家伙和自己有仇? Really, Yang Ming finally guessed the wrong, bald man has not stayed nearby the warehouse of jewellery company, then the squatting lower part of the body, has placed the ground the book bag, has pulled open the book bag, started to take inside blasting cap outward. 果然,杨明猜得没有错,光头男子最终停留在了珠宝公司的仓库跟前,然后蹲下身来,将书包放在了地上,拉开了书包,开始将里面的雷管往外拿。 Young Zheng is taking the blasting cap outward, suddenly felt that own shoulder had been patted, immediately had a scare, heard an ice-cold sound, asked to oneself: What do you want to make?” 郑老六正往外拿着雷管呢,忽然感觉到自己的肩膀被人拍了一下,登时就吓了一大跳,紧接着,就听到了一个冰冷的声音,对自己问道:“你要做什么?”
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