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#864: Chapter 859? Finally winner

Outside Heavenly Flame Cauldron. 天炎鼎外。 A countless vision is looking at the transparent colored glaze great cauldron, they saw similarly that heaven shaking moves the collision of place, but that final result, lets them is looks to shock... 无数道目光望着透明的琉璃巨鼎,他们同样是看见了其中那一场惊天动地的碰撞,而那最后的结果,让得他们所有人都是面露震撼... Everyone didn't expect, this time Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, overall Divine Soul strength strongest Fire Pavilion, has lost to weakest Wind Pavilion unexpectedly... 谁都没想到,此次的天炎祭,整体神魂实力最强的火阁,竟然输给了最弱的风阁... How can like this?” “怎么会这样?” That flame that Wind Pavilion displays finally, is Soul Flame? Can too be also boundless? Common Transformation Realm Divine Soul may not can be this degree.” 风阁最后施展的那火焰,难道是魂炎?可也太磅礴了吧?寻常化境神魂可达不到这种程度。” Key question is why Zhou Yuan can change into Soul Flame Divine Soul of Wind Pavilion people... Soul Flame is the symbol of Transformation Realm Divine Soul, is not the Divine Soul strong and weak can come out precise.” “关键问题是为什么周元能够将风阁众人的神魂化为魂炎...魂炎化境神魂的标志,不是神魂强弱就能够凝炼出来的。” tch tch, this Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord, is not simple.” 啧啧,这风阁阁主,不简单呢。” No wonder Sir Xi Jing will request to change to this time Heavenly Flame Sacrifice competes freely, Wind Pavilion may be gains in a big way...” “难怪郗菁大人会要求将此次的天炎祭改成自由争夺,风阁可算是赚大了...” „......” “......” The countless talking in whispers sound is swinging in the biography, finally outside some vision vague going to Great Flame Mountain the place of roof, today's Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, seems like is competitions between four pavilions, actually is also gambling between that two senior statesmen, what lets all person didn't expect is, should occupy overwhelming superiority Fire Pavilion, finally actually lost. 无数窃窃私语声在传荡着,最后一些目光隐晦的投向大炎山外最高处的地方,今日的天炎祭,看似是四阁间的争夺,其实也算是那两位元老间的一次博弈,只不过让得所有人都没想到的是,原本应该占据绝对优势的火阁,最终却是输了。 Thinks in this time Sect Master Xuan Kun heart should some anger... 想必此时的玄鲲宗主心中应该有些怒意吧... But in that countless vision gaze, on roof magma Fire Lotus, Xi Jing and Sect Master Xuan Kun also vision slowly takes back from Heavenly Flame Cauldron. 而在那无数目光注视中,最高处岩浆火莲上,郗菁玄鲲宗主也是将目光缓缓的从天炎鼎收回。 The Xi Jing smiling face like the flower, turns the head to say with a smile to Sect Master Xuan Kun: It seems like this year's Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, must apologize Sect Master Xuan Kun.” 郗菁笑颜如花,转头冲着玄鲲宗主笑道:“看来今年的天炎祭,要谢过玄鲲宗主了。” The Sect Master Xuan Kun old face slight mighty waves, had not said: It seems like the Xi Jing senior statesman found a good seedling.” 玄鲲宗主苍老的面庞没有丝毫的波澜,道:“看来郗菁元老真的是找到一个好苗子啊。” Actually this is Zhou Yuan what origin? Some Origin Technique that he has, may not be ordinary, formerly that numerous power of Divine Soul transformation was the Soul Flame method, should be extremely fierce Origin Technique, this Origin Technique, placed our Heaven Abyss Territory is top.” “不过这周元究竟是什么来历?他身怀的一些源术,可并不普通,先前那一手将众多神魂之力转化为魂炎的手段,应该是一种极为厉害的源术,这种源术,放在我们天渊域都算是顶尖了。” Has this background, likely is not common loose cultivator, I suggested actually the Xi Jing senior statesman investigate to slightly well.” “有这种底蕴,不像是寻常散修啊,我倒是建议郗菁元老稍微调查一下为好。” Xi Jing careless say/way: My Heaven Abyss Territory broad eight side supreme talent, never care about the family background, this is the rule that the master left behind in the past, so long as this Zhou Yuan has the skill, I dare to use him, so long as treats with respect, even if he has any status, in the future also will be my Heaven Abyss Territory person.” 郗菁漫不经心的道:“我天渊域广纳八方天骄,从不在意出身,这是师父当年所留下的规则,只要这周元有本事,我就敢用他,只要以诚相待,就算他有什么身份,未来也将会是我天渊域的人。” Sect Master Xuan Kun indifferently said: Since the Xi Jing senior statesman heart is so broad, the old man naturally many did not say anything, this Heavenly Flame Sacrifice unfavorable situation, although loses face, but also not necessarily is the misdemeanor, thinks that this will also let Lu Xiao alerting, after all the struggle of following Chief Pavilion Lord, is the most important matter.” 玄鲲宗主淡淡的道:“既然郗菁元老心胸如此广阔,那老夫自然也不好多说什么,此次的天炎祭失利,虽说丢脸,但也不见得是坏事,想必这也会让得吕霄更为的警醒,毕竟接下来的总阁主之争,才是最为重要之事。” He turns the head deeply looked at Xi Jing senior statesman one eyes, said: However the struggle of Chief Pavilion Lord, but on true spelling must be individual strength, with this Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, may not be completely different.” 他转头深深的看了郗菁元老一眼,道:“而总阁主之争,可就真正的拼得是个人实力,跟这天炎祭,可完全不一样了。” Xi Jing chuckle, said: I believe Zhou Yuan's individual strength, not weakly in whose.” 郗菁轻笑一声,道:“我相信周元的个人实力,也不会弱于谁的。” Two people look at each other one, then did not have to say again, slow leisurely reclamation vision. 两人对视一眼,然后都是没有再多说,慢悠悠的收回目光。 This struggling, these years two people have been used to it, seat that the elder rolls, is other important positions, must always have one manipulate strategically. 这种明争暗斗,这些年两人都已经习惯了,不论是长老团的席位,还是其他重要的职位,总是少不了一番勾心斗角。 ... ... In Heavenly Flame Cauldron. 天炎鼎内。 When Fire Pavilion forces vanishes cleanly, Zhou Yuan is also relaxing of feeling relieved, many trump card have used up, if Fire Pavilion can also insist, he also is really helpless a little, no matter after all his method is fierce, Wind Pavilion and Fire Pavilion overall disparity is very big. 火阁人马消失得干干净净的时候,周元也是如释重负的松了一口气,诸多底牌都用光了,如果火阁还能坚持的话,他也就真的是有点无奈了,毕竟不管他手段再厉害,风阁火阁整体的差距还是非常大的。 Simultaneously Zhou Yuan also a little rejoiced that he has prepared Devouring the Soul origin marks this together trump card, otherwise, depending on Soul Lantern Technique, finally is unlikely hard to strive to turn the tide. 同时周元也有点庆幸他多准备了吞魂源痕这一道底牌,不然的话,光凭魂灯术,恐怕最终难以力挽狂澜。 After all Fire Pavilion this time, is prepares extremely completely. 毕竟火阁此次,也是准备得极为周全。 Pavilion Lord is invincible!” 阁主无敌!” Pavilion Lord is invincible!” 阁主无敌!” When Zhou Yuan in relaxing, in that below Wind Pavilion army, erupts the deafening shouting sound suddenly, sees only all Wind Pavilion members is the look frantic stares at Zhou Yuan, the face is becoming flushed. 而当周元在松气的时候,那下方的风阁大军之中,忽然爆发出震耳欲聋的嘶吼声,只见得所有风阁成员都是眼神狂热的盯着周元,面庞涨红。 This time they, obviously in the heart are also the incomparable excitements, after all Wind Pavilion was suppressed too many years by Fire Pavilion, in recent years, the Wind Pavilion member does not know the innermost feelings have silted up many aggrieved meaning is actually not able to release, that is not does not want to release, but does not dare with unqualified. 此时的他们,显然心中也是无比的激动,毕竟风阁火阁压制了太多年,这些年来,风阁成员不知道内心淤积了多少的憋屈之意却无法释放,那不是不想释放,而是不敢与不够资格。 But now, they actually under Zhou Yuan's leads, on this Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, has defeated Fire Pavilion open and aboveboard! 可如今,他们却是在周元的率领下,在这天炎祭上,堂堂正正的击败了火阁 This tone leaves, it may be said that is full. 这口气出得,可谓是酣畅淋漓。 Although in all person hearts clear, the reason that they can win is trump card that because Zhou Yuan prepares, but this how? Zhou Yuan now is their Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord, entire Wind Pavilion, naturally is if one prospers, all prospers. 虽然所有人心中都清楚,他们能够取胜的原因是因为周元所准备的底牌,可这又如何呢?周元如今是他们风阁阁主,整个风阁,自然算是一荣俱荣 Therefore at this time Zhou Yuan in the heart of Wind Pavilion member, that status rose dramatically simply directly during nearly frantic worship. 所以此时周元风阁成员的心中,那地位简直是直接飙升到了一种近乎狂热的崇拜之中。 Zhou Yuan looks at their types more excited much the appearance, is a little helpless, has not to respond them, went to the Mountain Pavilion army in distant place to be at the vision. 周元瞧得他们那种激动得失态的模样,也是有点无奈,只好不搭理他们,将目光投向了远处的山阁大军所在。 This time Han Yuan, is the brow tight wrinkle is staring at him, in the eye is also remaining a vibration, obviously had not been recovered by the clear result from Fire Pavilion. 此时的韩渊,也是眉头紧皱的盯着他,眼中还残留着一丝震动,显然也还没从火阁被清楚的结果中回过神来。 Pavilion Lord Han Yuan, puts the Forest Pavilion people.” Zhou Yuan smiled, said. 韩渊阁主,将林阁众人都放出来吧。”周元笑了笑,道。 Han Yuan raises both hands, said: Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan, this is gratitude and grudges between your Wind Pavilion and Fire Pavilion, since has solved, what that didn't have to relate with our Mountain Pavilion?” 韩渊举起双手,道:“周元阁主,这是你们风阁火阁之间的恩怨,既然已经解决了,那也就跟我们山阁没什么关系了吧?” The present aspect, the Fire Pavilion group extinguishes, if Wind Pavilion and Forest Pavilion collaborate, where the Mountain Pavilion result also very to goes. 眼下的局面,火阁团灭,如果风阁林阁联手的话,山阁的结局也好不到哪里去。 Therefore this Mountain Pavilion Pavilion Lord, directly is the raising hand surrender without hesitation, indicated to admit defeat. 所以这位山阁阁主,直接是毫不犹豫的举手投降,表示服软。 We let loose Forest Pavilion, then does well water not interfering with river water, respectively how collect Heavenly Sun Flame?” “我们放开林阁,接下来井水不犯河水,各自采集天阳炎如何?” Zhou Yuan is staring at Han Yuan, latter this not loathsome surrender surprises him actually somewhat, this person, but also is really not general knowing the limitation, no wonder initially will give up attaching great importance to of Senior Sister Xi Jing, the revolutions throws Mountain Pavilion. 周元凝视着韩渊,后者这种毫不拖泥带水的投降倒是让得他有些意外,这人,还真不是一般的识相,也难怪当初会放弃郗菁师姐的重视,转投山阁 However, finally he shook the head, earnest say/way: Pavilion Lord Han Yuan, this is the road that you choose, then naturally must pay some prices for the select error finally.” 不过,最终他还是摇了摇头,认真的道:“韩渊阁主,这是你选择的路,那么最后自然是要为选择错误而付出一些代价。” Now the aspect had been controlled by him, will he possibly remain to rob the Heavenly Sun Flame share Mountain Pavilion? 如今局面已被他掌控,他怎么可能会将山阁留下来抢夺天阳炎份额? After all if the present is the Fire Pavilion win, Zhou Yuan does not believe that Han Yuan will say puts a Forest Pavilion horse... 毕竟如果眼下是火阁取胜的话,周元可不会相信韩渊会说放林阁一马... The Han Yuan corners of the mouth have pulled out pulling out slightly, the look hidden in the shade. 韩渊嘴角微微抽了抽,眼神阴翳了一些。 Bang! 轰! However, but also does not need he to answer, on mountain top that Forest Pavilion is, defends barrier to withdraw suddenly, the boundless Divine Soul torrent impact, broke in Mountain Pavilion forces directly, such as giant dragon wreak havoc comes. 不过,还不待他回话,那林阁所在的山头上,防御结界忽然撤去,磅礴的神魂洪流冲击而出,直接是冲入了山阁人马中,如巨龙般的肆虐开来。 Mu Qingyan!” 木青烟!” The Han Yuan eye contains the ghost, coldly looked young girl Divine Soul that rearward that raises together slowly. 韩渊眼目含煞,冷冷的看向后方那一道缓缓升起的少女神魂 In Mu Qingyan behind, Forest Pavilion numerous Divine Soul also raise, ruthlessly is staring at Mountain Pavilion. 木青烟身后,林阁众多神魂也是升起,狠狠的盯着山阁 Idle talk are really many, don't you want to hit a moment ago? Now we accompany you!” Mu Qingyan sneers, half a word idle talk were not many said, transfers Forest Pavilion huge power of Divine Soul directly, was launching the attack to Mountain Pavilion. “废话真多,你们刚才不是想打吗?现在我们陪你!”木青烟冷笑,半句废话不多说,直接是调动林阁庞大的神魂之力,对山阁所在发动了攻击。 Han Yuan complexion gloomy, was waving to Zhao Yin, the latter is also stimulates to movement Mountain Pavilion power of Divine Soul to meet head-on immediately. 韩渊面色阴沉,对着赵寅挥了挥手,后者立即也是催动山阁神魂之力迎战。 hōng hōng! 轰轰 both sides encounter, immediately causes Heaven and Earth to be turbulent, intense incomparable. 双方交锋,顿时引得天地动荡,激烈无比。 However this entanglement has not continued to be too long, because Zhou Yuan had not looked that patiently they such hit, therefore he is stimulates to movement Wind Pavilion power of Divine Soul to participate directly, is uniting the Mu Qingyan offensive, encircles to beat savagely Mountain Pavilion. 不过这种纠缠并没有持续太久,因为周元也没耐心看他们这么打下去,所以他直接是催动风阁神魂之力参与进去,联合着木青烟的攻势,将山阁围起来暴打。 But is facing Wind Pavilion, collaboration of Forest Pavilion, Mountain Pavilion naturally is presents the potential of routed. 而面对着风阁,林阁的联手,山阁这边自然是呈现溃败之势。 Short the half-stick of incense time, the Mountain Pavilion group extinguishes. 短短不过半柱香的时间,山阁团灭。 Zhou Yuan, Mu Liu, hopes struggle of above your Chief Pavilion Lord, but can also smile!” When Han Yuan Divine Soul is also illusory, finally when changes into the flame shoots up to the sky, his angry gloomy sound resounds. 周元,木柳,希望你们总阁主之争上面,还能笑得出来!”当韩渊神魂也是虚幻,最后化为火光冲天而起时,他那恼怒阴沉的声音响起。 However Zhou Yuan and Mu Liu do not have anything to pay attention, the latter instead is to his is ascending to heaven, but Divine Soul smiling face bright raising hand. 不过周元木柳都是没什么理会,后者反而是对着他那升天而起的神魂笑容灿烂的扬了扬手。 When Fire Pavilion, the Mountain Pavilion group extinguishes all, in this Heavenly Flame Cauldron resounded through Wind Pavilion and Forest Pavilion cheers. 火阁,山阁尽数团灭时,这天炎鼎内响彻起了风阁林阁的欢呼声。 Because they know, following Wind Pavilion and Forest Pavilion, will divide equally in Heavenly Flame Cauldron all Heavenly Sun Flame... 因为他们知晓,接下来的风阁林阁,将会平分天炎鼎内所有的天阳炎... This time Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, they became the final winner... 此次的天炎祭,他们成为了最后的赢家... ( This week of matter is a much less, possibly a number of times will be many, after finishing, will restore.) hundred degrees celsius Venerable Yuan outstanding numerous literatures latest chapter first free reading. (这一周事情有点多,可能一更的次数会多一点,等忙完后就会恢复。)百度一下“元尊杰众文学”最新章节第一时间免费阅读。
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