VY :: Volume #8

#736: Blue Profound (Cang Xuan) spars

When the void end was torn a crack, when ice-cold golden sets upright in an item of entokinetic fissure looks, sky over Black Abyss all top expert had also realized, their raised the head comes, then the faces of all people in this time little solidification. 当虚空的尽头被撕裂开一道裂缝,冰冷的金色竖目自裂缝中看下来时,黑渊上空的各方顶尖强者也是有所察觉,他们抬起头来,然后所有人的面庞都是在此时一点点的凝固。 Even if the people of Headmaster Qing Yang their this grade of strength, in the eye is also has the alarmed and afraid color to reappear. 即便是青阳掌教他们这等实力的人,眼中也是有着惊惧之色浮现。 That is... Saint Race?!” “那是...圣族?!” Many expert sounds bring a point to shiver, the scared look on face is hard to conceal. 诸多强者声音都是带着一点颤抖,面庞上的惧色难以掩饰。 These expert on the scene, are in Blue Profound Heaven Top Rank, they naturally know Saint Race exist(ence), actually therefore they also clear that so-called Saint Race is the what kind of fearfulness. 在场的这些强者,算是苍玄天顶尖级别的,他们自然知晓圣族存在,所以他们也更加的清楚那所谓的圣族究竟是何等的可怕。 Thought back on the past years, even if were the Old Ancestor Cang Xuan heyday, finally was hunted and killed by Saint Race. 遥想当年,就算是苍玄老祖全盛时期,最终都是被圣族所猎杀。 Entire Heavenly Origin Realm Nine Heavens, countless life race unites together, can strive with Saint Race contends... 整个天源界九天,无数生灵种族联合在一起,才能够勉力与圣族相抗衡... Everyone didn't expect, the battle in this Blue Profound Heaven, will cause that today finally unexpectedly Saint Race comes. 谁都没想到,今日这场苍玄天之内的争斗,最终竟然会引得圣族现身。 Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion is dignified, cannot attend to Palace Master Sheng Yuan again, he is built on side Yao Yao, look tight stares at the void end appear(ance) golden to set upright the item. 苍玄老祖面色凝重,再也顾不上圣元宫主,他立于夭夭身旁,眼神紧紧的盯着虚空尽头所出现金色竖目。 Even if away from extremely remote distance, but he can feel as before the terrifying that in that golden vertical contains fluctuates. 即便是隔着极为遥远的距离,但他依旧是能够感觉到那金色竖目中所蕴含的恐怖波动。 This golden sets upright the item is the symbol of Saint Race, according to his estimate, at least gathered three Saint Race top expert strengths, will otherwise be impossible Primordial Punishing Saint Formation to rip open a slit. 金色竖目是圣族的标志,按照他的估计,其中至少都汇聚了三位圣族至强者的力量,不然的话不可能将“混元诛圣阵”撕开一道缝隙。 „It looks like they can only enter the strength transmission, the true body is impossible to arrive.” Old Ancestor Cang Xuan sound solemnly said. “不过看来他们只能够将力量传递而进,真身却不可能降临下来。”苍玄老祖声音低沉的道 In the past Saint Race can arrive at Blue Profound Heaven to encircle and hunt him, that is because Palace Master Sheng Yuan took the trouble to think to receive and instruct, under condition that but in has not received and instructed now, even if Saint Race top expert, was hard to arrive at the true body. 当年圣族能够降临苍玄天围猎他,那是因为圣元宫主费尽了心思接引,但如今在没有接引的条件下,就算是圣族至强者,也难以将真身降临。 However, collaborations of three Saint Race top expert, even if only the strength transmission enters , was quite astonishing. 不过,三位圣族至强者的联手,即便只是力量传递而进,也是极为的惊人了。 hōng hōng! 轰轰 Endless void above, huge golden sets upright the item to overlook this side Heaven and Earth, the next quarter, white thunder ray penetrated endless void, is carrying the infinite prestige, direct appear(ance) sky over Black Abyss. 无尽虚空之上,巨大的金色竖目俯视这方天地,下一刻,白色的雷光穿透了无尽虚空,携带着无穷之威,直接出现在了黑渊上空。 Points to Yao Yao! 直指夭夭 When that white thunder ray appear(ance), entire Heaven and Earth is shivering, space unceasing cracking, changes into the countless debris. 那白色雷光出现时,整个天地都是在颤抖,空间不断的崩裂,化为无数空间碎片。 Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion is dignified, his both hands close up, vast Origin Qi howls, rapid above cavitation for nine giant bronze light wheel, each ray of light wheel, is about ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), cover the sky blocks out the sun. 苍玄老祖面色凝重,他双手合拢,浩瀚的源气呼啸而出,迅速的在其上空化为了九道巨大的青铜光轮,每一道光轮,都是万丈左右,遮天蔽日。 Azure deep profound light!” “青冥玄光!” Old Ancestor Cang Xuan drinks to resound lowly, sees only nine giant bronze light wheel immediately to rotate, vast Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth was entered by all swallowing, next one flickers, nine azure light rainbows, spray from that light wheel in suddenly. 苍玄老祖低喝响起,只见得九道巨大的青铜光轮顿时转动起来,天地间的浩瀚源气被尽数的吞入其中,下一瞬,九道青色光虹,猛然自那光轮中喷射而出。 Buzz! Buzz! 嗡!嗡! azure profound light howls, the place visited, all materials were melted. 青色玄光呼啸而过,所过之处,一切的物质都被消融。 Bang! 轰! In that countless panic-stricken vision, azure profound light in that void above, with falling white thunder ray collision together, that flickers radiant radiance that erupts, has covered directly up the horizon hot sun. 在那无数道惊骇的目光中,青色玄光在那虚空之上,与落将下来的白色雷光碰撞在一起,那一瞬爆发出来的璀璨光芒,直接是将天际烈日都是遮掩了下去。 The strength that the collision that this flickers erupts perhaps, the life in less than half Blue Profound Heaven, can induce. 这一瞬的碰撞所爆发出来的力量,恐怕小半个苍玄天内的生灵,都是能够感应到。 The white thunder was stopped by azure profound light, cannot fall. 白色的雷霆被青色玄光所阻拦,未能落下。 But at this time, in endless void beside golden vertical, seems has the anger to emerge, just like is affronted dignifiedly general, the next quarter, countless white thunder ray started to fuse. 而此时,无尽虚空之外的金色竖目中,似乎是有着怒火涌现,犹如被冒犯了威严一般,下一刻,无数白色的雷光开始融合。 hōng hōng! 轰轰 White thunder ray roared, was sending out Destruction Power, after counting breaths, the white thunder beast that was huge cannot see the end, from that thunder ray in precise. 白色雷光咆哮,散发着毁灭之力,数息之后,一头庞大得看不见尽头的白色雷兽,自那雷光中凝炼而出。 That white thunder beast is nine beasts, roared, startling thunderclap disruption Heaven and Earth. 那白色雷兽似是九头之兽,咆哮间,惊雷碎裂天地 Roar! 吼! The white thunder beast forming, treads void arrival fast immediately, but , when it falls, don't says this Black Abyss, perhaps entire Boundless Continent, by its destruction. 白色雷兽成形,顿时踏碎虚空飞快的降临而至,若是当其落下时,莫说这黑渊,恐怕整个苍茫大陆,都将会被其毁灭。 Nine white thunder beasts...” “九头白雷兽...” Looked at that white thunder beast, in the Old Ancestor Cang Xuan eye was passing over gently and swiftly wipes grave expression, was facing so the offensive, even if were he of heyday, does not dare to have slight belittling. 望着那白色雷兽,苍玄老祖的眼中掠过一抹凝重之色,面对着这般攻势,即便是全盛时期的他,亦不敢有丝毫的小觑。 His took a deep breath, the vision goes to nihility space, stoops slightly. 深吸一口气,目光投向虚无空间之中,微微弯身。 Now, but must reply on your strength.” “如今,还得借助你的力量了。” In the nihility space, Blue Profound Saint Seal vibrates slightly, vanishes baseless, once more when appear(ance), then arrived in front of Old Ancestor Cang Xuan. 虚无空间内,苍玄圣印微微震动,凭空消失,再次出现时,便是来到了苍玄老祖面前。 Old Ancestor Cang Xuan stretches out the palm, grasps above Saint Seal, that flash, his imposing manner becomes entirely different, an indescribable pressure and great antiquity air/Qi, send out from his within the body. 苍玄老祖伸出手掌,握于圣印之上,那一瞬间,他的气势变得截然不同起来,一股无法形容的威压与洪荒之气,从他的体内散发出来。 This time Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, just like wielding of this side Heaven and Earth. 此时的苍玄老祖,宛如这方天地之执掌者。 In entire Blue Profound Heaven that vast endless Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, will fall into his wielding. 整个苍玄天内那浩瀚无尽的天地源气,都将落入他的执掌之中。 Palace Master Sheng Yuan looks at this time Old Ancestor Cang Xuan, in the eye is having the color of thick envy to reappear, this is Heavenly Lord's Position, can true wielding Heaven and Earth! 圣元宫主望着此时的苍玄老祖,眼中有着浓浓的嫉妒之色浮现出来,这就是天主之位,能够真正的执掌天地 Continuously mysterious day azure mist, curls to raise from Blue Profound Saint Seal. 一缕缕玄妙的天青色雾气,自苍玄圣印之中袅袅升起。 Mist rapid elevation, but Origin Qi in this side Heaven and Earth, crazy wells up to melt with the mist. 雾气迅速的升高,而这方天地内的源气,疯狂的涌来与雾气相融。 The day azure mist is getting more and more huge, cover the sky blocks out the sun, when finally, the mist diverges, deep azure giant dragon, appear(ance) in the lines of sight of all people. 青色雾气越来越庞大,遮天蔽日,待得最后,雾气散去时,一头深青色巨龙,出现在了所有人的视线之中。 That azure giant dragon extremely huge, each scale is the zhang (3.33 m) controls, above inscribes the most ancient trace, it sends out heaven shaking dragon roar, under Dragon's roar, countless expert is realizes, meaning of the trembling, sends out from the Divine Soul deep place. 青色巨龙极其的巨大,每一枚鳞片都是丈许左右,其上铭刻着最为古老的纹路,它发出惊天龙吟,龙吟声下,无数强者都是察觉到,一股战栗之意,自神魂深处散发出来。 Roar!” “吼!” azure giant dragon face upwards the long and loud cry, the next quarter, a Dragon's Tail swayed, the void disruption, merely one suddenly, it was appear(ance) in endless void beside, tried to dash together with that to nine white thunder beasts that in Blue Profound Heaven was falling directly. 青色巨龙仰天长啸,下一刻,龙尾一摆,虚空碎裂,仅仅一个眨眼间,它便是出现在了无尽虚空之外,直接与那试图对着苍玄天内落去的九头白雷兽冲撞在一起 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Two extinguish world giant beast to bump into, just like is two stars disrupts outside void, energy storm wreak havoc Heaven and Earth. 两头灭世巨兽相撞,犹如是两颗星辰于虚空外碎裂,能量风暴肆虐天地 Sky over Black Abyss, many expert complexion alarmed and afraid is looking at the remote void outside hit, even if is away from so is away from, that shock wave makes their some palpitations as before. 黑渊上空,诸多强者面色惊惧的望着遥远虚空外的撞击,即便是隔着如此距离,那种冲击波依旧是令得他们有些心悸。 The confrontation of this rank, may really be destroy the Heaven and exterminate the Earth. 这种级别的交锋,可真的是毁天灭地 However, Old Ancestor Cang Xuan resistance of repeatedly, has enraged obviously also Saint Race top expert outside that wall, sees only that white thunder continuous penetration wall to come, crazy arrival. 不过,苍玄老祖的屡屡抵抗,显然也是激怒了那界壁外的圣族至强者,只见得那白色雷霆源源不断的穿透界壁而来,疯狂的降临。 Old Ancestor Cang Xuan complexion gloomy, is stimulating to movement Blue Profound Saint Seal, unceasing resistance. 苍玄老祖面色阴沉,催动着苍玄圣印,不断的抵御。 Suddenly, both sides somewhat refuse to budge faintly. 一时间,双方隐隐有些僵持。 However lets the matter that Old Ancestor Cang Xuan relaxed slightly, outside Blue Profound Heaven Primordial Punishing Saint Formation might extremely powerful, this command Saint Race top expert does not dare throughout extremely dissolute, otherwise, depending on this condition, feared that is very difficult to resist opposite party several top expert. 不过稍微让得苍玄老祖松了一口气的事,苍玄天外的“混元诛圣阵”威力极强,这令得圣族至强者始终不敢太过的放肆,不然的话,凭他这种状态,怕是很难抵御对方数位至强者 When Old Ancestor Cang Xuan is used to resist Saint Race top expert all energy, anybody has not actually realized, in Palace Master Sheng Yuan of that distant place, in his both eyes, resembling has the strange white gloss, gradually surges. 只是,当苍玄老祖将所有的精力用来对抗圣族至强者的时候,却并没有任何人察觉到,在那远处的圣元宫主,他的双目之中,似是有着诡异的白色光泽,渐渐的涌动起来。 golden flame that above his top of the head drifts from place to place, then in this time little abundance, ultimately has formed the golden Saint Fire light lotus... 他头顶之上飘忽不定的金色火苗,则是在此时一点点的雄厚,最终又是形成了金色圣火光莲... His strength, selected for promotion Saint Realm! 他的实力,又拔升到了圣者境 The corners of the mouth of Palace Master Sheng Yuan, raise wipe the strange happy expression. 圣元宫主的嘴角,掀起一抹诡异笑意。 In instance of Palace Master Sheng Yuan top of the head Saint Fire light lotus forming, in Old Ancestor Cang Xuan heart terrified one startled, finally had realized, vision One Revolution, has then found former's change, immediately his pupil shrinks suddenly. 就在圣元宫主头顶圣火光莲成形的瞬间,苍玄老祖心中悚然一惊,终于是有所察觉,目光一转,便是瞧见了前者的变化,当即其瞳孔骤缩。 Saint Race Saint Qi?” 圣族圣气?” Awful, this Saint Race was sneaks Blue Profound Heaven the strength unexpectedly in secret, the amplification Sheng Yuan!” “糟糕,这圣族竟是暗中将力量潜入苍玄天,增幅了圣元!” This Saint Race spars with him at the same time, but tries to involve it obviously, has the method in secret. 圣族一面与他斗法,但显然只是试图将其牵扯,暗中却是另有手段。 Hehe, Blue Profound (Cang Xuan), I have said that the struggle of today, Destiny not that side you!” “呵呵,苍玄,我说过,今日之争,气运可不在你那一边!” Palace Master Sheng Yuan long smiles to make noise, next one flickers, his form disappears, directly was appear(ance) in the Yao Yao's front, a look cold and gloomy palm is to the Yao Yao heavily racket. 圣元宫主长笑出声,下一瞬,他身影消失,直接是出现在了夭夭的前方,眼神森冷的一掌便是对着夭夭重重的拍去。 I must have a look today actually, are actually you what thing?!” “我今日倒是要看看,你究竟是个什么东西?!”
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