VY :: Volume #6

#568: Ning Mo

The peaks and ridges fold the screen-like mountain peak in the hills, that numerous vision, is the gathering in that from top of the green peak appears, but the form, in these vision is filling thick astonished. 峰峦叠嶂的群山间,那众多的目光,都是汇聚于那自一座青峰之顶浮现而出的身影,那些目光中充满着浓浓的惊愕。 Obviously they are startled by the words that formerly this person's shadow said. 显然他们都被先前这道人影所说的话惊到了。 At present this person, how dares under this aspect, to Saint Palace's chief such disrespects... This courage, was too big! 眼前这人,怎么敢在这个局面下,对圣宫的首席如此的不敬…这胆子,也太大了吧! In the mountain valley, Jin Zhang and the others looked at that form, after instantaneous astonished, is losing one's voice that cannot bear: Zhou Yuan?!” 山谷之中,金章等人瞧得那道身影,在经过瞬间的惊愕后,便是忍不住的失声:“周元?!” Chief Zhou Yuan?!” 周元首席?!” Their didn't expect, first catches up to rescue obviously, can be Zhou Yuan unexpectedly. 他们显然都没想到,第一个赶来救援的,竟然会是周元 chief?” 首席?” In the midair, Ning Mo also heard these screams, immediately the vision is some hiddens in the shade goes to that say/way to grasp the motley black brush young form, indifferently said: Your Blue Profound Sect also was really more and more bad, linked Absolute Beginning Realm 7-layer Heaven unexpectedly, can become chief?” 半空中,宁墨也是听见了那些惊呼声,当即目光便是有些阴翳的投向那道手持斑驳黑笔的年轻身影,淡淡的道:“你们苍玄宗还真是越来越不济了,竟然连一个太初境七重天,也能成为首席?” His corners of the mouth bend the contemptuous curve. 他的嘴角弯起轻蔑的弧度。 So strength, even if in Saint Province Continent any first-class influence, perhaps does not have the qualifications becomes chief.” “这般实力,就算是在圣州大陆任何一方一流势力中,恐怕都没资格成为首席。” Ning Mo is staring at Zhou Yuan, the tone is gentle, but is containing together cold and gloomy killing intent: Boy, kneels down the words that now admits mistakes, perhaps I can harbor some mercy, has only sheared your tongue, to do small disciplinary punishment.” 宁墨盯着周元,语气平缓,但却蕴含着一道森冷的杀意:“小子,现在跪下认错的话,或许我可以怀着一些慈悲,只割了你的舌头,以作小小惩戒。” In that distant place, all parties' forces is also staring here, talked in whispers. 在那远处,各方的人马也是盯着这边,窃窃私语。 „Is the boy unexpectedly also Blue Profound Sect's chief?” “那小子竟然也是苍玄宗的首席?” Blue Profound Sect's chief how such weakness?” 苍玄宗的首席怎会如此之弱?” But that Jin Zhang shouted very much clearly...” “但那金章可是喊得很清楚…” Does not know any situation, but did not matter, although this boy some courage, but was actually too stupid, dared saying that to Ning Mo that dissolute words, today thinks that must pay the heavy price.” “不知道什么情况,不过也无所谓了,这小子虽然有些勇气,但却是太蠢了一些,竟敢对宁墨说那种放肆的话,今日想必是要付出惨重代价。” „...” “…” In their opinion, merely is only 7-layer Heaven Zhou Yuan, in this situation, brings death simply. 在他们看来,仅仅只是七重天周元,在这种场合下,简直就是送死。 Under the gathering of that many vision, Zhou Yuan smiled actually, he has not paid attention to that Ning Mo, but looks at towards the mountain valley Jin Zhang and the others, said: „Are you all right?” 在那诸多目光的汇聚下,周元倒是笑了笑,他并未理会那宁墨,只是看向山谷中的金章等人,道:“你们没事吧?” Jin Zhang shook the head, said: Zhou Yuan, your?” 金章摇了摇头,道:“周元,就你一人吗?” On other forces rushes, I first to one step.” Zhou Yuan said, he is here the worry cannot support, therefore just now picked up the speed, but at present looks like, comes the precisely time. “其他人马上赶到,我先到一步。”周元说道,他是担心这边支撑不住,所以方才加快了速度,不过眼下看来,来得正是时候。 Jin Zhang selects nods, a Origin Pattern Brush swayed, forehead power of Divine Soul surges, then must lift off, to help Zhou Yuan. 金章点头,源纹笔一摆,眉心神魂之力涌动,便要升空而起,去助周元 Bang! 轰! However his form just moved, above sky, has the wild incomparable fresh breeze to howl suddenly together , the earth cracks, under Jin Zhang Origin Pattern Brush, rapid has Origin Pattern to flow, changes into says the ray of light circle. 不过他身影刚动,天空之上,忽有一道狂暴无匹的劲风呼啸而下,大地都是崩裂,金章源纹笔下,迅速的有着源纹流淌而出,化为道道光圈。 pēng pēng! 砰砰 Aperture all shatter, but the Jin Zhang form is also flutters to draw back, raised the head comes, complexion dignified is looking in the midair, sees only there to have tall robust form stood high up in the sky. 光圈尽数的破碎,不过金章身影也是飘飞而退,抬起头来,面色凝重的望着半空中,只见得那里有着一道高壮的身影凌空而立 He grasps the black iron rod, complexion indifferently, occupying a commanding position looks. 他手持黑色铁棍,面色漠然,居高临下的看过来。 precisely Saint Palace another chief, Wang Yuan. 正是圣宫另外一位首席,王渊 Honest staying in valley.” The Wang Yuan sound indifferently, then he slightly leaning the head, looks to Ning Mo, said: One minute.” “都老老实实的呆在谷里面吧。”王渊声音漠然,然后他微微偏头,看向宁墨,道:“一分钟时间。” Ning Mo hearing this, the corners of the mouth have to wipe name grinning hideously to allow to reappear, said: Was enough, I will break his four limbs, lets his forever kneeling here, let afterward person observing and emulating.” 宁墨闻言,嘴角有着一抹狰狞笑容浮现出来,道:“足够了,我会打断他的四肢,让他永远的跪在这里,让后来的人观摩。” During the spoken languages, killing intent almost must fill the air. 言语之间,杀意几乎是要弥漫出来。 Obviously, Zhou Yuan has enraged this Saint Palace's chief. 显然,周元激怒了这位圣宫的首席 Bang! 轰! When its sound falls, the Ning Mo clothes robe agitates suddenly, vigorous Origin Qi sweeps across from its within the body just like the storm generally, is bringing the tyrannical constriction. 当其声音落下时,宁墨的衣袍猛然鼓动,雄浑的源气宛如风暴一般自其体内席卷而出,带来着强横的压迫感。 Origin Qi that then sends out from his within the body, presents the crimson color, is filling the high temperature, looks from afar, just like the giant column of flame, shoots up to the sky. 那自他体内散发出来的源气,呈现赤红色彩,弥漫着高温,远远看去,宛如巨大的火柱,冲天而起。 Bang! 轰! In the Ning Mo eye has crimson to ascend, his double palm grasps, together crimson Origin Qi long whip appear(ance) in his hand, long whip just like giant python tearing sky, ruthlessly to Zhou Yuan in it place, heavily is flinging. 宁墨眼中有着赤红升腾,他双掌一握,一道赤红源气长鞭出现在其手中,长鞭宛如巨蟒般的撕裂天空,狠狠的对着周元所在之地,重重甩下。 Scoffs! 嗤啦! The air was burnt in this time. 空气都是在此时被燃烧。 The prestige of that whip, swift and fierce overbearing. 那一鞭之威,凌厉霸道。 The long whip howls, Zhou Yuan's body rapid void transformation. 长鞭呼啸而下,周元的身躯迅速的虚化 The crimson Origin Qi long whip falls in the Zhou Yuan body, is actually the penetration goes, that is together afterimage. 赤红源气长鞭落在周元身躯上,却是穿透而去,那是一道残影 Bang! 轰! The long whip falls in the ground, the entire summit explodes in this time, the fissure spreads, the giant stone tumbles. 长鞭落在地面上,整座山顶都是在此时爆裂开来,裂痕蔓延,巨石滚落。 Ning Mo sneers, the palm shakes, the crimson Origin Qi long whip changes instantaneously, is flinging to a not far away giant stone. 宁墨冷笑,手掌一抖,赤红源气长鞭瞬间转向,对着不远处的一块巨石甩去。 Bang! 砰! The giant stone explodes, illusory form violently shoots draws back together. 巨石爆裂,一道虚幻的身影暴射而退。 Bang! Bang! 砰!砰! How however no matter that form abhors draws back, but that Origin Qi long whip is closely associated, suddenly, nearby mountain peak unceasing blasting open, mountain tops, unceasing avalanche. 不过不管那道身影如何疾退,但那源气长鞭都是如影随形,一时间,附近的山峰不断的炸裂,一座座山头,不断的崩塌。 This in people opinion, apparently is Zhou Yuan root originally does not have the means to counter-attack, unceasing is avoiding. 这在众人看来,显然是周元本就没有办法反击,不断的在躲避着。 However can avoid such long time, this movement speed, is actually not weak. 不过能够躲避这么久的时间,这身法速度,倒是不弱。 But the person sees the look that on the Ning Mo face that teased in the presence of everyone, then knew, the latter was playing jokes upon completely. 但当众人看见宁墨脸庞上那戏谑的神色时,便是知晓,后者完全是在戏耍。 Ning Mo, do not play, waste time!” Say/Way that the distant place, that Wang Yuan some do not bear. 宁墨,别玩了,浪费时间!”远处,那王渊有些不耐的道。 Haha, good.” Ning Mo face upwards the long and loud cry, on his face reappearing dense smiling face, sole fierce stamps, the air of under foot, blasts open in this time. “哈哈,好。”宁墨仰天长啸,他脸庞上浮现森然笑容,脚掌猛的一跺,脚下的空气,都是在此时炸裂开来。 His form, disappears instantaneously. 他的身影,瞬间消失。 Buzz! 嗡! Next flickers, his form directly under the gaze of that numerous vision, appear(ance) above a not far away mountain top. 下一瞬,他的身影直接是在那众多目光的注视下,出现在了不远处的一座山头之上。 Held you, mousie!” “抓住你了,小老鼠!” Ning Mo both eyes sharp is staring at front, at this time there, phantom just appeared together. 宁墨双目锋锐的盯着前方,此时在那里,一道虚影刚刚浮现出来。 His double palm empty gathers, crimson Origin Qi comes in the palm crazy gathering, just like round crimson Sun, that round Sun, directly is then carrying the extreme blazing and wild fluctuation, the overhead is to body the racket before phantom heavily under. 他双掌虚合,赤红源气在掌心疯狂的汇聚而来,宛如一轮赤红大日,然后那一轮大日,直接是携带着极端炽热与狂暴的波动,当头便是对着身前的虚影重重的拍下。 Like that the speed, does not have to avoid. 那般速度,根本无可躲避。 This mountain top, under like that the Origin Qi offensive, shivers to crack. 这座山头,都是在那般源气攻势下,颤抖崩裂。 Kneels down to me, mousie!” Ning Mo cried loud and long, that round Origin Qi crimson Sun, then in vision that in that dreaded numerously, with the Zhou Yuan's body, collided in one. “给我跪下吧,小老鼠!”宁墨长啸,那一轮源气所化的赤红大日,便是在那众多忌惮的目光中,与周元的身躯,碰撞在了一起。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! The crimson Origin Qi storm, comes in this time wreak havoc. 赤红源气风暴,在此时肆虐开来。 All forces sees this, secretly shakes the head, that is called the Zhou Yuan's boy, unexpectedly forcibly ate Ning Mo this to be together overbearing the offensive, must die without doubt! 各方人马见到这一幕,都是暗暗摇头,那叫做周元的小子,竟然硬生生的吃了宁墨这一道霸道攻势,必死无疑! In the mountain valley, Jin Zhang and the others complexion also changes, although they in origin pond offer a sacrifice to have experienced the Zhou Yuan's strength, but this Ning Mo strength, was actually not that time Baili Che can compare at present. 山谷中,金章等人面色也是微变,他们虽然在源池祭中见识过周元的实力,但眼下这宁墨的实力,却根本不是那个时候的百里澈能比啊。 Zhou Yuan so resists hardly, can be too negligent. 周元这般硬抗,会不会太大意了。 crimson Origin Qi ascends, shines upon the Ning Mo face is also being appears somewhat fierce, he said with a smile densely: Boy, the next generation, must flaunt the words of hero, must apply the eye first brightly!” 赤红源气升腾,映照着宁墨的脸庞也是显得有些狰狞,他森森笑道:“小子,下辈子,要逞英雄的话,可得先把眼睛搽亮一点!” Right?” “是吗?” But when his voice falls, in front wild crimson Origin Qi wreak havoc, has the indifferent sound to resound together. 而就在他声音落下时,面前狂暴赤红源气肆虐之中,有着一道漠然的声音响起。 Ning Mo pupil fierce shrinks. 宁墨瞳孔猛的一缩。 However, but also does not need he to have any reaction time, glittering the slender palm of jade light, was then extending to search from that crimson Origin Qi , the palm deep place, has silver light to reappear. 不过,还不待他有任何的反应时间,一只闪烁玉光的修长手掌,便是自那赤红源气中伸探了出来,手掌深处,有着银光浮现。 That palm grips tightly the fist, golden Origin Qi is also galloping surges, finally, directly is to the head of Ning Mo, pounding down ruthlessly. 那手掌紧握成拳,金色源气也是奔腾涌动起来,最后,直接是对着宁墨的脑袋,狠狠的砸下。 That fist, the air shooting, the sonic boom resounds through. 那一拳,空气爆炸,音爆响彻。 The swift and fierce incomparable fresh breeze heads on, Ning Mo complexion cannot bear changes, anxious jerk at a crucial moment opens the body, that strength, at all is not the 7-layer Heaven person can have! 凌厉无匹的劲风扑面而来,宁墨面色忍不住的一变,千钧一发,急急扭开身躯,那种力量,根本不是七重天的人能够拥有的! Bang! 轰! That is containing an astonishing strength fist, applied his head to fall, pounds above his shoulder. 那蕴含着惊人力量的一拳,搽着他的脑袋落下,砸在了其肩膀之上。 Kacha! 咔嚓! That flickers, has the sound of skeleton break to resound. 那一瞬,有着骨骼断裂的声音响起。 Thump! 咚! The terrifying strength, was makes the Ning Mo body instantaneously collapse directly, the both feet could not halt again, kneeling down of knees heavily on the ground, including the hard rock, is cracking comes. 恐怖的力量,直接是令得宁墨身躯瞬间塌了下去,双脚再也站不住,双膝重重的跪倒在了地上,连坚硬的山石,都是龟裂开来。 pū chī! 噗嗤 a mouthful of fresh blood, spurts from his mouth in crazily. 一口鲜血,自其嘴中狂喷而出。 wreak havoc crimson Origin Qi storm, at this time just now drawing back powder gradually. 肆虐赤红源气风暴,此时方才渐渐的退散。 That many projections in this's eye, in this moment, gradually opens... 那诸多投射于此的眼睛,也是在这一刻,渐渐的睁大… Because they saw that should be destroyed the skeleton not saves Zhou Yuan, as before is static standing there, but in his front, Ning Mo is actually the knees kneels... 因为他们见到,那原本应该被摧毁得尸骨无存般的周元,依旧是静静的站在那里,而在他的面前,宁墨却是双膝跪地… Therefore, was flooding in the talking in whispers sound mountain ranges, shortly, changes into the deathly stillness. 于是,原本充斥着窃窃私语声山脉间,顷刻之间,化为死寂。 Even, including wind sound/rumor, in this time, solidification/coagulation quietly. 甚至,连风声,都是在此时,悄然的凝固。 In that numerous panic-stricken desire certainly vision, lowering the head that Zhou Yuan unemotionally, is looking at present the form of that knees kneeling place, slowly said: You said, kneels down like?” 在那众多惊骇欲绝般的目光中,周元面无表情的低头,望着眼前那道双膝跪地的身影,缓缓的道:“你是说,像这样跪下吗?”
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