VY :: Volume #4

#369: The sword locks the valley

With the lapse of time, in the huge mountain range, the fight is getting more and more intense, but the process slaughters the disciple who preserves gradually, the strength is more and more tyrannical. 随着时间的推移,庞大的山脉中,战斗越来越激烈,不过经过厮杀渐渐留存下来的弟子,实力都是越来越强横。 Moreover they are also are thorough mountain ranges gradually. 而且他们也都是是渐渐的深入山脉。 Mountain range somewhere. 山脉某处。 Three disciples collaborate the line, they obviously are the disciples of same peak, at this time gathers together, the vision alert looks to all around, whole body Origin Qi surges, prepares to deal with the situation at any time. 三名弟子联手而行,他们显然是同一峰的弟子,此时汇聚在一起,目光戒备的看向四周,周身源气涌动,随时准备着应对突发情况。 Whoosh! 咻! Suddenly, three people look fiercely to the right direction, sees only there, the azure smoke form illness plunders together, the speed must make people unable quickly to see clearly, can only realize the surrounding trees in vibration slightly. 忽然间,三人猛的看向右侧的方向,只见得那里,一道青烟般的身影疾掠而过,速度快得让人无法看清,只能察觉到周围的树木在微微的震动。 Who?!” They call out make noise, whole body Origin Qi howls to move, must get rid. “谁?!”他们暴喝出声,周身源气呼啸而动,就要出手。 However has not needed their Origin Qi to erupt, that say/way azure smoke form then disappeared in their field of vision. 不过还不待他们的源气爆发出去,那道青烟般的身影便是消失在了他们的视野中。 Three people of dumbfoundedness, look at each other in dismay, all has then wiped cold sweat on forehead, said: Who is this fellow? The speed was also too fast! Like the rabbit!” 三人目瞪口呆,然后面面相觑,皆是抹了一把额头上的冷汗,道:“这家伙是谁?速度也太快了吧!跟兔子一样!” Their person long anything appearance has not seen, the fellow did not have the shade. 他们连人长什么样子都没看见,那家伙就没了影。 Ok , he the speed so was leave alone fast, should not be the friendly stubble.” A person said. “算了,别管他了,速度这么快,应该不是善茬。”一人说道。 The two also deeply have same feeling point nods. 其他两人也是深有同感的点点头 But when they plan to change the direction vanguard, suddenly induction to swift and fierce Origin Qi fluctuations in rapid approaches them, moreover from all directions. 而就在他们打算换个方向前行的时候,忽然感应到一道道凌厉的源气波动在迅速的接近他们,而且是从四面八方。 That sound, made their complexion big change. 那种动静,令得他们面色大变。 Three people hurried back to back stand, Origin Qi surges, alert looks at these Origin Qi fluctuations to transmit the direction that. 三人急忙背靠背而立,源气涌动,戒备的望着那些源气波动传来的方向。 After dozens breaths, during trees shaking, seven eight ray of light shades are suddenly to launch, is built in the top of the tree, swift and fierce vision, look to the three people in open area. 数十息后,树木摇动间,七八道光影便是暴射而出,立于树顶上,一道道凌厉目光,看向空地中的三人。 Is the Sword Peak's person!” That three people see these light shadow, the look is one cold. “是剑来峰的人!”那三人见到这些光影,眼神皆是一凛。 Sword Peak encircles and hunts Zhou Yuan, has nothing to do with miscellaneous personnel!” That 78 Sword Peak's disciples, looked at one Great Cliff Peak's three disciples, shouted. 剑来峰围猎周元,与闲杂人等无关!”那78道剑来峰的弟子,看了一眼着洪崖峰的三位弟子,喝道。 Their voice falls, does not pay attention to that three people, is once again suddenly to launch. 他们声音落下,也不理会那三人,便是再度暴射而出。 That three people are looking at departure of Sword Peak disciple, is astonished of face, say/way that at once cannot bear: This Sword Peak encircles and hunts Zhou Yuan that turns out in full strength to move unexpectedly?” 那三人望着剑来峰弟子的离去,都是一脸的惊愕,旋即忍不住的道:“这剑来峰竟然倾巢而动的去围猎周元?” This also too on a grand scale.” Another disciple curls the lip, some say/way of disdaining: This Sword Peak really does not want the facial skin, Zhou Yuan originally is the less advanced disciple, they also depend the person many to cope with others unexpectedly.” “这也太大张旗鼓了吧。”另外一位弟子撇撇嘴,有些不屑的道:“这剑来峰也真是不要脸皮,周元本就是后进弟子,他们竟然还仗着人多去对付人家。” The two select nods, some say/way of sympathy: Formerly that form, should be Zhou Yuan, this fellow is also bad luck, annoys Sword Peak to turn out in full strength to move unexpectedly.” 其他两人点点头,有些同情的道:“先前那道身影,应该就是周元了,这家伙也是倒霉啊,竟然惹动得剑来峰倾巢而动。” Perhaps this time, he really has been doomed, the Sword Peak's disciple clarified to make his purple belt disciples not mix...” “这一次,他恐怕真的是在劫难逃了,剑来峰的弟子摆明了要让他连紫带弟子都混不到…” ... So encircles and hunts to chase down, at the quick speed, raises the huge sound in the mountain range deep place, this directly is causes many other disciples to hear, then again and again sighed this Sword Peak's facial skin as well as Zhou Yuan's bad luck... 这般围猎追杀,以很快的速度,就在山脉深处掀起巨大的动静,这直接是导致其他很多弟子都是有所耳闻,然后便是连连感叹这剑来峰的脸皮以及周元的倒霉… However sighed turns over to the sigh, but too many person plans have not actually lent a hand to assist, after all the Zhou Yuan foundation was too shallow, moreover Saint Origin Peak also too declined, to help him actually offends now at the height of power Sword Peak, was really some are not cost-effective. 不过感叹归感叹,但却并没有太多的人打算出手相助,毕竟周元根基太浅,而且圣源峰也太没落了,为了帮他却得罪如今如日中天的剑来峰,实在是有些不划算。 But this sound, naturally also has raised sound in an uproar beside the mountain range, many disciples face Sword Peak to encircle to Zhou Yuan's, has the veiled criticism, after all Sword Peak this type to bully few countenance really to owe the demeanor much. 而这种动静,自然也是在山脉之外掀起了哗然声,诸多弟子面对着剑来峰周元的围剿,都是颇有微词,毕竟剑来峰这种以多欺少的嘴脸实在是有欠风度。 However their veiled criticism, cannot change anything obviously, because in this world, originally absolute fair, Zhou Yuan limelight is not abundant, after all will bring in aims. 不过他们的微词,显然改变不了什么,因为这个世界上,本就没有绝对的公平,周元风头太盛,终归会引来一些针对。 But is angriest, is the Shen Taiyuan One Vein disciples, because of Sword Peak's this action, clarified obviously has not placed in the eye their One Vein, therefore went into action root originally not to have dreading of least bit. 而最为愤怒的,莫过于沈太渊一脉的弟子们,因为剑来峰的这种举动,显然是摆明了丝毫不将他们一脉放在眼中,所以行动起来根本就没有半点的忌惮。 The Shen Taiyuan old face also sinks, in the eye has wipes the anger, but finally he is took a deep breath, suppressed it. 沈太渊苍老的面庞也是微沉,眼中有着一抹怒火,不过最终他还是深吸一口气,将其压制了下去。 Because purple belt selects originally to be somewhat brutal, does not have too many rules, therefore he goes to complain to Headmaster Qing Yang, cannot stand firmly. 因为紫带选拔本就有些残酷,其中没有太多的规则,所以就算他去向青阳掌教告状,也是站不住脚。 All these, can only deal by Zhou Yuan own strength. 这一切,都只能凭借周元自身的力量去应对。 But in not far away, that Elder Lu Song One Vein disciple, is somewhat is quite angry, after all they are the Saint Origin Peak's disciple similarly, the Sword Peak so act, expressed that has not visited them in the eye. 而在不远处,那吕松长老一脉的弟子,也是颇有些愤慨,毕竟他们同样算是属于圣源峰的弟子,剑来峰如此行径,也表示没将他们看在眼中。 Therefore is facing this, even if were in the past to some Zhou Yuan obstructions Lu Yan, was the willow eyebrows tightens, bites the silver tooth saying: Sword Peak was also too shameless!” 所以面对着这一幕,就算是以往对周元有些芥蒂的吕嫣,都是柳眉紧锁,咬着银牙道:“剑来峰也太无耻了!” However, she besides said that does not have other means that because is the disciple who their One Vein participates in the purple belt selection helps Zhou Yuan, is only the throw straw against the wind. 然而,她除了这么说外,也没有其他的办法,因为就算是他们一脉参加紫带选拔的弟子去帮助周元,也不过只是螳臂挡车罢了。 The other these disciples of her side, are silent. 她身旁的其他那些弟子,都是沉默下来。 Lu Yan is looking in that Origin Qi light microscope in unceasing to that say/way young form that the mountain range deep place is running away, the silver tooth is nipping tightly, said: Zhou Yuan, you if today can also let my accident/surprise one time again... I, I believe that future you, possibly really have the qualifications to pursue Senior Brother Chu Qing!” 吕嫣望着那源气光镜中在不断的对着山脉深处逃去的那道年轻身影,银牙紧咬着,道:“周元,你今日若还能再让我意外一次…那我,我就相信,未来的你,可能真有资格追赶楚青师兄!” Nearby disciple is a little shocking is looking at her, this Senior Brother Chu Qing frantic fans, but first time said this words... 一旁的弟子皆是有点震惊的望着她,这位楚青师兄的狂热粉丝,可是第一次说出这种话来… Lu Yan stared, ominous say/way: What looks at to look that you do think him possibly?!” 吕嫣瞪了回去,凶巴巴的道:“看什么看,你们觉得他可能吗?!” People becomes silent, at once speechless shaking the head. 众人哑然,旋即无语的摇摇头。 Is facing encircling of entire Sword Peak most outstanding golden belt disciple, a Zhou Yuan person, how possibly to turn the body?! 面对着整个剑来峰最为优秀的金带弟子的围剿,周元一人,怎么可能翻得了身?! With Shen Taiyuan, compared with Lu Song One Vein disciple that indignation, Lu Hong that One Vein disciple, is appears somewhat takes pleasure in others' misfortunes, they come from Sword Peak, therefore simply has not been regarded as the Saint Origin Peak's disciple oneself. 沈太渊,吕松一脉的弟子那种愤慨相比,陆宏一脉的弟子,则是显得有些幸灾乐祸,他们来自剑来峰,所以根本没有将自身当做是圣源峰的弟子。 But Zhou Yuan is encircled and hunted by Sword Peak now, is makes them feel on the contrary extremely happy. 周元如今被剑来峰围猎,反倒是让得他们感到极为的痛快。 This boy, before was not very rampant, but at present, can only 't run away with that stray cur generally everywhere? 这小子,之前不是很嚣张吗,而眼下,不也还是只能跟那丧家之犬一般到处逃窜吗? ... Under the attention of that countless line of sight, the form of that battue, penetrated the mountain range, finally sees only the fog to wind around, has ten mountain peaks, faintly discernible. 在那无数道视线的关注下,那一道道追猎的身影,深入了山脉,最后只见得云雾缭绕中,有着十座山峰,若隐若现 That started to arrive in the end. 那已经开始抵达尽头。 But Zhou Yuan's form, in this time, has entered in a piece of trough directly, light dense fog wells up, has covered up his form. 周元的身影,也是在此时,直接是窜进了一片低谷之中,淡淡的迷雾在其中涌荡,遮掩了他的身影。 When the Zhou Yuan's form crashes in that trough, among surrounding Heaven and Earth the broken sound of the wind resounds, Origin Qi light shadow drop from the clouds, has blocked this piece of trough directly. 周元的身影冲进那低谷内时,周围的天地间破风声响起,一道道源气光影从天而降,直接是封锁了这片低谷。 Le Tian and Lu Xuanyin form, falls from the day, is built on above a big tree. 乐天陆玄音的身影,也是从天落下,立于一颗大树之上。 They are looking at the present underestimate, looks at each other one, the corners of the mouth is has to wipe the color of teasing to reappear. 他们望着眼前的低估,对视一眼,嘴角皆是有着一抹戏谑之色浮现出来。 Pursues is so long, this frightened wild animal, was finally exhausted. 追赶这么久,这头受惊的野兽,总算是精疲力竭了。 In trough surrounding , has the disciples of many other peaks to come, the sound that after all Sword Peak does was too big, moreover here beyond ten peaks, other disciples naturally was attracted. 在低谷更外围的一圈,也是有着不少其他峰的弟子现身,毕竟剑来峰搞出来的动静太大了,而且这里已经是在十峰之外,其他弟子自然是被吸引而来。 The Le Tian vision sweeps, holds the fist in the other hand says with a smile pale: This is matter between my Sword Peak and this Zhou Yuan, if disturbs everybody, apologized on present here.” 乐天目光一扫,抱拳淡笑道:“这是我剑来峰和这周元间的事,若是打扰到各位,就现在这里道个歉了。” Simply put, is warned that other people do not meddle carelessly. 言下之意,是警告其他人不要胡乱插手。 Rushes to here various peak disciple vision to dodge, finally has not made noise, after all they and Zhou Yuan are not get to know each other well, naturally did not plan, for he offends Le Tian and the others. 赶到此处的各峰弟子目光微闪,最终都没有出声,毕竟他们与周元也不算相熟,自然不打算为了他去得罪乐天等人。 However, obviously is not all people are so. 不过,显然并非所有人都是如此。 Snort, Le Tian, your Sword Peak rather too did not want the facial skin, if there is a temperament, went to and Zhou Yuan independent combat, such won is also attractive, why so?” The clear sound resounded together, sees only the slender beautiful figure to walk together, coldly snorted and said. “哼,乐天,你们剑来峰未免也太不要脸皮了,若是有脾气的话,就去和周元单打独斗,那样赢得也算是漂亮,何必如此?”一道清脆的声音响起,只见得一道修长倩影走了出来,冷哼道 That beautiful figure, precisely Blue Profound Peak's Su Wan. 那道倩影,正是苍玄峰的苏婉 She gets to know each other well with Gu Hongyi after all, the latter asked her, now sees Zhou Yuan by so unfair treatment, she naturally could not bear. 她毕竟与顾红衣相熟,后者拜托了她,如今见到周元被如此不公平的对待,她自然是忍不住了。 Le Tian sees Su Wan to bravely step forward, the brow wrinkled. 乐天见到苏婉挺身而出,眉头微皱了一下。 But has not needed Le Tian to speak, is has sound together to insert: Su Wan, you so much like minding others'business, since you idle hurriedly, fights one with me.” 但还不待乐天说话,便是有着一道声音插入进来:“苏婉,你还是这么喜欢多管闲事,既然你闲得慌,就和我来斗一场吧。” Many vision look that saw only a black robe man to walk, although its appearance was ordinary, but surrounding person when seeing him, was the look one cold. 诸多目光看去,只见得一名黑袍男子走了出来,其面目虽然普通,但周围的人在看见他时,都是眼神一凛。 Thunder Prison Peak, Wang Chen. 雷狱峰,汪辰 Also is this win popular one. 也是此次夺魁的热门之一。 Wang Chen!” The Su Wan willow eyebrows are tight, cold voice said: What matter does this close your?” 汪辰!”苏婉柳眉紧蹙,寒声道:“这又关你什么事?” Wang Chen of black robe unemotionally, had not replied again, but that manner reveals very obviously, if Su Wan must meddle, he will get rid to block her. 一身黑袍的汪辰面无表情,没有再回答,但那态度表露得很明显,如果苏婉要插手的话,他就会出手将她拦住。 The Su Wan air/Qi resulted in the white hands to grip tightly. 苏婉气得玉手都是紧握了起来。 The surrounding many disciples are looking at this, secretly shakes the head, it seems like Le Tian is set firm resolve to give Zhou Yuan one here attractively, therefore already guarded against some people to assist Zhou Yuan. 周围诸多弟子望着这一幕,都是暗暗摇头,看来乐天是下定了决心要在这里给周元一个好看啊,所以早就防范着有人相助周元 But now was blocked including Su Wan, thinks that the following Zhou Yuan result has decided. 而如今连苏婉都被拦了下来,想必接下来周元结局真的是已定了。 Le Tian also received the vision, is looking at present the blocked trough, both eyes narrows the eyes, has the light sound to resound. 乐天也是将目光收了回来,望着眼前被封锁的低谷,双目微眯,有着淡淡的声音响起。 Begins.” “动手。” Delivers him.” “将他送出去。” In instance that his voice drops, surrounding these Sword Peak disciples suddenly to trough in suddenly to launch. 就在他声音落下的瞬间,周围的那些剑来峰弟子陡然对着低谷之内暴射而出。 Lu Xuanyin is built on the top of the tree, looks at this, the lip angle is raising slightly. 陆玄音立于树顶,望着这一幕,唇角微微一掀。 Zhou Yuan, this time, how I think your also stand up! 周元,这一次,我看你还怎么翻身
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