YS :: Volume #4

#369: barrier

Void Transformation Technique great accomplishment?!” 化虚术大成?!” When the Le Tian sound in resounding, has brought immediately also in many surprised sounds, that eye of band of light astonished looks at the dense fog to cover in the trough that. 乐天的声音在响起的时候,顿时也是引来了不少惊讶的声音,那一道道目光带着惊异的望着迷雾笼罩的低谷中。 So that's how it is “原来如此” Has the sigh that the disciple cannot bear to make noise, if it is said that Void Transformation Technique cultivates to great accomplishment, the form fitting nihility, can go into hiding including own Origin Qi fluctuation, might be considered as maintains life unusual technique. 有着弟子忍不住的感叹出声,据说那化虚术若是修至大成,可身化虚无,连自身的源气波动都能够隐匿,堪称是保命奇术 But this Void Transformation Technique wants great accomplishment, is actually suitable is not easy, in present Blue Profound Sect, in many disciples, can cultivate the great accomplishment disciple Void Transformation Technique, few. 只不过这化虚术想要大成,却是相当的不易,如今的苍玄宗内,诸多弟子中,能够将化虚术修到大成的弟子,屈指可数。 But Zhou Yuan cultivation Void Transformation Technique how long? Actually can go to the great accomplishment situation?! 周元修行化虚术才多久?竟然就能够达到大成的地步?! Side that Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin is also startled, at once bites the silver tooth saying: This fellow, but also is really slippery, was stopped up, but can also toss about!” 在那乐天身旁,陆玄音也是一怔,旋即咬着银牙道:“这家伙,还真是滑不溜秋的,都被堵住了,还能折腾!” Thinks Zhou Yuan here, was thoroughly certainly latter's road, who can think that this fellow instead was drawing support from here terrain, went into hiding thoroughly oneself, keeping them radically from seeking. 原本以为将周元堵在这里,便是彻底绝了后者的路,但谁能想到,这家伙反而借助着这里的地形,彻底的隐匿了自身,让得他们根本无法寻找。 Le Tian Senior Brother, now what to do?” She looks to Le Tian, asked. 乐天师兄,现在怎么办?”她看向乐天,问道。 Their Sword Peak these many golden belt disciples turn out in full strength, if sneaked off under their noses by Zhou Yuan today as before, their Sword Peak's face may lose in a big way. 他们剑来峰这么多金带弟子倾巢而出,如果今日依旧被周元从他们眼皮底下溜走了,那他们剑来峰的脸可就丢大了。 Le Tian both eyes empty narrow the eyes, he looks at the trough that below dense fog is covering, smiles lightly, said: Although this Junior Brother Zhou Yuan surprises me somewhat, but wants to avoid the tribulation of today by great accomplishment Void Transformation Technique, perhaps he thought naively.” 乐天双目虚眯,他望着下方迷雾笼罩的低谷,淡淡一笑,道:“虽然这位周元师弟让我有些意外,不过想要凭借着大成化虚术就避开今日之劫,恐怕他还是想得太天真了一些。” His vision sweeps, looks to other these Sword Peak's disciples, said: Junior Brother, by the Origin Qi blockade trough, displayssawshark! ” 他的目光一扫,看向其他那些剑来峰的弟子,道:“各位师弟,以源气封锁低谷,施展“剑鱼阵”!” Yes!” “是!” Hears the Le Tian sound, these Sword Peak's disciples drink to make noise immediately lowly, the next flash, swift and fierce Origin Qi like the rocket from their within the body ascension, spread, rapid is covers to enter the entire trough. 听到乐天的声音,那些剑来峰的弟子顿时低喝出声,下一瞬间,一道道凌厉的源气如狼烟般自他们体内升腾而起,蔓延开来,迅速的将整个低谷都是笼罩而进。 That swift and fierce Origin Qi, just likes a great net, covers the trough. 那凌厉的源气,犹如一张巨网,覆盖低谷。 Buzz! 嗡! When that swift and fierce Origin Qi covers the trough, sees only Origin Qi to shake, has Origin Qi light stream to howl, these light stream, are ordinary just like the sea-monster, has crashed in the trough directly. 随着那凌厉源气笼罩低谷时,只见得源气震荡着,有着一道道源气光流呼啸而出,那些光流,宛如游鱼一般,径直的冲进了低谷之中。 The sea-monster mistake, these thick fog just like are torn, start desalination gradually. 游鱼过处,那些浓雾都是犹如被撕裂,开始渐渐的淡化。 These Origin Qi sea-monsters, each other are connected, seize every opportunity, even including the mist, was cut to tear. 这些源气游鱼,彼此相连,无孔不入,甚至连雾气,都是被切割撕裂。 Obviously, this is a Sword Peak's alone gate method, special-purpose searches. 显然,这是剑来峰的一种独门手段,专用来搜寻。 Le Tian flies high to stand, sharp-eyed is staring in the trough, is inducing all slight fluctuations, but under his gaze, that sea-monster swift and fierce Origin Qi, in unceasing forwarding. 乐天凌空而立,目光锐利的盯着低谷内,感应着一切细微的波动,而在他的注视下,那一道道游鱼般的凌厉源气,也是在不断的向前。 Along with the division of swift and fierce Origin Qi, the mist in trough, is getting more and more pale. 随着凌厉源气的分割,低谷内的雾气,越来越淡。 But finally, all mist, are start to shrink to the trough deep place, finally gathered in a region of less than several feet range. 而最终,所有的雾气,都是开始缩向低谷深处,最后汇聚在了一块不到数丈范围的区域之中。 But to here, these Sword Peak's swift and fierce Origin Qi, received some hindrance finally, is hard to lead the way. 而到了这里,那些剑来峰的凌厉源气,也终于是受到了某种阻碍,难以前行。 Le Tian in midair sees that corners of the mouth have to wipe to smile to reappear pale. 半空中的乐天见状,嘴角有着一抹淡笑浮现出来。 His sleeve robe wields, Origin Qi rolls, just likes the strong winds sweeps across, immediately that final mist is the thorough dissipation, sees only in that final region, has huge azure stone. 他袖袍一挥,源气滚动,犹如狂风般席卷而出,顿时那最后的雾气便是彻底的消散,只见得在那最后的区域中,有着一块巨大的青石 But at this time, above azure stone, air is fluctuating slightly, last form then under that is in the glare of the public eye, gradually by the void transformation reality, thorough appears. 而此时,青石之上,空气微微的波动着,最后一道身影便是在那众目睽睽之下,渐渐的由虚化实,彻底的浮现出来。 That familiar form, precisely Zhou Yuan! 那熟悉的身影,正是周元 Whish! 哗! Inside and outside the entire mountain range, is sound that in an uproar erupts to regret, Zhou Yuan final, was looked. 整个山脉内外,都是爆发出一些惋惜的哗然声,周元最终,还是被找了出来啊。 Really was a pity, if Zhou Yuan continues to hide, today should make a boner, was Sword Peak.” Has the disciple to say after a sigh. “真是可惜,若是周元继续躲下去的话,今日该出丑的,就是剑来峰了。”有着弟子感叹道。 He can go into hiding under the Sword Peak's search is so long, had the skill very much, after all that trough is not big “他能够在剑来峰的搜寻下隐匿这么久,已经是很有本事了,毕竟那低谷也不大” „The Le Tian good and evil is also the Sword Peak golden belt disciple first person, wants to fight with him, Zhou Yuan was tender.” 乐天好歹也是剑来峰金带弟子第一人,想要跟他斗,周元还是嫩了点啊。” „” “” Beyond the trough, Le Tian looks at that is appearing Zhou Yuan of personal appearance, shows a faint smile, then the palm wields, leading numerous Sword Peak's disciples to contract the encirclement ring, finally marched into the trough, arrived at the Zhou Yuan's front. 低谷之外,乐天望着那现出身形的周元,也是微微一笑,然后手掌一挥,带着众多剑来峰的弟子收缩包围圈,最后步入了低谷,来到了周元的前方。 Junior Brother Zhou Yuan may really be the good method, almost really made you hide.” Le Tian is built on the Zhou Yuan's front, including saying with a smile. 周元师弟可真是好手段,差点就真让你躲过去了。”乐天立于周元的前方,含笑道。 In its behind, Lu Xuanyin is the surface holds sneering is also looking at Zhou Yuan, in the eye full is the pleased color, this fellow, falls to her hand in today finally. 在其身后,陆玄音也是面噙冷笑的望着周元,眼中满是快意之色,这个家伙,今日总算是落到她的手中了。 Zhou Yuan sits cross-legged on azure stone, he looked at the surrounding that quantity to approach about 20 people Sword Peak disciples, the eye has hung, said: Sword Peak may really think highly of me, dispatches these many people unexpectedly, this has won me, the face countenance feared that is also unattractive.” 周元盘坐于青石上,他望着周围那数量接近了20人左右的剑来峰弟子,眼目微垂,道:“剑来峰可真是看得起我,竟然出动这么多人,这样就算是赢了我,颜面怕也是不好看啊。” Le Tian somewhat helpless sighing, said: I also like this believe that after experiencing the Junior Brother Zhou Yuan method, I instead rejoiced that I such on a grand scale, otherwise, today perhaps continually look could not find you.” 乐天有些无奈的叹了一口气,道:“本来我也这样认为,不过在见识了周元师弟的手段后,我反而庆幸我这么大张旗鼓了,不然的话,今日恐怕连找都找不到你。” If today only then he, he impossible from this trough to come out cuns (2.5cm) looking of Zhou Yuan decidedly. 如果今日只有他一人的话,他断然不可能将周元从这低谷中一寸寸的找出来。 Void Transformation Technique great accomplishment Zhou Yuan, even if cannot hit him, can easily runs away from his hand. 化虚术大成周元,即便打不过他,也能够轻易的从他手中逃出去。 Le Tian is looking at Zhou Yuan, smiled, said: What is good because of being, the luck stands this side me finally, Junior Brother Zhou Yuan did such many matters in the sect recently, the crest of wave has also sufficed, I thought that now is dormant well.” 乐天望着周元,笑了笑,道:“不过好在的是,运气最终是站在我这一边,周元师弟最近在宗内搞出这么多事,风头也够了,我觉得现在还是蛰伏一下最好。” Therefore “所以” Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, looked that made me quite spend the brains in formerly you share, you withdraw from this purple belt selection on own initiative, so as to avoid we get rid, you must be more distressed.” 周元师弟,看在先前你让我颇费头脑的份上,你自己主动退出这次的紫带选拔吧,免得我们出手,你要更狼狈一些。” His looks at Zhou Yuan, faint smile. 看着周元,似笑非笑。 If I don't agree?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile. “如果我不同意呢?”周元笑道。 Le Tian shrugs, had not said that but waved, immediately the surrounding these Sword Peak disciple vision lock Zhou Yuan, swift and fierce sharp such as sword astral Origin Qi starts to surge. 乐天耸耸肩,也没有多说,只是挥了挥手,顿时周围那些剑来峰弟子目光锁定周元,凌厉锋锐如剑罡般的源气开始涌动。 Zhou Yuan has not cared about the Sword Peak disciple who these eye covetously, he is only raised the head, looks at Le Tian, the corners of the mouth is revealing to wipe the inexplicable happy expression. 周元没有在意那些虎视眈眈的剑来峰弟子,他只是抬起头,望着乐天,嘴角流露出一抹莫名的笑意。 Le Tian Senior Brother seems thinks that I formerly did rely on great accomplishment Void Transformation Technique to avoid you in the concealment?” 乐天师兄似乎是认为我先前只是凭借着大成化虚术在隐匿躲避你们吗?” Le Tian both eyes narrow the eyes, said: Otherwise? Void Transformation Technique is indeed mysterious, but regarding so the aspect, does not have anything to affect.” 乐天双目微眯,道:“不然呢?化虚术的确玄妙,不过对于这般局面,却是没什么作用。” Zhou Yuan smiles, the smiling face is having a taunt. 周元笑起来,笑容带着一丝嘲讽。 Le Tian Senior Brother, a little perhaps from the beginning you thought mistakenly 乐天师兄,有一点或许从一开始你就想错了” That is I from beginning to end, is not at-large, my goal is giving you these Sword Peak's disciples, looks offers the big ritual together geomancy treasure land.” “那就是我从始至终,都不是在逃,我的目的只是在给你们这些剑来峰的弟子,找一块送上大礼的风水宝地而已。” However that treasure land, is here “而那块宝地,就是这里” The Le Tian look concentrates slightly, his deep is staring at Zhou Yuan, but not, because his these words are panic-stricken, but is tranquil waving. 乐天的眼神微微一凝,他深深的盯着周元,但并没有因为他的这番话就惊慌失措,而是平静的挥了挥手。 Delivers him to exit.” “送他出去吧。” Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, your this final struggling, in my opinion, is very weak.” 周元师弟,你这最后的挣扎,在我看来,很是幼稚。” Obviously, his root originally does not believe the Zhou Yuan's words, in his opinion, Zhou Yuan just wants to play tricks, lets their hands tied feet tied, the opportunity of thus to him running away. 显然,他根本就不相信周元的话,在他看来,周元只不过是想装神弄鬼,让得他们束手束脚,从而给他逃出去的机会罢了。 Therefore, his ordering of without hesitation, begins directly. 所以,他毫不犹豫的下了命令,直接动手。 Shuā! 唰! Other these Sword Peak's disciple hear speech/words, violent without hesitation shoots immediately, in the hand above the long sword, the Origin Qi expansion turnover, pierces the air directly, points to Zhou Yuan. 其他那些剑来峰的弟子闻言,顿时毫不犹豫的暴射而出,手中长剑之上,源气伸缩吞吐,直接是洞穿空气,直指周元 Zhou Yuan looks at the swift and fierce offensive that these suddenly to launch are coming, the eye slightly dangles, in its forehead, the fluctuation of Divine Soul, erupts suddenly. 周元望着那些暴射而来的凌厉攻势,眼目则是微微垂下,在其眉心处,神魂的波动,猛然爆发。 Buzz! Buzz! 嗡!嗡! The Divine Soul fluctuation sweeps away, but also in this flickers, sees only in this trough, has light glow together to shoot up to the sky suddenly, these radiance each other connection, in an instant, as if then changed into barrier, this trough, thorough covering. 神魂波动横扫开来,而也就是在这一瞬,只见得这座低谷之中,忽有一道道光芒冲天而起,那些光芒彼此的交汇,转眼之间,似乎便是化为了一座结界,将这座低谷,彻底的笼罩。 The sudden accident, is causes inside and outside the mountain range directly, the innumerable disciple eyes dew shocks 突如其来的变故,直接是引得山脉内外,无数弟子眼露震撼 You chase down me quite a while, then, are I feed back your times “你们追杀我半天,接下来,就是我反馈你们的时候了” Hopes that you like me thinking of every means for a big ritual that you prepare.” “希望你们喜欢我费尽心机为你们准备的一份大礼。” The Zhou Yuan's corners of the mouth raise slightly, both hands close up. 周元的嘴角微微掀起,双手合拢。 Heavenly Thunder Profound Fire Barrier!” 天雷玄火结界!” Eruption!” “爆发吧!” ( Restored update.) (恢复更新了。)
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