VY :: Volume #4

#320: Bait

origin pond, somewhere. 源池,某处。 Hold up day giant peak, is dividing the sea level, forms the grass green mountain valley, in the mountain valleys, has the fog to cover, misty leaves the dust. 一座座擎天般的巨峰,分割着海面,形成绿茵葱郁的山谷,山谷间,有着云雾笼罩,飘渺出尘。 In that summit stone pavilion. 在那山巅的一座石亭中。 Yao Yao sits cross-legged on praying mat, holds the jade pot, drinks with flies, ease comfortable to the extreme. 夭夭盘坐于蒲团上,一手执玉壶,自斟自饮,悠然自在到了极点。 Her black hair lets fall, that smooth beautiful appearance under invading Run of good wine, slightly red, is makes her perfect appearance add color several points, some girl students around stone pavilion, is quietly comes the vision projection that cannot bear, in the eye full is the shocking color, wants to come first time to see in Blue Profound Sect, some people are not unexpectedly inferior in appearance makings in Li Qingchan. 她青丝垂落,那光润玉颜在美酒的侵润下,略带一丝微红,更是令得她那完美的容颜添色几分,在石亭周围的一些女弟子,都是忍不住的悄悄将目光投射而来,眼中满是惊艳之色,想来还是第一次见到苍玄宗内,竟然有人在容颜气质方面丝毫不逊色于李卿婵 But in her front, Li Qingchan is also boldly thrusts forward to sit, the women's clothing wraps is having to exquisite the curve, the figure is slim, her beautiful eye has swept a distant place has the mist to fill the sea level that said: You actually natural comfortable, tomorrow may be the origin pond closure time, but thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, does not have the trail as before.” 而在她的面前,李卿婵也是挺身而坐,衣裙包裹着玲珑有致的曲线,身材修长动人,她美目扫了一眼远处的有着雾气弥漫的海面,道:“你倒是潇洒自在,明天可就是源池关闭的时候,但千丈水兽,依旧没有踪迹。” This place precisely Li Qingchan possession, on the same day in achieves the agreement after Zhou Yuan, she then brought Zhou Yuan, Yao Yao to come here. 此地正是李卿婵的属地,当日在与周元达成约定后,她便是带着周元,夭夭来了此处。 Afterward every day, Zhou Yuan sneaks origin pond, is seeking for thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast trail, but these days get down, does not have to attain. 随后的每日,周元都是潜入源池,找寻着千丈水兽的踪迹,不过这几日下来,却是毫无所获。 But the time that the eye looks at origin pond ten day opens will be near, if Zhou Yuan did not find thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast again, this time Origin Marrow Baptism, then can only halt Seven Dragons. 而眼看着源池十日开启的时间将近,如果周元再没找到千丈水兽,他此次的源髓洗礼,便只能止步七龙了。 Although all disciples of Seven Dragons baptism regarding outside except ten big Saint Child is the long-awaited matter, but the Zhou Yuan ambition is not obviously small, otherwise so strongly will not search for thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast. 虽说七龙洗礼对于除开十大圣子外的所有弟子都算是梦寐以求的事,但周元野心显然不小,不然的话也不会如此竭力搜寻千丈水兽了。 This is he chooses, is becomes is the defeat, are withstanding.” The Yao Yao sound is clear, she looked at Li Qingchan one, [say / way] leisurely: You, received he such big kindness actually, has not actually given him many help.” “这是他自己选择的,是成是败,也得自己去承受着。”夭夭声音清悦,她看了李卿婵一眼,慢条斯理的道:“倒是你,受了他这么大的恩惠,却也未曾给他多少帮助。” Li Qingchan calmly said: I had said before, even if he is unable to find thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, I also will help in the future him seek, till also his thousand zhang (3.33 m) Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal.” 李卿婵平静的道:“我之前说过,即便他无法找到千丈水兽,日后我也会帮他找寻,直到还他一颗千丈龙源髓晶为止。” Feared that some people have resulted in that Eight Dragons baptism, forgets this matter cleanly.” Yao Yao element is grasping the jade cup, sways gently, leisurely said. “就怕有人得了那八龙洗礼,就将此事忘得干净。”夭夭素手握着玉杯,轻轻摇晃,悠悠的道 Villain's heart!” Li Qingchan coldly snorted and said. “小人之心!”李卿婵冷哼道 Outside stone pavilion, these girl students hear two females to seem like tranquil, the regulations are full of * the words of taste, is the secret heart startled, attractively actually this results in the female who does not make sense is, dares so to speak with Big Senior Sister unexpectedly. 石亭外,那些女弟子听见两女看似平静,实则充满着*味的话语,都是暗暗心惊,这漂亮得不像话的女子究竟是谁,竟然敢如此与大师姐说话。 Moreover looks at Big Senior Sister such, seems somewhat was dreading to the attractive female unexpectedly. 而且看大师姐那样子,似乎竟是对着漂亮的女子有些忌惮。 ... When two females are in sharp opposition, in that origin pond deep place, the person's shadow treadons the golden light Origin Qi illness to plunder together, unceasing is going to the deep place. 在两女针锋相对的时候,在那源池深处,一道人影脚踏金光源气疾掠而过,不断的对着更深处而去。 precisely Zhou Yuan. 正是周元 Tomorrow is the origin pond closure time, if could not find thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast again, can only halt in the Seven Dragons baptism.” Zhou Yuan when is inducing in sea unceasingly the sound, the vision is also slightly glittering. “明日便是源池关闭的时候了,若是再找不到千丈水兽,就只能止步于七龙洗礼。”周元在不断的感应着海中动静的时候,目光也是微微闪烁 Although the Seven Dragons baptism is very stirring, but since the present can the previous step, he naturally be wants to pursue again perfectly. 虽说七龙洗礼已经很是震撼人心,但既然如今能够再前一步,他自然是想要追求完美。 After all he temporarily is also not the purple belt disciple, therefore this time exits, wants to enter origin pond again, must wait a long time. 毕竟他暂时还不是紫带弟子,所以此次出去,想要再进入源池,就得等很长一段时间了。 What it seems like it is ruthless is not good.” “看来不来狠的是不行了。” Zhou Yuan knit the brows to hesitate, then has shot Tun Tun on shoulder, said: Common means could not direct that thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, I planned that was the bait, but when the time comes definitely will bring in massive water beast, can you help me defend?” 周元皱眉沉吟了一下,然后弹了弹肩膀上的吞吞,道:“寻常办法是引不出那千丈水兽了,我打算以身为饵,不过到时候必然会引来大量的水兽,你能帮我守住?” Tun Tun proud ahem, then outstretch claw of slow leisurely, compared with one 82. 吞吞得意的哼唧一声,然后慢悠悠的伸出爪子,比了一个82。 Hints today's Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal, it accounts for 80%. 示意今日的龙源髓晶,它占八成。 Zhou Yuan stared a fellow of this taking advantage with clenched jaws, but nods has recognized finally, now common Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal he does not need, so long as he thousand zhang (3.33 m) Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal takes the actor's opening words, helping him promote Eight Dragons the baptism. 周元咬牙切齿的瞪了一眼这个趁火打劫的家伙,不过最终还是点头认了,如今寻常的龙源髓晶他不需要,他只要一颗千丈龙源髓晶作为引子,帮他将洗礼提升到八龙 Completes the agreement, Zhou Yuan sits cross-legged immediately, his took a deep breath, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly wipes decidedly, Heavenspan Profound Python Qi that in Qi Palace occupies in this time again unretentive eruption. 完成约定,周元立即盘坐下来,他深吸一口气,眼中掠过一抹决然,气府之内盘踞的通天玄蟒气在此时再无保留的爆发出来。 Roar! 吼! As if has the low and deep dragon roar sound to resound through, sea water fierce surging, sees only golden Origin Qi to howl from the Zhou Yuan crown, just like the golden light beam of number hundred zhang (333m), has passed through origin pond. 仿佛是有着低沉的龙吟声响彻,海水剧烈的波荡,只见得金色源气周元天灵盖呼啸而出,宛如数百丈的金色光柱,贯穿了源池 But in the golden light beam, huge golden giant python faintly discernible, the giant python abdomen hidden has dragon claw to reappear, the forehead place also has blowing up of golden, just likes is breeding dragon horn. 金色光柱中,一头巨大的金色巨蟒若隐若现,巨蟒腹部隐有龙爪浮现,额头处也是有着金色的鼓起,犹如孕育着龙角 Heavenspan Profound Python Qi sweeps across howls, immediately in this origin pond deep place, has raised the huge sound. 通天玄蟒气席卷呼啸,顿时在这源池深处,掀起了巨大动静。 The sea water tumbles fiercely, somewhat transparent huge statures, start the broken water to come, from that in all directions, fast surrounds to the region that Zhou Yuan is. 海水剧烈翻滚,一道道有些透明的庞大身躯,开始破水而来,自那四面八方,飞快的对着周元所在的区域围拢而来。 That and other quantities, extremely astonishing. 那等数量,极为的惊人。 Since Zhou Yuan knows his Origin Qi will attract water beast, he in origin pond has been suppressing Origin Qi, so as to avoid brings in the water beast attention, but now to bring in thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, he also has to Origin Qi all eruption, treat as the bait oneself. 自从周元知晓他的源气会吸引来水兽后,他一直在源池中压制着源气,免得引来更多水兽注意,但如今为了引来千丈水兽,他也不得不将源气尽数的爆发,将自身当做诱饵。 Then, places the dangerous situation inevitably, words that if when the time comes Tun Tun cannot protect, he will also cause heavy losses. 只是如此一来,必然身处险境,万一到时候吞吞保护不住的话,他也会受到重创。 For thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, he also can only take risk to try. 只是,为了千丈水兽,他也只能冒险一试了。 Rumble! Rumble! 咕噜!咕噜! The sea water surges, innumerable water beast well up, that giant beast pupil, flood greedy with hope, is locking Zhou Yuan. 海水波荡,无数水兽涌来,那一道道巨大的兽瞳,泛着贪婪与渴望,锁定着周元 Roar! 吼! Tun Tun also jumped down from the Zhou Yuan shoulder on, the body rapid inflation, changed into that fierce formidable fight shape, wild Origin Qi sweeps away generally just like the storm. 吞吞也是自周元肩膀上跳了下来,身躯迅速的膨胀,化为了那狰狞威武的战斗形态,狂暴的源气宛如风暴一般横扫开来。 A terrifying pressure, sends out, just likes in the beast the King. 一股恐怖的威压,也是随之散发,犹如兽中王者。 The pressure sweeps away, that innumerable water beast was also suppressed, suddenly some tumults, do not dare to go forward. 威压横扫,那无数水兽也是受到了压制,一时间有些骚动,竟不敢上前。 However, is getting more and more huge with the appear(ance) water beast volume, then to greedy of Zhou Yuan Origin Qi, crushed gradually feared to Tun Tun's, finally in huge water beast roaring sounds, innumerable water beast, suddenly to rush. 不过,伴随着所出现水兽体积越来越庞大,那对周元源气的贪婪,也是渐渐的压倒了对吞吞的惧怕,最后在一头巨大水兽的咆哮声间,无数水兽,暴冲而出。 Roar! 吼! In the Tun Tun beast pupil was also the passing over gently and swiftly anger, just liked is felt that during the King dignity was provoked, roars, giant mouth big, black light ball suddenly to launch. 吞吞兽瞳中也是掠过愤怒,犹如是感觉到王者尊严被挑衅,咆哮之中,巨嘴大张,一颗颗黑色光球暴射而出。 The black ball mistake, strength of sending out swallowing, then exterminates to go to leader water beast. 黑球过处,吞噬之力散发,便是将一头头水兽剿灭而去。 Both sides slaughter together, the wild Origin Qi fluctuation erupts, raises everything may become vulnerable this origin pond deep place. 双方厮杀在一起,狂暴的源气波动爆发,将这源池深处掀得地动山摇。 ... In summit stone pavilion. 山巅石亭中。 Yao Yao is grasping the small hand of jade pot suddenly one stiffly, her elusive limpid pupil went to origin pond, crescent moon eyebrow rare gently pressed, talked to oneself: This fellow, really acts unreasonably.” 夭夭握着玉壶的小手忽然一僵,她那空灵清澈的眸子投向了源池中,弯月般的眉尖罕见的轻轻蹙了起来,自语道:“这个家伙,真是乱来。” How?” Li Qingchan is also the beautiful eye throws, asking of doubts. “怎么了?”李卿婵也是美目投来,疑惑的问道。 Yao Yao puts down the jade pot, graceful is grasping the jade cup, placed near the red lip gently sip, indifferently said: Preparation begins.” 夭夭将玉壶放下,优雅的握着玉杯,放在红唇边轻轻抿了一口,淡淡的道:“准备动手吧。” Li Qingchan is startled, said hastily: What meaning? Did Zhou Yuan find thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast?” 李卿婵一怔,连忙道:“什么意思?周元找到千丈水兽了?” During the spoken languages has some unbelievable, after all she is very clear, thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast has is untraceable, until now, she is also only when Zhou Yuan is showing off power, but cannot find thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast. 言语间有着一些难以置信,毕竟她很清楚,千丈水兽有多难以找寻,直到现在,她都还只是当周元在逞强,而并非是真能找到千丈水兽 However Yao Yao had not replied, but slender jade finger has shot the jade cup gently, has made the slight clear sound. 不过夭夭却是未曾回答,只是纤细玉指轻轻弹了弹玉杯,发出了细微的清脆声音。 ... origin pond deep place. 源池深处。 Slaughters intensely exceptionally, the Tun Tun protection in the Zhou Yuan ten several feet range, the body changes into afterimage, will visit water beast all tearing into shreds of this region. 厮杀激烈异常,吞吞守护在周元十数丈范围,身躯化为一道道残影,将踏足这个区域的水兽尽数的撕碎。 But Zhou Yuan, then sits cross-legged in the battlefield center, is entirely still. 周元,则是盘坐于战场中央,纹丝不动。 Knows some moment. 知道某一刻。 He has opened the eye suddenly, looked to the origin pond extremely deep place, saw only there, first thousand zhang (3.33 m) colossus, cut the sea water, bringing shadow to come. 他忽然睁开了眼睛,看向了源池极深处,只见得那里,一头千丈庞然大物,划破海水,带着阴影呼啸而来。 Impressively is battle efficiency entire full thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast! 赫然是一头战斗力全满的千丈水兽 Zhou Yuan sets out immediately, shouts to clear the way: Tun Tun, walks!” 周元立即起身,喝道:“吞吞,走!” His turning around without hesitation treadons Origin Qi suddenly to launch. 他毫不犹豫的转身脚踏源气暴射而出。 To hunt and kill thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, must surround it first, words that otherwise it must escape, nobody can block. 想要猎杀千丈水兽,必须先将其困住,不然它要逃跑的话,无人能拦。 Tun Tun was also immediately following Zhou Yuan, the body reduces, jumps on his shoulder. 吞吞也是立即的跟上周元,身躯缩小,跳到了他的肩膀上。 a man and a beast speeds away to go. 一人一兽疾驰而去。 But behind that thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast exudes the sound of roaring, beast pupil greedy locking Zhou Yuan, the huge body actually at an astonishing speed, stubbornly pursued. 而在那后方,千丈水兽发出咆哮之声,兽瞳贪婪的锁定周元,庞大的身躯却是以一种惊人的速度,死死的追了上去。
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