VY :: Volume #4

#320: Going well

Fierce combat in sea level, ending quietly, once again becomes tranquil. 海面上的激战,悄然的落幕,再度变得平静。 In the Li Qingchan beautiful eye is bringing unbelievable color when is looking at the origin pond deep place, Kong Sheng had also realized that the vision projects to go immediately, again then his pupil is fierce shrinks. 而在李卿婵美目带着难以置信之色的望着源池深处时,孔圣也是有所察觉,目光立即投射而去,再然后他瞳孔便是猛的一缩。 He also saw that is sending out radiant radiance Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal. 他也是见到了那一颗散发着璀璨光芒龙源髓晶 Is looking at about that half a Zhang (1.65 m) Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal, even if by the Kong Sheng disposition, is the heart shakes, rude say/way: How possible?!” 望着那颗半丈左右的龙源髓晶,即便是以孔圣的心性,都是心头一震,失态的道:“怎么可能?!” That first thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, how was killed suddenly! 那头千丈水兽,怎么突然就被杀了! That Zhou Yuan, but is only the Absolute Beginning Realm 2-layer Heaven strength, even if he will assign to give to spell, is facing that thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, is only the ants. 那个周元,不过只是太初境二重天的实力,就算他将命都给拼上去,面对着那千丈水兽,也不过只是蝼蚁而已。 Therefore, thousand zhang (3.33 m) does water beast, actually die? 所以,千丈水兽,究竟怎么死的? Is facing this, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan are look at each other in dismay, inconceivable of whole face. 面对着这一幕,孔圣李卿婵都是面面相觑,满脸的不可思议。 In the sea level two Saint Child are dumbfounded, Zhou Yuan of origin pond deep place, is the illness plunders on, one received about that half a Zhang (1.65 m) Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal universe bag. 在海面上两位圣子目瞪口呆的时候,源池深处的周元,则是疾掠而上,一把就将那颗半丈左右的龙源髓晶收入了乾坤囊中。 Good stupid fellow...” “好蠢的家伙…” In his mouth tch tch makes noise, because from some angle, this first thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, was killed by it while still alive. 他嘴中啧啧出声,因为从某种角度而言,这头千丈水兽,是被它自己活活撞死的。 It hit by most Formidable strength to the water wall, but actually does not know, this time network of rivers and lakes no longer like before soft, because under the Zhou Yuan's transformation, this barrier changed the characteristics, the water wall became extremely hard. 它以最强大的力量撞向了水壁,而却是不知,此次的水网不再像之前那样柔软,因为在周元的改造下,这座结界改变了特性,水壁变得极为的坚硬。 Turned the water into just the mark, Golden Jade Pattern, profound iron counter- armor mark... 化水为刚纹,金玉纹,玄铁反甲纹… These Origin Pattern, have entrusted with the water wall extremely firm characteristics, and is also having the rebound strength, therefore the strength of thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast impact is bigger, the rebound that then receives is also stronger. 这些源纹,都是赋予了水壁极为坚固的特性,并且还带着反弹的力量,所以说千丈水兽冲击的力道越大,那么受到的反弹也就越强。 Naturally, Zhou Yuan's this transformation, gathered this Origin Pattern barrier all strengths, after this time, no matter can block thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, barrier will collapse. 当然了,周元的这种改造,也是聚集了这座源纹结界的所有力量,这一次之后,不管能不能挡住千丈水兽,结界都将会崩溃。 Therefore, thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast is gathering all strengths hit, has cracked-up barrier, has killed also itself... 所以,千丈水兽汇聚着所有力量的一撞,撞碎了结界,同时也撞死了自己… Zhou Yuan satisfied has patted universe bag, this time, he has almost not taken the too big effort, because contributes the leading role, the Origin Pattern barrier that Ye Ge arranges. 周元满意的拍了拍乾坤囊,这一次,他几乎没费太大的力气,因为贡献主要作用的,还是叶歌所布置的这座源纹结界 If no this Origin Pattern barrier strength, Zhou Yuan puts forth the vigor that nurses, perhaps is impossible to kill this first thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast, because the disparity between both sides was really too big. 如果没有这座源纹结界的力量,周元使出吃奶的劲,恐怕都不可能干掉这头千丈水兽,因为双方之间的差距实在是太大了。 Zhou Yuan treadons Origin Qi to plunder to go to sea level illness, the midway passed by that big wave Sword Peak's disciple, this time they all shriek and howl wildly, Tun Tun has a relish is chasing down, everyone is the whole body bloodstain, the look is panic-stricken. 周元脚踏源气对着海面疾掠而去,中途路过了那一大波剑来峰的弟子,此时的他们个个鬼哭狼嚎,吞吞饶有兴致的一个个追杀着,每一个人都是满身的血痕,眼神惊恐。 Zhou Yuan is looking at this, shook the head, good Tun Tun also knows cannot kill people here, otherwise, these Sword Peak's disciples turned into the corpse at this time basically completely. 周元望着这一幕,摇了摇头,还好吞吞也知晓在这里不能杀人,不然的话,这些剑来峰的弟子此时基本全部都变成尸体了。 Tun Tun, walked.” 吞吞,走了。” Zhou Yuan calls one. 周元吆喝一声。 Hears Zhou Yuan's to call, turning around that Tun Tun then has not given full expression returns, the body shrinks the small accomplishment puppy size, fell on the Zhou Yuan shoulder. 听到周元的吆喝,吞吞这才意犹未尽的转身而回,身躯缩小成小狗大小,落在了周元肩膀上。 Zhou Yuan looked at these Sword Peak's disciples, this time they, which also had the arrogance of formerly least bit, distressed, looked the look that was also full of the fear. 周元看了一眼那些剑来峰的弟子,此时的他们,哪还有先前半点的傲气,一个个狼狈至极,看过来的眼神也是充满着恐惧。 Obviously formerly was been much more oppressive by Tun Tun. 显然先前被吞吞虐得不轻。 Zhou Yuan's smiled to them, then no longer pays attention, the personal appearance moves, the illness plunders, finally breaks the sea water, fell in the sea level. 周元的冲着他们笑了笑,然后就不再理会,身形一动,疾掠而出,最后破开海水,落在了海面上。 Hehe, fired off?” “呵呵,都打完了啊?” In the sea level a tranquility, Zhou Yuan looks at not far away to stare at his Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, said with a smile. 海面上一片平静,周元望着不远处一直盯着他的孔圣李卿婵,笑道。 The Li Qingchan beautiful eye is bringing surprisedly is staring at Zhou Yuan, asking that then she cannot bear: „Did you kill that first thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast?” 李卿婵美目带着惊奇的盯着周元,然后她忍不住的问道:“你把那头千丈水兽杀了?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile: It kills.” 周元笑道:“它自己撞死的。” The Li Qingchan small mouth has pulled out pulling out gently, can compare favorably with Absolute Beginning Realm 9-layer Heaven thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast to be killed? 李卿婵小嘴轻轻抽了抽,一头能够媲美太初境九重天的千丈水兽被撞死? „Did you transform my Origin Pattern barrier?!” But also at this time, behind Zhou Yuan, has sound together to transmit, he has turned the head, sees only Ye Ge to tread the water to come, his vision, stubbornly is staring at Zhou Yuan. “你改造了我的源纹结界?!”而也就是在这个时候,周元后方,有着一道声音传来,他转过头,只见得叶歌踏水而来,他的目光,死死的盯着周元 Yao Yao is strolls to come similarly, obviously their fights had ended. 夭夭同样是漫步而来,显然他们的战斗已经结束。 Ye Ge looked at Yao Yao one, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly deep dreading, formerly two people fought, his thorough knew the latter immeasurably deep, how regardless of because he launches the offensive by Origin Pattern, Yao Yao can counter-attack by more violent Origin Pattern offensive, his offensive easily accomplished destroying. 叶歌看了夭夭一眼,眼中掠过深深的忌惮,先前两人交手一番,他彻底的知晓了后者有多深不可测,因为不论他如何以源纹发动攻势,夭夭都是能够以更为猛烈的源纹攻势反扑出来,将他的攻势摧枯拉朽般的摧毁。 High under stands sentences. 高下立判。 So ten several times got down, how even if Ye Ge not to hope facing the reality again, has to acknowledge that attainments of present Yao Yao on Origin Pattern, stems from his imagination. 如此十数次下来,就算是叶歌再怎么不愿面对现实,也不得不承认,眼前的夭夭源纹上的造诣,出乎他的想象。 Since the heart knew the result, Ye Ge then stopped the offensive, because present Yao Yao is accompanying him to play obviously, if continues again, is he is not tactful. 既然心中知晓了结果,叶歌便是停下了攻势,因为眼前的夭夭显然是在陪着他玩,若是再继续下去的话,便是他不识趣了。 Ye Ge approaches, perhaps the vision locked Zhou Yuan, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan did not know formerly had them, but he was actually arranges the faint sensation to him in Origin Pattern barrier of origin pond deep place has changed. 叶歌走近过来,目光锁定了周元,孔圣,李卿婵或许不知晓先前发生了他们,但他却是隐隐的感知到他布置在源池深处的源纹结界有所异动。 United formerly sound again, if he has not guessed that wrong, was very likely Zhou Yuan to transform his Origin Pattern barrier, then cut to kill thousand zhang (3.33 m) water beast. 再联合先前的动静来看,如果他没猜错的话,很有可能是周元改造了他的源纹结界,进而斩杀了千丈水兽 Transformed your Origin Pattern barrier?!” Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng are also one startled, look surprised looks at Zhou Yuan. “改造了你的源纹结界?!”李卿婵孔圣也是一惊,眼神惊疑的看着周元 Although they have not finished Origin Pattern, but is its had understood after all, must therefore transform Origin Pattern barrier very much clearly difficultly. 他们虽然没有精修源纹,但总归是对其有所了解,所以很清楚要改造一座源纹结界有多难。 That needs to study the extremely clear situation to Origin Pattern barrier. 那需要对一座源纹结界研究到极为清楚的地步。 How long but does Zhou Yuan see this Origin Pattern barrier? 周元见到这座源纹结界才多久? Li Qingchan ruddy small mouth slightly, because of the beforehand matter, she to some Zhou Yuan always opinions, behind sees Yao Yao to protect Zhou Yuan, regards as it can only depend upon the fellow who the woman lives by pimping. 李卿婵红润小嘴微张,因为之前的事情,她对周元总是有些意见,后面见到夭夭护着周元,更是将其视为只能依靠女人吃软饭的家伙。 However at present looks like, did she as if somewhat look to miss? 然而眼下看来,她似乎是有些看差了? Faces three people of that surprised vision, Zhou Yuan is smiling, has not explained anything, but took out about that half a Zhang (1.65 m) Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal from universe bag. 面对着三人那惊疑的目光,周元只是一笑,也没有多解释什么,只是从乾坤囊中取出了那颗半丈左右的龙源髓晶 This thing takes, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan vision projects immediately. 这东西一拿出来,孔圣李卿婵的目光立即投射而来。 Kong Sheng is looking at Zhou Yuan, on that edges and corners distinct face, appears to wipe the smiling face, said: This Junior Brother, if you can give me this thing, I am willing to give the condition that makes you be interested.” 孔圣望着周元,那棱角分明的脸庞上,浮现出一抹笑容,道:“这位师弟,若是你能够将此物给我,我愿意给出让你感兴趣的条件。” Li Qingchan pupil cold looked at Kong Sheng one, said: Kong Sheng, haven't you lost heart?” 李卿婵眸子冷冽的看了孔圣一眼,道:“孔圣,你还不死心?” Any thing, can trade, so long as can put out enough price.” Kong Sheng shows a faint smile, he is looking at Zhou Yuan, slowly said: „Should you be Saint Origin Peak that Junior Brother Zhou Yuan?” “任何的东西,都是可以交易的,只要能够拿出足够的代价。”孔圣微微一笑,他望着周元,缓缓的道:“你应该是圣源峰那位周元师弟吧?” If you can give me this thing, I can make you Saint Origin Peak chief disciple.” “若是你能够将此物给我,我可以让你成为圣源峰首席弟子。” Li Qingchan cold voice said: Kong Sheng, each peak chief disciple may be the real swords and spears fights with all might, you do not have the qualifications to give.” 李卿婵冷声道:“孔圣,每峰首席弟子可都是真刀真枪拼杀出来的,你可没资格给。” Kong Sheng said with a smile pale: I indeed do not have the qualifications to give, but, I can actually make Junior Brother Yuan Hong let one.” 孔圣淡笑道:“我的确是没资格给,不过,我却可以让袁洪师弟让一步。” In the Zhou Yuan's eye is also delimits has wiped amazed, indeed, that Lu Hong disciple Yuan Hong, is this Saint Origin Peak at the end of the year the chief disciple most powerful competition candidate, if Kong Sheng can make Yuan Hong let really one step, their this One Vein competed for the chief opportunity to be big. 周元的眼中也是划过一抹惊诧,的确,那陆宏门下袁洪,算是此次圣源峰年底首席弟子最有力的争夺人选,如果孔圣真能够让袁洪让一步,他们这一脉争夺首席的机会就大了。 Normal, this also is really beckoning. 正常来说,这还真是蛮让人心动的。 Kong Sheng looks at the Zhou Yuan's appearance, the smiling face of corners of the mouth is more abundant, said: Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, how do you think?” 孔圣瞧得周元的模样,嘴角的笑容更盛,道:“周元师弟,你觉得如何?” Zhou Yuan has hesitated, said with a smile: This condition, but also is really a little attraction...” 周元似是沉吟了一下,笑道:“这个条件,还真是有点诱惑力…” He smilingly looked that is cold Li Qingchan of elegant face to the one side, said: Senior Sister Li, do you think?” 他笑眯眯的看向一旁冷着俏脸的李卿婵,道:“李师姐,你觉得呢?” Li Qingchan coldly looked at his one eyes, sneers saying: I may unable to pledge his condition.” 李卿婵冷冷的看了他一眼,冷笑道:“我可开不出他的条件。” She thought obviously Zhou Yuan heart movement, intentionally wants to ask an outrageous price with her at present, finally waits her to reject, he can the satisfied tearing beforehand agreement, complete the transaction with Kong Sheng. 她显然是觉得周元已经心动,眼下不过故意想要来跟她漫天要价,最后待得她拒绝,他就能够心安理得的撕毁之前的约定,与孔圣完成交易。 For all that the procedure, somewhat is quite shameless, but Li Qingchan actually cold and proud quite, radically disdains to refute Zhou Yuan with the agreement, because in her opinion, that will instead enable her to seem somewhat weak. 虽然如此作法,颇有些无耻,但李卿婵却颇为的冷傲,根本不屑用约定来驳斥周元,因为在她看来,那反而会使得她看上去有些软弱。 At present, when misreads person, although she regarding Zhou Yuan, originally does not have the least bit to favor. 眼下,就当只是看错人吧,虽然她对于周元,本就没有半点看好过。 Icy is unamusing.” “冷冰冰的一点都不好玩。” Zhou Yuan helpless shrugging, then smiles to Kong Sheng, said: Senior Brother Kong Sheng, your condition, although is very attractive, but... Was sorry, this Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal, had complied with Senior Sister Li before.” 周元无奈的耸耸肩,然后冲着孔圣一笑,道:“孔圣师兄,你的条件虽然很诱人,不过…抱歉了,这龙源髓晶,之前已经答应过李师姐了。” Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan have been startled. 孔圣李卿婵都是怔了下来。 The smiling face on Kong Sheng face, in a soft voice said slightly: You are... Has rejected me?” 孔圣脸庞上的笑容微微顿了顿,轻声道:“你这是…拒绝了我?” He is staring at Zhou Yuan, the smiling face on face, as if has dangerous aura. 他盯着周元,脸上的笑容,似乎是有着一丝危险的气息 In this Blue Profound Sect, does a golden belt disciple, dare to reject his proposition unexpectedly? 在这苍玄宗,一个金带弟子,竟然敢拒绝他的提议? However Zhou Yuan as if has not realized that dangerous aura, but selects nods with a smile, a say/way of face apology: „Is sorry.” 然而周元似乎未曾察觉到那种危险气息,只是笑着点点头,一脸歉意的道:“真的是抱歉啊。” No longer considers?” Kong Sheng smiles, the black stone double pupil has narrowed the eyes. “不再考虑一下?”孔圣笑着,黑石般的双眸眯了一些。 Zhou Yuan somewhat awkward shaking the head. 周元有些为难的摇摇头。 Hehe...” “呵呵…” Kong Sheng smiled lightly, stretches out finger imaginary point Zhou Yuan two, said: You but actually are really some meanings...” 孔圣轻笑了笑,伸出手指虚点了周元两下,道:“你倒真是有些意思…” Zhou Yuan...” 周元是吧…” His deep looked at Zhou Yuan one, in the eye cannot see the happy anger. 他深深的看了周元一眼,眼中看不出喜怒。 Good, I...” “好吧,我记着了…” His sleeve robe flings, is turns around to tread the wave to go unexpectedly directly. 他袖袍一甩,竟直接是转身踏浪而去。 Ye Ge sees that also looked at Zhou Yuan one, obviously is also some surprised Zhou Yuan unexpectedly not to the Kong Sheng face, this boy, is the young bull does not fear the tiger seriously. 叶歌见状,也是多看了周元一眼,显然也是有些惊奇周元竟然并没有给孔圣面子,这小子,当真是初生牛犊不怕虎啊。 However he has not said finally anything, was hugging after Yao Yao has held the fist in the other hand, was turns around to go. 不过最终他也没多说什么,对着夭夭抱了抱拳后,也是转身而去。 In the sea level, Zhou Yuan looks at the direction that Kong Sheng is going far away, shrugs. 海面上,周元望着那孔圣远去的方向,耸了耸肩。 As if, queered...” “似乎,得罪人了啊…”
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