UB :: Volume #8

#705: New Universe Overlord

Invincible Universe Overlord dropped down. 无敌的宇宙霸主倒下了。 Several other big Universe levels, have not experienced the so unscientific matter for a lifetime. 另外几大宇宙级,一辈子都没经历过如此不科学的事情。 Even, gradually a little forgot goal that Shi Yu holds the conference. 甚至,逐渐有点忘记时宇召开会议的目的。 Universe maintenance 宇宙维系者・・・・ Beast King actually does not want Shi Yu to become Universe maintenance, when the time comes, is the Universe any life life and death, considering as finished that a Shi Yu person said? Even if it, must look at the Shi Yu complexion. 兽王其实是不愿意时宇成为宇宙维系者的,到时候,宇宙任何生命的生死,岂不是都是时宇一个人说的算了?哪怕是它,都得看时宇脸色。 However now Beast King felt, Shi Yu cannot become to become Universe maintenance and does look at the Shi Yu complexion, probably the relations are not big. 不过现在・・兽王感觉,时宇成为不成为宇宙维系者和看不看时宇脸色,好像关系不大了。 Cow Overlord is very good example, its Beast King is strong, but can also strong Universe Overlord? 4 although possible Shi Yu to extinguish thoroughly kills is in itself not 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Then is easy, but causes heavy losses, seal to be definitely relaxed. The king and different Insect Queen, did not have the words to say. 霸主就是很好的例子,它兽王再强,还能强的过宇宙霸主?四虽然可能时宇彻底灭杀自己不是82中文网最快更新!那么容易,但重创、封印肯定轻轻松松。界王、异虫女王,就更没话说了。 Becoming Universe maintenance regarding Shi Yu, the king takes the indifferent attitude, if Universe really and may danger Shi Yu be willing to take this risk to come the salvation, that instead must thank Shi Yu. 对于时宇成为宇宙维系者,界王是抱有无所谓的态度,如果宇宙真的及及可危时宇愿意冒这个风险来救世,那反而还得感谢时宇 As for different Insect Queen, skims other thoughts at this moment, only hopes that Shi Yu they do not break a contract, hopes that Wormie can also recognize its this godmother 至于异虫女王,此刻也将其他念头撇去,只希望时宇它们别违约,希望虫虫还能认它这个干妈・・・・ Tyrant, tyrant, Sir Overlord!!!” “霸,霸,霸主大人!!!” Has saying that the Universe Overlord secretary comes is very quick, after all she has the qualifications to start Universe Overlord that person who battleship that only takes the Universe most precious object as the energy. 不得不说,宇宙霸主的秘书来的还挺快,毕竟她是唯一有资格启动宇宙霸主那艘以宇宙至宝为能源的战舰的人。 Following Universe Overlord arrives at Milky Way is, Carter feels many Universe level aura immediately, later, arrives at the exact location, then sees boss, flutters like the Dong remnant cow in Starry Sky. „ Also brought secretary Shi Yu to see that the Universe Overlord secretary arrived, said: However matter of treatment, gives me. 跟随宇宙霸主来到银河系后,卡特妮立刻感受到了多股宇宙级气息,随后,来到具体位置,便看见自家老大,像侗残牛一样飘在星空。“还带了秘书时宇看到宇宙霸主的秘书到来,道:不过治疗的事情,就交给我吧。 „.” Shi Yu issues the order, Eleven nods immediately, rubs to become a wonton strength of chaos directly, this to high force, naturally can also derive the cure ability, the Eleven palm aims is floating Universe Overlord, the dumplings eclipse fluctuation instantaneous bang goes. “嗷。”时宇下达命令,十一立刻点了点头,直接把混沌之力手搓成为了一个馄饨,这等至高力量,自然也能衍生出治愈能力,十一手掌对准漂浮着的宇宙霸主,馄蚀波动瞬间轰去。 The next quarter, Universe Overlord cough sheds together the blood again, the vision gradually restored the appearance, Universe Overlord that but, is gradually sober, only felt that is still injured heavily. 下一刻,宇宙霸主再次出一道血,目光逐渐恢复了神彩,不过,逐渐清醒过来的宇宙霸主,只感觉依然受伤不轻。 Injury on Mind. 心灵上的受伤。 „Did I defeat??” It to the present, has not gotten back one's composure, responded, it is dragging the broken body, puzzled looks at the king they. “我败了??”它到现在,还没回过神,反应过来,它拖着残破的身躯,一脸疑惑的看着界王它们。 The king they also looks at it, thought that you were the brain are hit stupidly 界王它们也看着它,心想你是脑子被打傻了吗・・・・・・ Is willing to bet to concede.” Shi Yu in side, said smilingly: „ What kind of, my present strength is good. Universe Overlord looked at a broken body, then looked at Eleven before Shi Yu and his body, the opening mouth “愿赌服输。”时宇在旁边,笑盈盈道:“怎么样,我现在的实力还行吧。宇宙霸主看了一眼残破的身躯,然后看了一眼时宇和他身前的十一,张大嘴巴 Is impossible, is absolutely impossible. “不可能,绝对不可能。 Invincible, unexpectedly by instakill. 无敌的自己,竟然被秒杀 Universe Overlord indicated that accepts cannot 宇宙霸主表示接受不能 „!!!” It thrashes oneself body crazily, frightened Shi Yu, the king they, as soon as jumps, later, Universe Overlord is getting angry, pants saying: „, But to be how possible.” “啊啊啊啊啊!!!”它疯狂的捶打自己的身躯,吓了时宇、界王它们一跳,随后,宇宙霸主红着眼,气喘吁吁道:“是真的,但怎么可能。” It is getting angry to look at Shi Yu they, it has thought the future one day will lose, but loses does not have the suspense, Universe Overlord first time does not even know how should pursue Shi Yu. 它红着眼看着时宇它们,它有想过自己未来有一日会输,但输的这么无悬念,宇宙霸主一时间甚至不知道该怎么追赶时宇 Thought back on once, it also wants to train powerful human race, most was just like itself powerful, under satisfies own fight desire, but, this person appear now, matched Persia actually unable to see the hope of victory all of a sudden. 遥想曾经,它还想培养出一个强大的人族,最好比自己强大,来满足下自己的战斗欲,可是,现在这个人自己横空出世,赛波斯却一下子看不到胜利的希望。 Who the feeling independent combat, is impossible to defeat Shi Yu 感觉单打独斗的自己,不可能战胜时宇 yiiinng! However at this time, Eleven actually waves toward Universe Overlord, said.( Will select next time only!) 嘤嘤嘤!不过此时,十一却朝着宇宙霸主挥手,道。(下次单挑!) Universe Overlord match Persia for a long time, understands silent finally why knows in advance in the dream, can be hearty and this only Panda selects only. 宇宙霸主赛波斯沉默许久,终于明白为什么预知梦中,会是自己酣畅的和这只熊猫单挑。 Added some people, the victory and defeat it does not have the suspense , was the evenly matched fight is interesting, was fuller! 多加个别人,胜负它就没有悬念了啊,果然,还是势均力敌的战斗有意思,更酣畅淋漓! Is willing to bet to concede, complies your, I will achieve completely.” Universe Overlord match Persia looked at Shi Yu, said. It was tired, it looked to 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Own battleship, desolate returned, child who loses the dream likely. In 3 battleships. “愿赌服输,答应你的,我会全部做到。”宇宙霸主赛波斯看了一眼时宇,道。它累了,它看向了82中文网最快更新!自己的战舰,落寞的回了去,像个失去梦想的孩子。三战舰内。 Carter saw own boss comes back, wants to ask anything, but actually may I ask, for fear that enraged current condition not right Universe Overlord. 卡特妮看到自家老大回来,想问什么,但却不敢问,生怕触怒了当前状态不对劲的宇宙霸主 Carter. “卡特妮。 Sir Overlord, I. 霸主大人,我在。 I must sleep to be static, possibly is ten years, possibly is hundred years, possibly is ten thousand years.” “我要睡一觉静一静了,可能是十年,可能是百年,也可能是万年。” Has anything, awakens me to be good directly. “有什么事,直接唤醒我就好。 Moreover, in the name of Universe Overlord Legion, helping me announce entire Universe, I lost to Shi Yu, Universe Overlord this title, I do not want one by one from now henceforth continuously, I can snatch.” “另外,以宇宙霸主军团的名义,帮我宣告全宇宙,我败给了时宇,从今以后宇宙霸主这称号,我就不要了一一一直至,我能抢回来。” Carter opens the mouth, a face is shocking 卡特妮张大嘴巴,一脸震惊 After Universe Overlord walks, the Universe conference also almost announced ended, the king they, said that all listened to Shi Yu, says goodbye for the time being, no longer discussed the matter outside conference. 宇宙霸主走后,宇宙会议也差不多宣告结束了,界王它们,表示全听时宇的,也都暂且告辞,不再去谈会议之外的事情。 „Very smooth.” Shi Yu stands in Starry Sky, quite accidental/surprised say/way. “很顺利呢。”时宇站在星空,颇为意外的道。 His side only beast pet, the corners of the mouth twitch, more than ten Universe levels grind the face, can not be smooth, do you change into cat Teacher Cat to try us? 他身边一只只宠兽,嘴角抽搐,十几只宇宙级碾脸,能不顺利吗,你把我们换成猫猫老师试试? At this time, as several big Universe levels walked, cat Teacher Cat they also came 此时,随着几大宇宙级走了,猫猫老师她们也过来了 Meow meow meow Teacher Ying three Jewel Cat kingdom national essence, flew directly, in the spoken language is disclosing the shock. “喵的喵的喵的荧老师一口三个宝石猫王国国粹,直接飞了过来,言语中透露着震惊。 Shi Yu, what's the matter, a moment ago was the projection of Wormie, you made the movie to be scary.” 时宇,怎么回事,刚才是不是虫虫的投影,你拍电影唬人呢吧。” Wormie indeed has this ability, truly, compared with matter that had a moment ago, is Wormie is more credible in practical joke 虫虫的确有这个能力,确实,比起刚才发生的事情,是虫虫在恶作剧更可信一些 Excuse me, you must believe your eye.” Shi Yu said with a smile , was this parallel Universe cat Teacher Cat is kinder. “不好意思,你要相信自己的眼睛。”时宇笑道,果然,还是这个平行宇宙的猫猫老师更亲切。 Mainly is Mother Cat looks beautiful, another Myth Rank will not have changed the body, the difference comments! 主要是猫娘看着养眼一点,另外一个都神级了还不会变身,差评! Shi Yu you are” Blue Star Will, Nuwa wait/etc., coming that also a face shocks, Nuwa has hit her of multiple social dealings with Universe Overlord particularly, compels most ignorant. 时宇你这是・”蓝星意志娲神等,也一脸震撼的过来,尤其是娲神宇宙霸主打过多次交道的她,最为懵逼。 This was match Persia said that foreknowledge dream?? 这就是赛波斯说的,预知梦?? Has a dream to come under attack. 做梦挨打是吧。 It is not right, the key is, how Shi Yu becomes such strong!!! 不对,关键是,时宇怎么变得这么强啊!!! Un Shi Yu looks to them, said: „ Because of something, I shouted the Universe levels, these matters, I want also to need and you say. “嗯时宇看向她们,道:“因为一些事情,我把宇宙级们都喊了过来,这些事,我想也有必要和你们说一说。 Blue Star. 蓝星 Inatella. 尹那泰拉 After finding the foothold, Shi Yu the matter that in the Universe conference said that also told Blue Star these Super God peaks. 找到落脚点后时宇宇宙会议上说的事情,也告诉了蓝星这些当家的超神巅峰。 Hears the description of Shi Yu, Blue Star Will and other incomparable is dignified 听到时宇的描述,蓝星意志等无比的凝重起来 However at the same time, their shock, compare the shock of entire Universe, that simply a drop in the bucket. 不过与此同时,她们的震惊,相比全宇宙的震惊,那简直九牛一毛。 The Zi Jian special operations forces team, because of the relations of Shi Yu, is like a fish in water in Universe Overlord Legion, after all, from some perspective, Milky Way Overlord Shi Yu, is Universe Overlord Legion one, once joined the Zi Jian special operations forces team. 紫见特战队,因为和时宇的关系,在宇宙霸主军团如鱼得水,毕竟,从某种角度来说,银河霸主时宇,也是宇宙霸主军团的一员,曾经加入了紫见特战队。 Has the squad of Universe level, asked that other Legion did fear. 宇宙级的小队,就问其他军团怕不怕。 Chief Zi Jian moistens now incomparably, in the team Honkaijin cow Examiner also liked giving Shi Yu to inspect with oneself has said the matter, but today, Zi Jian special operations forces team all explodes boils because only. 紫见队长如今滋润无比,队内崩坏神考官也更喜欢拿自己给时宇考核过说事了但就在今日,紫见特战队全体炸开锅只因。 Universe Overlord Legion announced the highest information. 宇宙霸主军团内部公告了一条最高信息。 Original Universe Overlord match Persia and war of Milky Way Overlord Shi Yu Law, defeats! 宇宙霸主赛波斯与银河霸主时宇规则之战,战败! Henceforth, Universe Overlord exchanges ownerships. 从此,宇宙霸主易主。 Universe Overlord Legion changes name to match Persia Legion, Legion, can not abuse the Universe Overlord given name again. 宇宙霸主军团改名赛波斯军团,军团内部,不得再乱用宇宙霸主名号。 My his mother!!!” Zi Jian Chief canine tooth almost collapse drop, incredible reads this circular “我他妈!!!”紫见队长一口虎牙差点崩掉,不可置信的看着这条通告 Pupil!!!” Also side, transmits Honkaijin ox Jie to hoodwink Examiner the sound of shock, Shi Yu, defeated Universe Overlord?? “眸!!!”旁边,也传来崩坏神牛杰蒙考官的震惊之音,时宇,击败宇宙霸主了?? This fellow promotes is how the same as cheat, a light seal Universe level is insufficient, now is shaken the Universe Overlord position?! 这家伙升级怎么跟开挂一样,光封印一个宇宙级还不够,现在连宇宙霸主的地位都被撼动了?! This situation happened across Universe, first is Universe Overlord Legion is greatly turbulent, latter is some intelligence capability first-class organizations, knew the Universe Overlord Legion internal accident. 这种情况发生在宇宙各地,先是宇宙霸主军团内部大动荡,后是一些情报能力一流的组织,也知晓了宇宙霸主军团内部的变故。 King Star, is here familiar Shi Yu person are quite many, when this match Persia Army interior circular passes to King Star. This place spreads shocking sound continuously immediately, even was as good as on King Star to have the sound wave class disaster- 王星,还是这里熟悉时宇的人比较多,当这条赛波斯内部通告传到界王星.此地顿时传出此起彼伏的震惊声,甚至不亚于界王星上发生了声波类天灾- Many older generation Super God, experienced the innumerable years, has seen many Genius like the comet rise, but quick covers up the traces on the noise elimination, but first time, sees Shi Yu this. 许多老一辈超神,经历了无数岁月,见到过许多天才如彗星般崛起,但很快就消声灭迹,但还是头一次,见到时宇这样的。 Most Demigod, most Myth Rank, most Super God and even beats Universe most powerhouse, only used short less than 20 半神,最神级,最超神・・乃至击败宇宙最强者,只用了短短不到二十 Said that is the child of Universe, has described the Shi Yu Legend nature insufficiently. 说是宇宙之子,都已经不足以描述时宇传奇性。 It, simply is the Universe Will biological father!!” The say/way of many older generation powerhouse stutter, does not have to think oneself can also live is seeing 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! The great change of Universe history. “它,简直就是宇宙意志的亲爸爸啊!!”不少老一辈强者结结巴巴的道,没想到自己还能活着见到82中文网最快更新!宇宙历史的重大变化。 In addition the strangers are shocked, but the Shi Yu acquaintance, such as Donghuang several emperors, Shen Yuan, President Lin Xiao, Dragon God they learns of the news, was dizzy. 陌生人尚且震惊,而时宇的熟人,如东煌几帝、神源林霄会长龙神他们得知消息,则更加头晕了。 Naturally, regarding Blue Star lineage/vein, the matter that at this time most is important, actually maintenance incident 当然,对于蓝星一脉而言,此时最事关重大的事,其实还是维系者一事 Shi Yu does not want to try the contract Universe matter to tell too many people oneself, but actually also jumps over some people. 时宇不想把自己尝试契约宇宙的事告诉太多人,不过却也越不过一些人。 How long after I do not know, but does not need not to feel relieved, contract Universe is only final cannot plan, if this can solve the Universe hidden danger through other ways in this period ahead of time, does not need such anxiously contract Universe “我也不知道多久之后,不过也不用这么不放心,契约宇宙只是最后的不得以打算,万一这期间能提前通过其他方式解决宇宙隐患,也就没必要这么急着契约宇宙 After Shi Yu explained one one by one, lying down of some sage patterns rested on Eleven. 时宇挨个解释一遍后,有些贤者模式的躺在十一身上休息。 Then, was studies that mainland fossil, was again the memory of deep research destruction god, naturally, parallel Universe that side situation must frequently the observation and attention.” “接下来,就是研究那块大陆化石了吧,然后就是再深入研究破坏神的记忆,当然,平行宇宙那边的情况也要时刻观测、关注。” Gives me! 交给我! Can respond decisive complies with the Shi Yu duty, in the team also only had the Shi Yu exclusive secretary cold. 能这么反应果断的答应时宇的任务的,队内也只有时宇的专属秘书凛了。 Shi Yu shows a faint smile. 时宇微微一笑。 It can be said that cold creates, is most correct matter that his lazy person handles. 可以说,把凛创造出来,是他这个懒人做的最正确的事情。 Has better Universe monitor ability for Let RIn, Shi Yu felt, was the time team tries hard to help cold conduct Breakthrough 为了让凛拥有更好的宇宙监测能力,时宇觉得,也是时候全队努力帮助凛进行突破 Shi Yu defeats match Persia, the shocking match space, no one has thought that king of short Time achievement Universe that Conferred Gods Battle was strongest, even really occurrence, this still truly also had no relations with most people. 时宇战胜赛波斯,震惊赛宇,谁也没有想到那个封神之王短短时间成就宇宙最强不过,就算真的发生了,这也确实又跟大多数人没什么关系。 More ordinary person and even Transcendent, enlivens in oneself that small group, is no one is capable of contacting mammoth of Universe, compares the change of position of Universe Overlord, they possibly cared that own minor matter, this is real. 更多的普通人乃至超凡者,还是活跃在自己那一个小圈子,不是谁都有能力接触到宇宙的波澜壮阔,相比宇宙霸主之位的更替,他们可能更关心自己的小事,这才是真实。 However Shi Yu also indeed leaves behind the dark ink serious wound in 11 discipline, the person who does not know hears Shi Yu Legendary only to feel that just like mythical Legend, but some and Shi Yu has had the contact, always feels filled with all sorts of feelings. 不过时宇也的的确确在11纪留下浓墨重彩的一笔,不认识的人听到时宇传说只感觉犹如神话传奇,但一些和时宇有过接触的,总感觉感慨万分。 Naturally, Shi Yu achievement Universe Overlord, but also brought about a remarkable change, was the Universe peace many, matched Persian Legion to restrain temporarily much, the mercenary deal no longer attained on outwardly, naturally did not have the Universe sea and all parties' war 当然,时宇成就宇宙霸主,还带来了一个显着的变化,就是宇宙和平了不少,赛波斯军团暂时收敛了不少,雇佣兵勾当不再拿到明面上,自然也没有了宇宙海和各方的战争 Many powerhouses know, this change, definitely cannot cut off the relations with Shi Yu, or Shi Yu does not have the explicit request to like this, but Universe turns into this, definitely came under the influence of Shi Yu. 众多强者都知道,这种变化,肯定和时宇脱不了关系,或者时宇没有明确要求必须这样,但宇宙变成这样,肯定是受到了时宇的影响。 But the achievement 11 discipline are strongest, Shi Yu was also nothing too pursued greatly, the only pursue , was only possibly left over made Universe last forever, and beast pet lasted forever by oneself, furthermore, creates some pleasure, for example knew other 10 discipline the history, for example knew previous Universe maintenance in the history of time, went to a Archaeology some more interesting thing 6 而成就11纪最强,时宇也算是没什么太大追求了,唯一的追求,可能也就只剩下了让宇宙永存,让自己和宠兽们永存了,再有,就是创造一些乐趣,比如知晓其他十纪的历史,比如知晓上一任宇宙维系者所在时代的历史,去考古一些更有趣的东西六 These things, are his Universe Overlord do not know that now, just like match Persia, if cannot pursue the matter that is hard to achieve, too will be exactly long Shi Yu also to feel that bored Shi Yu observed Universe to change with single-hearted devotion, studies how becomes the Universe maintenance several years latter terrifying Space and Time fluctuation, was spreads from Milky Way. 这些东西,是如今他这个宇宙霸主也不知道的,和赛波斯一样,如果不能追求一些难以做到的事情,活太久了时宇也会感觉无聊的时宇专心观测宇宙变化,研究如何成为宇宙维系者数年后一股恐怖的时空波动,从银河系传出。 Has the new Universe level birth! “有新的宇宙级诞生! Many 11 discipline powerhouses felt the powerful Space and Time fluctuation, even if match Persia that planned to sleep well, still without thinking was awakened quickly. 不少11纪强者都感受到了强大的时空波动,就算是打算好好睡一觉的赛波斯,也没想到这么快就又被惊醒。 However, when each Universe level feels the fluctuation direction, then the corners of the mouth twitch, no longer pays attention. 不过,当各个宇宙级感受到波动方向,便嘴角抽搐,不再理会。 Is his beast pet.” “是他的宠兽罢了。” Originally Shi Yu was very invincible, now another nature Universe level, the people have not been serious is Rin Breakthrough to the Universe level 本来时宇就很无敌了,现在又一只自然宇宙级,众人也没当回事是凛突破到了宇宙 Can achieve the birth new Universe level not to cause the too big mighty waves, possibly also on Shi Yu for the Let RIn Breakthrough Universe level, Shi Yu they assisted on cold fusion full power a Spirit of Time fossil however result of discipline, cold cannot become the Space and Time darling, cannot learn Time Travel, except for learning the Time study controlled such as the anticipation of Shi Yu is not different. 能做到诞生新的宇宙级也不引起太大波澜,可能也就时宇这边了为了让凛突破宇宙级,时宇他们全力辅助凛融合上一纪的时之精灵化石但是结果,凛还是没能成为时空的宠儿,没能学会时空穿梭,除了学会了时间学控并没有如时宇的期待一样。 and Rin same almost, Akame and Ginseng Tot 和凛一样差不多的,还有赤童参宝宝 During this, the tree of Universe thoroughly restores, the Ginseng Tot nutritious ability, it can be said that the limit is close to the Universe level, by the Space and Time attainments, it should also attain a designated standard, what a pity, cannot the position of achievement Universe, without Eleven, Wormie and Susu be so smooth. 这期间,宇宙之树彻底恢复,参宝宝的滋补能力,可以说是极限接近宇宙级,论时空造诣,它也应该达标了,可惜,没能成就宇宙之位,没有十一虫虫素素那么顺利。 Scarlet, even if Lingkai destroyed the Spiritual God soul, according to Junqua in the accurate Universe level. 还有赤,哪怕灵解了破坏神灵魂,也依然卡在准宇宙级。 Cold from the beginning is also this, this lets Shi Yu, felt thornily, made Shi Yu understand, on Susu, Eleven and Wormie luck, was not then good duplicate/restores to carve. 凛一开始也是这样,这让时宇,感觉到了棘手,也让时宇明白,素素十一虫虫身上的幸运,并不是那么好复刻的。 However, cold is Rin, oneself helped himself find „the road of Universe worthily 不过,凛不愧是凛,自己帮自己找到了“宇宙之路” No, or helped the teammate find the road of Universe, thus let own Breakthrough Universe level! 不,或者说,帮助队友找到了宇宙之路,从而让自己突破宇宙级! In recent years, Shi Yu they had not really found other to solve the Universe hidden danger the method, therefore, contract Universe, seems like the only solution. 近些年,时宇他们实在没有找到其他解决宇宙隐患的方法,所以,契约宇宙,似乎是唯一解。 But contract Universe, as if also drags seriously, they observe, next door parallel Universe Life Span continuously in accelerating flow 而契约宇宙,似乎也拖不得了,他们观测到,隔壁平行宇宙寿命一直在加速流 Although is also left over very long Time, perhaps but don't forget, contract Universe, can spend very long Time 虽然还剩下很长一段时间,但是别忘了,契约宇宙,恐怕也会花很长时间 Like Shi Yu the contract empress, expenditure Time was other contract beast pet several times was the same initially, this was the empress does not have in the situation of resistance. 就像时宇当初契约女皇,花费的时间是契约其他宠兽数倍一样,这还是女皇没有反抗的情况下。 Therefore, if Shi Yu contract Universe Time, must surpass next door parallel Universe surplus Life Span, that trouble 所以,如果时宇契约宇宙时间,要超过隔壁平行宇宙的剩余寿命,那就麻烦 Therefore, the Shi Yu contract Universe time, naturally the earlier the better 因此,时宇契约宇宙的时机,自然是越早越好 At this time, the Shi Yu Universe 2 boundaries, four Universe level beast pet add the body, properly speaking had achieved the contract Universe threshold initially. 此时,时宇宇宙二境界,四只宇宙宠兽加身,按理说已经初步达到了契约宇宙的门槛。 According to the black leopard remembers, the previous maintenance contract Universe situation, is worse than him, this succeeded! However, cold does not feel relieved Shi Yu. 根据黑豹记忆,上个维系者契约宇宙的情况,比他还糟糕,这都成功了!不过,凛还是不放心时宇 Helps the Shi Yu reorganization contract Universe method, while is thinking how to let Akame and Ginseng Tot as soon as possible the Universe level as the matter stands, Shi Yu can also be stronger. 一边帮助时宇整理契约宇宙的方法,一边在想着如何让赤童参宝宝尽快宇宙级这样一来,时宇也能更强。 Finally, cold chose Future Sense this Divine Skill, comes with the aid of Shi Yu, empress and Ginseng Tot scarlet, and other force, attempted to conduct the foreknowledge, knew in advance Ginseng Tot and Akame the road of Universe level. 最终,凛选择了“预知未来”这一神技,来借助时宇、女皇、参宝宝、赤等多方的力量,尝试进行了预知,预知起参宝宝赤童宇宙级之路。 Cold knew in advance that the innumerable results, discovered Ginseng Tot and Akame various means the possibility of Breakthrough Universe level, cold knows , definitely has the intervene. 凛预知出了无数结果,发现了参宝宝赤童多种方式的突破宇宙级的可能,凛知晓,这其中,肯定有干扰项。 However, her foreknowledge, is more or less, provided a direction to Akame and Ginseng Tot. 但是,她的预知,还是多多少少,给赤童参宝宝提供了一个方向。 After thinking, Ginseng Tot and 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Akame, chooses one Breakthrough method that oneself most liked respectively 深思熟虑后,参宝宝和82中文网最快更新!赤童,各自选择了自己最喜欢的一种突破方法 Ginseng Tot is continues to cultivate „the heart of God, decided that said by the heart card, rewrites the world tonic Race fate, the card says the Universe level 参宝宝是继续修炼“天帝之心”,决定以心证道,改写天下补品种族宿命,证道宇宙 Akame chose protection card say/way, decides Shi Yu when contract Universe, keeps side Shi Yu, keeps Beast Space, accompanies Shi Yu, shares the pain for Shi Yu. 赤童则选择了“守护证道”,决定时宇在契约宇宙之时,也留在时宇身边,留在御兽空间,陪伴时宇,替时宇分担痛苦。 To be honest, Ginseng Tot and two roads of Akame choice, most do not agree with their Race ability, but, Shi Yu has not thought even, when Ginseng Tot and Akame make decision 老实说,参宝宝赤童选择的两条路,都和它们种族能力不是最契合的,不过,就算是时宇也没想到,当参宝宝赤童做出决定・・ Cold then felt the Breakthrough turning point. 凛便感受到了突破契机。 The team is very stunned, Rin also is very stunned. 全队都很愕然,凛也很愕然。 But after cold startled, then gradually is pure brightness. 但凛愕然之后,便是逐渐清明。 So that's how it is, is not the Machine Fantasy Beasts system, is not the Mechanical intelligence rank, originally, my Breakthrough turning point, is that. “原来如此,并不是机械幻兽体系,并不是机械智能等级,原来,我的突破契机,是那个。 In adding on the Breakthrough experience of Dark King, therefore, the Breakthrough Universe level, not like empress elder sister summarizes fixedly, the reference object of this discipline is too few. 在加上暗王突破经历,由此看来,突破宇宙级,并不像女皇姐姐总结的那样固定,这一纪的参考对象还是太少。 Perhaps, we can pave the new Universe Breakthrough way.” “或许,我们能开辟新的宇宙突破道路。” Shi Yu when creating cold, wrote down a procedure/program. 时宇在创造凛时,写下了一条程序。 Or wrote down the cold dream 或者说,写下了凛的梦想 Let RIn becomes fiercest versatile Mechanical, and assists Beast Master Shi Yu and companion grows stronger. 让凛成为最厉害的全能型机械,并辅助御兽师时宇和同伴变强。 Present cold, not only witnesses Beast Master Shi Yu and companions invincibly in Universe, now, for the teammate summarizes to strongly the method, its dream, nearly perfection, has been able to be possible be called vainly hopes for Breakthrough. 如今的凛,不仅亲眼目睹御兽师时宇、一个个同伴无敌于宇宙,现在,更是为队友总结出了通往“最强”的方法,它的梦想,已经近乎完美,可以堪称梦想突破 Really, I am a life of secretary, unexpectedly by completing to work the Breakthrough Universe level.” Cold a little slightly not kisses/intimate “果然,我就是一个秘书的命,竟然是靠完成工作来突破宇宙级。”凛有点小无亲 But, this also explained that Ginseng Tot said by the heart card, the Akame protection card said that really feasible?”Shi Yu said: „ Akame you are earnest. „ Ginseng Tot this said fortunately “不过,这也说明,参宝宝的以心证道,赤童的守护证道,真的可行?””时宇道:“赤童你是认真的吗。“参宝宝这个还好说 When contract Universe, Shi Yu did not plan places in beast pet Beast Space, most makes them help in Outside World, as the matter stands, what mistake even if he has, beast pet have the vitality, if the next door parallel Universe destruction, this Universe receives affects not in a big way? 契约宇宙时,时宇是不打算把宠兽们放在御兽空间中的,最多让它们在外界帮自己一把,这样一来,就算他有什么差池,宠兽们还有生机,万一隔壁平行宇宙毁灭,这个宇宙受到的波及不大呢? But if all in a body, once that is defeated, but was defeated on entire Army, wants to look for the means to be difficult from Outside World. The when master of black leopard destruction god, contract Universe, has not kept any beast pet in the side 但如果全在一体,那么一旦失败,可就全覆没了,想从外界找办法都难。黑豹破坏神的主人,契约宇宙时,也是没留任何宠兽在身边 Shi Yu thinks, decides to be like this safer, does not place a basket the complete egg. 时宇想了想,决定这样保险一些,不把全部鸡蛋放在一个篮子。 This point, is the strong request of Shi Yu, beast pet can not refute, but, this time Akame, seems stubborn 这一点,是时宇的强烈要求,宠兽们不得反驳,不过,此时的赤童,似乎很倔强 I have decided.” Akame said: I must treat in Beast Space, cold knew in advance Breakthrough method that my Breakthrough turning point, found here with great difficulty!” “我已经决定啦。”赤童道:“我就要待在御兽空间,凛都预知到了我的突破契机就在这里了,好不容易找到的突破方法!” Does a bit less this set.” Shi Yu knows that Akame does not think Breakthrough, but wants to keep itself side purely, after all initially he said Beast Space does not keep the beast pet time, is most discontented on Akame. “少来这套。”时宇知道赤童不是想突破,而是想单纯留在自己身边,毕竞当初他说御兽空间不留宠兽时候,就赤童最不满。 Now, the cold foreknowledge direction, was gives Akame to find an excuse. 现在,凛的预知方向,算是给了赤童又找了一个借口。 The protection card said Is it really true 守护证道吗真的假的 Yeah, making me think.” Shi Yu sighed, said: „ Closing up was so long, I go out to relax. “哎,让我想想吧。”时宇叹了口气,道:“闭关了这么久,我出去散散心。 For a long time has not bullied cat Teacher Cat, first seeks pleasure thinks these worrying matters again.” “好久没欺负猫猫老师了,先找个乐子再想这些烦心事。”
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