UB :: Volume #8

#703: Universe conference

Bang!! 轰!! Bang!! 轰!! Bang!! 轰!! The dreamland world, Eleven still entrains looks at the head of destruction god, breaks the stars with its body, according to rubs on the star it unceasingly. 梦境世界,十一依然拽看破坏神的头颅,用它的身躯砸碎一颗又一颗星辰,不断将它按在星球上磨擦。 The destruction god does not want to be ganged up on, Shi Yu satisfies it, even if Eleven one, at this time hits the destruction god who a severe wound has not restored, has more than enough to spare. 破坏神不想被群殴,时宇就满足它,哪怕是十一一个,此时打个重伤还没恢复的破坏神,也是绰绰有余。 Vomits.” In dreamland Universe, whatever the black leopard destruction god is strong, at this time facing Eleven of reversion Pangu Evolution method, cannot resist. “呕。”梦境宇宙中,任由黑豹破坏神再强,此时面对逆向盘古进化法的十一,也是招架不住。 However, more is close to the hopeless situation, this fellow more went crazy generally, demented counter-attacking, even if were devastated unilaterally 不过,越是接近绝境,这家伙就越是发疯了一般,更加癫狂的反攻,哪怕只是单方面被蹂躏 My I destroy the god!!!” “我我可是破坏神啊!!!” Its angry bellowing, what making Shi Yu they surprised is, at this time black leopard destruction god corner of the eye, even flows out the tears of blood. As if divulges to look discontentedly, divulges to look at the anger. 它愤怒的大吼,让时宇他们惊奇的是,此时黑豹破坏神眼角,甚至流出血泪。似乎宣泄看不满,宣泄看愤怒。 No matter you have what difficulties.” Shi Yu and the others, vision brilliant has a look at the black leopard destruction god, is right, no matter who, how possibly 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Is born the anti- Universe personality. The black leopard destruction god so destroys, perhaps also has to look at own reason. But no matter what reason, since threatens the safety of him and companion, then, can only thoroughly eliminate the opposite party. “不管你有什么苦衷。”时宇等人,目光灼灼的看看黑豹破坏神,也对,不管是谁,怎么可能会82中文网最快更新!诞生反宇宙人格。黑豹破坏神如此破坏,恐怕也有看自己的原因。但不管是什么原因,既然威胁到他和同伴的安危,那么,只能彻底清除对方。 Roar!!!” The black leopard destruction god attacks again, Shi Yu grasps the spirit sword, dreamland Universe launches the second round of dramatic turmoil! “吼!!!”黑豹破坏神再次攻来,时宇手持灵剑,梦境宇宙展开第二轮的剧烈动荡! star Dark and Light is peaceful, the nebula condenses the bubble, Universe seems sobbing, since Shi Yu and destruction god launches the fight, the Universe scene probably all of a sudden becomes miserable many. 光暗澹,星云凝聚出液滴,宇宙彷佛在呜咽,自从时宇和破坏神展开战斗,宇宙的景象好像一下子变得凄凉不少。 How long after does not know . Dreamland Universe was shattered, Shi Yu they in reality Universe, saw Shi Yu to come out again, Shiyu that returns to here pai pleasantly surprised flickering has moved immediately. 不知道多久后。梦境宇宙破碎,时宇他们重新在了现实宇宙,看到时宇出来,一直在这边徘回的时雨立刻惊喜的瞬移而来。 She noticed that Shi Yu and side only beast pet basically has no injury . Moreover, but also disappears destruction god trace Shiyu to be joyful: ” Father, destruction god, is it possible that 她看到时宇和身边一只只宠兽基本没什么伤势,而且,还不见了破坏神踪影时雨欣喜道:”老爹,破坏神呢,莫非 Died.” Shi Yu looked to the long swordsmanship in hand: Was cut by me.” “死了。”时宇看向了手中的长剑道:“被我斩了。” Good, you were too strong!!! “太好了,你太强了!!! Shiyu pleasantly surprised looking, father who too worship this parallel Universe comes simply, although the desire is to still exceed Shi Yu, but Shi Yu helped this Universe solve such a catastrophe, she joyful gave a Shi Yu hug. 时雨惊喜过望,简直太崇拜这个平行宇宙来的老爹了,虽然愿望依然是超越时宇,但时宇帮助这个宇宙解决了这样一个大灾难,她还是欣喜的给了时宇一个拥抱。 Hey.” Shi Yu shoves open this Universe level daughter, the forced smile said: Do not cheer too soon, although the opposite party died, but troubles has not solved.” “喂喂喂。”时宇一把推开这个宇宙闺女,苦笑道:“你别高兴的太早,虽然对方死了,但是麻烦还没有解决。” „?? Cannot resurrect the Shiyu vacant say/way. “啊??不会是还能复活吧时雨茫然道。 I will die, but this Universe will also destroy.” “我会死,但这个宇宙也会毁灭。” After this, Akame starts Soul of Lingkai opposite party, extracts memory of opposite party 这之后,赤童开始灵解对方的灵魂,抽取对方的记忆 Shi Yu looked that said to daughter: You know the true status of destruction god.” 时宇看向女儿道:“你知道破坏神的真正身份吗。” What?? It is not the Universe level powerhouse of 1st discipline.” “什么??不是第一纪的宇宙级强者吗。” Continues.” The Shi Yu forced smile, this destruction god is never so expected that thorny, is so troublesome. “不止。”时宇苦笑,没想到这个破坏神这么棘手,这么麻烦。 Actually, the Universe 11 discipline are so incessantly simple.” Shi Yu opens the mouth to say. “其实,宇宙不止11纪那么简单。”时宇开口道。 Not Shi Yu is heavy, he indeed has been ready that the destruction god has been able to resurrect infinitely, but “不时宇沉重无比,他的确已经做好了破坏神能无限复活的准备,但是 Shi Yu fell into the recollection, recalls and destruction god's final confrontation. 时宇陷入了回忆中,回忆起自己和破坏神最后的交锋。 !!! 唰!!! The body of destruction god, was grasped the spirit sword to divide into two by Shi Yu, at this moment, together with its Soul, was cut by Akame fast broken, disappearing is the Soul nutrient. 破坏神的身躯,被时宇手持灵剑一分为二,这一刻,连同它的灵魂,也快速被赤童斩碎,泯灭为灵魂养分。 Bang! 轰! The body of destruction god explodes, but before death, above the face, actually the belt/bring looks at the thick taunt. 破坏神的身躯爆开,但是死亡之前,脸庞之上,却带看浓浓的嘲讽。 It is beast pet of previous generation Universe maintenance.” “它是上一代宇宙维系者的宠兽。” According to the Soul memory picture that Akame transmits, Shi Yu saw a small black leopard, snuggles up to a great body nearby picture. 根据赤童传递回来的灵魂记忆画面,时宇看到了一只小黑豹,偎依在一个伟岸身躯旁边的画面。 Shiyu:? 时雨:? In some era, human race, the successful contract Universe, becomes Universe maintenance, becomes Universe Will.” “在某个纪元,一个人族,成功契约了宇宙,成为了宇宙维系者,成为了宇宙意志。” But, does not become Universe maintenance, can really eternal Immortal, as suppressed true Universe Will, will not be willing continuously by 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Person contract. Even if the contract is successful, Universe maintenance, must guard against Universe backlash.” “不过,不是成为了宇宙维系者,就可以真的永恒不灭,作为被压制的真正宇宙意志,并不会心甘情愿一直被82中文网最快更新!人契约。哪怕契约成功,宇宙维系者,依然要一直防备宇宙反噬。” Previous generation's Universe maintenance, then to become the innumerable years of Universe maintenance later, was worked loose the contract body dead by Universe. That is the 1st discipline beforehand story.” “上一代的宇宙维系者,便在成为宇宙维系者的无数年后,又被宇宙挣脱契约身死。那已经是第一纪之前的故事了。” However on destruction god powerful force, is its master gives its you to know now, its force why so special. It can span so many eras, it is estimated that is also the merit of maintenance master. “而破坏神身上强大的力量,也是它的主人赋予它的你现在知晓,为什么它身上的力量那么特殊了吧。它能跨越这么多纪元,估计也是维系者主人的功劳。 What??” “什么??” Shiyu has a big shock, no wonder the destruction god bears a grudge Universe Will, wants to destroy completely Universe. Originally to give the master revenges. 时雨大惊失色,怪不得破坏神这么记恨宇宙意志,希望灭掉宇宙。原来是为了给主人报仇吗。 You said that the matter has not ended what's the matter.” “那你说事情还没完是怎么回事。” Shi Yu sighed slightly, said: Opposite party, although death, but complaint, actually changes into the curse, integrated in Universe.” 时宇微微一叹,道:“对方虽然死亡,但是‘怨念’,却化为诅咒,融入了宇宙中。” It takes her death as the price, cursed something, making its life with looking oneself passed together.” “它以自身死亡为代价,诅咒某个事物,让其生命跟看自己一同流逝。” I am all right.” Sees the Shiyu worry the expression, Shi Yu said: Its curse object, is this Universe.” “我没事。”看到时雨担心的表情,时宇道:“它的诅咒对象,是这个宇宙。” This!” Shiyu one startled has for a long time, heard Shi Yu saying that her another employed professional mourners to look at the face, the feeling has the Universe condition. “这!”时雨已经一惊一有许久了,听到时宇这么说,她又一阵哭丧看脸,感受起宇宙的状态。 If as expected, your parallel Universe, have been able to live not long . Moreover, even if Universe wants to restart, it is estimated that will not be smooth, needs to defend already death the complaint of destruction god, this time is I do not have “如果不出意外,你们这个平行宇宙,已经没有多久可以活了,而且,宇宙就算想重启,估计也不会顺利,需要防住已死亡的破坏神的怨念,这次是我没有 It is expected that to its this. ” Shi Yu is silent. 预料到它这一手。”时宇沉默。 From the beginning, the Universe destruction god does not want to look exactly, in wants to perish together with Universe. 从一开始,宇宙破坏神就没想活看,就是在想和宇宙同归于尽。 Now he intervenes, but was ahead of time this advancement. 现在他出手干预,只不过是把这个进程提前了。 No, all right.” Heard Shi Yu saying that the Shiyu deep breath one breath said: ” “没,没事。”听到时宇这么说,时雨深呼吸一口气道:” The father you could rest assured that remaining gave me to be good, now Universe should have Life Span, I after Time, will attempt to become Universe maintenance, so long as I succeeded, Universe not death right. ” 老爹你放心,剩下的就交给我好了,现在宇宙应该还剩下一点寿命吧,我会在一段时间后,尝试成为宇宙维系者,只要我成功了,宇宙就不会死亡了对吧。” Relax, I will not make your Universe also be affected.” “放心,我不会让你们的宇宙也受到影响的。” You? Depending on you?” Shi Yu shrugs saying: Girl, is not I looks down upon you, your strength, thinks contract Universe, in 10 billion years.” “你?就凭你?”时宇耸肩道:“丫头,不是我看不起你啊,就你的实力,想契约宇宙,再过一百亿年吧。” Knew that ten years of old book friends give pursuing book app that I recommend, trades source app! really easy-to-use, before driving and rest, depends on this to read aloud listens to storytelling to send Time, here can download www.huanyuanapp.com 【认识十年的老书友给我推荐的追书app,换源app!真特么好用,开车、睡前都靠这个朗读听书打发时间,这里可以下载www.huanyuanapp.com】 Relax, although essentially is not my pot, but, I will clean up to this parallel Universe.” “放心,虽然本质上不是我的锅,不过,我会给这个平行宇宙擦屁股的。” I will also prepare contract Universe in any case sooner or later, becomes Universe maintenance, this destruction god, but was ahead of time my plan.” “反正我早晚也是准备契约宇宙,成为宇宙维系者的,这个破坏神,只不过是把我这个计划提前了一些。” Actually I very thanked it, at least made me know, contract Universe, cannot get down easily and comfortably its master, should be compared with I also fierce person, it refused to accept no wonder.” “其实我还是挺感谢它的,至少让我知道了,契约了宇宙,也不能一直安逸下去它的主人,应该是个比我还厉害的人吧,也难怪它这么不服。” Ni!!” Akame did not like listening, who said that Shi Yu was fiercest. “咪!!”赤童不爱听了,谁说的,时宇才是最厉害的。 In brief, never expected that destroys the status of god is so special.” Shi Yu deep breath one breath. “总之,没想到破坏神的身份如此特殊。”时宇深呼吸一口气。 The Shi Yu preparation, goes back to prepare Time, attempt contract Universe, according to the memory of black leopard destruction god, its master, in the Universe two boundaries, contract Universe is successful. 时宇准备,回去准备一段时间,就尝试契约宇宙,根据黑豹破坏神的记忆,它的主人,也是在宇宙二的境界,契约宇宙成功的。 Since the master of opposite party can succeed, then his Shi Yu, have no reason unable to succeed. 既然对方的主人能成功,那么他时宇,没理由不能成功。 But “可是 It‘s nothing, but.” Shi Yu holds the volume saying: „ Was tired, originally also thinks that can play billions years of again contract Universe again. “没什么可是的。”时宇扶额道:“烦死了,本来还以为能再玩个几十亿年再契约宇宙的。 ying.” Eleven and the others, eager look Shi Yu. Regarding the matter of this unknown risk, they naturally also felt, the later the better. Cold, inspected.” 。”十一它们,也都眼巴巴的看看时宇。对于这种未知风险的事情,它们自然也觉得,越晚越好。“凛,检查完了吗。” Un, this parallel Universe, almost 6 3 million years Life Span, moreover is accelerating to pass.” “嗯,这个平行宇宙,差不多还有六300万年的寿命,而且还在加速流逝。” According to this passing speed, possibly in less than 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! The edge that 500,000 years, will near to restart, touches to restart the mechanism, leaves our Time is not many.” “照这个流逝速度,可能用不了82中文网最快更新!50万年,就会接近重启的边缘,触碰重启机制,留给我们的时间不多了。” Ok, your Universe crises on have almost solved outwardly, after I rest one next , the preparation left.” “好了,你们这个宇宙的危机明面上差不多已经解决了,我休息一下后,也准备离开了。” Shi Yu puts out a hand, touches the head of Shiyu, said: I did not say goodbye with others, these things you know well.” 时宇伸出手,摸了摸时雨的头,道:“我就不和其他人告别了,这些事情你知道就好。” Hey-” “喂-” Shiyu also wants to say anything, but she is only one is absent-minded, discovered that Shi Yu and the others the forms, disappear in directly at present, had a look at Starry Sky of nobody left, in the Shiyu heart deserted, 时雨还想说些什么,不过她只是一个恍忽间,就发现时宇等人的身影,直接消失在了眼前,看看空无一人的星空,时雨心中一阵空落落的, Really, thought so that comes back promptly to do. Shi Yu and the others indeed look anxiously, after all several hundred thousand years of Time said that was short, said long was not long . Moreover the midway also had the possibility to be accidental, must attach great importance, to prevent other draws 真是的,这么看急回去干嘛。时宇等人的确看急,毕竟几十万年的时间说短不短,说长也不长,而且中途还有可能意外,就更得重视了,为了防止其他平 Line Universe was affected, he must to become Universe maintenance as soon as possible prepares, this thinks that the destruction black leopard destruction god is a very small matter, has not thought that at the point of death the opposite party also suspended himself together. 宇宙受到波及,他的确得尽早为成为宇宙维系者做准备了,本以为覆灭黑豹破坏神是件很轻松的事情,没想到临死对方还摆了自己一道。 „Becoming Universe maintenance is not easy.” “成为了宇宙维系者也不容易啊。” Shi Yu felt, the black leopard destruction god and on maintenance is also innocent, because there is Universe of maintenance, can be nearly eternal, therefore Universe will be born more and more Race and life, thus causes the Universe resources the insufficiency. 时宇觉得,黑豹破坏神和上一届维系者也蛮无辜的,因为有了维系者的宇宙,就可以近乎永恒,所以宇宙会诞生越来越多的种族生命,从而导致宇宙资源的不足。 The black leopard destruction god, is in this case, was given shatter divine power by Universe maintenance, through the destruction star and life, maintaining Universe is balanced, because of this action, making Universe maintenance the enemy of All ethnic groups, after all no one hopes, some people can eliminate itself casually. 黑豹破坏神,便是这种情况下,被宇宙维系者赋予了破碎神力,通过毁灭星球、生命,维持宇宙平衡,但就是因为这一举动,让宇宙维系者成为了万族之敌,毕竟谁也不希望,有人可以随随便便清除自己。 Previous Universe maintenance was overthrown, besides Universe Will resistance, some freshman reasons, is the major Universe levels revolts very much together, this is also the black leopard destruction god except for bearing a grudge Universe, bears a grudge the Universe life reason. 上一届宇宙维系者被推翻,除了宇宙意志本身的反抗,还有很大一部分原因,是各大宇宙级一同反抗,这也是黑豹破坏神除了记恨宇宙,也记恨宇宙生命的原因。 When returns to original Space and Time, Shi Yu sighs with emotion slightly, to looking at beast pet said: You said us, if becomes Universe maintenance, will not end up such result.” 返回原时空时,时宇微微感慨,对看身边的宠兽道:“你说我们如果成为了宇宙维系者,不会也落得这样的结局吧。” yiiinng.” Eleven said that Shi Yu said anything, who must dare to act to Shi Yu, its first does not forgive. 嘤嘤嘤。”十一时宇说什么呢,谁要敢对时宇出手,它第一个不原谅。 !!” Wormie expressed that Universe Will was too dangerous, can revolt by the contract unexpectedly, really makes it swallow Universe Will thoroughly, replaces the opposite party? Its words, will definitely not revolt against Shi Yu! “唔!!”虫虫表示宇宙意志还是太危险了,竟然被契约了还能反抗,果然还是让它把宇宙意志彻底吞噬,取代对方吧?它的话,肯定不会反抗时宇 Ni!( I will destroy Universe!) “咪!(我会毁灭宇宙!) Hey, you calmly.” Shi Yu to looking at Akame said: You should not intertwine now, why cut to kill destroyed the Spiritual God soul, still did not have the Breakthrough Universe level.” “喂喂喂,你冷静点。”时宇对看赤童道:“你现在不应该纠结,为什么斩杀了破坏神灵魂,依然没突破宇宙级吗。” Akame: Qaq. 赤童:Qaq。 Akame expressed oneself are also very helpless, Soul of opposite party is obviously nutritious, but felt that missed. 赤童表示自己也很无奈,明明对方的灵魂非常滋补,可是感觉还是差了一些。 This is the destiny.” At this time, Shi Yu they had arrived in original Space and Time, Milky Way is the empress stands in Starry Sky, the ponder, said slightly: „ In the end, you must become Universe maintenance as soon as possible, although said, your present condition has perfectly tallied, but “这就是命运吗。”此时,时宇他们已经抵达了原时空,银河系中女皇站在星空中,微微沉思,道:“到头来,你还是要尽快成为宇宙维系者,虽然说,你现在的条件已经非常符合,但是 Relieved relieved.” Shi Yu said: Morning matter, becomes free from worry early early, so as to avoid appears destroys god such accident/surprise.” “安心啦安心啦。”时宇道:“早晚的事情,早成早省心,免得又出现更多破坏神这样的意外。” Shi Yu said: „ Moreover, I want to become the matter of Universe maintenance, must first with this Universe four Universe levels discuss that is good, cannot obtain them to agree, I maynot dare carelessly contract Universe, so as to avoid they disturb, ends up on the footsteps of Universe maintenance. 时宇道:“另外,我想成为宇宙维系者的事情,得先和这个宇宙的四个宇宙级商量一下才行,得不到它们同意,我可‘不敢胡乱契约宇宙,免得它们捣乱,落得上个宇宙维系者的后尘。 I remember, Universe Overlord match Persia also wants to make your Examiner is right, becomes Examiner of Universe maintenance. „ Empress said. “我记得,宇宙霸主赛波斯还想做你的考官对吧,成为宇宙维系者的考官。“女皇道。 Probably.” Shi Yu nods, wants to become Universe maintenance, must first pass match Persia this pass/test. “好像是。”时宇点了点头,想成为宇宙维系者,得先过了赛波斯这关啊。 His expression was strange, looks to Eleven. 他表情古怪,看向了十一 „?” Eleven is eager. “嗷?”十一眼巴巴的。 He feels now Eleven, can brush Universe Overlord only, although Universe Overlord is strong, is only one by one Universe two, but unified last era force and this era force, holds a buddhist service for somebody still alive chaos Divine Body, card plate Ancient God Eleven, at this time is also as strong as the explosion. „ cough, do not delay Time in brief first 他感觉现在十一,都能单刷宇宙霸主了,宇宙霸主虽然强,是唯一一宇宙二,但是结合了上纪元力量、这纪元力量,逆修混沌神体,证道盘古神十一,此时也是强到爆炸。“,总之别耽误时间了先 Discussed with them. ” Although Shi Yu felt , there is nothing to discuss, after all him, after a parallel Universe traveling already more than ten Universe levels a Universe level ticket, was battered to death other established Universe kings. 和它们商量商量吧。”虽然时宇觉得,没什么可商量的了,毕竟他这边,经过平行宇宙一趟旅游已经十几只宇宙级了一个宇宙级一票,也砸死其他老牌宇宙帝王了。 Meanwhile. 与此同时。 King, Beast King, different Insect Queen and Universe Overlord four Universe levels, hear Telepathy simultaneously, in the heart are startled. 界王、兽王、异虫女王宇宙霸主四个宇宙级,同时听到一声心灵感应,心中一怔。 【, I am Shi Yu, I want to convene „the Universe conference, discussed Universe future to, does not know whether to accept this invite.】 【诸位,我是时宇,我想召开一场“宇宙会议”,来商讨宇宙未来的向向,不知道能否赏个脸。】
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