UB :: Volume #5

#485 Part 2: Returns to original Space and Time

Its back, uses three pairs of huge light wings as main body the feather of huge azure light wing, under the twinkle of light wing, the entire ground had the smashing, was disappeared by the remarkable fluctuation of energy, the huge body flight in the sky, the vision on head had locked Emperor Wu completely oneself. 它的背后,是以三对巨大光翼为主体的巨大青色光翼之羽,在光翼的闪烁下,整个地面都发生了粉碎,被惊人的能量波动泯灭,巨大机体飞行于天空,头颅上的目光已经完全锁定了武帝本人。 Although the body is the humanoid body, but the head, has the sheep Clan characteristics, under contrast of white unicorn horn, lets the entire face, just like white Devil. 虽然机体是类人型身躯,但是头颅,却有着羊的特征,白色麟角的衬托下,让整个脸部,犹如一个白色恶魔 Under the testimony of Emperor Wu, fluctuation of energy of this Mech, but also in increases successively, Mech white body, next quarter, appears, if flashes if present black Armor, perfection integrates in the white body finally, this is Eleven has taken place. 武帝的见证之下,这个机甲的能量波动,还在节节攀升,机甲的白色身躯,下一刻,又出现若闪若现的黑色铠甲,最终完美融入白色机体之中,这是十一已经就位。 Mech, ten Iron Eater, in the four limbs, head, torso Mech and other spots, form the stable Legion pattern respectively, with Ultimate Machinery Rin Loading for a body. 机甲内部,十只食铁兽,各自在机甲的四肢、头颅、躯干等各个部位,形成稳定的军团模式,与究极机械凛装载为了一体。 This is the Eleven Novenary Black Army Skill energy, took Beany Panda as Core, fusion Iron Defense, Avatar and other skill Super-Grade Army Skill, at this time, Rin to, was the defensive power that this super Army Skill resonance brought. 这是十一九黎军团技能,以豆豆熊核心,融合固若金汤分身技能超阶军团技,此时,凛要的,便是这超级军团技共鸣带来的防御力。 Otherwise, they cannot withstand Emperor Wu to strike absolutely. 不然,它们绝对承受不住武帝一击。 By the Eleven current attribute quality, indeed may be called the strongest defense , the first defense of is Rin. 十一目前的属性素质,的确堪称最强防御,也是凛的第一层防御。 The Mech energy room, Susu becomes the Mech main energy power without a doubt, is carried by the Five Elements circulatory system, takes the water as the source, lets the element strength mutual promotion of the five elements and ensure Mech has the infinite energy. 机甲能源室,毫无疑问素素成为了机甲最主要的能源动力,由五行循环系统搭载,以水为源头,让元素力相生,保证机甲拥有无限能源。 The nutrition cabin, the Ginseng Tot deep sleep in this, is contributing own force in the nourishing cream, reduces load that various members receive, necessary time, even can activate the Temporal-Type series, the whole staff limit explodes plants. 营养舱,参宝宝沉睡于此,在营养液中贡献着自己的力量,减轻各成员所受到的负荷,必要时刻,甚至可以激活时间系统,全员极限爆种。 Come.” “来吧。” In the Mech cockpit, the Shi Yu expression is earnest, looks at the front, now grasps Ultimate Machinery cold, its Loading technique, actually also and Top grade body fusion talent is similar, at present, can the Shi Yu, Eleven, Wormie and other whole staff of force, combine into one completely. 机甲驾驶舱中,时宇表情认真,看着前方,如今掌握究极机械的凛,它的装载技,其实也和顶级合体天赋类似,目前,能把时宇十一虫虫等全员的力量,全部合而为一。 Shi Yu wants the Top grade body fusion talent experience of Emperor Wu, except for can help others develop body fusion talent, can many give cold provides a reference to experience. 时宇武帝顶级合体天赋经验,除了可以帮助其他人开发合体天赋,也能多少给凛提供一个参考经验。 So that's how it is.” Looks at present Mech, Emperor Wu mutters. “原来如此。”看着眼前的机甲,武帝喃喃。 At this time, with bang, on the huge white body, the red trace glistens, a giant long sword condensed in the hand of Mech, Akame in weapon cache opened the eye directly, in already the Loading situation, again Possession Shi Yu. 此时,随着“轰”的一声,巨大的白色机体上,红色的纹路闪亮起来,一把巨型长剑凝聚在了机甲的手中,武器库中的赤瞳直接睁开眼睛,在已经装载的情况下,再次附体时宇 With first time, the Mech surroundings formed piece of strange Starry Sky domain, as if drew in Universe Emperor Wu and Mech, the partly visible star light, lingered in the surroundings, this time was Wormie Fantasy Power, for provided the best fight location to Mech, suppressed force of opposite party. 一时间,机甲周围形成了一片陌生的星空领域,仿佛将武帝机甲拖入了宇宙,若隐若现的星光,萦绕在了周围,这次是虫虫空想力量,为的就是给机甲提供最好的战斗场地,压制对方的力量 Under Starry Sky, Fusion Mecha and Body-Fusion Emperor Wu remote looks, both sides can the sensation to the remarkable eruption that under force of opposite party that terrifying can contain. 星空之下,合体机甲合体武帝遥相而望,双方都能感知到对方那恐怖的力量下所能蕴含的惊人爆发。 You also meet Body-Fusion.” Emperor Wu laughs, smiled is very happy, never expected that Shi Yu, will grasp will be being many fight skill that beast pet force will only combine into one, he also thinks, this fight, must defeat one by one “你也会合体。”武帝大笑,笑的很开心,没想到时宇这边,也掌握着将多只宠兽力量合而为一的战斗技巧,他原本还以为,这次战斗,要逐一击破 Meets the tough head-on with toughness, he likes. 硬碰硬,他喜欢。 War!” Emperor Wu and Shi Yu shouted together. “战!”武帝时宇共同喊出。 A both sides opening, first used Super Skill to greet mutually. 双方一开局,就先使用了大绝招互相打招呼。 This side Emperor Wu, naturally with enduring compared with Extreme Martial Arts Tyrant Huangquan of Quasi-Divine Skill might, under the void and natural energy adverse current, everywhere force follows the Emperor Wu pinnacle the strength of physical body, displayed the radiant fist, pounded to huge Mech. 武帝这一边,自然是用堪比准神技威力的极武霸皇拳,虚空和自然能量逆流下,漫天力量伴随武帝极致的肉体之力,发挥出了璀璨一拳,砸向巨大机甲 Outside Mech, the cold air fills the air, want to freezes Time, strives for a move of speed, but Emperor Wu this fist, as if exceeded Space and Time, lets Hiemal Breath invalid directly, when should be the ability of elusive monkey. 机甲外部,寒气弥漫,想要冻结时间,争取出招速度,但武帝这一拳,仿佛超越了时空,直接让天霜寒气无效化,应该是空灵时猴的能力。 Shi Yu also lifted the arm, the Greatsword empty shadow keeps off above this fist, had hand Immortal-Killing Sword!! 时宇也微抬手臂,巨剑虚影挡在了这一拳之上,起手诛仙剑阵!! The next quarter, the huge impulse, packages invisible Armor on whole staff to crush Novenary Black Legion layer upon layer, retrieval character that Immortal Golden Body brings, fast is Mech transforms the injury of this fist, but is actually less than the fist prestige the propagation rate, in Black Meteor Yak Scapegoat in dead souls Space spits blood under the price, when overwhelming majority injuries that this strikes, cold were used Damage Reversal to exit in the crucial moment finally. 下一刻,巨大的冲击力,将九黎军团包裹在全员身上的无形铠甲层层击碎,不灭金身带来的恢复特性,快速为机甲转换这一拳的伤害,不过却不及拳威的扩散速度,在一只黑陨牦牛替死鬼在死灵空间吐血一下的代价下,这一击的绝大部分伤害,终于被凛于千钧一发之际使用逢凶化吉转出。 However, huge Mech, flies upside down inevitably, in cockpit, Shi Yu complexion one white, Ginseng Tot starts the treatment fast, in the meantime, Emperor Wu was also stranded in Immortal-Killing Sword, is unable to withdraw, Immortal-Killing Sword, this must skill, whatever Emperor Wu is strong, is unable to eradicate, he can only in Sword Array, resist the attack of Sword Array with the fist, to attack the generation to defend. 不过,巨大机甲,还是不可避免倒飞出去,驾驶舱中,时宇脸色一白,参宝宝快速发动治疗,同时,武帝也被困于诛仙剑阵中,无法脱身,诛仙剑阵,这个必中技能,任由武帝再强,也无法破除,他只能于剑阵之中,用拳头抵御剑阵的攻击,以攻代守。 Saint military is series!!” The Emperor Wu consecutively 17 fists rumble. “圣武连环破!!”武帝连续十七拳轰出。 Bang!!!! 砰!!!! Takes a Emperor Wu injury as the price, disintegration Space domain. 武帝一身伤势为代价,崩碎空间领域 Instantly, disassembles Immortal-Killing Sword Emperor Wu, flies high, his wound, is healing high-speed, with responding huge Mech flies to the sky, Shi Yu to lift in the hand again the sword, a sword detachment, in a sword, Law of implication sword, touches instantaneous, forms Sword Domain, composes Immortal-Killing Sword, infinite sieging Emperor Wu. 刹那,拆开诛仙剑阵的武帝,凌空而起,他身上的伤口,高速的愈合着,与反应过来的巨大机甲重新飞向于天空,时宇再次抬起手中之剑,一剑劈去,一剑之中,蕴含剑之规则,触碰瞬间,形成剑域,组成诛仙剑阵,无限的围困武帝 Fusion State, the advantage is extremely numerous, the consumption can only use Immortal-Killing Sword enormously one time, at this time in the Susu infinite energy, the nourishment of Ginseng Tot, in addition Scapegoat shares in the situation, can use repeatedly. 合体状态,好处极多,原本消耗极大只能用一次的诛仙剑阵,此时在素素的无限能源,参宝宝的滋补,再加上替死鬼分担一下的情况下,可以多次的使用。 Merely two rounds confrontation, was stranded Emperor Wu in Sword Array, then shows the smile, said: Striking power is good, the continue voyage is also good, what a pity your defensive powers are the weakness.” 仅仅两个回合的交锋,又被困于剑阵中的武帝,便露出笑容,道:“攻击力不错,续航也不错,可惜你们的防御力是弱点。” Light is the complementary waves, you must defend full power.” “光是余波,你们都得全力防御。” Your this, calls Mech, I must give a try, am opened only by Mech.” “你们这个,是叫机甲吧,我要试试看,手拆机甲。” You try although.” “你尽管来试试。” In the cockpit, Shi Yu grins, this does not have the matter of means that even Eleven uses Army Skill to defend full power, was smashed by a Emperor Wu fist, but opposite party hard anti- Immortal-Killing Sword had not caused heavy losses, defending obviously with force same is the monster level, is not easy to do. 驾驶舱中,时宇咧嘴,这也是没办法的事情,就算十一使用军团技全力防御,还是被武帝一拳砸烂,而对方硬抗诛仙剑阵还不被重创,防御显然跟力量一样是怪物级,不好办了。 To attack the generation to defend equally, compared with continue voyage. 一样以攻代守,比续航吧。 Bang!!! 轰!!! both sides collide again together, this time, Emperor Wu does not know that used anything for marking Extreme Martial Arts Tyrant sovereign the defense secret skill, the mortal body shouldered a sword hardly, said that traded the wound by the wound, direct hit that but almost returned safe and sound Shi Yu their fist. 双方再次碰撞到一起,这一次,武帝不知道使用了什么对标极武霸皇的防御秘技,肉身硬扛了一剑,说是以伤换伤,但几乎毫发无损的直接命中了时宇他们一拳。 This process, Shi Yu their heart mentioned the throat, the Wormie psyche strength 200 revolutions, want to flickered to move to Mech to avoid in domain, but slow one step. 这个过程,时宇他们一颗心提到嗓子眼,虫虫精神力200运转,想要领域内瞬移机甲进行躲避,但还是慢了一步。 Entire Fusion Mecha, is similar to the meteor of flying upside down instantaneously, was pounded to fly, the abdomen hollow bulk, sees that Emperor Wu flies high to smile, said: Profound Augmentation, governing of supernatural might.” 整个合体机甲,瞬间如同倒飞的流星,被砸飞出去,腹部凹陷一大块,见状,武帝凌空而笑,道:“奥义,神武之御。” This is his strongest defense. 这是他的最强防御。 However, what making Emperor Wu not think, defensive power small and weak Mech, although body hollowly mostly, but in process of flying upside down quick repair, as if ample force. 不过,让武帝没想到的是,防御力弱小的机甲,虽然身体凹陷大部分,但在倒飞快速修复的过程,似乎还有余力。 Rumbling!!!! 轰轰轰!!!! The innumerable Railgun missiles project from Mech. 无数电磁炮导弹从机甲上射出。 Emperor Wu just thinks that a fist smashes, suddenly the complexion changes, in the mouth flows out the blood. 武帝刚想一拳砸烂,忽然面色一变,口中流出鲜血。 Buzz. 嗡。 Blessing of the Wind the sound of Law moves. 风之祝福规则之音响动。 Meanwhile, the Space ripples appear again. 同时,空间涟漪再次浮现。 huge Mech flickered to transfer to old wound recrudescence Emperor Wu behind, crossed physical body directly, wants to cut to strike Soul, separated Emperor Wu Body-Fusion. 巨大机甲瞬移到了旧伤复发的武帝身后,直接越过肉体,想斩击灵魂,分离武帝合体 Sorry, that fist, was resisted most injuries by Space turbulent flow of Teleport failure a moment ago exactly.” In Mech, Shi Yu has a lingering fear, looks at the old wound recrudescence with a smile Emperor Wu. “抱歉,刚才那一拳,恰好被瞬间移动失败的空间乱流抵挡了大部分伤害。”机甲内,时宇心有余悸,笑着看着旧伤复发的武帝 Divides a Soul Cut sword. 劈下斩魄一剑。 Has Emperor Wu with the opposite Railgun converging attack together. 与对面的电磁炮一同夹击起武帝 Lucky. 幸运。 But the next quarter, Shi Yu cursed directly. 但下一刻,时宇直接大骂。 „. Martial arts Avatar.” “靠。武道分身。” Sees only Emperor Wu, vanished in Shi Yu directly they attacked the range, was not Space-Type skill, seemed like, they fought with Shi Yu, was Avatar, such vanished baseless. 只见武帝,直接消失在了时宇他们攻击范围,并不是空间系技能,就好像是,和时宇他们战斗的,一直是一个分身一样,就那样凭空消失。 The Railgun target, becomes the Mech main body all of a sudden. 电磁炮的攻击目标,一下子成为了机甲本尊。 Again come!” The Emperor Wu true body appears, pounds again toward a Mech fist. “再来!”武帝的真身浮现,再次朝着机甲一拳砸来。 Mech, the Shi Yu deep breath one breath, looks Mech limit Time that at present that rises and falls unceasingly, could not attend to its change Law, in the Akame Possession condition, opened Yin-Yang Primal Chaos Domain directly. 机甲内部,时宇深呼吸一口气,看着眼前那不断升降的机甲极限时间,也顾不得它的变化规则了,直接在赤瞳附体状态下,开启阴阳太极领域 Gigantic primal chaos chart, covered in Starry Sky domain, Yin Yang two stars, composed chart of the primal chaos, making the Emperor Wu complexion change. 硕大的太极图阵,覆盖在了星空领域,一阴一阳两颗星辰,组成了一副太极之图,让武帝面色一变。 Eleven, you come to strike!! Strength.” 十一,你来一击!!还有力气吗。” „!!!!” “嗷!!!!” This is anything.” Emperor Wu is knitting the brows a fist to pound, similarly, opposite huge Mech, has not held the left arm of sword, changes into a great artillery fast, rumble shakes Law Space Yin Yang Grinding Plate to be the same like the revolving shell, bang to the Emperor Wu fist. “这又是什么。”武帝皱着眉一拳砸出,同样,对面的庞大机甲,没有持剑的左臂,也是快速化为一管巨炮,“轰隆隆”震荡规则空间阴阳磨盘如同旋转炮弹一般,轰向武帝拳头。 Bang!!! 轰!!! huge dust and fog and shock-wave, swept across swallowed Mech and Emperor Wu, Space was stave, Starry Sky domain vanished, nearly was involved in two people the Space turbulent flow. 一阵巨大的尘雾与冲击波,席卷吞噬了机甲武帝,空间破碎,星空领域消失,险些将两人卷入空间乱流中。 The intense resistance, innumerable energy collapse Sanjian, in Meteorum Kingdom, has the fight of Demigod Stage again, once again attracts worldwide attention, Blue Star powerhouses, although does not know this chapter of fight who is, however the terrifying energy plunders the atmosphere, the produced remarkable fluctuation, actually showed sufficiently, this is two exists invincibly. 激烈的对抗,无数能量崩散间,陨国境内,再一次发生半神级的战斗,又一次举世瞩目,一个个蓝星强者,虽然不知道这一回战斗的又是谁,但是恐怖的能量掠动大气,产生的惊人波动,却足以证明,这是两个无敌存在。 In the evening. 当晚。 A Emperor Wu severe wound returned to the Donghuang border, Ji Mengzhu and Ji Yunzhong and the others saw that the Emperor Wu severe wound returns, immediately has a big shock. 武帝一身重伤的回到了东煌边境,姬梦竹姬云重等人见到武帝重伤归来,顿时大惊失色。 The fight fluctuation, they also felt, knows that was Emperor Wu goes to compare notes with Shi Yu, was, you two, what kind of fight conducted. 刚才的战斗波动,他们也感受到了,也知道是武帝前去与时宇切磋,可是,你们两个,到底是进行了怎么样的战斗啊。 How hitting the Meteorum injury is heavier. 怎么比打陨犴伤势还重。 Wu Dong, you are all right.” Four no one, Ji Yunzhong General Army said. 武动,你没事吧。”四下无人,姬云重大将道。 You really enough, hit fully for 11 hours.” “你们真够可以的,整整打了11个小时。” Haha Emperor Wu shakes the head with a smile, said: „It is not in the way.” “哈哈武帝笑着摇头,道:“不碍事。” Uncle Wu, who won.” Ji Mengzhu asked fast to Emperor Wu, but Emperor Wu looked to her, pondered. “武叔叔,谁赢了。”姬梦竹快速问向武帝,而武帝则看向了她,沉思了一下。 You said.” Emperor Wu said. “你说呢。”武帝道。 „Did you win?” Ji Mengzhu said. “您赢了?”姬梦竹道。 Was he wins.” “是他赢了。” What?!” Ji Yunzhong General Army and Ji Mengzhu cannot believe. “什么?!”姬云重大将姬梦竹不敢相信。 Emperor Wu shakes the head, indeed, such as Shi Yu said that without that agreement, were his Wu Dong won, what a pity, he himself could not look on the bright side of thing set 1 hour, according to Law, was he loses. 武帝摇头,的确,就如时宇所说,如果没有那个约定,就是他武动赢了,可惜,他自己想不开的定下了一小时之约,按照规则,是他输了。 However, both sides had not therefore finished, but continued to fight. 不过,双方并没有因此结束,而是继续战斗了下去。 Finally, is unable the Loading whole staff to decompose as a result of the Mech excess load simultaneously, Shi Yu they were limited in the rank are too low, cannot fight again, on the contrary is Emperor Wu, Body-Fusion eight beast pet, fought for 11 hours, finally even the energy almost exhausts, can still depend on the strength of physical body to display Demigod Stage force. 最终,由于机甲超负荷无法同时装载全员而分解,时宇他们受限制于等级太低,没能再战斗下去,反倒是武帝,合体八只宠兽,战斗了11小时,最后连能量都几乎耗尽,依然可以靠着肉体之力发挥出半神级力量 With the Emperor Wu words, his Fusion State, without fight, maintaining Body-Fusion is highest can maintain for a month, in high-intensity fight, maintains sufficiently for day. 武帝的话来说,他的合体状态,在不战斗的情况下,保持合体最高可以维持一个月,在高强度战斗情况下,也足以维持一天。 In the final analysis, the elevating capacity that the rank brought, the talent addition makes him have the advantage, otherwise, same level, perhaps in less than one hour, he will lose to Shi Yu. 说到底,还是等级带来的负荷能力,天赋加成让他取得了优势,不然,同级之下,说不定用不了一小时,他就会输给时宇 Shi Yu your excellency.” Ji Yunzhong General Army has doubts to ask suddenly. 时宇阁下呢。”姬云重大将忽然疑惑问。 Right, Shi Yu.” Ji Mengzhu said. “对,时宇呢。”姬梦竹道。 can defeat Legendary by Legend unexpectedly? This is how possible. 竟然能以传奇战胜传说?这怎么可能。 He left, does not know that can also come back, but I anticipate with his again war.” Emperor Wu looked to Starry Sky. “他离开了,不知道还会不会回来,不过我期待和他再次一战。”武帝看向了星空 Meanwhile. 与此同时。 Exhausted Shi Yu they, under the leadership of Qi, following the Space coordinates, returned to oneself Space and Time, with the Qi words, that passes through while the present weakly a bit faster, like her consumption can also be smaller. 精疲力尽的时宇他们,在的带领下,顺着空间坐标,回到了自己的时空,用的话来说,那就是趁着现在虚弱快点穿越,这样她的消耗也能更小一些。 Damn Emperor Wu, did not speak Wu De, 1 hour, I had won, must ask me to continue to hit.” “狗日的武帝,不讲武德,一小时过了,我都赢了,非得求着我继续打。” Harmed I now this appearance, the heavy features, are bad, I decided that later pats Emperor Wu Legendary, making him be hit miserably by Meteorum.” After Shi Yu returns to original Space and Time, is still indignant. “害的我现在这个样子,浓眉大眼的,坏得很,我决定了,之后拍武帝传说,让他被陨犴打惨点。”时宇回道原时空后,依然愤愤不平。 Pain. 痛啊。 ying Eleven and the others, weak one batch. 十一它们,也虚弱的一批。 However, just returned to the original Space and Time Space and Time island, Shi Yu they, the expression actually has the different changes immediately. 不过,刚刚回到原时空时空岛,时宇他们,表情却是立刻发生不一样的变化。 This is “这是 Left these days, star did Law recover unexpectedly one time at this time??” “才离开这几天,星球规则竟然在这个时候复苏了一次??” He knows before mythical recovers thoroughly, Blue Star will experience several Law recoveries in varying degrees, but is actually not able to judge that which day is concrete, never expected that 他知道在神话彻底复苏之前,蓝星会经历几次不同程度的规则复苏,不过却无法判断具体哪天,没想到 In other words, these Reincarnation Spiritual God, the memory should regain consciousness now, hateful, does not know that recovered for several days, missed best Time that weeded out wool PY!!!” “也就是说,现在那些转生神灵,记忆应该苏醒了吧,可恶啊,不知道复苏几天了,错过了薅羊毛PY的最佳时间了!!!” Blood owes hundred million hundred million.” “血亏亿个亿。”
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