UB :: Volume #4

#322: Returns to Ancient Metropolis

After Shi Yu Copy succeeds Godnet skill, looked at Demon God Darkwing Mecha. 时宇复制成功“神网技能后,看了一眼黑翼魔神机甲 This Godnet, without a doubt is the Super Intelligence system. 这个神网,毫无疑问是顶级智能系统。 Should be Legend Xiao Shuang in light of exclusive skill that the Race characteristics of Transforming Stone body study. 应该是萧霜传奇结合百变石机体的种族特点研究出来的专属技能 After having skill, Shi Yu looked at Mech one. 有了技能后,时宇看了机甲一眼。 Teaching success ratio: High 【教学成功率】:高 Well?” “咦?” Shi Yu stares. 时宇一愣。 Really has Overlord's Will? 竟然有霸主意志吗? Fierce. 厉害啊。 However, Machine Lifeform Will, how should determine. 不过话说回来,机械生命意志,该如何判定。 He had not really paid attention to Machine Lifeform Will-Grade before. 他之前还真没注意过机械生命意志等级 Is from starts lowly, said, according to the smart chip rank and initial setting, Will-Grade will also be different? 是都从最低开始,还是说,根据智能芯片级别、初始设定,意志等级也会不同? Was different from the birth blank other lives. 不同于出生即“空白”的其他生命。 When some Machine Lifeform births, is actually not white paper 部分机械生命诞生时,其实并不是一张白纸 Before most Machine Lifeform were created, will be increased some hypotheses. 大多数机械生命被创造出来前,都会被添加一些设定。 For example has protects master the fight and protection Mechanical of setting. 比如有着“守护主人”设定的战斗、守护型机械 For example has only loves master setting Machine Maid. 比如有着“只爱主人”设定的机械女仆 Also has constantly studies setting Research-Type Machine. 也有着“不断学习”设定的研究型机械 These hypotheses, are equivalent to the dream of Machine Lifeform, is innate writes down by the creator. 这些设定,相当于机械生命的梦想,是先天由创造者写下的。 Shi Yu felt, this type can write down the initial setting Machine Lifeform, although Will-Grade will not be high, but it is estimated that also low not. 时宇感觉,这种可以写下初始设定的机械生命,虽然意志等级不会很高,但估计,也低不了。 After all Human can trade a dream casually, trades an ideal, because is lazy, finally chooses the level. 毕竟一个人类可以随随便便换个梦想,换个理想,因为懒惰,最终选择躺平。 However, has fixed setting Machine Lifeform, the execution in this aspect should not be weak, substitutes, explaining Will should not miss. 但是,有着固定设定的机械生命,这方面的执行力应该不会弱,代换一下,说明意志应该也不会差。 Although you counted on that a sweep robot explodes does not plant realistically, so long as energy, has not damaged, it will not strike with no reason at all, in certain posts, persevered Machine Lifeform for dozens years is too common. 虽然你指望一个地机器人爆种不现实,但只要还有能量,也没损坏,它也不会无缘无故罢工,在某些岗位,坚守几十年如一日的机械生命太常见了。 Although it is Battle-Type Machine, but in any case is also Super Intelligence, question that you asked that was rather simple.” Legend Xiao Shuang tranquil say/way. “虽然它是战斗型机械,但好歹也是顶级智能,你问的问题,未免过于简单了。”萧霜传奇平静道。 Her words, broke Shi Yu in ponder. 她的话,打断了思考中的时宇 Shi Yu was startled slightly, smiled saying with a smile: I ask casually, asks casually 时宇微微一怔,笑了笑道:“我就随便问问,随便问问 Asked usefully.” Principal Feng said. “问点有用的。”封校长道。 Legend Xiao Shuang, but Machine Field most potential new generation Machinist.” 萧霜传奇可是机械领域最具潜力的新生代机械师了。” Generally speaking, Super Intelligence only appears on these Research-Type Machine, but, Legend Xiao Shuang actually achieved to make Battle-Type Machine also succeed to promote Super Intelligence, this was alone one.” “一般来说,顶级智能只出现在那些研究型机械身上,但是,萧霜传奇却做到了让战斗型机械也成功升级出了顶级智能,这可是独一份。” Principal Feng sighs with emotion: You, if has what issue, consults Legend Xiao quickly.” 封校长感慨道:“你如果有什么问题,快多请教请教萧传奇吧。” Principal Feng did not feel oneself can convince Shi Yu non- contract machine beast, since cannot convince, then makes Shi Yu little take a tortuous path on striving. 封校长不觉得自己能劝得动时宇不契约机械宠兽,既然劝不动,那就争取让时宇少走点弯路吧。 „Is Battle-Type Machine very difficult to have Super Intelligence?” Shi Yu asked. 战斗型机械很难拥有顶级智能吗?”时宇问。 Legend Xiao Shuang said: „Very difficult, but not impossible, you can regard as Super Skill Super Intelligence.” 萧霜传奇道:“很难,但并不是不可能,你可以把顶级智能看做一个超阶技能。” Machine Lifeform is also actually same as other beast pet, mixed, but not the fine this truth, is also suitable on them.” 机械生命其实也和其他宠兽一样,杂而不精这个道理,在它们身上也适用。” After all the body capacity is limited, lord the development combat capability the words, will cause restricted of other aspects, otherwise likewise.” “毕竟机体容量有限,主开发战斗能力的话,就会导致其他方面的受限,反之同理。” Your Demon God Darkwing Shi Yu asked. “那您的黑翼魔神时宇问。 Its Super Intelligence, is used to assist to fight.” “它的顶级智能,也只是用于辅助战斗罢了。” My Demon God Darkwing, although has Super Intelligence, but if converts Super Skill proficiency, almost is also only Proficient Level, even master level has not arrived, its main promotion route, is the fight direction, therefore its fight class Super Skill, smooth of quite promotion, achieved perfection proficiency.” “我的黑翼魔神虽然有顶级智能,但如果换算成超阶技能熟练度,差不多也只是熟练级而已,连精通级都没到,它主要的升级路线,还是战斗方向,因此它的战斗类超阶技能,升级的比较顺利,都达到了完美熟练度。” If therefore you really want contract Machine Lifeform, my suggestion is also, the no matter if it is fight and auxiliary Research-Type, are only expert in a direction to promote.” “所以如果你真的要契约机械生命,我的建议也是,无论是战斗、辅助还是研究型,只专精一个方向去升级。” Is just like a fighter aircraft, its function, should gallop in the sky, unceasing strengthened its flight and combat capability are the proper ways, Research-Type Dex, lord the development intelligence to be good, rather than counted on that it fights.” “就好比一个战机,它本身的功能,本就应该是在天空中驰骋,不断的强化它的飞行和战斗能力才是正途,一个研究型图鉴,就主开发智能就好,而不是去指望它战斗。” Our these Legendary Beastmaster Machine Lifeform, although various aspects involve, but is not completely mastery, is only for the auxiliary main ability, after all the decomposition and combination of Transforming Stone, indeed needs the huge computation strength support.” “我们这些传奇御兽师机械生命虽然各方面都有涉及,但也不是全部精通,只是为了辅助主要能力罢了,毕竟百变石的分解组合,的确需要庞大计算力支撑。” Shi Yu nods. 时宇点了点头。 In the final analysis, is the Machine Lifeform energy is also limited, is unable to give dual attention to all abilities. 说到底,就是机械生命的精力也是有限的,无法兼顾所有能力呗。 Like the suggestion of Makros Tortoise, only specially was concise Super Skill to be good initially, other skill do not put in too many energy, is the similar truth. 就像当初重玄的建议一样,只专精练一个超阶技能就好,其他技能别投入太多精力,都是同样的道理。 Shi Yu understood. 时宇明白了。 Dex, in addition! 图鉴,加点! Fight skill, intelligent skill, drew finished up completely. 战斗技能,智能技能,都拉满就完事了。 Is centered on Transforming Stone creates the Machine Lifeform words, actually Battle-Type Machine, Research-Type Machine can choose.” “以百变石为核心创造机械生命的话,其实战斗型机械,研究型机械都可以选择。” Special decomposition and combination structure, enabling them to be competent many duties, which as for will major in minor in the future, looked at your own idea.” “特殊的分解组合结构,让它们能胜任多种任务,至于日后主修辅修哪个,就看你自己的想法了。” Legend Xiao Shuang said. 萧霜传奇道。 Because Shi Yu is feeding, the Archaeology aspect also to have the achievement, therefore contract Research-Type Machine as auxiliary, is not good. 因为时宇在饲育、考古方面也有成就,所以契约一只研究型机械作为辅助,也不是不行。 Ok, but also there is anything to ask.” “好了,还有什么想问的吗。” Has “有有有 One day later. 一天后。 Ancient Metropolis. 古都 After National Competition completely finished, the Ancient Metropolis University large unit, then came back Ancient Metropolis. 全国大赛彻底结束后,古都大学的大部队,便回来了古都 The award presentation ceremony has nothing freshly, although Shi Yu is crown Army, but the entire journey fished in troubled waters, thoughts all on machine beast. 颁奖仪式没什么新鲜的,时宇虽然是冠,但是全程浑水摸鱼过去了,心思全在机械宠兽身上。 Actually in Legend Xiao Shuang there, his Copy three useful skill. 倒是在萧霜传奇那里,他复制了三个有用的技能 Respectively is Super Intelligence system technique Godnet, this is Super Skill. 分别是顶级智能系统技“神网”,这是超阶技能 The high rank Mechanical body-fusion technique Loading, this skill is similar Possession body fusion talent, lets the style that Mechanical and Beast Master are in one. 高阶机械合体技“装载”,这个技能类似“附体合体天赋”,是让机械御兽师合为一体的招式。 And, Mechanical, Space dual-type Advanced Skill, Machine Space. 以及,机械,空间双系高阶技能,“机械空间”。 Machine Space is similar Wormie Space Pocket skill, can open independent Space in within the body. 机械空间是类似虫虫的“空间口袋”的技能,也能在体内开辟独立空间 Legend Xiao Shuang Transforming Stone changes the silk of that body to slide, can turn into Mech from Cube directly, because of its other Mechanical Equipment, is installing in Machine Space completely. 萧霜传奇百变石之所以变身的那么丝滑,能直接从一个魔方变成机甲,就是因为它的其他机械装备,全部在机械空间内装着。 Hateful.” “可恶。” Lady Yue senior makes the Equipment time, cannot careful.” “‘岳女’前辈造装备时候,就不能上心点吗。” After returning to Ancient Metropolis University, Shi Yu sighed. 回到古都大学后,时宇叹气。 last night, he tried the Advanced Intelligence chip in prize, awakening becomes the Transcendent life. 在昨晚,他尝试了一下将奖品中的高级智能芯片,觉醒超凡生命。 Finally , failed. 结果,啪,失败了。 After checking carefully, Shi Yu knows, even if not involve other Mechanical materials, Advanced Intelligence chip pure awakening becomes the Machine Lifeform chip, Species Tier is also Commander Species, is the Research-Type Machine core of best quality goods. 仔细查了查后,时宇才知道,哪怕不涉及其他机械材料,高级智能芯片单纯觉醒机械生命芯片,种族等级也是统领种族,是极品的研究型机械核心。 This does person very much 这就很搞人 Mirror of Awakening, had no way with. 觉醒镜,又没法用了。 After all this thing, can only awakening have most foundation Transcendent Species. 毕竟这玩意,只能觉醒出最基础的超凡种族 In other words, obtained the Advanced Intelligence chip obviously, he is unable to use Mirror of Awakening awakening directly. 也就是说,明明获得了高级智能芯片,他还是无法直接用觉醒镜觉醒 Naturally, if goes to Ancient Metropolis Department of Machinery to look for other Machinist to help, can awakening. 当然,如果是去古都机械学院找其他机械师帮忙的话,还是能觉醒的。 The so-called Advanced Intelligence chip, is actually together the clear glass of phone screen size. 所谓的高级智能芯片,其实就是一块手机屏幕大小的透明玻璃。 It is not the common glass, but is one special material. 它不是一般的玻璃,而是一种特殊的物质。 Machinist are also the accident/surprise discovers this material in the nature, they after special transformation, again after special radiation exposure, can the birth intelligence, moreover can perfection agree with overwhelming majority Mechanical materials, is the present mainstream Machine Lifeform core. 机械师们也是意外在自然界中发现这种物质的,它们经过特殊改造,再经特殊射线照射后,就能诞生智能,而且可以完美契合绝大部分机械材料,是如今主流机械生命的核心。 In Ancient Metropolis University Department of Machinery, can find the awakening smart chip the special beam. 古都大学机械学院,就能找到觉醒智能芯片的特殊射线。 Therefore, Legend Xiao Shuang will say, Ancient Metropolis University Department of Machinery has to help Shi Yu build Advanced King Species with these materials the Machine Lifeform ability. 所以,萧霜传奇才会说,古都大学机械学院就有帮助时宇用这些材料打造出“高等君王种族机械生命的能力。 Why to look distressed, this huge harvest.” “干嘛愁眉苦脸的,这次大丰收呀。” After alighting from the airplane, Bai Xi patted the shoulder of Shi Yu. 下了飞机后,白溪拍了拍时宇的肩膀。 Side, Lin Xiuzhu said with a smile: Resources type of thing, it is estimated that forever is insufficient, money are more, the want to thing higher-end more is insufficient.” 旁边,林修竹笑道:“资源这种东西,估计永远是不够用的,钱越多,想要的东西就越高端就越不够用。” Accumulated such long Iron Eater Evolution Materials Lin Xiuzhu, has deep feeling. 攒了这么久食铁兽进化材料林修竹,深有感触。 Principal Feng said: I estimated, he was worrying how Transforming Stone should use 封校长道:“我估计,他是在愁百变石该怎么用 Shi Yu raised the head, Principal Feng and Senior Sister Lin understand me, Senior Bai not good 时宇抬头,“还是封校长林学姐懂我,白学姐不行 Bai Xi:??? 白溪:??? Crash-bang. 哗啦啦。 Other teachers and students also got down, Shi Yu waved toward Principal Feng and the others, said: In the evening the glee feast, I do not go, other matters.” 紧接着,其他师生也下来了,时宇朝着封校长等人挥了挥手,道:“晚上庆功宴,我就不去了,还有一些其他事。” „” “诶” Just arrived in Ancient Metropolis, Shi Yu slips away. 刚刚抵达古都,时宇就溜之大吉。 Plans Department of Machinery, goes with the aid of there Machine Research Institute, conducts Machine Lifeform preliminary awakening. 打算去机械学院,去借助那里的机械研究所,进行机械生命的初步觉醒 The limit of Mirror of Awakening was too big, the ability was too weak, oneself this machine newbie, used was not gratifying. 觉醒镜的限制还是太大了,能力还是太弱了,自己这个机械小白,用的根本不称心。 Even if it attracts a physical strength, Shi Yu does not matter, but limits the awakening rank, was excessive. 哪怕它多吸点体力,时宇都无所谓,但是限制觉醒等级,就过分了。 Initial stage, is with Modern Age method preliminary awakening, after oneself train the Mechanical big shot machine beast, can make it use Mirror of Awakening to promote oneself. 初始阶段,还是用现代方法初步觉醒吧,等自己把机械宠兽培养成机械大佬后,就可以让它自己用觉醒镜升级自己了。 “唔 After Shi Yu leaves, summoned Wormie directly, planned that made him lead itself to go to Department of Machinery. 时宇离开后,直接召唤出来虫虫,打算让他带自己去机械学院 However suddenly, Shi Yu thought of anything, a brow wrinkle. 不过猛然间,时宇想到了什么,眉头一皱。 Under, first goes to resource storehouse “等下,先去资源库 Shi Yu heard, Jewel Cat also went to National Competition. 时宇听说,宝石猫也去全国大赛了。 However, oneself have not seen its surface. 但是,自己连它面都没见到。 Shi Yu has the reason to suspect, Jewel Cat is hiding from itself, does not want to oneself the resources! 时宇有理由怀疑,宝石猫在躲着自己,不想给自己资源! First solves this! 先解决这茬! Wormie stares , indicating to understand. 虫虫一愣,表示明白。 Before long 不一会儿 The resource section, the Shi Yu form appears. 资源区,时宇的身影出现。 Meanwhile, in Ancient Metropolis University, sleeping Jewel Cat quickly grasps the meaning of something, awakens from the nightmare, immediately seeks for always the source. 与此同时,古都大学内,正在睡觉的宝石猫一激灵,从噩梦中惊醒,立刻寻找起根源。 Its next flash, flickered to transfer to Shi Yu that came back Ancient Metropolis University in front of them made threatening gestures, for fear that this fellow evacuated resource storehouse directly. 它下一瞬间,就瞬移到了回来古都大学时宇他们面前张牙舞爪,生怕这家伙直接搬空资源库 Waits for inferior inferior, cannot move.” “等下等下等下,不许动。” Jewel Cat appears, the cat claw wields randomly. 宝石猫出现,猫爪乱挥。 Well, you today are Avatar, is the main body.” Shi Yu cheerful say/way. “咦,你今天是分身,还是本体。”时宇乐呵呵道。 Main body.” The kitty complexion sinks. “本体。”猫猫脸色一沉。 „The resources that Teacher Ying, you complied with before, when give me Shi Yu to say. 荧老师,你之前答应的资源,什么时候给我时宇道。 A Jewel Cat face intertwines. 宝石猫一脸纠结。 Before it Breakthrough, in the joyful strength, is just speaking thoughtlessly complies. 之前它刚刚突破,正在欣喜的劲头上,随口就答应了。 However afterward thinks, a little does not give up. 但是后来一想,又有点舍不得。 For serveral days it has been wanting to recover the method. 这些天它一直在想补救方法。 How we change a mentality.” Jewel Cat raised the head, grins with a smile. “我们换个思路怎么样。”宝石猫抬起头,笑着咧嘴。 Unfortunately, it also really found one. 不巧,它还真找到了一个。 Un??” “嗯??” My these broken gems, the collection value is bigger than the practical value, gave you you is also useless, handing over to sell is troublesome, you said that right?” “我这些破宝石,收藏价值大于实用价值,都给了你你也没用,转手卖还非常麻烦,你说,对吧?” Legendary Resource!” “一件传说级资源!” My collection, stayed behind, I make Legendary Resource to you, what kind of!” Jewel Cat wicked say/way. “我的收藏品,就留下了,我给你弄来一件传说级资源,怎么样!”宝石猫恶狠狠道。 Shi Yu stares: „???” 时宇一愣:“???” Wormie is also startled. 虫虫也一惊。 „Are you earnest?” “你认真的?” Jewel Cat these collections, the value is lower than Legendary Resource. 宝石猫这些收藏品,价值怎么也比传说级资源低吧。 The legendary resources value is lowest, is 10 billion levels. 传说资源价值最低,也是百亿级。 This is not because had the sentiment to these gems.” Jewel Cat contains the lacrimal. “这不是因为对这些宝石有感情了吗。”宝石猫含泪道。 In this, deceased Electro Mouse and other friends gave my birthday present wū wū wū wū “这里面,还有已故的电气鼠等朋友送给我的生日礼物呜呜呜呜呜 Shi Yu: stops stops from time to time.” 时宇:“停停停。” Legendary Resource, what's the matter.” 传说级资源,是怎么回事。” You think.” Jewel Cat analyzed to Shi Yu. “你想啊。”宝石猫时宇分析了起来。 You helped Ancient Metropolis University take competition first, Ancient Metropolis University must certainly give you to reward, right?” “你帮助古都大学拿了比赛第一,古都大学肯定要给你奖励,对吧?” Shi Yu nods. 时宇点了点头。 In addition, you, feed the aspect in the Archaeology aspect, helps my Breakthrough, made the cannot erase contribution, right.” “除此之外,你在考古方面、饲育方面,以及,帮助我突破,都做出了不可磨灭的贡献,对吧。” mo song stubble yu adze shen ying ma die cun sui inch ke xia xia deserted nail meat lian cen beats xuan to reach ren song zan rou pian huang adze shen jian fine jade marriage shi cuan to insert pan- ren to soak the sui duo pan gauge yong hong embarrassed chi mo umbrella 銆愯茬湡锛屾渶杩戜竴鐩寸敤鍜鍜闃呰荤湅涔拷鏇达紝鎹簮鍒囨崲锛屾湕璇婚煶鑹插氾紝瀹夊崜鑻规灉鍧囧彲銆傘 Shi Yu nods again. 时宇再次点了点头。 Other things you have no need.” “其他东西你也用不着。” „, The school rewards your Legendary Resource, not too much eh!” Jewel Cat said. “那么,学校奖励你一件传说级资源,不过分吧!”宝石猫道。 Shi Yu stares. 时宇一愣。 Wormie also stares, calamity, source of trouble lead to the east? 虫虫也一愣,祸,祸水东引 At this time, Shi Yu thought certainly that is not excessive, even best two. 此时,时宇当然觉得不过分了,甚至最好有两件。 However, applied for the Legendary Resource cocoa suo suo to the association, the grinding chirp, has not examined and approved now, the Ancient Metropolis University mass compared Beast Assocation, was poorer, can take??? 但是,向协会申请传说级资源都抠抠索索,磨磨唧唧的,现在还没审批下来,古都大学的体量相比御兽协会,就更穷了,能拿出来吗??? Do not look at Ancient Metropolis University to be poor, but collection 1-2 legendary resources, are Academy's Treasure!” “别看古都大学穷,但是还是收藏有1-2传说资源的,是镇校之宝!” In the past I legendary resources for Breakthrough, bought from Ancient Metropolis University, although Breakthrough failed, but also is real Legendary Resource.” “当年我用于突破传说资源,就是从古都大学买的,虽然突破失败了,但也是货真价实的传说级资源。” Yourself applied alone, somewhat was definitely difficult, even if Principal Feng agreed, he could not take responsibility, but, this did not have me, I now, was Breakthrough to Totem-Level, when the time comes, the examination time, I also supported you, the guarantee was Legendary Resource!” “单独你自己申请,肯定有些困难,哪怕封校长同意,他自己一个人也做不了主,但是,这不是有我吗,我现在,可是突破到了图腾级,到时候,审批时候,我也力挺你,保证又是一件传说级资源!” I in the Magic Metropolis time, have applied with Principal Feng.” “我在魔都时候,已经跟封校长申请了。” What kind of!” Jewel Cat said: I ensure you can obtain Legendary Resource, then, my gem, do not move wū wū “怎么样!”宝石猫道:“我保证你能获得一件传说级资源,然后,我的宝石,就别动了呜呜呜 Shi Yu is lost in thought. 时宇陷入了沉思。 Does not owe actually. 倒是不亏。 Later some are the place squeezes kitty, do not compel is too ruthless. 以后有的是地方压榨猫猫,还是别逼太狠了。 Deal!” “成交!” Jewel Cat relaxes, then, with the prestige of new promote Totem , helping Shi Yu snatch legendary resources, in brief can leave behind the gem to be good. 宝石猫松了口气,接下来,就是用新晋图腾之威,去帮时宇传说资源了,总之能留下宝石就好。 As the matter stands on two at the same time, in the Shi Yu also heart whispered. “这样一来就两件了”与此同时,时宇也心中嘀咕起来。 That side Donghuang Association, Ancient Metropolis University, altogether two legendary resources! 东煌协会那边,古都大学这边,一共两件传说资源 That decided happily, but also there is any matter.” Jewel Cat felt own line. “那就这么愉快的决定了,还有什么事吗。”宝石猫又觉得自己行了。 This matter I promised you, then helped my several busy, not too much eh?” “这种事我都答应你了,那么帮我几个忙,不过分吧?” Jewel Cat:??? 宝石猫:??? It suddenly has to plant not the good premonition. 它忽然有种不好的预感。 Wha, anything.” “什,什么事。” Also no, will bring Akame and Susu to go to Ghost Battlefield practice and training another day “也没什么,就是改天带着赤瞳素素亡灵战场历练一番 kitty immediately myocardial infarction , that dangerous place , its Totem, that was all right. 猫猫立刻心肌梗塞,靠,那种危险的地方,哦,它图腾了啊,那没事了。 Ok.” Jewel Cat relaxes again, but also thinks that is any difficult matter. “可以。”宝石猫再次松了口气,还以为是什么困难的事情。 Other matters.” “其他事呢。” Temporarily did not have, later thinks that said again.” “暂时没了,以后想到再说。” Jewel Cat:??? 宝石猫:??? „, Delivers to by me Department of Machinery Dean Hao while convenient, Wormie does not know that side map.” “哦,顺便把我送到机械学院郝院长旁边吧,虫虫不认识那边地图。” Jewel Cat: 宝石猫: Line of, etc., you go to that side to do.” Jewel Cat asked. “行等下,你去那边干嘛。”宝石猫问。 „The reward of National Champion, awakening becomes Machine Lifeform, uses under the Machine Research Institute beam photo Advanced Intelligence chip.” “把全国冠军的奖励,觉醒机械生命呀,去用机械研究所的射线照下高级智能芯片。” Well, you have not arrived at Rank 6 “咦,你不是还没到六级 First awakening, waiting till the contract was not again late.” “先觉醒了,等到了再契约也不迟。” scumbag behavior. 渣男行为。
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