UB :: Volume #3

#248: Evolves to Advanced Overlord Eleven

Huh, huh. 哼哧,哼哧。 Mossback Makros Tortoise looks at Shi Yu silently they, waits for them to choose. 老乌龟重玄默默看着时宇他们,等待他们抉择。 Shi Yu talent looks like not bad in it, in the future not necessarily cannot pose the threat to Meteorum. 时宇天赋在它看来不差,未来未必不能对陨犴造成威胁。 Even if makes the inadequate threat, disgusting Meteorum is also good. 哪怕造不成威胁,恶心一下陨犴也好啊。 In brief so long as Shi Yu wants to train Iron Eater, in the future definitely with Meteorum to. 总之只要时宇想培养食铁兽,日后必然会跟陨犴对上。 But it with Meteorum is the enemy, the enemy of enemy, is the friend, this is it wants to invest the reason of Shi Yu. 而它跟陨犴又是敌人,敌人的敌人,就是朋友,这才是它想投资时宇的理由。 path of arrange evolution in Shi Yu they at present, Makros Tortoise does not know that Shi Yu they do have the guts to go. 进化之路摆在时宇他们眼前,重玄就是不知道时宇他们有没有胆量去走。 A moment ago, the Makros Tortoise senior said Meteorum has a city to be spicy in a big way.” “刚才,重玄前辈是不是说陨犴有一个城池辣么大。” Shi Yu they grip in the same place, opens in the team cautiously the conference. 时宇他们扎在一起,小心翼翼开起队内会议。 Eleven, Wormie and Ginseng Tot have Possession Shi Yu small Akame to nod in abundance. 十一虫虫参宝宝还有附体时宇的小赤瞳纷纷点头。 „The Iron Eater regiment of Emperor Wu senior can no wonder second evolution, so long as wipes out the Meteorum together skin, it is estimated that can support many Novenary Black Warmonger quarter engraved inscription “怪不得武帝前辈的食铁兽军团都能二段进化,只要打掉陨犴一块皮,估计能支撑不少九黎战兽刻铭文 Again in addition it is Elemental Lifeform, is half god, the regeneration estimated that is not very difficult, is the renewable resource.” “再加上它是元素生命体,是个半神,再生估计也不是很难,是可再生资源。” In other words, stable Overlord Species evolution channel did find?” Shi Yu stares. “也就是说,稳定的霸主种族进化渠道找到了?”时宇一愣。 This must make the country know, can organize the mechanical army to enter the totem area.” “这要让国家知道,会不会组织机械大军打进图腾区啊。” Catches directly Meteorum, rears in a pen.” “直接把陨犴逮到,圈养起来。” Eleven, Ginseng Tot, Wormie and Akame are very dignified, possibly have. 十一参宝宝虫虫赤瞳都很凝重,不是没可能哦。 Do not look that now Donghuang Ancient Kingdom and totem area lives in peace with each other, but the small scale rubs, but that is because does not have the benefit to seek. 别看现在东煌古国和图腾区相安无事,只是小规模摩擦,但那是因为没有利益可寻。 If there is a huge benefit, the no matter if it is totem area launches the war to Donghuang, Donghuang starts the war to some totem, has the possibility. 如果有巨大的利益,无论是图腾区对东煌发动战争,还是东煌对某个图腾发起战争,都是有可能的。 Donghuang Ancient Kingdom actually fortunately, situated in develops stage in recent years stably, grasps the enemy not to violate me, I do not violate the attitude of enemy. 东煌古国其实还好,近些年都是处于稳定发展阶段,秉持着敌不犯我,我不犯敌的态度。 But certain countries, actually rub with the totem area frequently. 但某些国家,其实经常跟图腾区摩擦。 For example the founding of the nation time is shortest, currently the history only has 200 years, first studies Machine Department, by technical to become Guo Shenfeng. 比如建国时间最短,目前历史只有200年,第一个研究出机械系,以科技成国的神风 Because Shenfeng the local resources lack, even to the present, but also is fighting with the totem area frequently, everywhere plunder resources, year to year situated in war stage, but, is not all -out war, cannot affect the world setup. 神风因为本土资源缺乏,即使是到了现在,还经常在跟图腾区打架,到处掠夺资源,常年处于战争阶段,只不过,不是全面战争,影响不到世界格局罢了。 If makes Donghuang understand that threat of Meteorum, knows that extinguishes kills the benefit that Meteorum can bring, then, it is estimated that Shi Yu does not keep thinking about it even, Donghuang will still keep thinking about it. 如果让东煌明白陨犴的威胁,知道灭杀陨犴能带来的利益,那么,估计就算时宇不惦记它,东煌也会惦记它。 Although Shi Yu faces the Meteorum not slightly confidence to own strength short-term, but he to Donghuang is very confident. 时宇虽然对自己的实力短期内面对陨犴没有丝毫信心,但是他对东煌还是挺有信心的。 Advantage of Machine Department in the war was too big. 机械系在战争中优势太大了。 The previous totem war, because of the birth of Machine Department, is time human in most relaxed one time that in several thousand years of War of Totems wins. 上一次的图腾战争,因为机械系的诞生,是人类在数千年的图腾之战中获胜的最轻松的一次。 By the advantage of Machine Department first great nation, even if Shenfeng Kingdom dares to pursue the totem to hit now. 凭借机械系第一大国的优势,哪怕现在神风国都敢追着图腾打。 In this case, Shi Yu thought that can put together one, how to evolve to annoy to half god, so long as there is a benefit, he believes that Donghuang can become the biggest thigh, protected own. 这种情况下,时宇觉得可以拼一手,为了进化惹到半神怎么了,只要有利益,他相信东煌能成为自己最大的大腿,保护好自己的。 He chooses to continue to live by pimping. 他选择继续吃软饭。 Let alone, has Meteorum resurrected now a matter. 何况,陨犴现在复活没复活都还是一回事。 If by some chance it also needed in 1100 to resurrect, now estimated that was also at the weak condition, without the imagination was so strong, he had enough time growth. 万一它还需要个百千年才能复活,现在估计还处于虚弱状态,没想象中那么强,他有充足时间发育。 „The Makros Tortoise senior, we decided.” 重玄前辈,我们决定好了。” Evolution metal arrives, the totem half god does waste!” “进化金属到位,图腾半神干废!” Right, do you know that which Meteorum possibly in resurrects and dwells.” “对了,您知不知道陨犴可能在哪复活、栖息啊。” After Shi Yu they discussed carefully, looked to Makros Tortoise. 时宇他们仔细讨论好后,纷纷看向重玄 Perhaps after the mechanical army presses, later Evolution Materials did not go to want with Meteorum with oneself, the Donghuang army came back to the pack belt/bring directly. 没准机械大军压过去后,之后的进化材料都不用自己去跟陨犴要了呢,东煌大军直接给打包带回来。 Makros Tortoise:? 重玄:? Such easy happy decision??? 这么轻松愉快的就决定了吗??? Facing half god totem monster, shouldn't give careful consideration? 面对半神图腾这种怪物,不应该慎重考虑吗? „Did you really decide??” “你们真的决定好了??” Makros Tortoise looks at Shi Yu and other humanity. 重玄看着时宇等人道。 Decision.” “决定了。” Ok.” Makros Tortoise huh, laughs, ok, in the vestige that four metal resources remain in any case also uselessly, it died could not carry off, now can give Shi Yu, calculated the good treatment method. “行。”重玄哼哧一声,大笑起来,算了,反正遗迹里那四块金属资源留着也没用,它死了也带不走,现在能送给时宇,也算不错的处理方法了。 What a pity, it estimated that did not have the means to see in the future Shi Yu and Meteorum to the day. 可惜,它估计没办法看到日后时宇陨犴对上那一天了。 You are waiting!!” “你们等着!!” It bellowed, the space shook. 它大吼一声,空间都震荡了起来。 The next quarter, rumble, in the vestige, four rock pillar of some training facilities splits. 下一刻,轰隆隆,遗迹内,某四个训练设施的岩柱裂开。 Afterward, the special ore minerals of internal four fist sizes depart. 随后,内部四块拳头大小的特殊金属矿石飞出。 The white light covered on these ore minerals, follows Makros Tortoise to control these ore minerals to arrive at this space depending on the Ruins Master status, Shi Yu at present, falls the metal that instantaneously four colors varied! 白光覆盖在了这些金属矿石上,伴随重玄遗迹之主的身份操控这些金属矿石来到这处空间,时宇眼前,瞬间掉落下了四块颜色各异的金属! Has together all over the body the blue color, the thunder and lightning is tyrannical, the metallic luster and electric light shine on each other mutually. 有一块通体蓝色,雷电暴虐,金属光泽与电光相互交辉。 Together dark green profound, life abundant. 一块墨绿深邃,生命盎然。 Together pure white insightful, contains the light white halo. 一块纯白通透,包含淡淡白色光晕。 Finally together, is the white changes gradually to the black frustum shape metal, seems like that is in several is most common, but carefully observes, inside contains the intense dark charm. 最后一块,则是白色渐变至黑色的棱台状金属,看似是几个中最普通的,但仔细观察,里面却蕴含强烈的黑暗魔力。 Gives you.” After Makros Tortoise takes out four ore minerals, said: “给你们。”重玄取出四块金属矿石后,道: I reach an agreement ahead of time, because these four are to correspond in the metal the quality is best, Skylightning Stone, Lifemetal Jade and Spacegod Sand said fortunately, with your Iron Eater aptitude, can definitely digest.” “不过我提前说好,因为这四块都是对应金属中品质最好的,天雷石生命金玉空神铁还好说,以你的食铁兽的资质,肯定能消化。” But this Meteorum fragment, best it to grow King Level, no, after best is Overlord-level, then swallows the evolution is not late. First three metals, but makes it complete the small scope evolution, although will promote Species Tier, will awaken new Super Species Skill, but will not make it obtain the new attribute, it shape will not change.” “但是这块陨犴碎片,最好等它成长到君王级,不,最好是霸主级后,再吞噬进化也不迟。前三个金属,只是让它完成小幅度进化,虽然会提升种族等级,会觉醒新的超阶种族技能,但却不会让它获得新属性,它自身形态也不会改变。” But Meteorum fragment, will then make it change significantly, at the appointed time will evolve for the new race, oneself obtain the dark attribute, the incarnation demon god, is very high to its strength request, otherwise, may very much because the strength of darkness will corrode, will lose the reason.” “但是陨犴碎片,则会大幅度让它发生变化,届时会进化为新的种族,自身获得暗属性,化身魔神,对它的自身实力要求很高,不然,很有可能会因为黑暗之力侵蚀,失去理智。” Makros Tortoise sees Shi Yu to look at itself, asked: You have anything to ask.” 重玄时宇看着自己,问道:“你有什么想问的吗。” Does not have “没 That can, make it attempt now to evolve?” “那个,现在就能让它尝试进化吗?” Shi Yu quite anticipates to say. 时宇颇为期待道。 The words saying, he knows finally a Iron Eater quarter engraved inscription needed what material. 话说,他终于知道食铁兽刻铭文需要什么材料了。 It is not easy! 不容易啊! Skylightning Stone, Lifemetal Jade and Spacegod Sand, these ore minerals, in his Dex, have the record, is the Rank 8 rare and precious materials. 天雷石生命金玉空神铁,这些金属矿石,在他图鉴中,都有记载,都是八级的珍稀材料。 Moreover is quite rare, belonged to know the name may not find that type, is rarer than Life Fruit that Ginseng Tot ate. 而且是其中比较稀有的,属于知道了名字也不一定能找到那种,比参宝宝吃的生命果实还更难得。 No wonder he made Eleven eat so many different metals to attempt to carve the engraved inscription is also failed, because sentiment poor, without testing in top metal. 怪不得他让十一吃了那么多不同金属尝试刻铭文也都失败了,感情还是因为穷,没实验到顶级金属上。 Ok.” Makros Tortoise said: First ate that three, carves to correspond the engraved inscription, I estimated when the time comes its race, should be able to be called the Advanced Overlord race.” “可以啊。”重玄啧啧道:“先把那三块吃了,刻下对应铭文,我估计,到时候它的种族,应该可以称得上高等霸主种族了吧。” Later I am anything tell you another five metals again, when the time comes, if you can find to correspond the metal, even if your Iron Eater strength also assembled.” “之后我再把另外五块金属是什么告诉你,到时候,如果你能找到对应金属,你的食铁兽的实力就算还凑合了。” Side, Wormie and Ginseng Tot hear. 旁边,虫虫参宝宝听不下去了。 Mother. 妈耶。 If, an engraved inscription corresponds Super Skill, when the time comes, is 9 Super Skill, in addition original one, is ten Super Species Skill!! 如果说,一个铭文对应一个超阶技能,那到时候,就是九个超阶技能,再加上本来的一个,就是十个超阶种族技能!! This was invincible. 这样岂不是无敌了。 Wormie and Ginseng Tot were all of a sudden scared. 虫虫参宝宝一下子就傻眼了。 However, Shi Yu they stare, said: Also, but also is passable???” 不过,时宇他们一愣,道:“还,还算凑合???” Ten Super Species Skill “十个超阶种族技能 Makros Tortoise curls the lip, said: Skill is much useful, even if 100 Super Species Skill, still is just accurate Mythical Species, without the masterstroke/divine skill, finally is the ants.” 重玄撇了撇嘴,道:“技能多有什么用,哪怕有100个超阶种族技能,也依然只不过是准神话种族,没有神技,终是蝼蚁。” In the past its also ten Super Species Skill, strong oddness, but finally, we put together completely , can only hit 55 to open with Meteorum.” “当年它也有十个超阶种族技能,强的离谱,但结果,我们全部加在一起,也只能跟陨犴打个五五开。” Little rascal, I reminded you, gave me to remember firmly, after you exercised Master Rank Super Species Skill completely, do not practice again completely, is expert to develop most convenient Super Species Skill to be good.” “小鬼,我提醒一下你们,给我牢牢记住,当你们把全部超阶种族技能锻炼到完美级别后,就不要再全部都练了,去专精开发一个最顺手的超阶种族技能就好。” Super Species Skill achieves some proficiency, then can promote the totem level.” 超阶种族技能达到某一熟练度,便能晋升图腾级。” However develops the pinnacle some Super Species Skill, and in light of own race, develops own masterstroke/divine skill, this is breaks all limits, the key of achievement myth!! Greedy, the essence is basic.” “而把某一超阶种族技能开发到极致,并结合自身的种族,开发出属于自己的神技,这是突破一切限制,成就神话的关键!!不要贪多,精才是根本。” Meteorum is because grasped the masterstroke/divine skill embryonic form, develops nearly pinnacle an ability, can press us to hit, wants to pursue a higher domain, looking for a direction was enough, each Super Skill is the embryonic form of masterstroke/divine skill, even if these true mythical creature, on a masterstroke/divine skill, mixed but not fine, this truth remembers!” 陨犴就是因为掌握了神技雏形,把一个能力开发到近乎极致,才能压着我们打的,想追求更高的领域,找准一个方向就足够了,每一个超阶技能都是神技的雏形,哪怕是那些真正的神话生物,也就一个神技罢了,杂而不精,这个道理记住!” Shi Yu is listening to the instruction of Makros Tortoise, stares slightly. 时宇听着重玄的指导,微微一愣。 This is the first time that he demand that hears the step myth 这还是他第一次听说进阶神话的需求 Develops the pinnacle Super Species Skill, unifies own race, develops own masterstroke/divine skill, enters the request of step myth??? 超阶种族技能开发到极致,结合自身的种族,开发出属于自己的神技,是进阶神话的要求??? „!!” “!!” Really! 果然! Regarding Emperor Wu these powerhouses, the Miraculous proficiency skill at all is not the end point, even, they pursue, is Super Species Skill of Pinnacle level! 对于武帝这些强者来说,出神入化熟练度的技能根本不是终点,甚至,他们追求的,都是技进乎道级的超阶种族技能 Remembered.” Makros Tortoise asked. “记住了吗。”重玄问道。 Remembered remembered.” “记住了记住了。” That eats quickly.” The Makros Tortoise light say/way, previous time helps the Iron Eater evolution like this, is the previous time, it also very fondly remembers. “那快吃吧。”重玄淡淡道,上次这样帮助食铁兽进化,还是上次,它还挺怀念的。 „?” At this time, Eleven stares, suddenly realized, this time seems like own chance. “嗷?”此时,十一一愣,忽然意识到,这次好像是自己的机缘。 Its vision shone immediately. 它目光当即就亮了起来了。 Looks around Wormie and Ginseng Tot directly bites the handkerchief to envy. 看得旁边的虫虫参宝宝直接咬手帕羡慕。 Wormie felt a sense of crisis suddenly. 虫虫忽然感觉到了一股危机感。 Waits, the Makros Tortoise big shot said the leader ate these, can achieve the Advanced Overlord race to come?!!! 等下,重玄大佬是不是说领袖吃了这些,就能达到高等霸主种族来着?!!! Ginseng Tot cries chirp, it also thinks what in team next evolution is oneself, obviously is I first 参宝宝哭唧唧,它还以为队内下一个进化的是自己呢,明明是我先 Only then Eleven excited before running a ore mineral . 只有十一兴奋的跑去一块金属矿石前。 From that has not had long known that the evolution good child, turned really fragrant strange. 早就已经从那个不知道进化好的孩子,变成了真香怪。 ying?” It asked Makros Tortoise and Shi Yu, can eat. “嘤?”它问道重玄时宇,可以吃了吗。 Tries.” Shi Yu nods. “试试吧。”时宇点了点头。 „!!!” “嗷!!!” Then, Eleven bellows, directly enters the point condition, evolves for the Novenary Black Warmonger shape. 说完,十一大吼一声,直接进入锋芒状态,进化为了九黎战兽形态。 Meanwhile, sees silver white staggered Novenary Black Warmonger, the Makros Tortoise eye narrows the eyes. 与此同时,看到银白交错的九黎战兽,重玄眼睛眯起。 It said: This is it as the Iron Eater royal family best proof, although its bloodlines have not awakened successfully, however royal family's characteristics are very obvious.” 它道:“这就是它身为食铁兽王族最好的证明,虽然它的血脉没有觉醒成功,但是王族的特征很明显。” „The after Species Skill hardening of Iron Eater royal family develops the pinnacle, if also masters other proficiency extremely high attribute abilities simultaneously, and in within the body hardening material has the attribute nature of correspondence, can obtain the second attribute when the evolution.” 食铁兽王族的种族技能硬化开发到极致后,如果还同时掌握其他熟练度极高的属性能力,并且体内硬化物质中有对应的属性性质,可以在进化时获得第二属性。” Your luck is good.” “你们运气不错的。” Shi Yu is startled, this is first obtains the official to explain why after Eleven evolves, has Electric-Type, is different from other Novenary Black Warmonger. 时宇一怔,这还是头一回得到官方解释为什么十一进化后有雷系,和其他九黎战兽不同。 Eleven was more self-confident, worthily is oneself, Panda King! 十一更自信了,不愧是自己,熊猫王 Ok, quick evolution.” Makros Tortoise said. “好了,快进化吧。”重玄道。 Good.” Shi Yu nods, looks to Eleven. “好。”时宇点了点头,看向了十一 „!!” The next quarter, Eleven swallows down the Skylightning Stone one breath directly. “嗷!!”下一刻,十一直接把天雷石一口气吞了下去。 Bang!!! 轰!!! On the Eleven silver-white armor thunder light wreaks havoc, in its pupil also has the astonishing thunder and lightning to jump shoots. 紧接着,十一银白色的铠甲上雷光肆虐,它瞳孔中也有惊人雷电迸射。 Makros Tortoise opens the mouth slowly, under the guidance of its, Eleven carves the corresponding engraved inscription fast. 重玄缓缓开口,在它的指导下,十一快速刻起对应铭文。 Squeak The sharp claws of Eleven hardening right palm, start to paddle on the body slowly. 十一硬化右掌的利爪,开始慢慢在身体上划动。 Afterward, in Shi Yu, Wormie and under a Ginseng Tot numerous tense vision, in the Eleven body starts the lingering white light! 随后,在时宇虫虫参宝宝一众紧张的目光下,十一身躯上开始萦绕白光! At this time, Eleven is very excited, because these engraves time, before it has not appeared, that rejection reaction! 此时,十一很兴奋,因为这一次刻印,它并没有出现之前那种排斥反应了! „!!” “嗷!!” Eleven bellows, body thoroughly by white light package, at the same time, Shi Yu present Dex, quick display growth change of Eleven. 十一一声大吼,身体彻底被白光包裹,与此同时,时宇眼前的图鉴,正在快速显示着十一的成长变化。 Energy content: 133156 【能量值】:133156 fuck.” In the Shi Yu heart did fuck, rise all of a sudden more than 20,000? 卧槽。”时宇心中卧槽了一声,一下子就涨了两万多? Makes the Shi Yu heart startled, but also in back, as the white light diverges, the Eleven complete picture appeared before their bodies. 更让时宇心惊的,还在后边,随着白光散去,十一的全貌出现在了他们身前。 For those same, at this time the Eleven shape that Makros Tortoise said simply has not changed, even the beforehand engraved inscription trace vanished, but, no matter if it is Wormie, Ginseng Tot or Shi Yu, can feel it to be stronger clearly. 就跟重玄说的一样,此时十一的形态根本没有变化,甚至之前的铭文痕迹都消失了,但是,无论是虫虫参宝宝还是时宇,都能清晰感受到它更强了。 At this time, the Eleven body has the terrifying electric light to linger, as it lifts the arm slowly, its expression stares slightly. 此时,十一身上有恐怖电光萦绕,随着它缓缓抬起手臂,它表情微微一愣。 The sensation to Species Skill that oneself awaken newly, Eleven is pleasantly surprised suddenly. 感知到自己新觉醒的种族技能,十一忽然又惊又喜。 Meanwhile, Shi Yu is also instantaneous, through the spiritual connection between Beast Master and beast pet, knew the information of this new skill! 同时,时宇也是瞬间,通过御兽师宠兽之间的精神联系,知道了这个新技能的信息! Skill: Lightning Rod 【技能】:引雷针 Attribute: gold/metal, thunder 【属性】:金、雷 Rank: Ultra step 【等级】:超阶 Introduction: Oneself, external object will transform Lightning Rod. When through the hardened material will transform the lightning rod, can obtain thunder Mian, and causes heavenly thunder in the nature to attack the surrounding all materials. Gives the hardened material when through touching the enemy transforms Lightning Rod, can make the enemy be in nature locking of heavenly thunder to be attacked. 【介绍】:将自身、外物改造成引雷针。通过硬化物质将自己改造成避雷针时,可以获得雷免,并引起自然界中的天雷攻击自身周围一切物质。通过触摸赋予硬化物质将敌人改造成引雷针时,可以让敌人一直处于自然界中的天雷的锁定中受到攻击。 At this time, sensation to this skill, Shi Yu direct deep breath one breath. 此时,感知到这个技能,时宇直接深呼吸一口气。 Although the name drew the hip a point, looked has not compelled the standard, but the effect strove to excel, is completely the super high-rank of Advanced Skill thunder and lightning, can the skill of strength of perfection reassignment thunder and lightning nature!!! 虽然名字拉胯了一点,看起来没有逼格,但是效果好强,完全是高阶技能雷电的超级上位,更能完美调动雷电自然之力的技能!!! This skill, in coordination Eleven Charge and Convergence, what concept? 这个技能,配合上十一蓄能闪电内敛锋芒,什么概念? It is the heavenly thunder aspirator of walk, no one think that near body it, it can fight in the thunderstorm, is getting stronger and stronger!! 它就是行走的天雷吸引器,谁也别想近身它,它能在雷暴中战斗,越来越强!! In addition, can through giving the hardened material transforms the Lightning Rod enemy to be possible not to have the thunder unexpectedly the enemy to exempt, in other words, if who were touched in the fight by Eleven, thunder and lightning in the nature will attack it continuously, forever will be without limits, makes the enemy turn directly easily by being struck by lightning physique. 除此之外,竟然还能通过赋予硬化物质将敌人改造成引雷针敌人可没有雷免,换句话来说,如果谁在战斗中被十一触摸一下,自然界中的雷电就会源源不断对其进行攻击,永无止境,直接让敌人变成易遭雷劈体质。 Also, through this skill, can definitely make a thunderstorm to cultivate sacred place, if attaches the demon this skill to the equipment , is a Electric-Type almighty troops! 还有,通过这个技能,完全可以制造一处雷暴修炼圣地,或者,如果把这个技能附魔到装备上,那么就是一件雷系神兵! Shi Yu analyzes no matter how, discovers this skill strong one batch. 时宇不管怎么分析,发现这个技能都强的一批。 Obviously, Eleven also thought so, it cannot help but called excitedly. 显然,十一也这么觉得,它不由得兴奋的叫了起来。 Ohh!!” Later does not use Ancient Metropolis University Recharge Station, there charge slow one batch, later it was struck by lightning will do in the school summon day!!! “嗷喔喔喔!!”以后不用去古都大学充电室咯,那里充电慢的一批,以后它自己在学校召唤天雷劈自己就行了!!! yi? ?” Saw that Eleven and Shi Yu are so excited, Wormie and Ginseng Tot swallowed a saliva, how how. “咿?唔?”见到十一时宇这么兴奋,虫虫参宝宝咽了口口水,怎么了怎么了。 Continue.” Makros Tortoise is calmest, two. “继续。”重玄最为淡定,还有两个呢。 hears word, Eleven continues to eat Spacegod Sand. 闻言,十一继续吃起空神铁 Same procedure/program, same step. 一样的程序,一样的步骤。 Eleven completes a small stage evolution again. 十一再次完成一小阶段进化。 If, a moment ago that making its Species Tier achieve Low Overlord thoroughly. 如果说,刚才那一下,让它的种族等级彻底达到了低等霸主 Then now, its Species Tier, then leapt arrived at Intermediate Overlord. 那么现在,它的种族等级,则一跃来到了中等霸主 Energy content: 154325 【能量值】:154325 And, the energy content becomes in the team first, exceeded small Akame, Wormie! 并且,能量值一跃成为队内第一,超越了小赤瞳,虫虫 Meanwhile, follows, new Species Skill. 同时,伴随的,还有新的种族技能 Skill: Spatial Quake 【技能】:震空 Attribute: Gold/Metal and space 【属性】:金、空间 Rank: Ultra step 【等级】:超阶 Introduction: Can give the Steel-Type material space attribute temporarily, was given the space attribute Steel-Type material to have the vibration nature, can cause the space to vibrate, can make the land disruption, make the atmosphere shock and make the sea by the strength of vibration split, making the sky sway and trigger the megatsunami and earthquake even is the enemy who the space disruption thus attacks to place the different space. 【介绍】:可以临时赋予金系物质空间属性,被赋予空间属性的金系物质具有震动性质,可以引起空间震动,凭借震动之力能够让大地碎裂、让大气震动、让大海裂开,让天空摇晃并且引发大海啸、大地震甚至是空间碎裂从而攻击到身处异空间的敌人。 After awakening this skill, Eleven is wild with joy. 觉醒这个技能后,十一狂喜。 Not only blood to subdue|grams Wormie, and can manufacture one move of ordnance equipment! 不仅血克虫虫,且又是可以制作兵器装备的一招! Shi Yu gave Wormie the ability share instantaneously. 时宇瞬间把能力分享给了虫虫 Wormie:??????????????????? 虫虫:??????????????????? This is can restrain invincible Space Cloak even is Legendary Beastmaster one move of Hollowfy ability. 这是能克制无敌的空隐甚至是传奇御兽师虚化能力的一招。 Wormie depended on Space Cloak to be able to be in an impregnable position with the fight of Eleven, but now, its expression breaks down suddenly, shows the desperate look. 虫虫本来靠着空隐能在和十一的战斗中立于不败之地,但是现在,它表情忽然一垮,露出绝望的神色。 No!!!!! 不!!!!! Ohh!!” “嗷喔喔喔!!” Panda King Eleven at this time, excited in the extreme. 熊猫王十一此时,兴奋的无以复加。 However, this has not ended. 然而,这还没完。 Final Lifemetal Jade. 还有最后的生命金玉 This is, can let the Eleven awakening gold/metal and wooden dual-type Super Species Skill metal!!! 这个是,能让十一觉醒金、木双系超阶种族技能的金属!!! Also is the similar step, Eleven completed had not changed the evolution of shape. 又是同样的步骤,十一完成了没有改变形态的进化。 And, the skill that awakens newly, lets Eleven and Shi Yu directly is shocked. 并且,新觉醒的这个技能,直接让十一时宇愣住。 Originally, Shi Yu thinks, meets can make one move of ordnance equipment, but 本来,时宇以为,又会是能制造兵器装备的一招,但 Skill: Army Maker 【技能】:凝豆成兵 Attribute: Gold/Metal and wood 【属性】:金、木 Rank: Ultra step 【等级】:超阶 Introduction: Releases the Hong Kong kumquat, does not turn into the regiment that refuses stubbornly to extinguish, individual ability inheritance of regiment will enhance along with the promotion of this/should skill proficiency! 【介绍】:撒放金豆,变成不死不灭的军团,军团的个体能力继承度会随该技能熟练度的提升而提高! In the Shi Yu heart compelled ignorant, flickers the diencephalon to make up Eleven to bring one crowd of small Iron Eater to go on an expedition and use the Iron Defense picture together. 时宇心中懵逼了一下,瞬间脑补出十一带着一群小食铁兽征战、一起使用固若金汤的画面。 fuck, clone technique??? 卧槽,分身技??? Moreover clone technique that names by the regiment. 而且是以军团命名的分身技。 Shi Yu has been seeking compared with Psychic-Type clone to agree with the Steel-Type Iron Eater Steel-Type clone technique, what a pity had not found, but, the clone technique will be awakened by Eleven in the Species Skill form. 时宇一直在寻找比精神系分身更契合金系食铁兽金系分身技,可惜始终没有找到,但没想到,分身技会以种族技能的形式被十一觉醒。 At this moment, the Shi Yu one type had not regretted suddenly feeling. 这一刻,时宇忽然有一种没有遗憾了的感觉。 Name: Novenary Black Warmonger( three engraved inscriptions) 【名称】:九黎战兽(三铭文) Species Tier: gold/metal, thunder 种族等级】:金、雷 Species Tier: Advanced Overlord 种族等级】:高等霸主 Growth Level: Commander-level 成长等级】:统领级 Species Skill: 种族技能】: Low-order: Hardening( Pinnacle), Maglev( Pinnacle) 低阶:硬化(技进乎道)、电磁悬浮(技进乎道) mid rank: Gigantify( Pinnacle), Charge( Miraculous) 中阶:巨化(技进乎道)、蓄能闪电(出神入化) high rank: Iron Defense( perfection) 高阶:固若金汤(完美) Ultra step: Convergence( crossing the threshold), Lightning Rod( crossing the threshold), Spatial Quake( crossing the threshold), Army Maker( crossing the threshold) 超阶:内敛锋芒(入门)、引雷针(入门)、震空(入门)、凝豆成兵(入门) Learned Skill: 教授技能】: mid rank: Rapid Healing( perfection), Super Sight( perfection), Thunder Palm( Miraculous) 中阶:高速愈合(完美)、超视力(完美)、雷掌(出神入化) high rank: Comatose( perfection), Multi-Size( Minimize: perfection ; Gigantify: Pinnacle), deterrent( Miraculous) 高阶:绝对睡眠(完美)、倍化(缩小:完美;巨化:技进乎道)、威慑(出神入化) Energy content: 175001 【能量值】:175001 In a flash, the Eleven strength, achieved a situation that is inconceivable. 一瞬间,十一的实力,达到了一种难以想象的地步。 At this time, sees Shi Yu and Eleven surprised expression, Makros Tortoise laughs. 此时,见到时宇十一的吃惊表情,重玄哈哈大笑。 What kind of, is very strong.” “怎么样,很强吧。” Under the awakening method of Iron Eater royal family bloodlines also told you to be good while convenient, that race talent, in my opinion, not inferior ordinary Super Skill.” “等下顺便把食铁兽王族血脉的觉醒方法也告诉你们好了,那个种族天赋,在我看来,可丝毫不逊色普通的超阶技能。” Ohh!!!” Eleven at present one bright, discovered oneself became same as Shi Yu, fell in love with the thigh. “嗷喔喔喔!!!”十一眼前一亮,发现自己变得和时宇一样了,爱上了大腿。 Good Ye Haoye good. 好耶好耶好耶。 Race is talent?” Shi Yu asked. “种族天赋?”时宇问。 Individual beast pet, has own special capability, is not a skill, but is the nature of body, for example Bird-Type race talent, will fly. 个别宠兽,都有着自己的特殊能力,并不是技能,而是身体的性质,比如鸟类的种族天赋,就是会飞。 The fish, can survive under water. 鱼类,就是能在水底生存。 Ginseng Tot, is also the tonic. 参宝宝,就是自己也是补品。 These talent have the possibility to be useful, there is a possibility to be useless. 这些天赋有可能有用,也有可能没用。 Actually also has nothing, can let Iron Eater after being on the verge of death to get back, more efficient improvement body and spirit physical ability, simply speaking, can make the income of life and death fight and life and death training higher.” “其实也没什么,就是能让食铁兽在濒死恢复过来后,更高效的提升体魄体能罢了,简单来说,就是能让生死战斗、生死训练的收益变得更高了。” The Makros Tortoise words fall, the Eleven look is gradually sharp, Wormie and Ginseng Tot one startled, this must. 重玄话落,十一的眼神逐渐锐利起来,虫虫参宝宝一惊,这还得了。 Meanwhile, Shi Yu is also lost in thought. 与此同时,时宇也陷入了沉思。 Iron Eater was too strong, we strengthen Ginseng Tot the mother, is not right, such Iron Eater this/should was also stronger. 食铁兽太强了,我们来加强参宝宝妈的,不对劲,这样食铁兽又该更强了。
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