TS :: Volume #42

#4163: Courtesy before confrontation

Chapter 4163 first uses courtesy and then uses force 第4163章先礼后兵 Struck is the upper limit, absolutely was the Eternal life, my die will be meaningful, starts non-conventional weapon- crystal fell.” “一击而已就达到上限了,绝对是永恒生命,我的死亡会有意义,启动非常规武器-晶落。” Crystal falls in the start, the crystal falls in the start, the crystal falls to start.” “晶落启动中,晶落启动中,晶落启动完毕。” Launch.” “发射。” The oval-shape ray to Lu Yin and Azure Lotus Higher Governor direction, sends out a ten thousand meters metal pole suddenly, penetrates void, shoots toward them. 椭圆形光芒对着陆隐青莲上御方向,突然发出一根万米长金属杆子,穿透虚空,朝着他们射去。 The Lu Yin counting on the fingers light shell, is the strength to the metal pole hit, bang sharply, metal pole smash to pieces, his surprise, so again frail? Just thought of this, saw only the smash to pieces metal pole to change into the innumerable smaller metal poles, or was, needle? 陆隐再次屈指轻弹,力量对着金属杆子撞击,砰的一声,金属杆子破碎,他诧异,这么脆弱?刚想到这,只见破碎的金属杆子化为无数更小的金属杆子,又或者是,针? The innumerable needles puncture toward Lu Yin and Azure Lotus Higher Governor, each needle pierces void, just like can rip open all, brings the thick ice cold cold glow. 无数的针朝着陆隐青莲上御刺来,每一根针都洞穿虚空,宛如能撕开一切,带着凌冽寒芒。 Azure Lotus Higher Governor is surprised: Good fierce range attack, each needle sufficient kills ordinary crosses Bitter and Distressed life form, this weapon is absolutely fierce.” 青莲上御惊讶:“好厉害的范围攻击,每一根针都足以杀死最普通的渡苦厄生物,这武器绝对厉害。” Although the weapon is fierce, but facing Lu Yin and Azure Lotus Higher Governor without significance. 尽管武器厉害,但面对陆隐青莲上御毫无意义。 Lu Yin wields again conveniently, all needles stop, whatever it launches to have the big strength, stops in the flash. 陆隐再次随手一挥,所有针停顿,任凭其发射出来有多大的力量,都在一瞬间停下。 In the oval-shape ray spreads the warning unceasingly: Crystal falls defeated, the crystal falls defeated...” 椭圆形光芒内不断传出警报:“晶落失败,晶落失败…” Really defeated, after all is the Eternal life, will report finally transmits to the empire.” “果然失败了,毕竟是永恒生命,将最终报告发送给帝国。” In report transmission, report end of transmission.” “报告发送中,报告发送完毕。” So, my duty ended, even if only simple take action, can see this life form habit, habitually uses the strength wait/etc, waited for the empire to find you next time, you will fall into passively.” “如此,我的任务就结束了,哪怕只是一次简单的出手,也能看出这种生物的习性,惯用力量等等,等帝国下一次找到你们,你们将陷入被动。” Now only remains the last step, so long as they dare to come, the empire can know.” “现在只剩最后一步,只要他们敢来,帝国就能知道更多。” Warning, defends the ultra upper limit, warned, defends the ultra upper limit.” “警告,防御超上限,警告,防御超上限。” What? Unexpectedly doesn't come? Really was discrete, finished.” “什么?居然不来?还真谨慎,结束了。” The distant place, Lu Yin lift one's hand, grasps, the terrifying power arrives, that oval-shape ray direct crumb. 远方,陆隐抬手,握起,恐怖力量降临,将那椭圆形光芒直接捏碎。 Opposite party already to their take action, moreover uses is killing move, was polite. 对方已经对他们出手,而且用的都是杀招,也就没必要客气了。 As for that oval-shape ray is what life form, goal anything's he wants to know, is unapproachable. 至于那椭圆形光芒内是什么生物,目的什么的他很想知道,却不能接近。 More is close to that type of thing possibly being discovered are more. 越接近那种东西越可能被发现更多。 Direct erase is safest. 直接抹消最稳妥。 All vanish into thin air, in these rays including front Universe civilization. 一切烟消云散,包括前方宇宙文明内那些光芒。 The ray is seemingly harmless, but Lu Yin is clear, they were discovered, is related with this ray, this is one surveys method civilization by the ray achievement. 光芒看似无害,但陆隐却清楚,他们之所以被发现,就与这光芒有关,这是一个以光芒作为探测方式文明 Next flickers, Lu Yin brings Azure Lotus Higher Governor to vanish. 下一瞬,陆隐带着青莲上御消失。 No matter that civilization is powerful, flickering to move to this ability is impossible is traced, the range that only if that civilization can survey flickers to move to all points Lu Yin to include, but this basic impossible. 不管那个文明多强大,瞬移这种能力都是不可能被追踪的,除非那个文明可以探测的范围将陆隐瞬移所有的点都囊括,可这根本不可能 This range meets far exceed Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon. 这个范围会远超因果大天象 Lu Yin believes that technical civilization has to powerful exceeding the human civilization strength, even can believe that it can exceed the seven treasures day toad, but actually does not believe that exceeds Azure Lotus Higher Governor so many. 陆隐相信那个科技文明拥有强大到超越人类文明的实力,甚至可以相信其能超越七宝天蟾,但却绝不相信超越青莲上御那么多。 Has human civilization Azure Lotus Higher Governor without human civilization Azure Lotus Higher Governor is two matters. 有人类文明青莲上御与没有人类文明青莲上御是两回事。 Meanwhile, Ninth Firmament Universe, outside Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon wipes Flowing Light to shuttle back and forth, enters Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon, is entering the Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon flash to be discovered by Blood Tower Higher Governor. 与此同时,九霄宇宙,因果大天象外一抹流光穿梭,直入因果大天象,在进入因果大天象的一刹那就被血塔上御发现。 Before Azure Lotus Higher Governor and Lu Yin just before leaving, enables Blood Tower Higher Governor to monitor entire Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon, like made Startled Gate Higher Governor monitor same initially. 青莲上御陆隐临走前让血塔上御可以监视整个因果大天象,如同当初让惊门上御监视一样 Blood Tower Higher Governor goes out of Ninth Firmament, looks out the distant place, looks dignified. 血塔上御走出九霄,遥望远方,神情凝重。 Quite quick, what thing? It is not the life, has the aura of Eternal life. 好快,什么东西?不是生命,却有永恒生命的气息。 If this is not the case, he is unable to detect. 若非如此,他也无法察觉。 Flowing Light has not come toward Ninth Firmament Universe, after entering the Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon shuttle moon/month stops. 流光并未朝着九霄宇宙而来,在进入因果大天象穿梭月余后就停下。 Blood Tower Higher Governor one step treads, goes toward Flowing Light. 血塔上御一步踏出,朝着流光而去。 Flowing Light speed far exceed common Eternal life, even if only the moon/month speeds, already was close to Ninth Firmament Universe very much. 流光的速度远超寻常永恒生命,哪怕只是月余的速度,也已经很接近九霄宇宙了。 Blood Tower Higher Governor also shuttled back and forth for two months to be then close. 血塔上御也不过穿梭了两个多月便接近。 Looks thing that front Flowing Light is diverging reveals, he is astonished, what is this? Token? 望着前方流光散去露出的东西,他惊异,这是什么?令牌? The starry sky, under the Flowing Light overflowing color, thing of static float seven color similar tokens, on the token is carving the lake mountains and lotus leaves together, but the back is carving Star Toad. 星空,流光溢彩下,一块七彩类似令牌之物静静漂浮,令牌上雕刻着湖泊山川以及荷叶,而背后雕刻着一只星蟾 This is the thing of seven treasures day toad. 这是七宝天蟾之物。 Human civilization has been waiting for the arrival of seven treasures day toad, never expected that the seven treasures day toad has not come, actually waited for a token. 人类文明一直等着七宝天蟾的到来,没想到七宝天蟾没来,却等来了一块令牌。 Blood Tower Higher Governor holds the token, the body shakes suddenly, the star arched reverses, spans the endless remote distance vaguely, saw an eye, pair of pollution actually fills both eyes of fiendish qi to overlook him, that eye Infinity increases, replaces the star arched, replaces heaven and earth, must crash him. 血塔上御抓住令牌,身体陡然一震,星穹倒转,依稀间跨越无尽遥远距离,看到了一双眼睛,一双浑浊却充满煞气的双目俯视着他,那双眼睛无限变大,取代星穹,取代天地,要将他压垮。 star arched no longer is dark, but is the ghost, the limitless ghost, included entire Square Inch Distance, must swallow him like a vortex, even if he is unable to work loose in the flash. 星穹不再是黑暗,而是煞,无边无际的煞,囊括了整个方寸之距,如同一个旋涡要将他吞噬,即便是他都在一刹那无法挣脱。 The heart stop, the blood, the sweat, the thought that the strength, all are stagnating. 心脏停止跳动,血液,汗水,思想,力量,一切的一切都在停滞。 However the flash, what kind of is life form like that terrorist? Keeps fiendish qi in token, actually terrifying to being inconceivable. 不过一刹那而已,何等生物那般恐怖?仅仅是留在令牌内的一股煞气,却恐怖到难以想象。 Blood Tower Higher Governor bites the jaw tightly, cannot suppress me again difficultly, but is fiendish qi, fiendish qi. 血塔上御紧咬牙关,再难也压不住我,不过是一股煞气,一股煞气而已。 Under that dreadful fiendish qi, he sends out the low roar, the air/Qi of wild slaughtering shoots up to the sky, drags the starry sky, self-centered spreads. 在那股滔天煞气下,他发出低吼,狂暴的杀戮之气冲天而起,摇曳星空,以自身为中心蔓延。 Square Inch Distance vibrates, Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon is seething with excitement. 方寸之距震动,因果大天象都在沸腾。 Fighting of air/Qi of fiendish qi and slaughtering made remote Ninth Firmament Universe tremble, countless people looked, the instinct filled to be terrified and anxious, realizes most primitive die. 煞气与杀戮之气的争锋令遥远的九霄宇宙都震颤,无数人望去,本能充满了惶恐与不安,体会到了最原始的死亡 Suddenly, fiendish qi disappears, the giant eye vanishes. 忽然的,煞气顿消,巨大的眼睛消失。 The Blood Tower Higher Governor one breath puts out, closely grips the token big mouth respite, the beads of sweat drops following the forehead, the pupil greatly suddenly is suddenly small, the entire body does not tremble voluntarily, is not the fear, but excessively revolts loses causes the control shortly to the body that can also say that the just recently flash makes an effort excessively fiercely. 血塔上御一口气吐出,紧紧握住令牌大口喘息,汗珠顺着额头滴落,瞳孔忽大忽小,整个身体都不自觉颤栗,不是害怕,而是过度反抗导致的短暂失去对身体的控制,也可以说刚刚一瞬间用力过猛。 Crossed him to recover consciousness some little time, eye light looked to the token. 过了好一会他才缓过来,目光看向令牌。 ... Six months later, Lu Yin and Azure Lotus Higher Governor return. 半年后,陆隐青莲上御归来。 These went to active Universe, making Azure Lotus Higher Governor confirm his speculation, what a pity Lu Yin could not attain. 这一趟去了活性宇宙,让青莲上御验证了他的猜测,可惜陆隐还是拿不到。 Also let their showdown that mysterious technical civilization, and afterward saw Universe civilization, that Universe civilization Mother Tree that simultaneously will see finally destroyed. 也让他们对决了那个神秘的科技文明,并且后来又看到一个宇宙文明,同时将最后看到的那个宇宙文明母树摧毁了。 Previously they have met two civilization, without destroying Mother Tree, because that two civilization Mother Tree and human civilization treated Mother Tree same, thinking Mother Tree was the source of myriad things, prosperous Mother Tree should not be destroyed rashly, as for last civilization, because its internal war caused Mother Tree to be tattered and torn, Lu Yin then delivered it a regulation. 此前他们遇到过两个文明,都没有摧毁母树,因为那两个文明母树与人类文明对待母树一样,认为母树是万物之源,繁盛的母树不该被冒然摧毁,至于最后一个文明,因为其内部的战争导致母树千疮百孔,陆隐便送了它一程。 They want for human to look new homeland that can place, the range that but the way stone can see was too limited, if wants not to find a lot of years of impossible, they do not have the time to delay, then return. 他们原本是想替人类找可以安置的新的家园,但寻路石能看到的范围太有限了,若想找到没个千百年不可能,他们没时间耽误,便归来。 On very far civilization that Lu Yin wanting to place Startled Gate Higher Governor to raise that looks, so long as he can look was very far, can transform moves instantaneously. 陆隐把希望放在惊门上御提起的那个看的很远的文明上,只要他能看的很远,就可以蜕变瞬间移动。 Just returned to Ninth Firmament, the Azure Lotus Higher Governor discovery was not right, Karmic Great Celestial Phenomenon has had the ebullition. 刚回到九霄,青莲上御就发现不对,因果大天象有过沸腾。 He and Lu Yin appear on blood nine immediately, saw Blood Tower Higher Governor. 他与陆隐当即出现在血九层,见到了血塔上御 Blood Tower Higher Governor sees them to return, lift one's hand, the token appears, gives Azure Lotus Higher Governor: Has a look at this.” 血塔上御见他们归来,抬手,令牌出现,递给青莲上御:“看看这个。” Azure Lotus Higher Governor received, looks: „The token of seven treasures day toad?” 青莲上御接过,一看:“七宝天蟾的令牌?” Blood Tower Higher Governor complexion is dignified: Six months ago, this token suddenly appeared, I received, was almost flushed by fiendish qi, really suffices to be ruthless, that old monster.” 血塔上御面色凝重:“半年前,这块令牌突然出现,我接下了,差点被煞气冲死,真够狠的,那老怪物。” Azure Lotus Higher Governor the token to Lu Yin, Lu Yin received, fiendish qi did not have, is together the ordinary token. 青莲上御将令牌给陆隐,陆隐接过,煞气没有了,就是一块普普通通的令牌而已。 Blood Tower Higher Governor looks at two people, complexion is solemn and respectful: Some monsters, only then faced knows, caught the token time we were also invited, seven treasures day toad that old monster invited us to go to be a guest, return Star Toad, not going into one's past, this was the purpose in coming that this token presented.” 血塔上御看着两人,面色肃穆:“有些怪物只有面对了才知道,接住令牌的时候我们也受到了邀请,七宝天蟾那个老怪物邀请我们前去做客,归还星蟾,既往不咎,这是这块令牌出现的来意。” Azure Lotus Higher Governor at the back of both hands: First uses courtesy and then uses force?” 青莲上御背着双手:“先礼后兵吗?” Lu Yin deeply looks at the token: It seems like the opposite party does not want to make war with us, is related with Unknown.” 陆隐深深看着令牌:“看来对方也并不想与我们开战,与不可知有关。” This is the good deed, but the premise must go to seven treasures day toad clan.” The Azure Lotus Higher Governor tone is low and deep. “这是好事,但前提是要去七宝天蟾一族。”青莲上御语气低沉。 Square Inch Distance civilization and civilization had not exchanged, this seven treasures day toad clan does not fix in some position, but wanders unceasingly, with Fishing Civilization same, already does not take the common road, at the present is sends the token to with them talk, but also makes them come to talk, who dares to go? Went, the life not necessarily is oneself. 方寸之距文明文明本就没有交流,这七宝天蟾一族不固定在某个位置,而是不断漂流,就跟垂钓文明一样,已经不走寻常路,而今更是送来令牌要与他们对话,还让他们上门对话,谁敢去?去了,命就未必是自己的了。 How shouldered day of eternal life to say? Can understand this token?” Lu Yin asked. “扛天永生怎么说?可了解这块令牌?”陆隐问。 Blood Tower Higher Governor shakes the head: It does not know, moment I who the token takes have asked that in its words, their clan does not have the qualifications to be sent out the token by the seven treasures day toad.” 血塔上御摇头:“它不知道,令牌拿到手的一刻我就问过了,用它的话说,它们一族没资格被七宝天蟾送出令牌。” Lu Yin hesitates: seven treasures day toad clan, since sends out the token, rather than made war directly, represented its sincerity, no matter this sincerity had many, our can only then, otherwise made war with them to us is disadvantageous.” 陆隐沉吟:“七宝天蟾一族既然送出令牌,而不是直接开战,代表了其诚意,不管这份诚意有多少,我们只能接着,否则与它们开战对我们不利。” Grandmaster Ku Deng came, he also knows that the matter of token, said: If returns Star Toad directly?” 苦灯大师来了,他也知道令牌的事,道:“若直接归还星蟾呢?” Lu Yin had not replied, is also pondering. 陆隐没回答,也在沉思。 Azure Lotus Higher Governor shakes the head: Token, represented the clan dignity, since seven treasures day toad clan sends out the invitation by this method, does not go, does not respect them, before perhaps because will have scruples Unknown, will have scruples my human civilization strength not to make war, but token will not be good, the dignity will be each race will maintain.” 青莲上御摇头:“令牌,代表了一族的尊严,七宝天蟾一族既然以这种方式发出邀请,不去,就是不尊重它们,以前或许会因为顾忌不可知,顾忌我人类文明的实力而不开战,可令牌一出就不行,尊严是每个种族都会维护的。” Grandmaster Ku Deng is puzzled: This not their oneself frame on?” 苦灯大师不解:“这不就把它们自己架上了吗?” Lu Yin eye light bone-chilling cold: This possibly is the goal of that old monster, it should endure is too long, itself also has self-confidently.” 陆隐目光凛冽:“这可能就是那个老怪物的目的,它应该忍了太久了,本身也极具自信。” Azure Lotus Higher Governor looks to Blood Tower Higher Governor: How feels about that old monster?” 青莲上御看向血塔上御:“对那老怪物感觉如何?” The Blood Tower Higher Governor complexion is ugly: Is an old monster, I cannot withstand in any case.” 血塔上御脸色难看:“是个老怪物,反正我顶不住。” Shouldered day of eternal life to come, looks Star Toad that on the token portrayed, a face dislike. 扛天永生来了,看着令牌上刻画的星蟾,一脸厌恶。 Shoulders the day, by your understanding the seven treasures day toad, this invitation can go?” Azure Lotus Higher Governor directly asked. “扛天,以你对七宝天蟾的了解,这份邀请能不能去?”青莲上御直接问。 Actually he favors going, the opposite party is the ancient Eternal life, should not the good cheating matter, does not need, to their levels, something disdained to do. 其实他是倾向于去的,对方是古老的永恒生命,应该不会行蒙骗之事,也没必要,到了他们这个层次,有些事是不屑做的。 But provides against contingencies, good that asks, if after all really must keep an appointment, is the Eternal life goes inevitably, otherwise too did not show due respect for the feelings. 但还是以防万一,问一问的好,毕竟如果真要赴约,必然是永恒生命前往,否则太不给面子了。 If a Eternal life were deceived that to be injust. 一个永恒生命如果被骗死了那才冤。
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