TS :: Volume #38

#3796: Four being near tang

United the scenery with uniting the wall got down the sword rock, united to fly to sink facing uniting to think of deep: I think know very much, the meteor welcome the flaw of head, how broken in Beginning Realm.” 戮景与戮壁下了剑磐,戮飞沉面对戮思湛:“我很想知道,飞星迎首的缺陷,在始境会如何破。” Unites to think of deep to shake the head: You can be direct the second move.” 戮思湛摇头:“你可以直接出第二招。” Unites to fly to sink raised an eyebrow: That person has not seen my second move.” 戮飞沉挑眉:“那个人没见过我的第二招。” Unites to think of deep to put out the tone: „ He, deduced. 戮思湛吐出口气:“他,推演出来了。 impossible.” Unites to fly to sink the first look changes. 不可能。”戮飞沉第一次色变。 Above the stage, four are near the old men in Jianmen and thinks the look changes deeply, the deduction, that is high-rank control to the low-rank . Moreover the disparity must be big enough, otherwise impossible. 高台之上,四临剑门的老者与冥酌都色变,推演,那是上位者对下位者的掌控,而且差距要足够大,否则做不到 Thinks to confess that deeply cultivate/repair to shockingly, actually also the impossible deduction unites the second move that flies to sink, no, even if unites to think of deep this Beginning Realm sword intent, he is unable to deduce. 冥酌自认修为惊世,却也不可能推演戮飞沉的第二招,不,即便戮思湛这个始境剑意,他也无法推演出来。 To deduce to unite to fly to sink the second move, if crosses Bitter and Distressed greatly complete impossible, is it possible that yes, Eternal Life boundary? 想要推演戮飞沉第二招,若渡苦厄大圆满做不到,莫非是,永生境? Unites to fly to sink does not believe that the heard people do not believe that unites to think of deep oneself not to believe that his not know unites the second move that flies to sink is anything, the hope of the heart is not Lu Yin deduction such, otherwise Lu Yin was too fearful. 戮飞沉不信,听到的人都不信,就连戮思湛自己也不信,他不知道戮飞沉的第二招是什么,发自内心的希望不是陆隐推演的那样,否则陆隐就太可怕了。 Unites to fly the sinking deep breath tone, the complexion is solemn and respectful: You really believe that he did deduce my second move?” 戮飞沉深呼吸口气,面色肃穆:“你真相信他推演出了我的第二招?” Uniting to think of deep to be tranquil: Not know.” 戮思湛平静:“不知道。” Unites to fly to sink nods: Good, I want to take a look at him but actually whether really deduced the second move, if, this person of sword technique, when excelled by far the highest heaven.” Then, a sword cuts, the meteor welcomed the head, the brilliant sword technique crashed just like stars, in the meantime, a sword edge revolution: Not also toward.” 戮飞沉点头:“好,我倒想看看他是否真的推演出了第二招,若是真,此人剑术,当冠绝九霄。”说完,一剑斩出,飞星迎首,绚烂的剑技宛如一颗颗星辰坠落,同时,剑锋一转:“莫还朝。” Thinks the body leans forward deeply, good swordsmanship. 冥酌身体前倾,好剑法。 Everyone was attracted eye light by this sword, the body and mind immersed, as if this sword does not cut to uniting to think of deep, but cuts to them, cuts to all, can cut off all inevitably. 所有人都被这一剑吸引了目光,身心沉浸了进去,仿佛这一剑并非斩向戮思湛,而是斩向他们,斩向一切,也必然能斩断一切。 Unites to think of deep stare blankly this sword , he experienced the meteor to welcome the head, the without strength to hit back, his sword intent named hundred draw back, retreats in order to advance, how however to draw back unable to draw back the meteor to welcome cutting of head again to fall, but at this moment, he shocks is not the meteor welcomes the head, but not also toward. 戮思湛呆呆望着这一剑,曾经,他见识过飞星迎首,毫无还手之力,他的剑意名为百退,以退为进,然而再怎么退也退不出飞星迎首的斩落,但此刻,他震撼的不是飞星迎首,而是莫还朝。 don't also toward, with the Lu Yin deduction, mold same. 莫还朝,与陆隐推演而出的,一模一样 At this moment, unites to think of deep heart, sank thoroughly. 这一刻,戮思湛的心,彻底沉了下去。 Some really people can deduce to unite to fly to sink the second move, that person strong fearfulness, why will such person come to four being near territories? Why involves with Siyu, he understands why this person can governing settle on by the blue lotus on. 真有人能推演出戮飞沉第二招,那个人强的可怕,那样的人为什么会来四临域?为什么与思雨有牵扯,他明白为什么此人能被青莲上御看中了。 The person conduct of like this is unscrupulous. 偏偏这样的人行事肆无忌惮。 The sword sinking star meteor, toward, comprehends from the seventh night column not, never some people let unite to fly to sink to make this second move, this move competes for four even near the tang, he has not planned to use, but for after becoming four being near tangs, the challenge highest heaven extremely sword technique expert uses, with the sword, takes the summit of highest heaven four being near territories again. 剑沉星陨,莫还朝,领悟自第七宵柱,从未有人让戮飞沉打出这第二招,这一招即便争夺四临剑首,他都没打算用出,而是为了在成为四临剑首之后,挑战九霄绝顶剑术高手才用的,用剑,将四临域再带上九霄之颠。 Since must look, makes you have a look, why the person of that take action dares to talk wildly to deduce the second move. 既然要看,就让你看看,那个出手之人凭什么敢放言推演出第二招。 Unites to think of Zhan Station in same place not to move, even if sword edge arrives, the chill in the air is threatening, his also haven't moves. 戮思湛站在原地未动,哪怕剑锋降临,寒意逼人,他也没有动。 Three breath, one, two, three. 三个呼吸,一,二,三。 The third breath ended, unites to think of deep Taijian, cuts to fall. 第三个呼吸结束,戮思湛抬剑,斩落。 The pang sharply light sound, very ordinary vertical stroke cuts, raises the sword just like Hai Tong / child just recently, whatever oneself strength cuts to fall, tempers just like the blacksmith, makes the spark. 乓的一声轻响,非常普通的竖斩,宛如孩童刚刚提剑,任由自身力量斩落,宛如铁匠锤炼,打出火花。 Such move of simplest cutting falls the sword, the sword that uniting that will come flies to sink, cuts off. 就这么一招最简单的斩落剑,将迎面而来的戮飞沉的剑,斩断。 Unites to think of deep unable to see this sword obviously, this sword, the true wondrous use has not exposed obviously, actually cut off by a sword. 明明戮思湛看不到这一剑,明明这一剑,真正的妙用尚未展露,却就是被一剑斩断。 Unites to fly the sinking delay to look to begin to interrupt the sword, how, possibly? 戮飞沉呆滞望着手中断剑,怎么,可能? Not only this is his question, is everyone's question, thinks deeply also stares big both eyes, because of even he, is unable to find in the flash not also toward the weakness of swordsmanship, and finds the time to cut certainly. 这不仅是他的疑问,也是所有人的疑问,就连冥酌也瞪大双目,因为即便是他,都无法在一瞬间找到莫还朝剑法的弱点,并找准时间斩下。 If unites the swordsmanship that flies to sink so to be broken easy, four are near Jianmen to have long gone. 如果戮飞沉的剑法那么容易破,四临剑门早就不存在了。 Among heaven and earth, any martial arts have the flaw, the master has also said that the causes and effects have the flaw, looks to hold. 天地间,任何武道都有破绽,师父也说过,因果同样有破绽,就看能不能抓住。 Holds all flaws, can rout ten thousand laws. 抓住一切破绽,可以击溃万法。 But this flash, he in uniting to think on deep to see, no, was another person, that hid, in uniting to think of behind deep person, that person, not only deduced to unite to fly to sink the second move, but also completely understood the second move, let unite to think of deep to hold the flaw. 而这一刹那,他在戮思湛身上看到了,不,是另一个人,那个隐藏在戮思湛背后的人,那个人,不仅推演出戮飞沉第二招,还看透了第二招,让戮思湛抓住了破绽。 This person, is how fearful. 此人,何其可怕。 The cool feeling rushes to everyone forehead. 凉意冲上所有人脑门。 No one thinks that meets one that happen so cannot imagines. 没人想到会发生如此不可思议的一幕。 Unites to think of deep this sword, cuts off is not only unites the sword that flies to sink to incur, is four is near Jianmen, and even current highest heaven, the focus of all Sword Path experts. 戮思湛这一剑,斩断的不仅仅是戮飞沉的剑招,更是四临剑门,乃至当今九霄,所有剑道高手的执着。 The title established the capital in the suspicion life, his master Taicang sword revered does not have this ability. 衔定都怀疑人生了,他师父太苍剑尊也没这个能力啊。 Le shocks, decides to invite teacher's younger brother take action secretly, found that person, back that person has the dreadful strength. 乐老震撼,暗下决心一定要请师叔出手,找到那个人,背后那人有滔天实力。 Unites Siyu to look pale, unexpectedly can make this matter, that Lu Yin, strong? What is the master know? They fully did not know about this person. 戮思雨面色苍白,居然能做出这种事,那个陆隐,到底有多强?师父是不是知道什么?她们对此人完全不了解。 The sword rock falls into this moment dies the general dreariness. 剑磐在这一刻陷入死一般的沉寂。 Unites to think of deep to lift the sword slowly, points at to unite to fly to sink: You defeated.” 戮思湛缓缓抬剑,遥指戮飞沉:“你败了。” Unites to fly to sink to look to unite to think of deep, loosens the sword hilt, falls sends out the light sound in the place, he smiled, smiled is very happy, complete haven't defeated bitterness and astringency: Hahahaha, really has this person, deduced and saw through my sword intent, not in vain life, not in vain life.” He looks all around, deeply salutes: Unites to fly to sink, thank your excellency to bestow to incur, under the lifetime can be closed deduction sword intent, is my being honored.” 戮飞沉看着戮思湛,松开剑柄,掉落在地发出轻响,他笑了,笑的很开心,完全没有被击败的苦涩:“哈哈哈哈,真有这种人,推演并看穿了我的剑意,不枉此生,不枉此生。”他环顾四周,深深行礼:“戮飞沉,感谢阁下赐招,有生之年能被阁下推演剑意,是我的荣幸。” The distant place, the Lu Yin appreciation, four are near Jianmen, but also is really good. 远处,陆隐赞赏,四临剑门,还真不错。 Flies to sink, what did you talk nonsense? Picks up the sword, unites to think of deep to break you not also toward, actually cannot break your other sword intent, can win him with most common sword intent.” In the stage, the old men north to Jianmen shouted. “飞沉,你胡说什么?捡起剑来,戮思湛能破你莫还朝,却破不了你其它剑意,用最普通的剑意可以赢他。”高台上,北临剑门的老者大喊。 Others look that unites to fly to sink, this saying to be good, unites to think of deep Zhishi to be taught saw through the meteor to welcome and flaw of don't also towards, actually did not represent him to have this ability, if by the common sword intent showdown, uniting to think of deep impossible is an opponent. 其他人都看着戮飞沉,这话不错,戮思湛只是被教导看穿了飞星迎首与莫还朝的破绽,却不代表他本身有这个能力,若以寻常剑意对决,戮思湛不可能是对手。 Unites to fly to sink to shake the head, deeply puts out the tone: Four being near tangs, for four are near Jianmen, rather than I north to Jianmen.” 戮飞沉摇头,深深吐出口气:“四临剑首为的是四临剑门,而不是我北临剑门。” My sword intent was seen through completely, that person, is not my enemy, but he is different.” said, he looked that to uniting to think of deep, unites to think of deep also to visit him. “我的剑意被完全看穿了,那个人,绝非我可敌,但他不同。”说着,他看向戮思湛,戮思湛也看着他。 Unites to think of deep, has he and you fought?” “戮思湛,他与你交过手吗?” Unites to think of deep to frown: Has not fought.” 戮思湛蹙眉:“尚未交手。” United to fly to sink to smile: Good, this person cannot have a liking for you superciliously, has not fought with you, you, are among us only it's possible give the trick to defeat his person, by your sword intent, making Fourth Sword agree in opinion one, the achieve / achievement four being near tangs transformed, can with a it war.” 戮飞沉笑了:“不错,此人心高气傲看不上你,尚未与你交手,你,是我们当中唯一一个有可能出奇招败他的人,以你的剑意,令四剑意合一,成就四临剑首蜕变,才能与之一战。” Four near the tang, go to none other than you.” “四临剑首,非你莫属。” In the stage, the old men north to Jianmen also wants to say anything, but opens mouth, a few words had not said. 高台上,北临剑门的老者还想说什么,但张了张嘴,一句话未说。 Some words, united to fly to sink not to say thoroughly. 有些话,戮飞沉并未说透。 That person defeated three Gate Lord in secret, only haven't defeats is unites to think of deep, naturally, has the ability, but cannot have a liking, but no matter how, to the outside world, unites to think of deep haven't losses, at the present he defeats another three gateways, becomes four by him near the tang, is preserves four to be near the fig leaf of Jianmen face countenance. 暗中那人击败了三门门主,唯一没有击败的就是戮思湛,当然,不是没能力,而是看不上,但不管如何,对外界而言,戮思湛没有过,而今他又击败了另外三门门户,由他成为四临剑首,是保住四临剑门颜面的一块遮羞布。 He has not defeated has not defeated, no matter what. 他没败过就是没败过,不管什么原因。 These four near the tang, only have to unite to think of deep to be competent. 这四临剑首,唯有戮思湛可以胜任。 Unites to think of deep with uniting to fly sinking deep looking at each other: I understand.” 戮思湛与戮飞沉深深对视:“我明白。” „Will you look for his showdown?” Unites to fly to sink to ask. “你会找他对决吗?”戮飞沉问。 Unites to think of deep haven't to reply, arrives at the sword rock center step by step: „The Fourth Sword intent, unites.” 戮思湛没有回答,一步步走到剑磐中央:“四剑意,合一。” The voice falls, unites to fly to sink to lift the hand, points at to unite to think of deep, in the meantime, unites the wall, uniting scenery also haven't hesitated, made the same move. 话音落下,戮飞沉抬手,遥指戮思湛,同时,戮壁,戮景也没有犹豫,打出了同一招。 This is four is near Jianmen to found Old Ancestor cultivation techniques, separates Fourth Sword intent cultivate, each cultivate sword intent, Fourth Sword agrees in opinion together finally one, forms the transformation. 这是四临剑门开创老祖功法,分开四剑修炼,每一门修炼一道剑意,最终四剑意合一,形成蜕变。 In all directions, countless person eye light gaze, in uniting to think on deep, this generation of four being near tangs not as everyone expected, who can think, united to think of deep to become four being near tangs unexpectedly. 四面八方,无数人目光注视在戮思湛身上,这一代的四临剑首出乎所有人预料,谁能想到,戮思湛竟然成了四临剑首。 The news the biography to the distant place, spreads over highest heaven Universe immediately, causing countless people in an uproar. 消息当即传向远方,传遍九霄宇宙,引起无数人哗然。 The people who especially these dozens unite Siyu idea were ignorant, this destroyed their rhythm. 尤其那些打戮思雨主意的人都懵了,这破坏了他们的节奏。 United to think of deep to become four near the tang, uniting Siyu status was more different, she backed on entire four to be near Jianmen, again in addition the status of seven female celestial, to discuss marriage, that price may not same. 戮思湛成了四临剑首,戮思雨身份更不同,她背靠整个四临剑门,再加上七仙女的身份,要想提亲,那代价可就又不一样了。 in addition , to continue, adds to the space to me.” “加,继续加,给我加到天上去。” Old fogy, value? To marry one unites Siyu, took the family property.” “老家伙,值吗?就为了娶一个戮思雨,把家底都拿出来了。” You do not understand, unite Siyu to have four to be near Jianmen, seven female celestial, have on the blue lotus governing, marries her, your ancestral grave braved the light smoke.” “你懂个屁,戮思雨有四临剑门,有七仙女,更有青莲上御,娶到她,你祖坟冒青烟了。” You have not died.” “你还没死。” Go away.” “滚。” ... This is actually meddlesome, unites to think of deep to be without lofty aspiration, the conduct was candid, neglects the darkness, the like this person cannot enter Bitter and Distressed, he will certainly become four to be near the Jianmen in history weakest tang, snort/hum, these four were near Jianmen to be able not to care.” “这倒是好事,戮思湛胸无大志,行事磊落,忽视了黑暗,这样的人连苦厄都入不了,他必将成为四临剑门有史以来最弱的剑首,哼,这四临剑门可以不在乎了。” But behind that instructs his person?” “可那个背后指导他的人?” Does not need to manage, definitely is on the blue lotus some governing generation of registered disciple, even possibly is on the blue lotus governing oneself, seven female celestial, but also is really favored.” “不用管,肯定是青莲上御某一代记名弟子,甚至可能就是青莲上御本人,七仙女,还真受宠。” ... Really became, it seems like, the condition must trade.” “真成了,看来,条件得换一换了。” ... Four are near Jianmen to live in recluse, although holds the soldier of murdering, the point is reserved, the birth it's possible change present situations of four being near tangs, affected some highest heaven Universe patterns, but unites to think of deep this person, the bystander too understood, does not care, he does not bring four being near territories to hide to be good. 四临剑门偏居一隅,虽执杀伐之兵,却锋芒内敛,四临剑首的诞生原本有可能改变现状,影响九霄宇宙部分格局,但戮思湛此人,外人太了解了,也就不在乎,他别带着四临域藏起来就不错了。 The like this person, will not change anything. 这样的人,不会改变什么。 The sword rock distant place, Lu Yin looks that unites to think of deep to absorb sword intent, eye light is surprised, is actually similar to Nine Avatar Technique, but this is sword intent avatar, four are near the Old Ancestor a little wonderful idea of Jianmen. 剑磐远处,陆隐看着戮思湛吸收剑意,目光惊奇,倒是跟九分身之法类似,但这是剑意分身,四临剑门的老祖有点奇思妙想。 Split up sword intent, threatens not in a big way to the outside world, if there is an accident/surprise, but may also fuse sword intent, interesting. 分化剑意,对外界威胁不大,若有意外,还可融合剑意,有意思。 Fourth Sword agrees in opinion enough Ban Tian / half a day time, everyone is waiting, thinks also same deeply, this will be four being near tangs the respect to soon birth. 四剑意合一足足半天的时间,所有人都等着,冥酌也一样,这是对即将诞生的四临剑首的尊重。 As to/clashes Sky Sword intent to submerge the clouds together, sky over four being near territories seemed cut, at this time, who dares to cross four being near territory sky who has bad luck. 随着一道冲天剑意没入云霄,四临域上空仿佛被切割开,在这时候,谁敢越过四临域上空谁倒霉。 Lu Yin looks at the above, this sword intent, is quite good, only fuses sword intent with Ban Tian / half a day unexpectedly thoroughly. 陆隐看着上方,这剑意,相当不错,竟然只用半天就彻底融合剑意。 This moment uniting thought of deep to be equal to transforming, not only there is a he sword intent, but also grasped united the wall, united the scenery with uniting sword intent that flew to sink, if unites to fly to sink by his present condition challenge, even if oneself has not helped him discover not also the flaw of towards, he can still win, because of him, not also toward. 这一刻的戮思湛等于蜕变了,不仅有他自身剑意,还掌握了戮壁,戮景与戮飞沉的剑意,若以他现在的状态挑战戮飞沉,就算自己没帮他找出莫还朝的破绽,他也能胜,因为他,也会莫还朝。 Beginning Realm with crossing Bitter and Distressed theoretically haven't absolute power gap, is only realm is different, naturally, some people of breakthrough to crossing the Bitter and Distressed level strength, exactly, another three Gate Lord will be this person, therefore they not uniting to think of deep Dang to threaten. 始境与渡苦厄理论上没有绝对的实力差距,只是境界不同,当然,有人突破到渡苦厄层次会增强实力,恰好,另外三门门主都是这种人,所以他们不把戮思湛当威胁。 At the present, this disparity was made up. 而今,这个差距被弥补了。 Made up truly. 真正的弥补了。
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