TS :: Volume #31

#3090: Shock

This nine star civilization can fighting Second Distressed Territory, its strength makes him look askance powerful, were many such civilization, to fighting Eternal Clan will have confidence. 这个九星文明能对战第二厄域,其实力之强大让他侧目,多了这么一个文明,对战永恒族将更有把握。 No matter cooperates unites, is favorable for us, after all Eternal Clan planned that the set strength attacks unceasingly to fighting major Distressed Territory civilization, nine star civilization are also very dangerous.” Lu Yin sighed with emotion one. “不管是合作还是联合,对我们都是有利的,毕竟永恒族打算集合力量不断攻打对战各大厄域文明,九星文明也很危险呐。”陆隐感慨了一句。 Kaka and Mimmi call out in alarm: Focuses on attacking?” 卡卡文与米米娜惊呼:“集中力量攻打?” Lu Yin nods: You may listen, Divine Mansion Country?” 陆隐点头:“你们可听过,神府之国?” Two people are confused. 两人迷茫。 Lu Yin said solemnly: Divine Mansion Country is also civilization that the master makes me seek, naturally, actually before the master lets I found them, I have contacted, this civilization is very powerful, has five Sequence Rule experts, the old seniors should know Sequence Rule.” 陆隐沉声道:“神府之国也是师父让我寻找的一个文明,当然,其实在师父让我找到他们之前,我接触过,这个文明很强大,拥有五位序列规则高手,老前辈应该知道序列规则。” Naturally.” “当然。” Lu Yin continues: Five Sequence Rule experts, can any visit the enemy pursuit of Divine Mansion Country, and even strikes to kill, but Divine Mansion Country seals up, my first contact was also almost pursued, is such civilization, some time ago already destroyed, five Sequence Rule experts died four, abandoned one.” 陆隐继续:“五位序列规则高手,可以将任何踏足神府之国的敌人驱逐,乃至击杀,而神府之国本身封闭,我第一次接触也差点被驱逐出去,就是这么一个文明,不久前已经毁灭了,五位序列规则高手死了四个,废了一个。” Kaka heart sinks: Taking seriously that you said?” 卡卡文心一沉:“你说的当真?” Lu Yin is solemn and respectful: If there is a falseness, condemned by heaven and earth.” 陆隐肃穆:“若有虚假,天诛地灭。” Divine Mansion Country was truly destroyed, four elephants died, only remains the goddess, she is unable to draw support from the strength of four shape, was naturally waste. 神府之国确实被毁灭了,四象死亡,只剩神女,她无法借助四象之力,自然是废了。 Kaka pupil twinkle, Sequence Rule, places nine star civilization to release existence of technique of Seven Stars murdering, but unlike the true Sequence Rule expert. 卡卡文瞳孔闪烁,序列规则,放在九星文明就是可以释放七星杀伐之术的存在,但与真正的序列规则高手不同。 For example Mimmi, he can also release the technique of Seven Stars murdering, power is equal to Sequence Rule, but impossible easily releases, but the Sequence Rule expert may haven't this limit. 比如米米娜,他也可以释放七星杀伐之术,威力等同于序列规则,但不可能轻易释放,而序列规则高手可没有这种限制。 True, in nine star civilization can the coordinated Sequence Rule expert, only then his, can release existence of technique of Eight Stars murdering. 真正算起来,九星文明中可以对等序列规则高手的只有他一个,可以释放八星杀伐之术的存在。 In other words , the Divine Mansion Country strength under this contrast is strong in nine star civilization. 换言之,神府之国的实力在这种对比下是强于九星文明的。 But he can release the nine techniques of star murdering at risk of life, this is not the common Sequence Rule expert can resist, Second Distressed Territory that Xu Jin dreaded, such comparison, is stronger than Divine Mansion Country. 但他拼死可以释放九星杀伐之术,这又不是寻常序列规则高手可以对抗,就连第二厄域那个墟尽都忌惮,这么比对,又比神府之国强。 This is two different civilization. 这是两种不同的文明 Which angle no matter from compares, Divine Mansion Country will not compare nine star civilization weak many. 然而不管从哪个角度比对,神府之国都不会比九星文明弱多少。 Such civilization was destroyed unexpectedly. 这么一个文明竟然被毁灭了。 The Lu Yin complexion is serious: Divine Mansion Country was destroyed, actually our Six Way Union is responsible, because just we infiltrated Eternal Clan First Distressed Territory, suppressed First Distressed Territory, causes other Eternal Clan Distressed Territory to support, they must support, naturally must first solve oneself here trouble, therefore Divine Mansion Country was extinguished, what take action is one of the Three Pillars and Six Heavens, the lord of Third Distressed Territory- Di Qiong.” 陆隐脸色郑重:“神府之国被毁,其实我们六方会有责任,正因为我们打入了永恒族第一厄域,压制了第一厄域,才导致永恒族其它厄域支援,他们要支援,自然要先解决自己这边的麻烦,所以神府之国被灭,出手的是三擎六昊之一,第三厄域之主--帝穹。” What Lu Yin said is Divine Mansion Country, but actually Zzanka Carvin had the sense of urgency. 陆隐说的是神府之国,但却让卡卡文生出了紧迫感。 If Divine Mansion Country were really destroyed for this reason, if First Space unites other civilization to fighting Eternal Clan, suppressed Eternal Clan, Eternal Clan can Second Distressed Territory also support? They must support, means that must first solution trouble, that is, nine star civilization. 神府之国如果真因为这个原因被毁,那如果始空间联合其他文明对战永恒族,压制了永恒族,永恒族第二厄域岂不是也要支援?他们要支援,意味着要先解决本身麻烦,也就是,九星文明 Mimmi tone dry: Mr. Lu, our already cooperation, does not need to speak the threat.” 米米娜语气干涩:“陆先生,我们已经合作,没必要出言恐吓。” Old Chen speech: You think that is the threat? Can lead you to go to the Divine Mansion Country ruins to have a look?” 禅老说话了:“你们以为是恐吓?要不要带你们去神府之国废墟看看?” Lu Yin said: Does not need to threaten, wants also to want to come out, Eternal Clan Six Distressed Territories, if some piece of Distressed Territory suffers the total destruction, how other Distressed Territory can take action, think take action, naturally must first solve extra worries, do these, need to threaten?” 陆隐道:“没必要恐吓,想也能想出来,永恒族六片厄域,如果某一片厄域遭遇灭顶之灾,其它厄域怎么都会出手,想出手,自然要先解决后顾之忧,这些,需要恐吓?” Mimmi could not speak, looked to Kaka. 米米娜说不出话,看向卡卡文。 Kaka stare Lu Yin: „Before you said, Eternal Clan must focus on attacking each civilization, is really false?” 卡卡文盯着陆隐:“那你之前说,永恒族要集中力量攻打各个文明,是真是假?” The Lu Yin eye narrows the eyes: If I am Eternal Clan, will do that.” 陆隐眼睛眯起:“如果我是永恒族,就会这么做。” Kaka is helpless, this saying said was equal to confirming the fact, Eternal Clan was not stupid, on the contrary, was very intelligent, this Kaka was definite, he naturally can also see clearly the situation. 卡卡文无奈,这话说了等于确认了事实,永恒族不蠢,相反,很聪明,这点卡卡文非常确定,他自然也能看清形势。 First Distressed Territory was suppressed, Eternal Clan unites the major Distressed Territory strengths to attack each civilization is not impossible. 第一厄域被压制,永恒族联合各大厄域的力量攻打各个文明不是不可能 But Lu Yin just recently said is it's possible happen. 陆隐刚刚说的更是有可能发生 Mr. Lu, we understood, you could rest assured that as long as there is a need, our nine star civilization will definitely dedicate.” Kaka gave a guarantee. 陆先生,我们明白了,你放心,但凡有需要,我们九星文明肯定会尽心。”卡卡文给了一个保证。 Lu Yin satisfied, if these words begins / beginning said, only will Zzanka Carvin they feel says things just to frighten people, although is very reasonable, but speaks these words in the foundation that did not trust, not sufficient achieved the proper effect, the already cooperation, again these words effects are at the present different. 陆隐满意了,这些话如果一开始就说,只会让卡卡文他们觉得是危言耸听,虽然很有道理,但在不信任的基础上说这些话,不足以达到应有的效果,而今已经合作,再来说出这些话效果就不同了。 At least, Kaka attitude is more sincere. 至少,卡卡文态度更加真诚。 Kaka looks at Lu Yin: Since is the cooperation, I think us should know information share about Eternal Clan to Mr. Lu, for example, Xu Jin.” 卡卡文看着陆隐:“既然是合作,我想我们应该把知道的关于永恒族的情报分享给陆先生,比如,墟尽。” Listens in reverent attention.” Lu Yin is serious, Xu Jin, is one of the Three Pillars and Six Heavens, the lord of Second Distressed Territory. “洗耳恭听。”陆隐严肃,墟尽,是三擎六昊之一,第二厄域之主。 When he camouflages Night Anchor has looked, is that dark cloud. 他伪装夜泊时看过,就是那朵乌云。 Looks has turned over to look, he did not understand the Xu Jin strength, any related Three Pillars and Six Heavens information is important, whether in the future to strike to kill, looked that these information are detailed. 看过归看过,对于墟尽的实力他不了解,任何有关三擎六昊的情报都是重要的,将来能否击杀,就看这些情报详不详细。 Kaka and Xu Jin fight not only one time, calculates regarding the understanding of Xu Jin. 卡卡文与墟尽交手不止一次,对于墟尽的了解也算可以。 He the information about Xu Jin will tell Lu Yin all, naturally, Xu Jin definitely has the card in a hand, but this card in a hand, Kaka cannot compel absolutely, only if he releases nine stars to restart. 他将关于墟尽的情报尽数告诉了陆隐,当然,墟尽肯定有底牌,但这个底牌,卡卡文绝对逼不出来,除非他释放九星重启。 Corpse God that initially Great Heaven Venerable, Old Ancestor Lu Yuan and other collaborate showdown One True God, Seven Heavenly Gods, had not compelled revealed the card in a hand. 当初大天尊,陆源老祖联手对决唯一真神,七神天,都没逼的尸神露出底牌。 The card in a hand of everyone is the sure-kill. 每个人的底牌才是绝杀。 apart from Xu Jin, Kaka also said Lan Lan with opening the ability, these two represent Second Distressed Territory to participate in War of Divine Election, Lu Yin, although saw in a Immemorial City war, but also did not understand. 除了墟尽,卡卡文也说了蓝蓝与启的能力,这两个代表第二厄域参加神选之战,陆隐虽然在太古城一战中看到了一些,但同样不了解。 Regarding opening, Lu Yin is not interested, already impossible appears in any case again, what he is curious is Lan Lan. 对于启,陆隐不感兴趣,反正已经不可能再出现,他好奇的是蓝蓝 Lan Lan, seems like a child, but was actually lived very long naughty child, initially we paid the huge price to do to understand her strength, four characters- Virtual reality.” Mimmi introduced. 蓝蓝,看似是孩子,但却是个活了很久的顽童,当初我们付出巨大代价才将她的力量搞明白,就四个字--虚拟现实。”米米娜介绍。 Lu Yin doubts: Virtual reality?” 陆隐疑惑:“虚拟现实?” Mimmi nods: She regarded as the game this world, everyone is the setting in game, she can have custom-made an setting, according to this type establishes take action, like doubts same in the game, our nine star civilization also include technical civilization, has understood the game specially.” 米米娜点头:“她将这个世界看成了游戏,所有人都是游戏内的设定,她可以自我定制一种设定,按照这种设定出手,就像在游戏中打怪一样,我们九星文明也囊括科技文明,对于游戏特意了解过。” Lan Lan gives the setting of game to make her have the advantage, but these setting impossible are also invincible, encounters Lan Lan each time, we will send many together to be close to her, seeks setting that she sets, after all plays, only had to find the setting to be easier to hit.” 蓝蓝给予游戏的设定让她处于优势,不过这些设定也不可能无敌,每次遭遇蓝蓝,我们都会派很多人一起接近她,寻找她定下的设定,毕竟游戏嘛,唯有找到设定才能更好打。” „Since our know Lan Lan strength, to fighting the victory has the defeat with her, was no longer suppressed constantly.” “自从我们知道蓝蓝的力量后,与她对战有胜有败,不再一味地被压制。” Lu Yin has not thought that Lan Lan is this strength, the virtual reality, how sees is one of the fantasy strength, if oneself with her to the war, what she will give oneself to establish? 陆隐没想到蓝蓝是这种力量,虚拟现实,怎么看都属于幻想力量的一种,如果自己与她对战,她会给自己什么设定? Not only danger, and interesting. 既危险,又有意思。 Opens, this opens is very strange, it.” “还有启,这个启很诡异,它。” Opened is needless saying that it ended.” “启就不用说了,它完了。” Kaka and Mimmi are puzzled. 卡卡文与米米娜不解。 Lu Yin said: This period of time, Eternal Clan has War of Divine Election, will open will not appear again.” 陆隐道:“这段时间,永恒族神选之战,启不会再出现了。” „Did it encounter the problem in Immemorial City?” Kaka asked. “它在太古城遇到麻烦了?”卡卡文问。 Lu Yin exclaimed in surprise: Senior is really anything know, even War of Divine Election in Immemorial City know.” 陆隐惊叹:“前辈真是什么都知道,连神选之战太古城知道。” Lavin is proud: After all some of our nine star civilization also people in Immemorial City.” 拉拉文自豪:“毕竟我们九星文明也有人在太古城。” „Before is you, Babaer who said?” “就是您之前说的巴巴尔?” Is he, by the strength, he is also worse than me is so little.” “就是他,论实力,他也就比我差那么一点点。” Mimmi did not shoot a look at Kaka voluntarily. 米米娜不自觉瞥了眼卡卡文。 Lu Yin saw, the words that know Kaka spoke have the moisture content, but Carvin as nine star civilization strongest teachers, ruler, knowing Immemorial City is very normal. 陆隐见到,知道卡卡文说的话有水分,不过卡卡文作为九星文明最强的导师,主宰,知晓太古城很正常。 Like Six Way Union Great Heaven Venerable, she has not gone to Immemorial City, does not represent not know Immemorial City. 就像六方会大天尊,她没去太古城,不代表不知道太古城 Lu Yin suspected that she can go momentarily, has not gone, what because Immemorial City faces is Bone Boat, Great Heaven Venerable must cross Bitter and Distressed, what must solve is One True God. 陆隐怀疑她随时可以去,就是没去,因为太古城面对的是骨舟,大天尊要渡苦厄,要解决的是唯一真神 ... Eternal Kingdom, Mimmi followed, she must leave behind the aura in the Eternal Kingdom coordinates, facilitated and First Space relates. 永恒国度,米米娜跟着来了,她要在永恒国度坐标留下气息,方便与始空间联系。 „Is here your First Space?” Mimmi looks curiously to all around. “这里就是你们始空间?”米米娜好奇看向四周。 Old Chen said with a smile: Of course not, here is Eternal Clan Eternal Kingdom, was hit by us, as entering the relay of First Space, takes away First Space is not unsafe after all directly.” 禅老笑道:“当然不是,这里原本是永恒族永恒国度,被我们打下来,作为进入始空间的中转,毕竟直接将人带去始空间不安全。” Mimmi understood. 米米娜了解了。 Quick, Lu Yin leads Mimmi to enter Fifth Continent, goes toward Heavenly Sect. 很快,陆隐带着米米娜进入第五大陆,朝着天上宗而去。 When Mimmi sees the Heavenly Sect moment, that type shocks already unable in the spoken language to describe. 当米米娜看到天上宗的一刻,那种震撼已经无法用言语来形容。 Her stare blankly the front, Heavenly Sect is being a colossus that reclines Cosmos, is sending out the terrifying pressure, but both sides have Prison Flood Dragon and Ancestral Turtle, is the huge lifeform. 呆呆望着前方,天上宗就是一个横卧星空的庞然大物,散发着恐怖压力,而两旁还有狱蛟祖龟,都是巨大的生物。 She can feel obtained these two lifeform to have absolutely with the strength that she fights, not can know to fighting the technique of Seven Stars murdering. 她能感觉得出这两头生物绝对拥有与她一战的实力,就是不知道能不能对战七星杀伐之术。 Looks over nine star civilization, achieves the Ancestral Realm destructive power cultivator few. 纵观九星文明,达到祖境破坏力的修炼者没几个。 Mr. Lu, how many your Heavenly Sect has to achieve six stars, the volume, is in your mouth the powerhouse of Ancestral Realm level?” Mimmi asked. 陆先生,你们天上宗有多少达到六星,额,就是你们口中祖境层次的强者?”米米娜问。 The Lu Yin corners of the mouth bend: Dozens.” 陆隐嘴角弯起:“几十个吧。” Dozens?” Mimmi is shocked, how possibly? So many? “几十个?”米米娜惊呆,怎么可能?这么多? This is insufficient.” Lu Yin at the back of both hands: Our First Space, entire Six Way Union, unites outside the territory in addition again powerful civilization, Ancestral Realm powerhouse number even it's possible broken hundred, this copes with the Eternal Clan nucleus, your nine star civilization are also one of them.” “这还不够。”陆隐背着双手:“我们始空间,加上整个六方会,再联合域外强大文明,祖境强者数量甚至有可能破百,这才是对付永恒族的中坚力量,你们九星文明也在其中。” So calculates, coped with Eternal Clan to have the confidence?” “如此算,对付永恒族是不是有信心了?” Under Mimmi restrains by force shocks: Mr. Lu, can I understand your deeds?” 米米娜强压下震撼:“陆先生,我能了解您的事迹吗?” Lu Yin has not thought that Mimmi must understand his deeds suddenly. 陆隐没想到米米娜忽然要了解他的事迹。 Actually Lu Yin underestimated oneself to shock, Heavenly Sect that others brought was more powerful, Path Lord that his steered Heavenly Sect was more impressive, through understanding him, can understand First Space. 其实陆隐太小看自己给别人带来的震撼了,天上宗越强盛,他这个掌舵天上宗道主才越让人惊叹,通过了解他,更能了解始空间 The Lu Yin deeds was actually deified in First Space already, Mimmi wants to understand real is not easy, following nine star civilization inevitably and First Space will have the exchange, Lu Yin pledges the history to look to nine star civilization First Space in the near future. 陆隐的事迹在始空间其实已经被神化,米米娜想了解真实的并不容易,接下来九星文明必然与始空间有交流,陆隐承诺会将始空间近期历史给九星文明看。 Leads Mimmi to enter Heavenly Sect, some people salute to Lu Yin along the way unceasingly, Star Envoy, Half-Ancestor, and even Ancestral Realm, looked Mimmi feels dizzy. 带着米米娜进入天上宗,沿途不断有人向陆隐行礼,一个个星使,半祖,乃至祖境,看的米米娜发晕。 She arrives under the tall ladder, raised the head, saw the First Ancestor statue. 她来到天梯下,抬头,看到了始祖雕像。 ------------- ------------- Thank hitting of qzq4418 hundred degrees celsius brothers to enjoy, in addition offered, thanks!! 感谢qzq4418百度兄弟的打赏,加更奉上,谢谢!!
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