TS :: Volume #22

#2104: Only Dao child

Nowadays, Wu Da sympathized with Heluo Mebius they, appeared with Lu Yin in the same age, was your sorrow, not necessarily needs to appear in the same age obviously. 现如今,就连伍大都同情河洛梅比斯他们了,“跟陆隐出现在同一个年代,是你们的悲哀,明明未必需要出现在同一个年代的”。 If these people came out by Language Interpreter / Language of Interpretation earlier, this moment perhaps is Half-Ancestor, and even Ancestral Realm powerhouse, can select Language Interpreter / Language of Interpretation to come out late, Lu Yin to them on such as Chen Zu / Chen Ancestor same, is the legend, what a pity, they early are not late, appeared at this time, this was the life. 这些人如果早点被解语出来,此刻或许就是半祖,乃至祖境强者,也可以迟点解语出来,陆隐对于他们来说就如辰祖一样,都是传说,可惜,他们不早不晚,就在这时候出现,这就是命。 Most is angry is the fish of nighttide Qi top of the head, did not shout at scolds Chu Yuan, fish Sirs gave you strength, unexpectedly also lost, stupid, this bipedal beasts was too stupid, quickly, the fish Sir must go on stage, quickly, said while whipped nighttide Qi. 最生气的莫过于汐琪头顶的鱼,不断喝骂初元,“鱼大人都给你力量了,居然还输,愚蠢,这个双足兽太愚蠢了,快,鱼大人要上场,快”,边说边拍打汐琪。 Nighttide Qi puts in great inconvenience, I, I do not dare, Brother Lu was too fearful. 汐琪委屈,“我,我不敢,陆大哥太可怕了”。 What fears, stupid bipedal beasts, the fish Sir teaches you a point to win, is not Aura of Death, initially the fish Sir has also taught him, well, wait/etc., what is the fish Sir saying? Whom has taught? bipedal beasts, repeats the words of fish Sir. “怕什么,愚蠢的双足兽,鱼大人教你一点就能赢,不就是死气嘛,当初鱼大人也是教过他,咦,等等,鱼大人在说什么?教过谁?双足兽,把鱼大人的话重复一遍”。 In the nighttide Qi eyes flashes through cunningly, you said that these bipedal beasts are good, having the qualifications becomes mount. 汐琪眼中闪过狡黠,“你说这些双足兽都不错,有资格成为坐骑”。 Right, the fish Sir said is this, is good, is entitled, hahahaha. “对,鱼大人说的就是这个,都不错,有资格,哈哈哈哈”。 Nighttide Qi relaxes, for fear that the inexpensive fish does not compel her to go on stage, that is hapless, these people sneezed she to end casually. 汐琪松口气,生怕贱鱼非逼着她上场,那才倒霉,这些人随便打个喷嚏她就完了。 Outside the square, Lu Yin walks on going to the road of entrance , Heluo Mebius sets out slowly, the abdomen cut off obviously, actually already restores, she uses Lu Yin to walk hundred steps time by the wheel of restoration life. 广场外,陆隐行走在前往山门的路上,身后,河洛梅比斯缓缓起身,腹部明明被斩断,却已经恢复,她利用陆隐行走百步的时间以生命之轮恢复。 If not this is the Aura of Death strength, does not need hundred steps, ten steps then restore. 若非这是死气的力量,根本不需要百步,十步即可恢复。 Lu Yin stops, then, the surprise looks at Heluo Mebius, „is this ability of Mebius clan? Worthily is the clan of Second Continent steerage, if Chu Yuan or Tiankong Jialan have this resiliency, being insufficient is so miserable, he is also quite difficult to hit. 陆隐停下,回头,诧异看着河洛梅比斯,“这就是梅比斯一族的能力?不愧是第二大陆掌舵之族”,如果初元或者天空珈蓝有这种恢复力,不至于那么惨,他也比较难打。 The Heluo Mebius deep breath tone, once again runs out, a fist falls, limit bombardment. 河洛梅比斯深呼吸口气,再次冲出,一拳落下,极限轰击。 Lu Yin shakes the head, the pupil changes to Rune, stare Heluo Mebius, weakens. 陆隐摇头,瞳孔化作符文,盯着河洛梅比斯,削弱。 A Heluo Mebius fist clashing chains, the strength drains suddenly, the chains easily ties up her again, Lu Yin lifts the hand, incorruptible hook cuts horizontally, same cutting strikes, the same position, Heluo Mebius was flung to a farther place, along the way, the bloodstain disperses. 河洛梅比斯一拳对撞锁链,力气突然流失,锁链轻易将她再度捆绑,陆隐抬手,勾廉横斩,还是同样的斩击,同样的位置,河洛梅比斯被甩向更远的地方,沿途,血渍飞散。 Countless people are fearful and apprehensive, this time, died. 无数人心惊肉跳,这次,死了吧。 Yunying Mebius swallows the saliva, makes Yuhua Mebius seek for Heluo Mebius hastily, certainly cannot make her die. 云影梅比斯咽了咽口水,连忙让羽化梅比斯寻找河洛梅比斯,一定不能让她死。 However after Lu Yin goes out of more than hundred, Heluo Mebius appears again, is the limit fist attack, undying continuous. 不过当陆隐又走出百多步后,河洛梅比斯再度出现,还是极限的出拳攻击,不死不休。 Chu Yuan has said that Heluo Mebius is very difficult to kill, Lu Yin was realizes, just recently cut to strike for the second time, properly speaking already achieved Heluo Mebius to withstand the upper limit, unexpectedly can also restore. 初元说过,河洛梅比斯很难杀死,陆隐算是体会到了,刚刚第二次斩击,按理说已经达到河洛梅比斯承受上限,居然还能恢复。 However can look, she consumes heavily, no matter through what method, restores that heavy injury impossible to be relaxed. 不过看得出来,她消耗不轻,不管通过什么方法,恢复那么重的伤势不可能轻松。 Heluo Mebius has the strength of fist now compared with it Lu Yin just carried the statue the time, missed much. 河洛梅比斯如今出拳的力道比之陆隐刚背起雕像的时候,差了不少。 Now even if makes her attack the chains same position, is still very difficult to break. 现在即便让她攻击锁链同一个位置,也很难打破。 incorruptible hook cuts again horizontally, Heluo Mebius flings to the distant place. 勾廉再度横斩,河洛梅比斯甩向远方。 This time, she, when Lu Yin recedes over 300 appears, the complexion is pallid. 这次,她在陆隐远走超过三百步的时候才出现,脸色煞白。 Then was flung. 然后又被甩出。 This time is thousand steps. 这次是千步。 Keeps off in the front time and time again, the severe wound, the looked many people change countenance time and time again. 一次又一次挡在前方,一次又一次重伤,看的不少人动容。 Lu Yin looked that Heluo Mebius eye light from looking at Chu Yuan they are completely different, the toughness of this woman is really fearful, cutting that she every experiences one time struck to be equivalent in the death edge, was not everyone has the courage to withstand. 陆隐河洛梅比斯目光与看初元他们完全不同,这个女人的韧性真是可怕,她每一次经历的斩击可都相当于走在死亡边缘,不是每个人都有勇气承受的。 Although Heluo Mebius diligently, does to very much finally, Lu Yin still the First Ancestor statue, before putting the entrance . 虽然河洛梅比斯很努力,奈何最终,陆隐依然将始祖雕像,放到了山门前。 When the giant bellow resounds, the First Ancestor statue stands erect, represents new Heavenly Sect Dao child, the appearance. 当巨大的轰鸣声响起,始祖雕像矗立,代表新天上宗道子,出现。 Heluo Mebius lies down on the ground, the blood dyed red land that the abdomen flows out, eventually, is like this. 河洛梅比斯躺在地上,腹部流出的血染红大地,终究,还是这样 Chu Yuan closed the eyes, the defeat. 初元闭上双眼,败了。 Tiankong Jialan eye light is red, defeated unexpectedly. 天空珈蓝目光赤红,竟然败了。 Before the struggle of Dao child, they had confidence, thinks oneself must be able to exceed others, becomes Dao child, they never treat as the opponent the person of this time, finally, actually lost to the person of this time. 道子之争前,他们都有把握,都认为自己必能超越其他人,成为道子,他们从未把这个时代的人当做对手,最终,却败给了这个时代的人。 This competition, although is unwilling, but loses is sincerely convinced, Lu Yin displayed the Unsolvable strength, truly, Unsolvable strength, let alone peer, even if Half-Ancestor, defeated the Chu Yuan strength to be prudent facing him. 这场比试,虽然不甘心,但输得心服口服,陆隐表现出了无解的力量,真正,无解的力量,别说同辈,哪怕半祖,面对他击败初元的力量都慎重。 On the stand, the land does not struggle to drink greatly, immediately summons the Opens the Sky gate meeting, determines Dao child, establishes Heavenly Sect. 看台上,陆不争大喝,“立刻召开天门会,确定道子,成立天上宗”。 Hen Xin looked that does not struggle to the land, the eye light twinkle, this result with complete different, makes the Lu Family person who he expects Dao child unexpectedly. 痕心看向陆不争,目光闪烁,这个结果与他料想的完全不同,竟然让陆家人成为道子 Jue Yi is looking at Lu Yin, Heavenly Sect, Dao child, these he did not care, what he cares is only the Death God inheritance, this time why some people can inherit the Death God strength, even creates Aura of Death, he did not understand to the present. 绝一怔怔望着陆隐,天上宗,道子,这些他都不关心,他关心的只是死神传承,这个时代为什么有人可以继承死神的力量,甚至创造死气,他到现在都不理解。 Does not need to determine, Dao child, is Lu Yin, my divination Heavenly Gate, acknowledged him- Walks for the day, the Woman of Fate sound appears, resounds through Heavenly Sect. “无需确定,道子,就是陆隐,我卜天门,承认他--代天行走”,命女声音出现,响彻天上宗 Hen Xin looks to Woman of Fate, solemn Destiny descendant, acknowledged a later generation, was too careless. 痕心望向命女,“堂堂命运传人,就这么承认一个后辈,是不是太草率了”。 Woman of Fate haven't reply. 命女没有回答。 Old Chen opens the mouth, „, since the struggle of Dao child ends, should summon the Opens the Sky gate to meet, many things must discuss. 禅老开口,“既然道子之争落幕,是应该召开天门会了,很多事都要商议”。 Good, some younger generation also many things want discussion at the Heavenly Gate meeting, the Lu Yin opens the mouth, eye light to look to Hen Xin. “不错,晚辈也有很多事想在天门会中商议”,陆隐开口,目光看向痕心 Can attend the Heavenly Gate meeting is Half-Ancestor, moreover must be Heavenly Gate Gate Lord, even if Dao child determined, and has the generation of day walking rights, impossible and Heavenly Gate Gate Lord are treated equally, the disparity was too big. 能参加天门会的都是半祖,而且必须是天门门主,哪怕道子确定,并拥有代天行走的权利,也不可能天门门主平起平坐,差距太大了。 But the Lu Yin opens the mouth, no one feels towering, as if he can talk with Half-Ancestor. 陆隐开口,却没人觉得突兀,似乎他本就可以与半祖对话。 ... Heavenly Gate altogether will have convened three times, now, is the fourth time. 天门会一共召开过三次,如今,是第四次。 First three Heavenly Gate will convene, determined the current universe pattern, determined six big Heavenly Gate position. 前三次天门会召开,确定了当前宇宙格局,也确定了六大天门的地位。 Heavenly Gate will convene each time only has six people, but this time, were many. 每次天门会召开都只有六人,而这次,多了一个。 Passing Heavenly Gate will convene in Earth, because there is recent from Jupiter, this time also same, only if Heavenly Sect will establish to shift truly. 过往天门会都在地球召开,因为那里距离木星最近,这次也一样,除非天上宗真正建立起来才会转移。 Earth, above Mt. Tai is standing at this moment seven silhouette, looked at about six Heavenly Gate Gate Lord, Lu Yin was smiling, „ passing will Heavenly Gate be so peaceful? Such being the case, the younger generation offered a few ordinary introductory remarks so that others may offer their valuable ideas, said something , discussed for the seniors „. 地球,泰山之上此刻站着七道人影,望着左右六位天门门主,陆隐笑了,“过往天门会都这么安静吗?既然如此,晚辈就抛砖引玉,说些事,也供前辈们讨论“。 First, regarding younger generation Dao child and can the generation of day walking status, the seniors whether has the issue?”. “首先,对于晚辈道子并可以代天行走的身份,前辈们是否有问题?”。 Then, Lu Yin looks, the land does not struggle, Old Chen affirms the haven't issue, he looks to Woman of Fate, eye light strange. 说完,陆隐一个个看去,陆不争,禅老肯定没有问题,他看向命女,目光奇异。 Woman of Fate always shows by the white clouds, at this Heavenly Gate meeting, revealed the true body only, is a beautiful young girl, is not a female, but is a young girl, seems like also on the 14 or 15-year-old appearance, if places the outside world, who knows that she unexpectedly is Destiny descendant, one of the Heavenly Sect time Twelve Heavenly Gates Gate Lord, is not most affable that. 命女始终以白云示人,唯独在这天门会上,露出了真身,是个绝美少女,并非女子,而是少女,看起来也就十四五岁的样子,如果放在外界,谁会知道她居然是命运传人,天上宗时代十二天门门主之一,还是最不好惹的那个。 Sees the Woman of Fate appearance time, Lu Yin cannot bear think that she was worried own appearance is not very scary, hides in Paekunri specially, not only can conceal the true body, and seems mysterious. 看到命女样貌的时候,陆隐忍不住想她是不是担心自己样子不够唬人,才特意藏在白云里,既能掩饰真身,又显得神秘。 Woman of Fate turns the head, with Lu Yin looking at each other, shows the light smile exactly, very- Lovable. 命女转头,恰好与陆隐对视,露出淡淡的笑容,很--可爱。 Lu Yin speechless, described Half-Ancestor with lovable unexpectedly, he himself does not know how to say. 陆隐无语,居然用可爱来形容一个半祖,他自己都不知道怎么说。 I acknowledged that the position of Lu Yin Dao child, and ensure he for day walking right, Woman of Fate opened the mouth, the sound is still delightful, but looks at her appearance now, this sound added one point of purity. “我承认陆隐道子之位,并确保他代天行走的权利”,命女开口了,声音依然悦耳,但如今看着她样貌,这个声音平添了一分纯真。 Lu Yin looks to Jiu Yao. 陆隐看向九耀 Blood Ancestor is not, Jiu Yao is Blood Heavenly Gate acts Gate Lord, in fact always, Blood Heavenly Gate is Jiu Yao takes responsibility, because of Blood Ancestor. 血祖不在,九耀便是血天门代理门主,实际上一直以来,血天门都是九耀做主,因为血祖 Hidden thinks the matter that Blood Ancestor does, is somewhat uncomfortable, is admires, he has not thought one day will admire a Sixth Continent person. 隐想到血祖做的事,就有些不是滋味,是佩服吧,他没想过自己有一天会佩服一个第六大陆的人。 Regardless of what race has the good person, there is an unprincipled person, the Blood Ancestor approach is worth everyone admiring. 无论什么种族都有好人,也有坏人,血祖的做法值得所有人敬佩。 Jiu Yao ponder moment, „, since agrees beforehand, I do not have issue. 九耀沉思片刻,“既然事先约定好,我也没问题”。 Lu Yin looks to Jue Yi. 陆隐看向绝一 Jue Yi eye light is dark, can. 绝一目光黑暗深邃,“可以”。 Hen Xin also said, can acknowledge. 痕心也道,“可以承认”。 Lu Yin nods, good, since the seniors acknowledged that, the younger generation did not have the issue temporarily, said, he looked to Old Chen, „can senior have the matter to discuss?”. 陆隐点头,“好,既然前辈们都承认,那么,晚辈暂时没问题了”,说着,他看向禅老,“前辈可有事要讨论?”。 Old Chen said, that I first said that unsolved problem, Hen Xin Gate Lord, whether should announce the method of War Spirit cultivate?”. 禅老道,“那我就先说了,老问题,痕心门主,是否应该公布战气修炼之法?”。 Hen Xin said, is willing to bet to concede, I will announce the method of War Spirit detailed cultivate, but I want first to investigate thoroughly, the mark three were seized by whom. 痕心道,“愿赌服输,我会公布战气详细的修炼之法,不过我想先查清楚,痕三被谁抓走了”。 The land does not struggle to sneer, mark were three grasped with announcing the method of War Spirit cultivate has the relations? Do you want to act shamelessly?”. 陆不争冷笑,“痕三被抓跟公布战气修炼之法有关系吗?你想耍赖?”。 The Hen Xin tone is low and deep, I only want to warn sharply, who grasped the mark three, best put, otherwise, do not blame my ruthless, at this point, shot a look at Lu Yin, Lu Yin is also one of the suspects, after all his cultivate Amplifying Universe Sutra. 痕心语气低沉,“我只想警告一声,谁抓了痕三,最好放出来,否则,别怪我无情”,说到这里,瞥了眼陆隐,陆隐也是嫌疑人之一,毕竟他修炼宙衍真经 Lu Yin is tranquil, what words had not said. 陆隐平静,什么话都没说。 Old Chen proposed many matters need to discuss , the land does not struggle, Jiu Yao successively proposed many issues, mostly is contradictory, now the entire human is not divided fifth or Sixth Continent, conforms with in the same place to establish Heavenly Sect, however passing hates impossible easily to put down, erupts contradictory unceasingly is very normal. 禅老提出了不少事需要讨论,紧接着,陆不争,九耀都相继提出了很多问题,大多是矛盾,如今整个人类不分第五或者第六大陆,都整合在一起建立天上宗,然而过往仇恨不可能轻易放下,矛盾不断爆发很正常。 Some contradictions can reduce and solve, is somewhat contradictory, does not have the means to reduce and solve, especially Hen Xin proposed the shift earthman, let the Heavenly Sect elite and family member lives in Earth, this point was not struggled strongly to oppose by the land. 有些矛盾可以化解,有些矛盾,却没办法化解,尤其痕心提出转移地球人,让天上宗精英及其家属居住在地球,这一点被陆不争强烈反对。 This issue already had discussed three times, Earth people Dhoop is average, is not worth caring, if human wants to continue, must retain elite, Hen Xin said. “这个问题已经讨论过三次,地球人大多普普通通,不值得在意,人类要想延续,必须保留精英”,痕心道。 The land does not struggle actually not to care about the earthman, cultivator, if bemoans the state of the universe, is unable to arrive this step, he is because Lu Yin retains the earthman, Earth, has the special significance to Lu Yin. 陆不争其实也不在意地球人,修炼者如果太悲天悯人,也无法走到这一步,他不过是因为陆隐才保留地球人,地球,对陆隐有特殊意义。 The Old Chen similar rejection, in the Solar System Origin Treasure Formation has established, and continually improves, once has an accident to arrive at outside Jupiter fast, does not need to shift the earthman, we cannot let these person of leave our former home grounds forcefully. 禅老同样拒绝,“太阳系内原宝阵法早已建立,并不断完善,一旦出事可以快速到达木星外,没必要转移地球人,我们不能强行让那些人离开自己的故地”。 Jue Yi agreed idea of Hen Xin, before „, you refuse to shift the earthman , because feared that causes Jupiter to change, that what Hidden Organization and Jupiter have the relations, however these years we catch much the Hidden Organization person, still how cannot obtain to open method of Jupiter, establishing these Origin Treasure Formation is useless, wants to run away through Jupiter, at present also impossible. 绝一同意痕心的想法,“之前你们拒绝转移地球人,是因为怕引起木星变动,那个什么地隐组织与木星有关系,然而这些年我们抓到不少地隐组织的人,依然得不到如何打开木星的方式,建立那些原宝阵法没什么用,想通过木星逃走,目前也做不到”。 Shifts the earthman would rather, but actually must have a look at Jupiter to meet not will have to change, really not good on forcefully take action, always feels better by a Jupiter is hung in this. “倒不如转移地球人,倒要看看木星会不会有变化,实在不行就强行出手,总好过被一个木星吊在这”。
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