TS :: Volume #19

#1896: Difference of Destiny

Stone Territory, is the territory of typical loose cultivator, rarely has the huge influence on exist, even the appearance, will still be disintegrated by other loose cultivator, this is very strange phenomenon. 石域,是地地道道的散修之域,很少有庞大势力存在,即便出现,也会被其它散修瓦解,这是很奇怪的现象。 The huge influences of other territories have to think rules Stone Territory, no matter Secret Ancestor, but the Stone Territory expert is extremely numerous, light/only Seal of Various Skies has two, respectively is three cuns (2.5 cm) Grandmaster and Yao Xian, Yao Xian is Four Venerable, deep cannot measures. 其它域的庞大势力不是没想过统治石域,秘祖也不管,但石域高手极多,光诸天印照就有两位,分别是三寸大师与药仙,药仙更是位列四尊,深不可测。 It is precisely for this reason, Stone Territory no one can manage, is some loose cultivator experts. 也正因如此,石域无人能管,全都是些散修高手。 This and Giant Beast Star Domain makes war, in Stone Territory the combatant are not instead many, after all haven't huge influence rule, rebelled may the performance be minimum. 此次与巨兽星域开战,石域内参战的人反而不多,毕竟没有庞大势力统治,反叛的可性能极小。 By Stone Territory cultivator 50 ten thousand combat power of Lu Yin roll-call, died of the hand of Giant Beast. 陆隐点将的石域修炼者不过五十多万战力,死于巨兽之手。 DDD drop 滴滴滴滴 Individual terminal resounds, Lu Yin looks, selects the eyebrow, is empty azure. 个人终端响起,陆隐看去,挑眉,是虚青。 The connection, how empty azure does Commander-in-chief have free time to contact with me?” Lu Yin adjusts the regular script. 接通,“虚青总帅怎么有空联系我?”陆隐调楷。 Empty azure said solemnly, Alliance Leader Lu, you did not say that Sixth Continent will have the big change? Where is the big change at? What I see is the innumerable Sixth Continent cultivator reinforcement, like this hits again, I must unable to support. 虚青沉声道,“陆盟主,你不是说第六大陆将有大变吗?大变在哪?我看到的是无数第六大陆修炼者增援,再这样打下去,我都要撑不住了”。 Lu Yin is funny, why can Commander-in-chief continue to make war?”. 陆隐好笑,“总帅为什么一定要持续开战?”。 Empty azure fierce say/way, „, even if I want to stop, Sixth Continent has not planned to stop, combat is the Secret Ancestor Domain people, these people were treated as the cannon fodder to deliver the battlefield to fight to the last ditch with us, Sixth Continent eliminates internal hidden danger with the aid of us. 虚青厉声道,“就算我想停,第六大陆也没打算停,参战的都是秘祖域的人,那些人被当做炮灰送上战场跟我们死拼,第六大陆借助我们消灭内部隐患”。 Lu Yin rubbed the head, really so, feels relieved Commander-in-chief, was quick, the big change must come. 陆隐揉了揉脑袋,果然如此,“放心吧总帅,快了,大变就要来了”。 Hopes like this, Alliance Leader Lu, if I cannot support to retreat, invades Outer Universe not to have the ability, but defends Iron Blood Territory to achieve, at the worst returns to the boundary again, but you were different, the Sixth Continent next goal is you, Secret Ancestor Domain these cannon fodders are inexhaustible, Sixth Continent should be willing to use your East Border Alliance to help them clean up, said, empty azure hangs up the communication. “希望这样,陆盟主,如果我撑不住退走,入侵外宇宙是没能力,但守住一个铁血疆域还是能做到的,大不了再退回蛮疆,但你就不同了,第六大陆下一个目标就是你,秘祖域那些炮灰无穷无尽,第六大陆应该很愿意利用你东疆联盟帮他们清理一下”,说完,虚青挂断通讯。 Lu Yin is helpless, how long it seems like made them unable to consume mutually, the empty azure words definitely had the moisture content, even if made it support by hard and stubborn effort, could not support is too long. 陆隐无奈,看来让他们互耗不了多久了,虚青的话肯定有水分,但就算让它硬撑,也撑不了太久。 Has expert, Second Night King reminder. “有高手”,第二夜王提醒。 Lu Yin looks to the starry sky, can be called the expert by Second Night King, at least is million combat power powerhouses. 陆隐看向星空,能被第二夜王称为高手,至少都是百万战力强者。 In the starry sky, silhouette goes out together, looks to the wild star, looks to Lu Yin and Second Night King. 星空中,一道人影走出,望向蛮荒星球,望向陆隐第二夜王 Coming the person is the middle-aged man, the facial color is tranquil, seemingly has nothing special, but Rune Word Principle Number of this person is very fearful, is equivalent to Liu Huang. 来人是个中年男子,面色平静,看上去没什么特别,但此人的符文道数无比可怕,与刘皇相当。 Second Night King treads the previous step, stares to the man, the brow tight wrinkle, properly speaking should not dread this person by his strength, but why does not know, this person gives him a very dangerous feeling. 第二夜王踏前一步,盯向男子,眉头紧皱,按理说以他的实力不应该忌惮这个人,但不知道为什么,此人给他一种很危险的感觉。 Lu Yin looks at the middle-aged man, particularly his eye, the look changes, Spirit Pupil old ancestor. 陆隐看着中年男子,尤其是他的眼睛,神色微变,“灵瞳老祖”。 The middle-aged man precisely Spirit Pupil old ancestor, saw clearly the Savage Arrow God true colors by a dual pupil, the layout killed of Corpse God Seven Heavenly Gods, initially coped with Corpse King in Seal of the Universe realm then sufficient and No Eyes old ancestor jointly, was a ruthless person. 中年男子正是灵瞳老祖,以一双重瞳看清了蛮荒箭神真面目,布局杀了七神天之一的尸神,当初在宇之印照境界便足以无目老祖联手对付尸王,是个狠人。 Lu Yin and Xu San have related, knows the Spirit Pupil old ancestor to cross tribulation, this person from seeing Xu San at that moment on the begins / beginning layout, only to cross the tribulation is successful, Xu San was almost affected to extinguish by Origin Tribulation kills, this person far haven't seems like that gentle harmless. 陆隐徐三联系过,知晓灵瞳老祖渡劫情况,此人从看到徐三那一刻就开始布局,只为了渡劫成功,徐三差点被源劫波及灭杀,这个人没有看上去那么平和无害。 East Border Alliance, Lu Yin, Alliance Leader Lu Spirit Pupil old ancestor opens the mouth, the body descends to the wild star, the heavy pupil looks at Lu Yin interestingly. 东疆联盟,陆隐,陆盟主灵瞳老祖开口,身体降落到蛮荒星球,重瞳饶有兴趣看着陆隐 The Lu Yin corners of the mouth bend, is before very long, has listened to the Spirit Pupil old ancestor's prestige, stepped into Seal of Earth to uncover one of the Seven Heavenly Gods, admired. 陆隐嘴角弯起,“很久以前就听过灵瞳老祖的威名,踏入宙之印照者更是揪出了七神天之一,佩服”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor smiles pale, looked at Second Night King, exclamation, „the character of ancient period, Second Night King senior. 灵瞳老祖淡笑,又看了看第二夜王,惊叹,“古老时期的人物,第二夜王前辈”。 Second Night King haven't spoke, this person was very dangerous. 第二夜王没有说话,这个人很危险。 „The Arrow Sect young giant moves toward here unceasingly, even if knows that front has the danger also to rush, I found it strange at that time, originally is Alliance Leader Lu is waiting for them, Alliance Leader Lu is planned that helps Giant Beast Star Domain cope with my Sixth Continent?” Spirit Pupil old ancestor/grandfather asked that eye light looks at Lu Yin, could not see his anything attitude. 箭宗小巨人不断朝这里移动,哪怕知道前面有危险也要闯过去,我当时就觉得奇怪,原来是陆盟主在等着他们,陆盟主是打算帮巨兽星域对付我第六大陆吗?”灵瞳老祖问道,目光看着陆隐,看不出他什么态度。 Lu Yin shrugs, of course not, helping that flock of wild animals cope with the human the matter I unable to do, but is carries off Arrow Sect. 陆隐耸肩,“当然不是,帮那群野兽对付人类的事我还做不出来,不过是带走箭宗罢了”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor selects the eyebrow, Arrow Sect occupies very big component in this stretch of battlefield, takes away them, may be disadvantageous to us. 灵瞳老祖挑眉,“箭宗在这片战场占据很大的份量,带走他们,对我们可不利”。 Lu Yin does not care, your cannon fodder too many, did not care about Arrow Sect, is really not good, did I extinguish Star Envoy Giant Beast for you? Reduces a pressure for you?”. 陆隐不在意,“你们的炮灰太多了,不在乎一个箭宗,实在不行,我替你们灭了一个星使巨兽?为你们减轻点压力?”。 Spirit Pupil old ancestor heavy pupil stare Lu Yin, why can Alliance Leader Lu carry off Arrow Sect?”. 灵瞳老祖重瞳盯着陆隐,“陆盟主为什么要带走箭宗?”。 Lu Yin eye light flashes through the murderous intention, initially the Arrow Sect brute force seized named youngest son lofty disciple from my East Border Alliance Taimo Palace forcefully, a that disciple knows that my East Border Alliance many secrets, know the Taimo Palace inheritance, was held by Taimo Palace, the brute force, must carry off, but these Arrow Sect young giants, one and carries off. 陆隐目光闪过杀机,“当初箭宗蛮力从我东疆联盟太摩殿强行抓走一个叫少子嵩的弟子,那个弟子知道我东疆联盟不少隐秘,更知道太摩殿传承,受太摩殿所托,蛮力,必须要带走,而那些箭宗的小巨人,也一并带走”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor has not thought that also has this matter, takes seriously?”. 灵瞳老祖没想到还有这回事,“当真?”。 Senior can check Lu Yin saying that the brute force truly took away the youngest son to be lofty from Taimo Palace, but the youngest son was lofty, when eliminated Secret Ancestor Domain a while ago died, died not verifies, Lu Yin said that anything was anything, the youngest son was grasped Arrow Sect in any case loftily is the fact. “前辈可以去查”陆隐道,蛮力确实从太摩殿带走了少子嵩,不过少子嵩在前段时间肃清秘祖域的时候死了,死无对证,陆隐说什么就是什么,反正少子嵩被抓去箭宗是事实。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor eye light twinkle, haven't intertwines in this issue, „, even if Alliance Leader Lu sends a punitive expedition, should not be now, my Sixth Continent and Giant Beast Star Domain made war, carried off Arrow Sect, how did the remaining people enter the war?”. 灵瞳老祖目光闪烁,没有在这个问题上纠结,“就算陆盟主兴师问罪,也不该是现在,我第六大陆巨兽星域开战,带走了箭宗,剩下的人如何参战?”。 The Lu Yin cold sound said, has nothing to do with me, if your Sixth Continent has not made war with Giant Beast Star Domain , how I do carry off Arrow Sect? How to carry off the brute force?”. 陆隐冷声道,“与我无关,如果你第六大陆没跟巨兽星域开战,我怎么带走箭宗?怎么带走蛮力?”。 This is the Unsolvable issue, without making war, how Sixth Continent possible ignores Arrow Sect to carry off by Lu Yin. 这是无解的问题,如果没开战,第六大陆怎么可能放任箭宗陆隐带走。 Spirit Pupil old ancestor heavy pupil twinkle, if only a Lu Yin person, he already take action, but existence of Second Night King makes him dread. 灵瞳老祖重瞳闪烁,如果只是陆隐一个人,他早就出手了,但第二夜王的存在让他忌惮。 At this time, in the starry sky, the brute force arrived, sharply of bang pounded on the ground, will speak with Lu Yin, suddenly saw the Spirit Pupil old ancestor, the look big change. 这时,星空中,蛮力降临,轰的一声砸在地上,正要与陆隐说话,忽然看到灵瞳老祖,神色大变。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor sees the brute force, knits the brows, brute force, can you once catch a Taimo Palace disciple?”. 灵瞳老祖看到蛮力,皱眉,“蛮力,你可曾抓过一个太摩殿弟子?”。 The brute force stares, the subconsciousness looks to Lu Yin. 蛮力一愣,下意识看向陆隐 Lu Yin is unemotional. 陆隐面无表情。 Brute force, I was asking that your words Spirit Pupil old ancestor tone is low and deep, the heavy pupil has the inexplicable pressure, making the brute force frightened, has, has grasped. “蛮力,我在问你话”灵瞳老祖语气低沉,重瞳带着莫名的压力,让蛮力恐惧,“有,抓过”。 Name, the Spirit Pupil old ancestor continues to ask. “名字”,灵瞳老祖继续问。 Brute force once again shot a look at Lu Yin, returns said, youngest son is lofty. 蛮力再次瞥了眼陆隐,回道,“少子嵩”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor knits the brows, but also, his arrival Lu Yin impossible knows ahead of time, naturally is also in cahoots on impossible beforehand, it seems like real, although Lu Yin carries off Arrow Sect not to gather the custom in the battlefield, but he has reason take action, if has not made war, walking Arrow Sect of his also truly impossible belt/bring, all could convince. 灵瞳老祖皱眉,还真是,他的到来陆隐不可能提前知道,当然也就不可能事先串通,看来是真的,陆隐虽然在战场上带走箭宗不合规矩,但他有理由出手,而且如果没开战,他也确实不可能带的走箭宗,一切都说得通。 Only could not convince came the battlefield for the trivial Taimo Palace inheritance, was unworthy. 唯一说不通的就是为了区区太摩殿传承而来战场,不值得。 The brute force saw that the Spirit Pupil old ancestor knits the brows, relaxes, knows oneself do not have the speaking incorrectly words, retrocedes several steps, arrives at Lu Yin side of the body. 蛮力看到灵瞳老祖皱眉,松口气,知道自己没说错话,后退几步,来到陆隐身侧 Alliance Leader Lu, you are worried nothing but is that Taimo Palace disciple divulges about East Border Alliance also has the Taimo Palace inheritance secretly, I can promise you, the Arrow Sect person, no one can live leave this stretch of battlefield, how leaves behind them?” Spirit Pupil old ancestor light say/way. 陆盟主,你担心的无非是那个太摩殿弟子泄露关于东疆联盟机密还有太摩殿传承,我可以向你保证,箭宗的人,没人能活着离开这片战场,把他们留下怎么样?”灵瞳老祖淡淡道。 The tone is very light, words that but said that was very ruthless the spicy unfeeling. 语气很平淡,但说出的话,却无比狠辣绝情。 Brute force eye light opens the eyes steep, „did the Spirit Pupil old ancestor, what you say?”. 蛮力目光陡睁,“灵瞳老祖,你说什么?”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor does not care about a brute force, Seal of the Universe level, but also lost Seal, without threat. 灵瞳老祖根本不在意一个蛮力,连宇之印照者层次都不到,还失去了印照,毫无威胁。 Lu Yin deeply sees the Spirit Pupil old ancestor, person, I must carry off. 陆隐深深看着灵瞳老祖,“人,我一定要带走”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor light say/way, makes them display the afterheat, perishes together with these wild animals is not better?”. 灵瞳老祖淡淡道,“让他们发挥余热,跟那些野兽同归于尽不是更好?”。 The brute force anger extremely, dies to stare the Spirit Pupil old ancestor. 蛮力怒极,死瞪着灵瞳老祖。 Lu Yin said solemnly, I have said that must carry off. 陆隐沉声道,“我说过,必须带走”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor heavy pupil rotation, suddenly, the tense atmosphere, the Second Night King sole is calm, spirit spreads, the Lu Yin pupil changes into Rune, tight stare Spirit Pupil old ancestor. 灵瞳老祖重瞳转动,一时间,气氛紧张,第二夜王脚底无风自动,精气神蔓延而出,陆隐瞳孔化为符文,紧盯着灵瞳老祖。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor deeply looked at Lu Yin, later laughs in spite of trying not, „, since Alliance Leader Lu must take away these young giants , I give the Alliance Leader Lu face as you like. 灵瞳老祖深深看了眼陆隐,随后失笑,“既然陆盟主一定要带走那些小巨人,随你吧,我给陆盟主面子”。 Lu Yin said that many thanks. 陆隐道,“多谢”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor smiles pale, you're welcome, I can discover, others can also discover, perhaps No Eyes that old fogy already discovered, Alliance Leader Lu is careful. 灵瞳老祖淡笑,“不用客气,我能发现,其他人也能发现,或许无目那个老家伙已经发现了,陆盟主小心”。 Lu Yin selects nods, knew. 陆隐点头,“知道了”。 The Spirit Pupil old ancestor turns around to depart, just before leaving first said, Xu San this apprentice, I am very satisfied, speaking of this, looks Lu Yin, the faint smile, Alliance Leader Lu, your I am predestined friends, said, the body vanishes. 灵瞳老祖转身就要离去,临走前道,“徐三这个徒弟,我很满意”,说到这,回望陆隐,浅笑,“陆盟主,你我有缘”,说完,身体消失。 Lu Yin frowns slightly, the Xu San situation looks like him to know, Xu San thinks intelligently, but facing the Spirit Pupil old ancestor, how is not possibly discovered. 陆隐微微蹙眉,徐三的情况看来他都知道,徐三自以为聪明,但面对灵瞳老祖,怎么可能不被发现。 His last few words what meaning? 他最后一句话什么意思? Brute force eye light filled resenting and helplessness, the Spirit Pupil old ancestor's attitude actually also represented the Sixth Continent attitude, Arrow Sect, the young giant, no one cares, all dies in the battlefield is their home to return, no one will care. 蛮力目光充满了愤恨与无奈,灵瞳老祖的态度其实也代表了第六大陆的态度,箭宗,小巨人,没人在乎,全死在战场上才是他们的归宿,没人会在意。 Brute force, we walk, cannot wait, Lu Yin said. “蛮力,我们走吧,不能等了”,陆隐道。 Brute force once again single knee kneels down, Alliance Leader, thank you, thank you give shelter to us, thanks. 蛮力再次单膝下跪,“盟主,谢谢您,谢谢您收留我们,谢谢”。 Lu Yin visits him, also how many young giants in battlefield?”. 陆隐看着他,“还有多少小巨人在战场?”。 The brute force body shakes, already concentrates to come here young giant to have about 4 million, died 1 million, but also remains the minimum 4,000,000-5,000,000 young giants, many, Alliance Leader, we had not walked, this saying, was equal to giving up these young giants, the brute force tone filled bitterly and astringently. 蛮力身体一震,已经集中到这里的小巨人有四百万左右,死亡百万,还剩最起码4,000,000-5,000,000小巨人,“没多少了,盟主,我们走吧”,这话一出,等于放弃那些小巨人,蛮力语气充满了苦涩。 Lu Yin sighed, he knows that also many young giants kept the battlefield, but was not really suitable to wait, the Spirit Pupil old ancestor can discover, other experts can also discover, even these people to their take action, did not block the young giant, waited, haven't significance. 陆隐叹息,他知道还有很多小巨人留在战场,但真的不适合等了,灵瞳老祖能发现,其他高手也能发现,就算那些人不对他们出手,拦住小巨人还是可以的,等,没有意义。 Walks, Lu Yin said that then receives Supreme Mountain the brute force, goes toward the East under the cover of Second Night King. “走吧”,陆隐说了一句,然后将蛮力收入至尊山,在第二夜王掩护下朝着东方而去。 Shortly after their leave, dozens young giants take the spaceship to stagger along to pound on the wild star, flushing away of excited, this thinks that finally can see the fresh hope, what sees is the boundless boundless desert, drills into the bottom lizard with these, they cannot see the brute force, saw anybody. 在他们离开后不久,数十个小巨人乘坐飞船跌跌撞撞砸在蛮荒星球上,兴奋的冲去,本以为终于可以看到生的希望,但看到的是茫茫无边的沙漠,与那些钻入地底的蜥蜴,他们看不到蛮力,看到了任何人。 Destiny is so, early one step, late one step, entirely different. 命运就是如此,早一步,晚一步,截然不同。 The starry sky, the No Eyes old ancestor also came, looks to the wild star, strange, these young giants to here centralized, but, person? 星空,无目老祖也来了,望向蛮荒星球,奇怪,那些小巨人都在向这里集中,但,人呢?
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