TTNH :: Volume #7

#626: Destruction Ou Family!

The strength that this strikes, has surpassed Ou Kefeng itself by far! Also is unexpected, several sounds, the Ou Kefeng front rib all breaks, five internal organs six dirty, simultaneously caused heavy losses! 这一击的力量,远远的超过了欧克峰本身!又是猝不及防之下,咔嚓嚓几声响,欧克峰胸前肋骨全断,五脏六脏,同时遭到重创! , Raises head to put out a blood, in the bright blood light, is mixing with internal organs fragment unexpectedly! 哇的一声,一仰头吐出一口血来,鲜艳的血光中,竟然夹杂着一块块的内脏碎块! In Ou Kefeng heart icy cold! this moment, he could not even feel the pain of body, feels only then: 欧克峰心中冰凉!这一刻,他甚至感觉不到身体的痛楚,感觉到的就只有一点: Was swindled, this is the true ambush! Fatal ambush! 上当了,这才是真正的埋伏!致命的埋伏! Originally opposite party has the Monarch Level master really! In an instant, overwhelming that in the Ou Kefeng heart regrets: If walks from the beginning, who can block me? 原来对方真的有君级高手!刹那间,欧克峰心中后悔的翻江倒海:若是一开始就走,谁能拦得住我? Although the master of this ambush is strong, who must kill itself, but also cannot achieve by far! Therefore he can only wait for sneak attack, strikes to be killed violently! 这位埋伏的高手虽强,但谁要杀死自己,还远远做不到!所以他只能等着偷袭,一击毙命! But at this time understands that was too late...... 但此时明白,却已经太晚了…… Strikes, is fatal severe wound! 一击,就是致命重伤! Chu Yang all acting in a play, all goals, are Xie Zhiqiu this strike! 楚阳所有的做戏,所有的一切的目的,就是谢知秋这一击! Ou Kefeng has really been careful, is careful is excessive, such person, no matter who wants to kill him, is not quite easy! 欧克峰实在是太小心谨慎了,小心得过了头,这样的人,不管是谁想要杀他,都不太容易! Because he does not cope with his opportunity to you! 因为他根本不给你对付他的机会! With a moment ago, Chu Yang took the danger of life and death to tease him above, below has more than 200 masters, why is actually everyone does not dare the coming up mouth? Comes up he to run. 就拿刚才来说,楚阳冒着生死之危在上面挑逗他,下面有200多名高手,却是谁也不敢上去口为啥?上去他就跑啊。 After running, is a biggest hidden danger, makes the person be so worried one cannot eat nor sleep sufficiently! 跑了之后,就是一个最大的隐患,足以让人寝食不安! Therefore Chu Yang can only want to break the head also to him remain 所以楚阳只能想破了脑袋也要将他留下来 His discretion no doubt is the merit, but is discrete, is actually the weakness! 他的谨慎固然是优点,但过于谨慎,却是弱点! Teasing that therefore Chu Yang takes great pains time and time again, the deceit, plays, finally success bit by bit has selected the Ou Kefeng anger. 所以楚阳一次一次不厌其烦的挑逗,欺骗,玩耍,终于成功的将欧克峰的怒火一点一点挑了起来。 When he makes that in the heart had the full assurance: Ou Kefeng could not be inescapable! 当他打出那一记耳光的时候,心中就有了十足的把握:欧克峰跑不了了! Such insult, even if he can endure again, cannot endure. 这样的侮辱,就算他再能忍,也忍不下去的。 Really, the disaster to subdue|grams peak was aroused really hot! 果然,殃克峰被激起了真火! But Chu Yang still did not feel relieved, continued to probe several times, has dispelled the Ou Kefeng final misgivings thoroughly. All, in this time rational and clearly structured. 楚阳依然不放心,又继续试探了几次,彻底打消了欧克峰最后的顾虑。一切,也就在这个时候顺理成章了。 This process, seems like tedious, is actually indispensable. Even if in the Ou Kefeng heart also has little careful, this plan is impossible to succeed! 这个过程,看似繁琐,却是缺一不可。哪怕欧克峰心中还有一点点的小心,这个计划也不可能成功! First plays, enrages: Plays again, gets angry \; Also plays, shame, therefore gets angry \; Later has become the probe, finally finally all loses this fellow violent reason, does not have carefully: Strikes successfully! 先耍,激怒:再耍,更怒\;又耍、羞辱,于是更怒\;之后就成了试探,最后终于将这家伙激的理智全失,小心全无:才一击成功! Chu Yang is equal to carrying own head to dance on the 100 thousand feet precipice above steel wire! Each for a while, each moment, is the fatal crisis! 这其中,楚阳等于是拎着自己的脑袋在万丈悬崖上空的钢丝绳上跳舞!每一时,每一刻,都是致命危机! The disparity of both sides was too big! grade nine King Level Master and grade nine Emperor Master, the disparity, is not grade nine Revered Martial Artist and grade nine King Level Master is so simple! 双方的差距太大了!九品王座九品皇座,这其中得差距,绝不是九品武尊九品王座那么简单! Even, Emperor Master grade one and grade two disparity, can compare favorably with grade nine Revered Martial Artist and grade nine King Level Master disparity! Moreover, toward the gentleman, disparity is bigger! 甚至,皇座一品二品的差距,就能比得上九品武尊九品王座的差距!而且,越往士,差距就越大! By the so small strength, teases so formidable exists...... And dangerous, how could is also a few words two words can talk clearly? 以如此微小的实力,挑逗如此强大的存在……其中危险,又岂能是一句话两句话能够说得清楚的? Other did not say that by the Chu Yang current skill, transported Nine Tribulations Sword unable to injure him continually, obviously general! 别的不说,以楚阳目前的功力,连运起九劫剑都伤不了他,就可见一般! Xie Zhiqiu gathers the potential for a long time two hold heavily to stroke on the body of Ou Kefeng, the Ou Kefeng whole body such as is struck by lightning, will spit the blood to fly crazily in the future! 谢知秋蓄势已久的两掌重重击打在欧克峰的身上,欧克峰浑身如被雷击,狂吐鲜血往后飞起! This flash 这一刹那 Left side, sword light flies together, the person the sword unites, sword light is chillily colorful and swift and fierce, collision of heavily on Ou Kefeng! 左面,一道剑光飞起,人剑合一,剑光凄艳而凌厉,重重的撞在了欧克峰身上! Right, saber light is together bright, person blade such as one, saber light bold and powerful, but overbearing, heavily bang, in Ou Kefeng throws on the body that flies! 右面,一道刀光灿烂,人刀如一,刀光威猛霸道,重重的轰在欧克峰抛飞的身体上! Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang, Sword Majesty Saber Emperor, gets rid! 顾独行董无伤,剑帝刀皇,同时出手! Black Dragon Sword goes from the Ou Kefeng body left straight straight thrust, comes out from the right! Black Sabre chops from the right, when is balanced, the knife point appeared left side of the body! 黑龙剑欧克峰的身体左侧直直刺进去,从右面出来!墨刀从右面劈下去,平衡时,刀尖已经在身体左侧出现! A blade sword, as if installed a cross to be common in the body of Ou Kefeng unexpectedly! 一刀一剑,竟然似乎在欧克峰的身体里安装了一个十字架一般! Blade glow sword energy, simultaneously erupts in Ou Kefeng within the body! 刀芒剑气,同时在欧克峰体内爆发! Ou Kefeng loud pitiful yell, unceasing putting out blood clot, internal organs fragment \; But is still actually struggling, was calling out pitifully sad and shrill, with the final strength, gripped Saber and Sword stubbornly, bang bang two palms, Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang cried, the rubber ball was struck to fly generally! 欧克峰大声惨叫,不断的吐出血块,内脏碎块\;但却依然挣扎着,凄厉的惨叫着,用最后的力气,死死的夹住了刀剑,砰砰两掌,顾独行董无伤大叫一声,皮球一般被击飞了出去! The person's shadow dodges, Xie Zhiqiu enters rapidly, the palm is similar to the quarrying a mountain great axe, several palms, chop one after another on Ou Kefeng! 人影一闪,谢知秋飞速而进,手掌如同开山巨斧,接连十几掌,劈在欧克峰身上! The Ou Kefeng body leans this way and that the body flesh and blood falls from the body unceasingly, reveals the fair skeleton, but is actually shutting up stubbornly, is supporting not but actually, a jack-o '- lantern eye looks at Xie Zhiqiu maliciously, does not draw back instead enters, unexpectedly fierce outstretch both hands, insert toward Xie Zhiqiu two! 欧克峰身子东倒西歪,身体血肉不断地从身上掉落,露出白生生的骨架,但却是死死的闭着嘴,强撑着不倒,鬼火般的一双眼睛狠狠地看着谢知秋,不退反进,竟然猛的伸出双手,向着谢知秋的两眼插去! At this time, his clear awareness, oneself breastbone all broke, the five internal organs were completely waste! The present injury must die without doubt! Wanted to perish together with the opposite party could not achieve, might achieve only, was the opposite party frail ocular region of! 在这时,他清楚的知道,自己胸骨全断,五脏尽废!现在的伤势已经必死无疑!想要与对方同归于尽已经做不到了,唯一有可能做到的,就是对方脆弱的眼部! Therefore he does not dodge to the final these several palms does not evade, counter-attacks decidedly! 所以他对最后的这十几掌不闪不避,断然反攻! This determination death moment, in Ou Kefeng heart all timid spiritless, miracle general vanishes does not see. What remaining is to war assurance, at risk of life decidedly! 这确定死亡的一刻,欧克峰心中所有的胆小懦弱,都奇迹一般的消失不见。剩下的是对战局的把握,和拼死的决然! This final counter-attack, performs to reveal the master style! 这最后的反击,尽显高手风范! The opposite party several palms have fired off, successor is incapable. 对方十几掌已经打完,后继无力。 Now get rid, can abandon his eyes lowly! 现在自己出手,最低也能废他一只眼睛! Although only has an eye...... But, sufficed! 虽然只有一只眼睛……但,够了! He his whole body poison art, inserted the body, to know in a that blade sword that flash that must die, transformed Corpse Poison completely! Even if you do not fear the toxin, so long as makes my finger enter your eye, you must die without doubt! 他已经将自己的全身毒功,在那一刀一剑插进身体、自知必死的那一刹那,全部转换成了尸毒!纵然你再不怕毒,只要让我的手指进入你的眼睛,你也是必死无疑! Because this is Corpse Poison, from hell! 因为这是尸毒,来自地狱! The Xie Zhiqiu complete skill changed to quarrying a mountain to hold, hit on Ou Kefeng, opposite party quick such as lightning general two, actually also arrived at present. 谢知秋全部功力化作了开山掌,都打在了欧克峰身上,对方快如闪电一般的两手,却也到了眼前。 Xie Zhiqiu raises the face, must spell by him, as soon as strikes, kills his life force thoroughly! 谢知秋一扬脸,就要拼着受他一击,彻底断送他的生机 At this moment, saw that on the face of Ou Kefeng Chu Yang is sharp-eyed spills over the miserable bright phosphorescent glow, in the heart cold, subconscious Nine Tribulations Sword lets go! 就在此刻,楚阳眼尖的看到欧克峰的脸上泛出惨碧色的磷光,不由心中一凛,下意识的九劫剑脱手而出! After his Nine Tribulations Sword gets rid, transmits the reminder of Sword Spirit to call out in alarm: Corpse Poison! Careful 在他九劫剑出手之后,才传来剑灵的提醒惊呼:“尸毒!小心” , The finger of Ou Kefeng just the enclosed Xie Zhiqiu Mongolian face towel, cut off by Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly! 咔嚓一声,欧克峰的手指刚刚附上谢知秋的蒙面巾,就被九劫剑猛地斩断! His desperate pitiful yell, in two emits the miserable blue phosphorescent light! 他绝望的惨叫一声,两眼之中冒出惨碧碧的磷火! The Chu Yang diving posture on, holds Nine Tribulations Sword Sword Hilt, inserted in Sword Point the Ou Kefeng mouth maliciously, Bang, the head of Ou Kefeng rupturing, the skull scatters in all directions to separate suddenly, has not fallen to the ground turns did not have the skeleton of least bit body! 楚阳飞身而上,抓住九劫剑剑柄,狠狠地将剑尖插进了欧克峰的口中,砰地一声,欧克峰的脑袋突然啪的一声爆裂,颅骨四散分开,还没有落到地上就变成了毫无半点皮肉的骷髅! Immediately his body is dried up suddenly, turned into a thunder pale skeleton, as if decayed thousands of years were ordinary, see the wind, crash-bang a smashing, Black Dragon Sword and Black Sabre, when falls in the tiling. 随即他的身子眨眼间干枯下去,变成了一雷惨白的骨架,似乎已经腐朽了千万年一般,一见风,就哗啦一声粉碎,黑龙剑墨刀当的一声掉在瓦面。 The body of Ou Kefeng crushes rapidly, wind blows the bone ash to scatter in all directions, where falls, there starts to corrode rapidly, the azure smoke braves intermittently \; From a place rapid spread...... 欧克峰的身子迅速粉碎,风一吹骨灰四散,落到哪里,那里就开始迅速腐蚀,青烟阵阵冒起\;从一个地方迅速的蔓延出去…… Walks quickly! ` Chu Yang cries, sleeves one volume, curls up Black Dragon Sword and Black Sabre, foot trampled Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang, immediately are also jumps to fall. Xie Zhiqiu follows closely, jumped. “快走!‘楚阳大叫一声,衣袖一卷,卷起黑龙剑墨刀,一脚一个将顾独行董无伤踹了下去,随即自己也是纵身落下。谢知秋紧随在后,跳了下去。 Several people just arrived at ground, saw only the above tiling to corrode a pinhole to have the light color to project from the hole, this hole was getting bigger and bigger, slowly expansion! 几个人刚刚到了地面,只见上方瓦面已经腐蚀了一个小洞有光色从洞中投射进来,这个洞越来越大,缓缓扩张! Good fierce toxin Xie Zhiqiu stares dumbfounded! “好厉害的毒”谢知秋一阵瞠目结舌! This is Corpse Poison! Our medicines could not restrain this type of toxin, everybody dispersed Chu Yang to say quickly loudly, more than 200 masters damn scattered in all directions to separate immediately generally. “这是尸毒!咱们的药克制不了这种毒,大家快散开”楚阳放声疾呼,200多名高手顿时见鬼一般四散分开。 Xie Zhiqiu ordered immediately: All people search to kill Ou Clan surviving members, do not let escape one 谢知秋随即下令:“所有人都去搜杀欧氏家族余孽,不要放跑一个” The people acknowledged boisterously that has grazed. 众人哄然应诺,纷纷飞掠了出去。 Chu Yang sighed, has not spoken. 楚阳叹息一声,没有说话。 In Middle Three Heavens, did not have what womanly compassion: To Ou Clan this family, cannot have any general idea! Once after some people bring poison art is running away, to bear patiently for many years not necessarily unable to revenge! 中三天,本就没有什么妇人之仁:对欧氏家族这种家族,更加不能有任何大意!一旦有人带着毒功逃出去以后隐忍多年未必不能报仇! The toxin is really the most fearful thing! 毒实在是最可怕的东西! Chu Yang not because own little does not endure, brings the extermination of the clan crisis for own ally! 楚阳不会因为自己的少许不忍,为自己的盟友带来灭族危机! The pitiful yell sound from resounds in all directions...... 惨叫声从四面八方响起…… Chu Yang and the others here looks, sky over main hall corruption slowly, becomes house that big big hole time, the decayed speed has reduced speed. 楚阳等人就在这里看着,大殿上空慢慢的腐烂,成一个一间房子那么大的大洞的时候,腐朽的速度才减慢了下来。 The thing that these corrupted, such changed to the air unexpectedly, has not stayed behind including the little dust! 那些已经腐烂的东西,竟然就这么化作了空气,连一点点灰尘也没有留下! Good fierce toxin Xie Zhiqiu has sucked in the one breath, suddenly thinks that Ou Kefeng inserted finally to own that finger of cannot help but whole body is absolutely terrified had turned around, held the Chu Yang hand excited tunnel: Minister Chu! You have rescued my life “好厉害的毒”谢知秋倒抽了一口气,突然想到欧克峰最后插向自己的那一指不由得浑身都是毛骨悚然了起来转过身,一把抓住楚阳的手激动地道:“楚御座!你又救了我一命” Old Xie spoke discreetly. 谢老言重了。 , Chu Yang shows a faint smile. ,楚阳微微一笑。 Looks at this poisonous overbearing, Chu Yang is also in the heart braves the cold air. 看着这种毒的霸道,楚阳也是心中直冒凉气。 Xie Zhiqiu has wiped perspiration, said: Obligation did not say thanks, since little brother does not want to raise, I do not say. Only looks at you to remember a few words: My Xie Clan, forever is the Minister Chu ally! Minister Chu but has a life, ten thousand deaths will not prevent 谢知秋抹了一把汗,道:“大恩不言谢,小兄弟既然不想提,那我也不说了。只望你记住一句话:我谢氏家族,永远是楚御座的盟友!楚御座但有所命,万死不辞 Chu Yang blinks, suddenly has smiled, said: Old Xie, since you are so grateful I, I have to be thick the facial skin to set a request.” 楚阳眨眨眼,突然笑了起来,道:“谢老,既然你这么感激我,那我就只好厚着脸皮提出一个要求吧。” Xie Zhiqiu laughs, said: Although said that regardless of any matter, I complies 谢知秋大笑,道:“尽管说,无论什么事,我都答应” That...... You your great-granddaughter Xie Danfeng, betroth to my Junior Apprentice Brother Tan Tan. „ Chu Yang said with a smile. “那……你就将你的重孙女谢丹凤,许配给我的师弟谈昙吧。“楚阳笑道。 Does not have issue Xie Zhiqiu to say with a smile completely: Their book is two sentiments likes each other, even if you did not say that I must help them, what this is requests?” “完全没问题”谢知秋笑道:“他们两个人本就是两情相悦,就算你不说,我也要成全他们两个,这算什么要求?” Chu Yang said with a smile lightly: But I also on this request 楚阳淡淡笑道:“可是我也就这一个要求” They look at each other one, has a tacit understanding, has smiled 两人对视一眼,心照不宣,都是笑了起来 Xie Zhiqiu is opens eyes to talk nonsense, Tan Tan and Xie Danfeng, although is many a little that meaning, by far could not actually have arrived at the ` two sentiments to like each other, the situation oral account is a pair of enemy also almost! Meets hits! 谢知秋是睁着眼说瞎话,谈昙谢丹凤虽然是多少都有点那意思,却还远远到不了‘两情相悦,的地步口说是一对冤家还差不多!见面就打! Moreover, these days, Tan Tan as if had any scruples, no longer mentioned this matter \; The pain of but occasionally in the eye revealing, Chu Yang actually looks in the eye, how could to place the heart? 而且,这段时间里,谈昙似乎有了什么顾忌,也不再提起这件事\;但偶尔眼中露出的痛苦,楚阳却是看在眼中,岂能不放在心头? Then, the people start to tidy up the Ou Clan belongings, attire one after another. 接下来,众人开始收拾欧氏家族的财物,一车一车的装好。 Finally, entourage withdraws the Ou Clan front door time, soars to the heavens the fire, burns in Ou Clan. The flame flaming, be continuous several hundred miles, reflect the half sky red! 最后,车队撤出欧氏家族大门的时候,冲天大火,也在欧氏家族燃烧起来。火光熊熊,绵延数百里,将半边天空都映得通红! After this, in Middle Three Heavens, does not have Ou Clan Chu Yang to walk again in the team final, turns round to raise eyes to look at this grand flame, in the heart was sighing. “从此之后,在中三天,再也没有欧氏家族楚阳走在队伍最后,回身举目望着这壮丽的火光,心中不无感叹。 Immediately, he has turned around, following team silently. 随即,他才转过身,默默的跟上队伍. Ou Clan did not have, Meng Clan did not have, next goal......, Copes with Tu Family? Copes with Heimo? 欧氏家族没了,梦氏家族没了,下一个目标……,是对付屠家呢?还是对付黑魔呢?
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