TTC :: Volume #17

#683: 【Kunlun Mountains】 It 【Nighttime market】( Before ,)

About the Little Luo material, is placed in the front of scenery general affairs at this time...... three minutes naturally is not possible, probably on about the most hour appearance. 关于小洛的资料,此时正摆在景总务的面前……三分钟自然是不可能的,大概就大半个小时左右的样子。 Rarely, was very simple, sweeps two to look. 很少,也很简单,扫了两眼就已经看完。 This is Nantianmen All materials that in the database can inquire, the real sexupara can be questioned-, only if who can in Nantianmen In the material system creates a false impression. 这是【南天门】资料库之中能够查询到的所有资料,真实性母容置疑-除非有谁能够在【南天门】的资料系统里造假。 You looked this material is clean probably false is the same.” The scenery general affairs faint smile looks at the man before body. “你看这份资料是不是干净得像是假的一样。”景总务似笑非笑地看着身前的男子。 Even Ye Yan, at this time still slightly obviously cramped...... after all at duty high 78 levels? 即使是叶言,此时也稍显的局促……毕竟职务上高了七八级? Un, is very false.” Ye Yan 0 nods slowly, here writes was I demolished a slave trader den in remote mountain village the time the child who saves...... the slave trader den I formerly made several, but an impression did not have.” “嗯,很假。”叶言0缓缓地点了点头,“这里写是我捣破了一个偏远山村的人贩子老巢的时候救出来的孩子……人贩子老巢我从前确是弄掉过几个,但对此一点印象也没有。” Said, he truly wasn't your student?” Jing Zongwu is unemotional. “这么说,他确实不是你学生了?”景总务面无表情。 I do not know.” Ye Yan 0 this time actually shakes the head. “我不知道。”叶言0此时却摇了摇头。 Doesn't know?” The scenery general affairs are slightly curious. “不知道?”景总务略显好奇。 Ye Yan 0: I have said that I do not have the impression...... not to have the impression, but actually has the memories of some mold lakes. Was open about the facts saying that I discovered recently oneself as if lost some memories.” 叶言0道:“我说过,我对此没有印象……只是没有印象,但却存在一些模湖的记忆。不瞒说,我最近发现自己似乎失去了一些记忆。” Loses remembers?” The scenery general affairs actually wrinkled frowns, „from starts.” “失去记忆?”景总务却皱了皱眉头,“是从什么时候开始的。” Ye Yan thinks saying: Feared that comes out after the vestige.” 叶言想了想道:“怕是从遗迹出来之后。” Jing Zongwu hesitates saying: I remember that you have said that is unable to recall obtained in the vestige Azure emperor The process of inheritance...... similar matter, formerly also had to happen. But basically loses the process that gained, has thought will affect earlier time memory the situation...... you to be very serious?” 景总务沉吟道:“我记得你说过,无法回想起来在遗迹之中获得【青帝】传承的过程……类似的事情,从前也不是没有发生过。但基本上只是失去了获取的过程,并没有出想过会影响更早时候记忆的情况……你很严重吗?” Said no on.” Ye Yan 0 said sternly: But the memory actually turned evaded arrest to be the same, I can feel that every day some things of no account forgot.” “说不上。”叶言0正色道:“但记忆却变成了漏网一样,我能够感觉每日都有一些无关重要的事情被遗忘。” You come up.” Jing Zongwu said suddenly: Makes me inspect.” “你上来。”景总务忽然说道:“让我检查一下。” After hesitating slightly, Ye Yan 0 then arrived at the scenery general affairs nearby...... a finger, at this time the place approached in his forehead slowly. 稍稍迟疑之后,叶言0便走到了景总务的跟前……一根手指,此时缓缓地点向了他眉心之中。 Defended your state of mind.” Scenery general affairs cool say/way: You could rest assured that this does not search for the soul, I plan to investigate, has your within the body had other anything.” “守住了你的神魂。”景总务澹然道:“你放心,这不是搜魂,我只是打算排查一下,你体内有没有别的什么东西。” Other... thing?” “别的…东西?” Finger while the Ye Yan 0 forehead, only hears the scenery general affairs to say slowly: I want to inspect again, the inheritance that you obtain, is true Azure emperor The inheritance, is Azure emperor This old bastard is seizing to abandon you.” 手指点在叶言0眉心的同时,只听见景总务缓缓说道:“我只是想要再检查一下,你获得的这个传承,到底是真正的【青帝】传承,还是【青帝】这个老不死的在夺舍你。” Seizes the shed......?” “夺舍……?” ...... …… ...... …… Really is, since came, why does not inform me and your master meets you!” horse 0 this time sighed: First uses the flash news, acted unreasonably.” “真是的,既然来了,为什么不通知我和你师父来接你啊!”马0此时叹了口气:“一来就用大新闻,太乱来了。” Little Luo SIR said: „Because saw that on the bulletin board has the information of this valuable lamp, is thinking the thing returning to rightful owner, I have not thought will make into this also appearance. Gave you also to have the teacher to bring to trouble, really sorry.” 小洛SIR道:“因为刚好看到公告栏上有这盏宝灯的信息,就想着物归原主了,我也没有想到会弄成这个也样子。给您还有老师带来麻烦了,真是对不起。” horse 0 referred to own fat face, asked curiously: Little Luo, you look at my, is that very good lake to make?” 马0指了指自己的胖脸,好奇问道:“小洛啊,你看我这样子,是不是很好湖弄的那种?” Actually......” Little Luo SIR the sound was lighter at this time, even gathered near the horse 0 ears, matter is such......” “其实……”小洛SIR此时声音更轻了一些,甚至凑到了马0的耳边,“事情是这样的……” Seeing only horse 0 more listens to the complexion is strange, until afterward was the courageous racket on the table, had the loud sound. 只见马0越听脸色就越是怪异,直到后来更是勐一拍在桌子上,发出了巨响。 The sound alarmed this instantaneously Investigates three groups to organized criminal Big office- an numerous are caught the rookies who the recruit delivers today temporarily in abundance looks like. 响声瞬间惊动了这个【对有组织犯罪调查三组】的大办公室-一众今日才被临时抓壮丁送过来的新人们纷纷看来。 horse 0 immediately one startled, drew in Little Luo SIR the conference room directly, deadlocked the gate, held down his shoulder, what you said was real?!” 马0顿时一惊,直接将小洛SIR拉到了会议室之中,锁死了门,才按住了他的肩膀,“你说的是真的?!” Yes, you look.” “是啊,你看。” Then saw Little Luo SIR to open wallet storage thing item at this time directly, in the horse 0 front but actually...... 78 the thing that is sending out the serious unusual brightness put instantaneously above the table of conference room. 便见小洛SIR此时直接打开了钱包似的储物道具,在马0的面前倒了倒……七八件散发着不得了宝光的玩意瞬间就搁在了会议室的桌子之上。 Sir Ma looks at the person to be silly, for a very long time could not speak. 马SIR看得人都傻,久久说不出话来。 Actually I am because is going Kunlun Mountains On during the road, via an important forest region, had no intention to bump into a corpse, in storage thing item that in his body discovered, found many things...... seven extremely lotus lamps Is one of them. 其实我是因为在前往【昆仑】的路上,途经一处险要的林区,无意之中碰到了一具尸体,在他的身上发现的储物道具之中,找到了不少的东西……【七极莲灯】就是其中之一。 Maya!” horse 0 this time made an effort to pull out oneself face ruthlessly, was licked corpse package of that fellows by you, should not be the name brand Robs graceful Songs of Chu?” “Maya!”马0此时用力狠狠地抽了自己脸一下,“被你舔尸包的那个家伙,该不会是正牌的【盗帅】楚歌吧?” I do not know his status.” Little Luo SIR shakes the head. “我不知道他的身份。”小洛SIR摇了摇头。 horse 0 hesitates actually hesitates saying: The matter that you said was extremely inconceivable... compared entire, you are even easier to accept some in that edition that the interrogation chamber said......, although that was also much more false. I was made the lake to spread!” 马0沉吟却沉吟道:“你说的这件事情太过不可思议了…比起整个,你在审讯室说的那个版本甚至还更容易接受一些……尽管那也假得不得了。我被弄湖涂了!” But...... can the thing real? 可……可东西是真的啊? If Little Luo has a mind to conceal, why must these things demonstrate...... this child seems like outspokenly in the direct front is not the fool, is so unretentive, clearly is trusts own! 小洛如果有心隐瞒,为什么要将这些东西毫无保留地展示在直接的面前……这孩子看起来又不是傻子,这么毫无保留,分明就是信任自己的呀! I also suspect this child unexpectedly! 我居然还怀疑这孩子! Thing receives quickly!” horse 0 already these fearful Lost object Making CPU somewhat feels hot, hot! You have put out Seven extremely lotus lamps Other things today do not take, the small heart and liver of your Uncle Ma cannot shoulder!” “东西快收起来!”马0已经被这些可怕的【失物】给弄的CPU有些发烫,“烫手的!你已经拿出【七极莲灯】了,其它东西今天就不要拿出来,你马叔叔的小心肝扛不住!” Little Luo SIR is naturally obedient, took back the thing on table. 小洛SIR自然是听话的,收回了桌子上的东西。 The horse 0 this little while relax. 马0这会儿才松了口气。 You make anything in inside.” “你们在里面做什么。” In the meantime, out of the door of conference room, actually broadcast the Ye Yan sound. 就在此时,会议室的门外,却传来了叶言的声音。 ...... …… Therefore, horse 0 was actually laid aside outside, he has not said anything, after all the masters and disciples meet, definitely many things want to chat alone, cannot work as the light bulb. 于是,马0却被放置在了外边,他也没说什么,毕竟人家师徒见面,肯定有许多东西想要单独聊聊的,不能当灯泡。 I am also good to have a disciple......” “我也好想有个弟子啊……” horse 0 observed the situation big office, looks at office people back sending coldly. 马0环视了大办公室一圈,看得办公室众人背后一阵的发寒。 What does this fellow want to make?! 这家伙想要做什么?! ...... …… The conference room is spacious, Ye Yan 0 looked at each several other with Little Luo SIR. 会议室还算宽敞,叶言0与小洛SIR对视了几面。 Suddenly strange air current then raided to Little Luo SIR...... the exceptionally cunning angle, and variable infinite- however strange air current actually instantaneously from Little Luo SIR spring open. 忽然一阵诡异的气流便袭向了小洛SIR……异常刁钻的角度,并且变量无穷-然而诡异的气流却瞬间从小洛SIR的身边弹开 Meanwhile, the under foot of Little Luo SIR has a Eight Trigrams (gossip) chart that is sending out the glimmer. 与此同时,小洛SIR的脚下更是有一个散发着微光的八卦阵图。 Sees only the Ye Yan 0 this time vision to congeal, the hand claw shape, however ripped courageous to Little Luo SIR- instantaneous, two people in this conference room, by the attack and defense of extremely quick speed. 只见叶言0此时目光微凝,手化爪状,勐然撕向了小洛SIR-瞬间,二人在这会议室之中,以极快的速度的攻防着。 Until the ornaments of conference room, because the air current disrupts to fall, Ye Yan is courageous however stops, puts out a hand to bargain-hunt, will catch steadily will soon fall falls to the ground on handicraft. 直到会议室的一件摆设因为气流扰乱而掉落,叶言才勐然停下,伸手抄底,稳稳地接住了即将摔落地上的工艺品。 Swam the dragon movement also even, after all this set of movement I donated the new student/life church of Fire Cloud bureau.” Only hears Ye Yan 0 to trade to put down the thing, hesitates saying: Can practice in this, it seems like truly spent the hard labor......, but Great power What's the matter? I do not remember had handed over the entirety of this set of secret technique.” “游龙身法也就算了,毕竟这套身法我捐给了火云总局的新生教堂。”只听见叶言0换换地放下东西,沉吟道:“不过能够练到这份上,看来确实是花了苦工的……但【回天】是怎么回事?我可不记得曾经交出过这套秘术的全部。” Because I go to school from your body.” Little Luo SIR at this time faintly said: Until now, learned the lots from you, these knowledge, making me enjoy infinitely. I from now on, will continue to try hard.” “因为我是从您身上学来的。”小洛SIR此时幽幽地道:“一直以来,都从您身上学到了很多东西,这些知识,让我受用无穷。我今后,也会继续努力的。” Listens this is from the heart thanks, Ye Yan 0 somewhat to be in a daze...... such words, can't each more than ten years of sentiment train? 听着这发自内心似的感谢,叶言0不禁有些发愣……这样的话,每个十几年感情都培养不出来? Have I, really enrolled this student? 我难道,真的收过这个学生? A specious familiarity, making Ye Yan in the heart somewhat unable to grasp at present the authenticity of this student...... at the same time, before leaving the scenery general affairs room, some words that the general affairs spoke, resounds in his ear again. 一种似是而非的熟悉感,让叶言心中有些拿不住眼前这学生的真实性……与此同时,离开景总务房间之前,总务所说的一些话,也再次在他耳边响起。 It is not seizes the shed, but where also very to goes...... perhaps is because in extremely long time, no one can pass Azure emperor Trying practices, Azure emperor The remnant soul to almost must lose the degree of independent consciousness weakly. 算不上夺舍,不过也好不到哪儿去……恐怕是因为太过漫长的时间里,都无人能够通过【青帝】的试练,以至于【青帝】的残魂已经虚弱到几乎要丧失自主意识的程度。 I now...... 那我现在…… It is estimated that shortly afterward, the consciousness of these remnant souls with your soul fusion...... you may again to some Azure emperor Memory, but should not be many. However this fusion, feared that is will make you have the spiritual fission very much easily, actually you have possibility minute/share of not clear are Azure emperor Ye Yan...... as for you remembers starts the mold lake, perhaps is also because fuses the relations of side effect the remnant soul brings. how about this, I will observe your condition continually, once discovered that any improper place, looks for me. But prohibited, do not tell anybody this matter...... 估计再过不久,这些残魂的意识就会与你本魂融合……你或许会的到一些【青帝】的记忆,但应该不多。不过这种融合,怕是很容易会让你产生精神上的分裂,你有可能分不清楚自己究竟是【青帝】还是叶言……至于你记忆开始模湖,或许也是因为融合残魂所带来的副作用的关系。这样吧,我会持续观察你的状态,一旦发现有什么不妥的地方,就来找我。但切忌,不要将这件事情告诉任何人…… ...... …… He becomes famous, besides the ultra-high broken tuart rate/lead, roaming Longshen who focuses on and Great power Two cultivation technique, particularly Great power, Pure homemade- , if no his personal instruction, in this world is impossible to have some people able to grasp the deep meaning of this set of secret technique. 他成名的时候,除了超高的破桉率之外,就主打的游龙身与【回天】两种功法,尤其是【回天】,纯自创-如果没有他本人的亲自传授,这世上不可能存在有人能够掌握这套秘术的奥义。 Single this point, Little Luo SIR doubts...... this as the status of student on mother common Great power With Ye Yan felt oneself probably and are fighting. 单这一点,小洛SIR作为学生的身份就母庸置疑……这【回天】用的,叶言感觉自己好像和自己在对打似的。 The words of scenery general affairs, making Ye Yan as if find answered the tuart, however searched the tuart lawman as one, oversuspiciously is the instinct...... 景总务的一番话,让叶言似乎找到了答桉,然而作为一名探桉执法者,多疑已经是本能…… „Before I..., has entered the vestige.” Ye Yan 0 this time sat slowly, is injured, lost some memories. To be honest, the ten years ago things, remember that not many...... about your matter, can be says does not have. Therefore, when Old Ma told me, I had a student time, I was quite curious.” “我…之前进入过遗迹。”叶言0此时缓缓地坐了下来,“受了点伤,丢失了一些记忆。说实话,十年前的事情,记得不多……关于你的事情,可以是说没有。因此,当老马告诉我,我有一个学生的时候,我感到相当的好奇。” Little Luo SIR calmly is listening. 小洛SIR静静地听着。 I have to test you a moment ago.” Ye Yan is observing this Student The response, now looks like, should you be my student right...... you will not blame me?” “刚才我不得不试探你。”叶言观察着这名【学生】的反应,“不过现在看来,你应该是我的学生没错……你不会怪我吧?” How can.” Little Luo SIR shakes the head gently, „is teacher your injured matter just critical? I know a very good doctor, could help you.” “怎会。”小洛SIR轻轻摇头,“只不过老师您受伤的事情紧要吗?我认识一名很不错的医师,或许能帮到您。” Nantianmen In does not lack the wise outstanding skill.” Ye Yan smiling faintly said: My injury is not in the way, but forgot something, perhaps did not affect the usual life...... to recall suddenly, you did not need to be worried. You usually can also say that with me the former matter, the reply that could stimulate me to remember. However this matter you should better not to tell Old Ma, I do not believe him to be worried.” “【南天门】之中不缺高明的圣手。”叶言微微一笑道:“我的伤势不碍事,只是忘了些事情而已,并不影响平时的生活……没准忽然就能回想起来了,你不用担心。你平时也可以和我多说说从前的事情,或许能够刺激我记忆的回复。不过这件事你最好不要告诉老马,我不信他担心。” I knew.” “我知道了。” Ok.” Ye Yan stands up, has an inexplicable familiarity and strangeness, the scruple moment, patted the shoulder of Little Luo SIR gently, said with a smile: „A weaponry that although makes today is somewhat big, but no matter how, was the lake makes...... you finally also adopted the test, this was you in Nantianmen The pass, receives.” “行吧。”叶言站起身来,带着一丝莫名的熟悉感与陌生感,迟疑片刻,才轻轻地拍了拍小洛SIR的肩膀,笑道:“虽然今天弄的阵仗有些大,但不管如何,总算是湖弄过去了……你也算是通过了考验,这是你在【南天门】的通行证,收好。” Thanks the teacher.” “谢谢老师。” Ye Yan 0 scratches the head, resembles some not habit to be a teacher by worthy example, right, listening to Old Ma saying that you must participate on behalf of Fire Cloud 【The war of Twelve city? What cultivation base are you now?” 叶言0挠挠头,似有些不习惯为人师表,“对了,听老马说,你还要代表火云参加【十二市之战】?你现在是什么修为?” Should be eight step magic arts boundaries.” “应该是八阶道法境。” Your this should let my is the teacher has the pressure very much?” “你这个应该让我这个做老师的很有压力?” His also eight step magic arts boundaries...... came out from the vestige, obtain Azure emperor After the inheritance . 他也不过八阶道法境而已……从遗迹出来,获得了【青帝】的传承之后。 However Fire Cloud When matter of blood relationship promotion, front section noisy noisy...... he is also Fire Cloud The person of family background, many somewhat is naturally well aware, by the suppression of blood relationship, Fire Cloud Inside conceals many are inhuman Monster. 不过【火云】血缘晋升的事情,前段时闹的沸沸扬扬的……他也是【火云】出身的人,自然多少有些心知肚明,在被血缘的压制之下,【火云】里头藏着多少非人的【怪物】。 „The third group takes over thorny tuart at present.” Ye Yan shakes the head to say at this time: You enter the duty now, may affect your later competition, without issue?” “第三组目前接手了一件棘手的桉子。”叶言此时摇摇头道:“你现在入职,可能会影响你之后的比赛,没有问题吗?” Teacher felt relieved, this participating commanding general is not I.” Little Luo SIR smiling faintly said: I will act according to one's capacity.” “老师放心,这次参赛的主将不是我。”小洛SIR微微一笑道:“我会量力而为的。” You first look at the tuart sect.” Ye Yan 0 said directly. “你先看桉宗。”叶言0直接说道。 ...... …… As the investigation director of department, Ye Yan inappropriate direct belt/bring rookie-, therefore, Little Luo SIR conducted the partner with horse 0 finally...... temporarily. 作为部门的调查主任,叶言并不合适直接带新人-于是,小洛SIR最终还是与马0进行了搭档……暂时。 At present starts to assign the action.” Ye Yan held the third group of first action conferences. “目前开始分配行动。”叶言召开了第三组的首次行动会议。 Few people continue to go through the material, few people return again Central leopard room Carries on the tuart to violate the exploration. 一部分人继续查阅资料,一部分人再次回到【中央豹房】进行桉犯现场的勘探。 This is the weapon that the accessory culprit person found.” Ye Yan sealed the good shatter short-sword to put the horse 0 front a at this time, according to the material where the technical department gave, this flying sword was stems from vagabond refiner the writing skill, this person mingled among frequently in Kunlun Mountains Nighttime market In...... you and Little Luo check this refiner the status.” “这是从犯人身上找到的武器。”叶言此时将一柄封存好的破碎短剑放到了马0的面前,“根据技术部哪边给出的资料,这柄飞剑是出自一名浪人炼器师的手笔,此人经常混迹在【昆仑】的【鬼市】之中……你和小洛去查一查这个炼器师的身份。” Nighttime market?” Sir Ma was startled being startled, where is at?” “【鬼市】?”啊马SIR不禁怔了怔,“在哪?” He is also beginning reported where knows Kunlun Mountains nighttime market Where? 他也是初来报道,哪里知道【昆仑鬼市】在什么地方? You felt relieved.” Ye Yan smiling faintly, about this, I had requested that the technical department assisted, they will send for immediately, leading you to penetrate the nighttime market...... came.” “你放心。”叶言微微一笑,“关于这点,我已经请求技术部协助了,他们马上就会派人过来,带你们深入鬼市的了……来了。” He looked at this time to out of the door. 他此时看向了门外。 At this time, a yellow long gown, head harness windproof goggles youngster, walked into the third group of conference rooms of slowly...... the technical department, junior technician, Thore! 就在这个时候,一名黄色长袍,头带防风护目镜的年轻人,缓缓走入了第三组的会议室……技术部,初级技术员,托雷! What do you make?” horse 0 asked curiously. “那你做啥?”马0好奇问道。 Saw only Ye Yan the chuckle the sound, the pen in hand knocked knocking on the screen at this time gently, is rapping in screen a form that wears peaked cap, I looked for this fellow.” 只见叶言此时轻笑了声,手中的笔轻轻地在屏幕上敲了敲,敲击着屏幕中的一道戴着鸭舌帽的身影,“我找这个家伙。” ...... …… ...... …… ...... …… ...... …… Border big city, Chentang Closing. 边境大城,【陈塘】关。 In city rich and powerful people area, some mansion. 城中富豪区,某大宅。 Practices on the martial stage, at this time the sword air/Qi vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, some divine land True Dragon impressively is a side of attack- however at this time, is withstanding vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered the sword air/Qi person, is business consults the lord impressively Purple Ji Steward, money riches and honor! 练武场上,此时剑气纵横,某神州真龙赫然是进攻的一方-而此时,承受着纵横剑气的之人,赫然是商会商主【紫姬】的管家,钱富贵! Naturally must examine so-called to go down in the world Four seasons The strength of chamber of commerce! 当然是要检验一下所谓落魄【四季】商会的战力啊! Ding dīng dōng to work as, ding dīng dōng to work as! 叮当当,叮叮当当! The True Dragon sword air/Qi cut crazily on the steward money Fugui body, practiced on the martial stage sparks/Mars to fall randomly- the one who made the Long Xiruo heart startled was, she is unable to break the defense of paying money riches and honor unexpectedly. 真龙的剑气疯狂地砍在了管家钱富贵的身上,练武场上早就已经火星乱坠-让龙夕若心惊的是,她竟然无法破开钱富贵的防御。 Long Xiruo wrinkled frowns, received the hand, falls on the ground, how do you only defend do not attack, look down upon me?” 龙夕若不禁皱了皱眉头,收了手,落在地上,“你怎么只守不攻,看不起我吗?” Where money riches and honor dare, immediately exhibits an appearance in reverential awe, respectful said/tunnel: Spatial glimmer Sir, how dare Old Man looks down upon you, but Old Man will not fight!” 钱富贵哪敢啊,顿时摆出一副诚惶诚恐的模样,恭恭敬敬地道:“空荧大人,老朽怎敢看不起您啊,只是老朽不会打架啊!” What...... did you say?” Long Xiruo thinks oneself misunderstand, stared in a big way the eye. “……你说什么?”龙夕若以为自己听错,不禁瞪大了眼睛。 Old Man will not attack, Old Man does not have with the experience that the person fights!” Money riches and honor proud typical: Because feared the pain, therefore Old Man was always majors in the defense cultivation technique! Now Old Man all kinds of defense techniques will have practiced the peak, so long as is not Heavenly Venerate The arrival, Old Man has can suffer the knife for the family lord Sir self-confidently! The spatial glimmer Sir please look!” 老朽不会攻击,老朽从无与人打架的经验!”钱富贵一脸自豪地道:“因为太怕痛了,所以老朽一直以来都是主修防御的功法!现在老朽已经将各种各样的防御技法练到了巅峰,只要不是【天尊】到来,老朽都有自信能够为家主大人挨刀子!空荧大人请看!” Saying, money riches and honor took a deep breath, both hands spread, the instantaneous emerald-green giant tortoise shell, is then covering later instantaneously entire practiced the martial stage...... 说着,钱富贵便深呼吸了一口气,随后双手张开,瞬间一个翠绿色的巨大龟壳,瞬间笼罩了整个练武场…… Neck hard divine land True Dragon, subconsciously looked that was revealing the worship to a out of the window numerous at this time the color guard, swallowed a canal: That... that these fellows......” 脖子都硬了的神州真龙,下意识地看向窗外一众此时正露出了崇拜之色的护卫,咽了口口水道:“那…那这些家伙……” Without a doubt, they and Old Man are the same!” Money riches and honor patted the chest tastes: We, are the family lord Sirs protects the shield most!” “毫无疑问,他们和老朽一样!”钱富贵拍了拍胸口道:“我们,是家主大人的最强护盾!” She understands why suddenly this chamber of commerce will go down in the world...... 她忽然明白这个商会为什么会落魄了…… TM...... TM…… I must return goods, black heart prostitute! 我要退货啊,黑心婊! ! A maidservant walks at this time slowly, said several with money Fugui. 一名侍女此时缓缓走来,与钱富贵说了几句。 Spatial glimmer Sir, the time was similar.” Then hears money riches and honor to be fast typical: We protect the family lord Sir to go to feast!” “空荧大人,时间差不多了。”便听见钱富贵飞快地道:“我们保护家主大人前去赴宴吧!”
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